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  1. I am wondering which way is better, have 3 years left and was thinking either to respray, or car wrap(so can cut the polish). Anyone know where to do good car wrap?
  2. Lo and behold! sgCarMart kickstarted its very own SGCARMART REVIEWS on the 3rd of November with the new Mercedes-Benz CLA with Julian from the Editorial Department (some of you may find him familiar from MCF events) and cool kid James from Marketing. We're now on episode 2 with the Skoda Octavia RS 245! We're still new at this so don't forget to show some love! Like, subscribe and leave your comments on our Youtube channel! Let them know what cars you want them to review next. 💟
  3. I would like to compare the abovementioned models. 1) Pricing 2) FC 3) Handling 4) Size 5) Appearance 6) Maintenance Cost like spare parts. I like both the car design especially Opel Astra 1.6 Twinport. Was considering of Toyota Altis and my friend strongly reccomend on Ford Focus in terms of handling. The pricing is higher than Altis if I'm not wrong. But how much higher? Astra got all the cost rebate, free insurance, etc. So in the end not sure of the selling price. Too confused. Can anyone enlightened me on the pricing as well as commend on the cars. Thks alot.
  4. Opel Singapore has just launched the new Crossland X. Launch Price at SGD102,888. Probably replacing the Mokka X. http://www.opel.com.sg/vehicles/opel-range/cars/crossland-x/index.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw6ZLOBRALEiwAxzyCW1ILCXQTrvI_kHyJxhRfIt6y_wjbCpR6qwbymj0Xb-sgO2ZzG9zHMBoC438QAvD_BwE https://www.carzone.ie/reviews/new-car-reviews/Opel/Crossland-X/2017/548/ Farewell to Opel ’s family favourite, the Meriva, and hello to the car that replaces it for 2017, the Crossland X . The new Crossland X takes aim at popular cars like the Nissan Juke and Renault's Captur, and it blends downscaled SUV looks with impressive levels of interior space. It’s also the first Opel to be built under the German manufacturer’s merge with Peugeot PSA, so it is based on the same platform as the latest Peugeot 2008. We recently took the Crossland X for a week-long test drive on Irish roads to see if has the recipe for success in an increasingly competitive corner of the market. The Crossland X shares many styling similarities the popular Opel Mokka X SUV, although it isn’t as rugged from the outside. Features like the front grille and rear lights are recognisable from other cars in Opel ’s range, while its raised ride height and tall bumpers lend it an SUV stance. Choice of specification in Ireland consists of two models, SC and SE, while the base specification SC gets 16-inch alloy wheels and distinctive LED daytime running lights as standard. Our test car is a higher specification SE model, so it gains larger 17-inch alloy wheels and dark tinted windows. The Crossland X is more spacious inside than you would expect, with excellent head and leg room for front and rear seat passengers. Space in the rear is particularly impressive due to the flat floor, and boot space is respectable at 410 litres, trump rivals like the Nissan Juke. There is also an optional versatility pack which allows the rear seat bench to slide forwards and backwards and further increases boot space. The driving position is high which means it offers a commanding view of the road, and there’s enough support from the seats for comfort during longer drives. The quality of the plastics throughout the cabin is mostly good, but they are scratchy in certain areas such as beneath the steering wheel and lower doors. It’s nice to note that all Crossland X models have a user-friendly 7-inch colour touchscreen system in the centre of the dashboard as standard, incorporating Opel ’s Intellilink system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Also included is Opel ’s OnStar with a Wi-Fi hotspot, roadside assistance call out and lots of other features too, so it's fair to say that the Crossland X is more connected and smartphone-friendly than many of its rivals. The Crossland X is available with either a 1.2-litre petrol engine available in two different states of tune (81hp or 110hp), or a larger 1.6-litre CDTi diesel engine in 99hp or 120hp variants. We drove the 120hp 1.6 CDTi diesel with a six-speed-manual gearbox and it offers an ideal mix of performance and economy. 0-100km/h is possible in under ten seconds and it cruises confidently at motorway speeds, while we covered over 600 kilometres of driving in the midlands and managed 5-litres per 100 kilometres of driving in fuel economy (56MPG). The Crossland X has an accommodating suspension setup which means it is comfortable out on the road, but it isn’t very agile through corners. Light steering helps during parking, but again, there is little feedback from the steering when cornering. This is unlikely to affect family buyers who will value comfort over driving dynamics. Despite its SUV looks, the Crossland X isn’t available with four-wheel-drive, but the front-wheel-drive setup offers sufficial amounts of grip. Family buyers will appreciate standard safety features such as lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition, rear parking sensors and hill start assist. Our test car has desirable optional extras such as a panoramic sunroof, front parking sensors and Opel ’s lighting pack, but the asking price is bumped up accordingly and it can get expensive quickly. The Crossland X is a worthy successor to the Opel Meriva MPV, bringing more style and desirability than its predecessor. Family buyers will appreciate the Crossland’s generous interior space, along with the strong serving of standard equipment. That said, it feels and looks very similar to the latest Opel Mokka X, so differentiating between the two models can be confusing, and it also isn’t as fun to drive as some of its more-established rivals, such as the Peugeot 2008. Taking all things into account, the Crossland X makes for a well-priced alternative to cars like the Nissan Juke with best-in-class space and practicality.
