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Found 28 results

  1. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/indonesia-to-start-building-7km-bridge-linking-bintan-and-batam-11711862 Interesting that Indonesia is doing so to maximise transport connectivity to Bintan offered by Changi Terminal 5, currently under construction. Just sharing. Safe ride Cheers
  2. Jman888

    All about kueh lapis

    It is time of the year again, which is your favorite brand for kueh lapis. i usually buy from batam since 3 years ago, tried a few brands there and can really tell one cent money, one cent goods! There are many selling at the shopping malls, or some at the 'factory'. The price also varies from $10+ to $50+. by the way, i was told to put cake in the freezer until eve of cny, or normal chill is good enough? see the different? .... price also different
  3. Jubilong

    Batam resorts

    Just need some advise. did a net search and shortlist either Batam view beach resort or Harris resort. Leaning more to Harris due bigger and family theme rooms. Intend to relax with family (3 kids)and golf so any advise much appreciated esp tpt to golf cse from the two resorts. Any other recommendations?
  4. Yo bros and sis...need advise liao. Maiden trip to Batam with my Missus coming Wednesday for a short getaway. Staying at BCC hotel & Residence. Any nearby good makan/spa/massage (clean) to recommend? What else to do there huh? Check the threads here and last one is in April and not really relevant. Dun turn my thread into la sup thread ok. [laugh]
  5. Nearly 100 rescued after Batam-Singapore ferry hits floating object All 97 passengers on board, including 51 Singaporeans and seven crew members, are safe and accounted for, according to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. POSTED: 30 Nov 2015 01:39 UPDATED: 30 Nov 2015 06:51 File photo of passengers boarding the ferry along the Harbour Front in Singapore before heading to Indonesia's nearby Batam island. (AFP Photo/Roslan Rahman) SINGAPORE: Nearly 100 people were rescued after their ferry heading to Singapore from the Indonesian island of Batam hit a floating object on Sunday night (Nov 29). The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) said it received a report at about 9.45pm that an Indonesia-registered ferry “Sea Prince” had hit a floating object after leaving the Nongsapura ferry terminal in Batam. It said at the time of the incident, the ferry was in Indonesian waters and heading towards Singapore with 97 passengers, including 51 Singaporeans and seven crew. The ferry operator, Batamfast, immediately activated two ferries to transfer all the passengers to the Nongsapura ferry terminal. All the passengers are accounted for and the ferry is in a stable condition, MPA said. One of the passengers, Ms Chella Ho, who was travelling with two other friends, told Channel NewsAsia that the ferry sank slowly in deep waters halfway between Batam and Singapore. She said the ferry operator launched two inflatable boats from the ferry for the passengers, but both inflatable boats also sank due to the overload. All the passengers wore life-saving jackets. Ms Ho said some nearby vessels immediately came to their rescue and all passengers were saved. She said all passengers later arrived at Singapore’s Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal safely. - CNA/de http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/nearly-100-rescued-after/2304342.html?cx_tag=undefined&cid=tg:recos:undefined:standard#cxrecs_s
  6. Wah..........Soldiers and police fight man.................will this happen in SG!!!!............ Dozens of unidentified Army personnel surrounded the headquarters of the Riau Islands Police Mobile Brigade (Brimob) in Batam, Riau Islands, opened fire and vandalized its facilities. The situation in Batam between 5 and 11 p.m. was tense as the soldiers refused to return to their barracks and hand over their weapons, defying orders from the Bukit Barisan Military Commander Maj. Gen. Winston Simanjuntak. Batam Deputy Governor Soerya Respationo and several journalists were caught in the cross fire as they remained inside the facilities after earlier attempts to settle the dispute failed. "The soldiers are firing at us. We're surrounded," said Soerya. The shooting ended at around 23:30 with hundreds of civilians storming the Brimob headquarters to lend their support for the police against the attacking soldiers. One soldier was rushed to a nearby hospital suffering from a gunshot wound. But several soldiers were seen roaming the streets searching out police officers, despite claims by Winston that the situation was under control. Earlier in the day, around 30 soldiers from the Tuah Sakti 134 Battalion in Batam, Riau Islands, had raided the Brimob headquarters. The clash was believed to have been related to the shooting of four Tuah Sakti Battalion members at the end of September during a police investigation into a fuel-hoarding case. After the initial attack, the elite police unit headquarters was guarded by a company of military police to prevent further clashes. Wira Pratama Military Commander chief Brig. Gen. Eko Margiyono told The Jakarta Post that the incident had begun with two Tuah Sakti Battalion members, identified as First Private Nuriyono and Chief Private Budiono, who were on their way to their lodgings located near the Brimob headquarters, after a roll call at the battalion to change their uniforms into plain clothes. "Many of our soldiers live outside the base. As they were filling up their motorcycle at a gas station, two Brimob members were also filling gas at the same place. They stared each other out causing offence, which then resulted in a fight," said Eko. According to Eko, the fight between the four men drew the attention of colleagues from both sides, and numbers rapidly grew. A group of around 30 Tuah Sakti Battalion soldiers gathered and planned to enter the Brimob base. "The moment I received information, I and the Batam 0316 Military Command chief headed to the Brimob base and held a meeting with its commander to settle the problem and instructed members of the military police to order the soldiers to return to their barracks," said Eko. According to Eko, his command was not heeded and some of the soldiers stormed into the Brimob barracks and a clinic located nearby. "They vandalized the barracks and a number of motorcycles. However, the situation has returned to normal and the soldiers have returned to their base," said Eko. earlier in the afternoon. He added that he had ordered all soldiers in the battalion to remain in their barracks. "Now, a military police company is securing the Brimob base. I assure you that today's incident had nothing to do with the earlier incident. This is purely staring at each other which resulted in a fight," said Eko. - See more at: http://news.asiaone.com/news/asia/fear-grips-batam-soldiers-attack-police-hq#sthash.0VaX6mpC.dpuf
  7. Ysc3

