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Found 26 results

  1. chitchatboy

    Did this driver underestimate his package?

    A driver who seems to have underestimated the size of his package has gotten himself stuck under an overhead bridge along the West Coast Highway. Published on SG Road Vigilante, the accident happened last night (9 June 2020), causing traffic heading towards Pasir Panjang some inconvenience at the junction of West Coast Highway and Alexandra Road. Judging from the photos shared online, we can't be sure whose fault it was. It could be the transporter's/driver's fault or the escort service's fault (if there were hired in the first place). We hope the bridge remains open and unhurt! Check out what netizens have to say!
  2. This morning while going into CBD on nicoll highway, at that very famous bridge, spanning from promenade MRT to concourse, got white ants on ops... becos their van parked at the reserved bay. as i inched forward, i saw opposite cars zooming... some very obviously over the 70kph limit how to warn them of the impending danger? i tried to flash highbeam, but opposite cannot see clearly. instead the one in front of me thought i got bad intention. - about 15min later while heading in the same road in the opposite direction, i saw the white ant hiding behind the pillar. he was hard to spot from far, really. i tried to maintain my speed at about 65kph, and wind down window and waving my hands, even sounding the horns... but others thought i road-hogger and crazy.... some overtake and zoom past me, maybe kena neoprinted. one of the taxi jam the brakes near the bridge when he/she realised got white ant... dont know kena or not feeling uneasy, i know i definitely didnt get snapped, but the others...
  3. http://therakyatpost.tumblr.com/post/99804394381/new-post-has-been-published-on-the-rakyat-post Twitter was abuzz this evening with reports that said the overhead pedestrian bridge near Taman Kobena, Pasir Gudang, Johor had collapsed. The bridge, which is along the Pasir Gudang highway, had reportedly collapsed between 4pm and 5pm today. Netizens shared pictures of the incident on Twitter, showing the entire stretch of the pedestrian bridge having fallen onto the road below. No fatalities were reported as yet, however several vehicles were said to have been damaged in the incident. Work is currently ongoing to clear the area as traffic is not able to go through that portion of the highway. Johors Road Works Department twitted via their account @JKRJohor asking for motorists to opt for alternative roads after they were informed of the incident. - MORE TO COME - Photo from Facebook
  4. Picnic06-Biante15