  5. Source: https://mothership.sg/2022/09/bluesg-electric-opel/ BlueSG is launching 500 electric Opel Corsa-e hatchbacks gradually from October 2022, The Straits Times reported. The cost of the new cars was estimated to be about S$80 million, or S$160,000 for each car, at prevailing COE (certificate of entitlement) prices. BlueSG will have more than 1,000 cars on road A BlueSG spokesperson told ST that "200 or so" new Opel cars are on the way. If it goes according to plan, BlueSG, an exclusively electric car-sharing firm here, will have a fleet of about 1,000 cars in total before 2022 is over.There are some 800 two-door compact BlueCars on the roads in Singapore. BlueSG had some 650 cars plying the roads in Singapore in February 2021, and ST reported 250 more cars were gradually introduced subsequently. BlueCars are made in Italy. The Opel Corsa-e is Spanish-made. It has four doors. Acquired about a year ago In October 2021, home-grown engineering group Goldbell completed its acquisition of BlueSG from French transportation giant Bollore Group. The new Opel Corsa-e cars are being introduced almost a year after the acquisition. BlueSG is a loss-making business, ST reported. But Goldbell had said it would invest S$70 million up to 2026 to turn things around. Rental rates for the new cars, with more advanced features, are expected to be higher. Top photos via BlueSG
  6. Thinking of buying one. Any Opel owners car to share if there are serious reliability issues (e.g. like VW a few years back)? Also heard the depre is super bad? Other than that they seem more comfortable than similarly priced Japanese cars, hence considering. Do share your thoughts and experiences!
  7. With production of the Insignia ending this year, Opel is officially bidding adieu to sporty vehicles by discontinuing the OPC badge. However, the folks from Rüsselsheim are not abandoning exciting cars altogether as the plan is to bring back the GSe moniker. It used to mean "Grand Sport Einspritzung" (Grand Sport Injection) on the Commodore GS/E and Monza GSE back in the day, but going forward, the acronym will stand for "Grand Sport electric." Touted as being a new range-topping sub-brand, GSe (with a lowercase "e") will be used for "dynamic, fun-to-drive cars" thanks to bespoke chassis tuning and extensive testing on the Autobahn. With Opel using the word "electrified" rather than just "electric," logic tells us some plug-in hybrids could also get the suffix, along with pure EVs. As a refresher, all of the German brand's models will have an electrified derivative by 2024 ahead of 2028 when the combustion engine is going to be dropped completely in Europe. The announcement comes along with the reveal of a new badge, which was previewed in May 2021 when Opel unveiled the Manta GSe ElektroMOD. Back then, it was only an LED graphic in the headlights, but now it has been revealed as a standalone logo future production models will wear. It’s unclear which road-going model will be the first to receive the GSe treatment. However, Opel has said the Manta will return in 2025 as an EV in crossover shape because of course. The Insignia's replacement has already been confirmed to drop the ICE. A spicy electric Astra is believed to be in the works. That would usually mean a GSi or an OPC derivative, but it could ultimately be called the Astra GSe. It is only a matter of time before Opel will roll out a purely electric Astra taking into account sister brand Peugeot came out this week with the E-308 in both hatchback and wagon flavors. A GSe version would need a beefier setup since the French duo has only 156 horsepower (115 kilowatts) and 260 Newton-meters (191 pound-feet) of torque, which doesn't exactly scream performance.