    Batam one day trip

    anyone took those 1 days trips offered thru those coupon/deal sites ? price seems reasonable but my only issue is food - most of them bundle in a seafood lunch/dinner at the golden prawn eatery - but i dun take seafood and from the pics of the eatery, there are no other eateries beside or around it for other choices. or anyone come across a trip that does not bundle in the meals but drop you somewhere for your own meals ?
  8. hi, going to batam for a 2D/1N free&easy. any suggestion where to park overnight ? sat 8am to sun 6pm. if park at harbourfront centre, it costs about $20+. anyone park at hourbourfront before ?
  9. Zniper

    Batam 3d2n suggestions?

    hi bros, any kind suggestions for batam 3d2n to relax and maybe sea sports and stuffs? which hotel/resort will be nearest to beach and value for $$$? thanks for all the kind suggestions...
  10. Dear all, Anyone can tell me which is the best shopping centres to shop in Batam?? What do I need to take note if I am going there?
  11. Hi bros, as per subject need some advice on which are the nicer and better ones... Staying in holiday inn n their massage is way too ex... Thanks in advance...
  12. Thugstercena


    hello MCFers, i will be going on a trip with my friend this weekend to batam. all of us are first time going there. wonder if any fellow forumers went there before? maybe u got associates there. LOL. any places of interest? heard the water sports , paint ball and karting not bad. but dunno how to go. we also wish to know what are the DOs and DONTs over there. surely the lao jiaos here know one or two. like from harbour bay jetty to nagoya/swiss-bel, cab need about how much? haha. dont want to be carroted there so asking u guys for help. hahas. thanks in advance!
  13. Mydestiny

    Where to park if going to Batam?

    Will be going Fri am, back sat pm. Any recommended places to park and the charges? Not sure if more worthwhile to take cab or drive. Pls advice thks!
  14. Tohto

    Harris Resort Batam

    Anyone stay in it before? Think of go for a 2D1N trip with family.
  15. LoverofCar

    Batam villa with private pool

    Anyone have recommendation for villa stay in Batam with private pool?
  16. Donut

    Batam massage trip

    Any one know or been to Batam for spa/massage package? i planning one, so need to know some info, such as which spa place is good, price, service..... I know some travel agent has package price that include ferry, spa and shopping tour If i want to arrange everything by myself; buy ferry ticket separately, book spa separately and taking cab there, will it be cheaper than those package, and is it safe??
  17. Dearjoshua

    Bintan or Batam? 3D2N over X'mas...

    hi, for a family of 2Adult + 2Kids...batam or bintan? not really particular on beach or shopping...just want a wholesome time with fun activities...
  18. So_nice

    1 day trip to batam or bintan?

    i'm thinking of having a one day trip to batam or bintan during weekday wif ger. wat are the things we can do over there? suggestions pls!
  19. Jubilong

    Golfing packages in Batam

    Any recommendations on the above? I am looking at Indah Puri golf cse and stay either at novotel, holiday inn or the apartments at the golf resort itself. Going with families with kids so nice rooms and amenities much appreciated..
  20. Hamburger

    Batam do wat??

    will b goin to Batam for a 1 day tour. Any suggestion where n wat to do, eat there?? TIA PS: pls spare mi e hp "entertainment" as i m goin wif family...
  21. Andy_1703

    Places for Good food at Batam

    Hi everyone.. I am taking a short break to Batam this national day holiday..staying at holiday inn (waterfront) batam.. Anyone can recommend me any nice place to buy some stuff or nice place for a seafood dinner?? Thanks in advance
  22. Farbird

    Eerie pic taken in Batam

    An eerie photo taken in Batam, 2007 Original intention of taking the photo so as to show friends back home how the hotel rooms looked like... it was only 1 year later that we looked at these photos again and it was then when my wife noticed this distortion phenomenon on the jpg file... Click here to see the actual pic
  23. Soho

    Massage in batam?

    hey bros.. i am thinking of going those kind of 1 day or 2 day getaway.. a massage session and relaxing getaway.. any bros been to batam for massage or tour? any hotel or spa place to recommed? hope can get smth cheap and good.. anyway.. batam got nice beaches? for jet skii or like sun tan? heard there is a go kart there too right? what else to do there? thanx alot!
  24. Hi all, I know there are some threads about this. but i cant find them any recommendation on the hotels or resorts to stay in Batam? which travel agent to book?
  25. Nw my turn to comprain... This kopi shop place blk 18 Toh Yi Drive opp the tyre shop. Went there for lunch ytd. From look machiam normal any kopishop, ask for economy rice. Then i sit down taking my food, i do notice pigeons gg abt. I was like damned. I do hate tat. Then this stoopid kid start chasing the birds and they were running and flying abt in the shop. Anyone who is a hygiene freak like me know how dirty it is when a pigeon start flapping it's wing and the lift time is when use the most energy to fly. so plenty of micro feather, dirt, bacteria flying abt. The worst was when this pigeon flew over my food... damned. I cud not take it any more. Not tat it pooed or anything but can u imagine the amt of dirt and bacteria over the food... I stopped taking the food and walked off. then as i passed the neighboring shops like provision store and bakery, i notice the pigeons neber go there even if there were food ard. My fear was confirm. the kopi shop pple were simply throwing some scraps to the floor and attracting pigeons. So blardee disgusting. will neber step in tat place anymore. Pui!