    Something Falling Overhead In Next Few Days

    from Yahoo : GOCE satellite set to crash down to Earth in coming days, but experts aren't sure where it will land A European space satellite that has been mapping the Earth’s gravitational field is set to crash down to Earth in the coming days, and it could provide a “real treat” for space watchers. But could GOCE (pronounced “GO-chay”), which is set to make an “uncontrolled entry” into the atmosphere, present a risk to anyone on the ground? “For the most part, these uncontrolled re-entries are the norm,” Space.com’s Tariq Malik told Yahoo News in a phone interview. “It’s not so much that we’ve been lucky to not get hit by one as it is the planet is so big.” The European Space Agency does not know exactly when GOCE, short for Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer, will crash to Earth, and experts there don't know exactly where it will land. But the general consensus is that it will re-enter Earth’s atmosphere sometime between Friday and Monday. “It’s rather hard to predict where the spacecraft will re-enter and impact,” the ESA’s Rune Floberghagen told the New York Times. “Concretely our best engineering prediction is now for a re-entry on Sunday, with a possibility for it slipping into early Monday.” And if all goes well, people may be able to watch the satellite safely enter the atmosphere and explode into a fireball of smaller fragments. “The one thing I’m really wondering about is where the re-entry might be visible from,” Malik said. “It’s very instructive to watch this stuff burn up. From the ground, it’s like watching a giant fireball. If that happens, viewers on the ground could really get a treat.” Watch your head as it might fall onto you .... Wonder where is a nice spot to watch the re-entry, Mount Faber or Telok Blangah Height garden ...
  5. A video showing cameras and what seems to be flashing LED lights on an overhead bridge at Geylang Lorong 16 has caught the attention of netizens online. Some have speculated that the cameras are a new ERP system, while others thought it was a speed camera. The authorities have clarified that the cameras are actually one of the initiatives under the Safe City Test Bed Project announced in May. The project is a partnership between the government and the industry to develop technology that will allow urban cities to optimise resources and better coordinate responses to safety and security threats, urban management concerns and major crises. In this case, the system attempts to integrate existing and new sensors to help agencies have a better understanding of what is happening on the ground. For example, authorities would be able to detect an impending flash flood and decide on possible counter measures, while emergency vehicles could monitor traffic conditions on the road to identify the best route to take should there be traffic congestion. The prototypes, once developed, will be showcased as a model to manage the increasingly complex challenges faced by developed urban cities in a resource-efficient manner. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/cameras-at-geylang/857498.html
  6. Found these picture on FB. Really true TP used these camera to catch speeding??
  7. Hi guys, My very good buddy buying either the vios or city.Engine wise, vios is DOHC & city SOHC. Which should he opt for.
  8. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will bring forward its plans to install overhead traffic lights at the junction of Victoria Street and Rochor Road. LTA said it will start installing the overhead traffic lights on Tuesday, instead of waiting for Downtown Line MRT works to be completed next year. The traffic lights are expected to start operating early next week. LTA said it decided to do so following public feedback and suggestions on how to further improve the road junction. A fatal accident at the junction involving a Ferrari and a taxi on May 12 left three dead. Another accident occurred on May 26 involving a Lexus and a taxi. LTA said its traffic engineers have studied the feedback and suggestions, and decided to bring forward the installation of the overhead traffic lights at the junction as another precautionary measure, instead of waiting till 2013 as planned. However, the overhead traffic lights will result in a narrowing of the pedestrian footpath there until the road is reinstated after the construction of Downtown Line (Stage 1) is completed by the middle of 2013. LTA said this is a trade-off to accommodate the additional precautionary measure. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1205470/1/.html
  9. this morning ard 10am cte after AMK ave1 saw a camera like thing (like a missile launcher) on a stand... civilian on the right... FACING the back of traffic... anyone any idea wat it was?...
  10. 男子天桥徘徊,过后疑一跃而下惨死。目击者眼见他跨过栏杆,却以为他去修剪花草,后悔没能救他。 这起事故发生在昨天下午3时15分,地点在位于义顺2道第758座组屋附近的有盖天桥,一旁就是地铁轨道。 死者是一名43岁的华族男子,就住在事发地点附近。 据知,事发时他相信是从高4.5米的天桥上坠下,倒在马路上最左边的车道上。 据了解,男子坠下后,虽然没有被车子撞上,但还是因伤重,在3时30分左右宣告不治。 目击者表示,男子当时脸部朝上,头部流了很多血,死状相当骇人。 男子身穿白色上衣,浅蓝色短裤,身材中等。他左手腕带着手表,身上只有一串钥匙,不过没有任何的证件。 完整报道,请翻阅13.10.2011《新明日报》。 Translation: Incident happened at 3:15pm yesterday at overhead bridge along Yishun Ave 2 near Blk 758. Deceased is a 43 year old chinese man who lives near the area. An eyewitness thought the man was going to trim plants when he climbed over the railings and regrets not saving the man. Although the man was not hit by traffic below, he nevertheless died from his injuries.
  11. Recently I saw a lot of LTA enforcement officer on over head bridges....at first I thought it was TP, but saw their blue vest with "LTA enforcement" working closely. And they are armed with a digital camera on hand, yup, not speed gun..... wonder what r they doing...
  12. I noticed recently when i travelled on few expressways recently that some guys are on the overhead bridge, using their tripod or handheld camera / camcorder to record the cars on the road. They are not wearing any similar type of uniform (plain clothes), neither were them TP. Take for example today, i travelled in KJE, i spotted them just after Tengah. I went all the way from KJE to TPE and spotted another one on the bridge. They just pretend not to do anything and stand few metres away from their camera. The camera was aiming at the cars on the road. They dont look like students on project, instead were adults
  13. I tot I just saw a ghost in white on overhead bridge looking towards AYE towards city B4 pioneer exit
  14. This guy proposes traffic enforcers not to be sneaky but visible when conducting speed checks so as to act as a deterent. Will it work? From today's online ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Story/...ory_642535.html Danger lurks in overhead speed checks I AM doubtful about the effectiveness of anti-speeding checks by officers perched on overhead bridges. Regular motorists know of these locations and usually slow down as they approach them to ascertain if a traffic officer is there. They would then react appropriately. The process may divert motorists' attention from the road as they look up and focus on the overhead bridge. The danger is exacerbated when officers try and make themselves as inconspicuous as possible, forcing drivers to divert more attention away from driving by trying to spot these officers. If the aim of such traps is to reduce speeding, a person standing in plain sight with a camera would do the job just as effectively. Permanent speed detectors should be installed wherever feasible as a long-term solution. Using overhead bridges should serve as only a short-term deterrent. If the traffic authorities insist on using this option, the officer with the speed trap recorder should not play hide-and-seek with drivers. Ho Kei-Leong
  15. Anyone saw this white TP on the overhead brige around 9plus to 10am?... this road is 60km/h... i was going close to 80... saw a blue police van at the road side... i release throttle... looked at bridge nothing... looked carefully and saw the back of the TP... i tapped my brakes and passed under at approx 60plus to 70km/h... the thing is, is it 'normal' for TP to face the camera at the back of the traffice flow? if this is normal then this will explain why lately i dont see so many TPs on the bridges... cause all taking pics AFTER you pass them... can the speed gun take the speed of a vehicle moving away instead of coming towards? this might explain why i got a warning letter on the SLE towards BKE... even thought i always look at the bridges when i pass them....
  16. Headshok