  8. After so many years pondering over the acronym, I have finally attain enlightenment! 😄 Opel Performance Center, nope. Off-Peak Car, well it is not entirely right Look at these 2 photos, anyone has a better answer? OPC = Only Park in Carpark Now, car owner happy, our government happy, and even the grass cutter is happy! Happy weekend fellow MCF members.
  9. Another beautiful wagon, but unlikely to reach our shore... 308 SW GT For petrol, 3-cylinder engines with a capacity of 1.2 litres: PureTech 110 S&S BVM6, PureTech 130 S&S BVM6, PureTech 130 S&S EAT8. 308 SW Hybrid 2 rechargeable hybrids HYBRID 225 e-EAT8 HYBRID 180 e-EAT8)
  10. Want your Peugeot 308 a bit more German? Enter the all-new Astra. source: https://www.motor1.com/news/519625/2022-opel-astra-specs-photos/ One of the oldest cars in Europe's hugely competitive compact segment is switching to the next generation, bringing a completely new design inside and out along with overhauled underpinnings. Once again assembled at home in Rüsselsheim, the sixth iteration of Opel's popular Astra has all the ingredients to go up against the giants in this class: Golf, Focus, Megane, and the Octavia. It also has to do battle with the mechanically related Peugeot 308, with the two sharing the EMP2 platform as both brands are part of Stellantis – the world's fourth-largest car manufacturer. Even though their bones are quite similar, the designers have done a great job at differentiating the two compact hatchbacks. The French version takes a bolder approach whereas its German cousin plays it safe with a cleaner appearance. Let's talk size. The new Astra has been stretched by four millimeters (0.15 inches) over the outgoing generation and is now 4,374 mm (172.1 in) long. Even though the overall length has barely changed, the wheelbase has been stretched significantly by 13 mm (0.5 in) to 2,675 mm (105.3 in) by shortening the front overhang. Width has increased quite a bit, at 1,860 mm (73.2 in) or about 51 mm (2 in) more than before. Opel goes as far as to say the hatchback has "coupe-like" lines, although some will beg to differ. A new Astra GTC would be nice, but given the current demand for three-door hatches, we wouldn't necessarily count on it. The car's increased footprint pays dividends in terms of cargo capacity on the adjustable load floor as it has grown by 52 liters (1.83 cubic feet) to 422 liters (14.9 cu ft) with the rear seats in place. Much like the exterior, the cabin is a vast departure from the Astra K by adopting the less-is-more approach with few conventional buttons. You still have shortcuts for often-used functions, but most of the settings are accessed through the 10-inch touchscreen of the infotainment system. To its left, a fully digital instrument cluster has the same size. As you would expect from a totally new car, Opel's new C-segment hatchback is brimming with tech. It gets the matrix LED technology from the flagship Insignia, with no fewer than 84 light-emitting diodes per headlight cluster. Cruise control with stop & go is available, as are a head-up display and a 360-degree camera. Opel doesn't go too deep with details about the powertrains, but you can imagine these will be quite similar to those of the new Peugeot 308. The German brand does confirm the 2022 Astra will be available with a choice of gasoline and diesel units with output varying from 110 hp (81 kW) to 225 hp (165 kW). For the very first time, a plug-in hybrid setup will be available and will come in two configurations. Depending on the powertrain, six-speed manual and eight-speed automatic transmissions will be offered. The order books will open this fall and the first customer deliveries are scheduled to take place in early 2022. Opel has already confirmed there will be a new wagon once again for those in need of a bigger cargo area. Expect the estate variant to be revealed in the coming months. While it would make sense for the company to have both body styles on display in September at the IAA in Munich, Opel has announced it will not attend the show this year. As a final note, it's worth mentioning this will be the final Astra with combustion engines in Europe considering Opel has vowed to go EV-only on the Old Continent by 2028.
