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  1. Report got use mah? How the authority going to catch them?
  2. Caught on camera....What can authority do? EScooter 1 : 0 LTA
  3. Actually this is not the first time this group spotted inside KPE. The whole KPE is full of cctv, the authority already knew. It is just that the authority unable to ID them because there are no license plate on the e-scooter. Some of those previously caught riding on expressway gives excuses like they are not aware of the rules/highway code as the law don't required them to take any official highway-code-test for riding e-scooter etc etc.
  4. TESLA Roadster.....I am lazy...set to AUTO-DRIVE and let the Tesla do the driving all the way to Penang....no need to stop 1/2 way to charge the car...the battery can last for 620 miles per charge.
  5. LOL...this guy from USA always talk bad about Conti and Asian(Jap/Korean) car.. The only good car for him is those Made-In-USA one....
  6. Thanks for the update. Which credit card gives additional discount/freebies at Sinopec?
  7. Imac

    Esso discount voucher

    Family member downloaded the apps but still need the card number to register right?
  8. Imac

    Esso discount voucher

    I downloaded the apps, but cannot see see rewards in the page. Did I miss anything? After note: Found it...Thx...
  9. Imac

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    Must be Shell and Caltex again. Everytime, these 2 companies trying to trigger the pump price increase....
  10. When i see an Audi....i always siam far far away. Audi now is like the olden days Honda Ah-Beng.
  11. Imac

    Esso discount voucher

    ok..noted....so don't top up yet...wait for the discount to kick-in first...
  12. Imac

    Esso discount voucher

    Anyone can remember last year CNY...what was the % of discount given by the station for CNY's eve ? extra 5%?
  13. Imac

    Shell fuel card

    Don't think you can pay half by points, half by credit card...
  14. Imac

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    GPGT.......Lai..Lai...Lai.... Price war started between SINOPAC and SPC in Yishun.....waiting for ESSO, CALTEX & SHELL to gives better offer....