    Overhead bridge speed cams

    Hi guys, I just noticed that the overhead bridge speed cams are back after a " break" saw 1 on the bridge at the Balestier Road exit along PIE ( towards the west) hiding at the side of the bridge behind the plants. Also just saw one at the bridge at upper bukit timah ( opposite courts, beside south heaven/the church there), TP also at the side of the bridge. So please take note :) Not worth it tio summon like that. Cheers all
  17. these few days when i was driving towards Tuas on PIE,i always saw a video camera mounted on a tripod that focus on oncoming vehicles. it wasn't very obvious until you have to drive so near then you can see it provided you take notice of the overhead bridge. if you really speed,by the time you notice it,you should be already on candid camera. i beieve they should have snapped alot of speedsters especially that stretch alot of people loves to speed. then when heading back towards city at the same overhead bridge but different direction,from some distance if you took notice,you can actually see 2 blue umbrellas. upon driving closer,it is actually 2 officers sitting on a chair taking cover and again beside them was another video camera mounted on a tripod focus on on coming vehicles.
  18. Nowadays seldom see them especially @ 0300-0430 hrs.On the way back from JB @ PIE saw many cars speeding.I myself even reach 110kmh on 1 ocassion but slow down to 90-100 after that cause worried for "Uncle".My TP friend ince say its ok if you dun exceed 110 but at least you need to slow down.Dunno how true he is.
  19. Selling the above mentioned item. - Sony DVX-100s (DVD Changer - 10 Disc) - 7" Overhead (Lab Quest) LCD Click to see more info. www.lobang.com/sg/classified.php?catid=11&subcatid=87&adid=6034
  20. Guys, beware of TP on overhead bridge with camera along Telok Blangah Road going towards Pasir Panjang Road. Location is the first overhead bridge after Henderson Rd junction. TP hiding behind a corner board on the bridge and aiming the camera at the back of cars instead. I had been caught speeding earlier last year but that time the TP was aiming in the on-coming direction. Now they have opted to hide behind the board and shoot u from behind instead. Usually in the morning around 9am and used to see a police van parked before the bridge however today the van was not there but TP was up on the bridge with camera aiming. Have been very careful every morning travelling there after my ticket. So watch your back and slow down before and after the overhead bridge. You have been warned!!!!
  21. 15/08/09 1630hr Speed Cam@ KJE Overhead towards Woodland 15/08/09 SMS to all your friends Cheers
  22. Just wondering, why TP doesn't snipe speedsters at night at overhead bridge? or have u seen them before?
  23. Viviobluerex

    Shot by Overhead Bridge Camera

    OK, what will happen to me? Road Limit 80km/h I running about 110km/h
  24. Hi All, Can recommend me a brand/model, where and roughly how much is it going to set me back? My ODC has is from KM and has a integrated audio system with controls on the steering wheel. The system should compliment the existing setup. Thanks in advance for any advise. Cheers! G.
  25. was speeding 110kmh at 80 or 90 kmh stretch at AYE .. wah just got licence 2 months ago so suay already. what will happen to me ? i dun wan my licence to get revoke ..... possible to get just a warning ?