  11. http://www.carbuyer.co.uk/reviews/vauxhall/astra/hatchback/review Heard from my Opel SE that the Astra 2016 is here already. Anyone test driven already? Can the 1.0L turbo version make it? I'm a little bit skeptical about the power myself. Hoping to get some advice from the gurus around
  12. Just received an invite to the launch of the Opel Grandland X today. Any feedback about this car? The current AD is Alpine Motors which sells GM cars like Chevy. Now that GM has sold Opel to PSA group, will there be any servicing or warranty issues if PSA takes back the dealership from Alpine?
  13. The Opel Corsa is one of the German manufacturer’s best selling models, and now there’s an all-new sixth-generation model out, based around the same platform as the 2019 Peugeot 208. The two cars are mechanically very similar, but what they propose are two distinct visual packages - the 2020 Opel Corsa is the more sober and restrained of the two, so it’s probably pretty attractive to you if you prefer to be more low-key and not stand out as much as you would in, say, the flashier Peugeot 208. Aside from it sharing its underpinnings with other PSA products, the new Corsa also being offered in all-electric form for the first time. That model is called the Corsa-e and is motivated by a powertrain that is also shared with the new e-208). However, its platform sharing doesn’t affect the way it looks, and the 2020 Corsa looks like a current Opel model both inside and out. You can’t really spot the relation unless you know of it beforehand. The 2020 Opel Corsa’s new platform also helps it shed significant weight over its GM-Fiat underpinned predecessor and, in doing so, it has become quicker, more efficient, and better at going around corners too. Sitting inside, you’ll notice the much lower and sportier driving position as well as the feeling of being cocooned in the cabin - a feeling akin to that you get from a sports car. It even feels a bit sportier inside than its Peugeot-badged cousin. Heard the Opel Corsa will be on sale in sg soon...
  14. 4th largest automotive group in the making... Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot reach deal to merge DETROIT – From Daimler-Chrysler to Fiat Chrysler, the former American automaker Chrysler Corp. has gallivanted around the world to find partners to assist in its growth or help keep it afloat. It now has its sights set on Peugeot maker PSA Group. Both the French carmaker and Fiat Chrysler on Wednesday confirmed they are in talks to create the world’s fourth-largest automaker with a roughly $50 billion valuation. The PSA board approved the merger and the Fiat Chrysler board is set to meet Wednesday, a person familiar with the deal told CNBC. Executives have briefed regulators in the U.S. and France, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing unnamed sources. Peugeot CEO Carlos Tavares is expected to lead the combined automaker as its CEO, while John Elkann, Fiat Chrysler chairman and heir of the Agnelli family dynasty that founded Fiat, would continue his role with the combined company, the WSJ reported. The deal gives Peugeot six board seats and Fiat Chrysler five, according to the WSJ. “We will not comment beyond the press release issued this morning,” PSA Spokesman Pierre-Olivier Salmon said in an email, citing a press release issued earlier in the day that confirmed the two companies were holding “ongoing discussions aiming at creating one of the world’s leading automotive groups.” Fiat Chrysler spokesman Niel Golightly said he had “nothing to add at this time.” Reports of the talks, including a potential “all-share merger of equals,” as the Wall Street Journal first reported, sent shares of Fiat Chrysler surging as much as 8% on Tuesday. The stock rose by less than 2% in midday trading Wednesday. The confirmation of the talks comes about five months after Fiat Chrysler ended merger discussions with PSA’s French rival, Renault. Fiat Chrysler, the world’s seventh-largest automaker, has been on a quest for a tie-up to grow scale and consolidate costs for several years. ‘Litany of obstacles’ Even if the deal wins approval from both boards, it faces a lot of obstacles. Challenges include consolidation, clashing corporate cultures and government and regulatory approval, among other issues. Talks of a potential tie-up between Fiat Chrysler and Renault ended earlier this year largely due to the French government, which owns a roughly 12.2% stake in Renault. The French government currently owns a 13.7% stake in PSA. Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst John Murphy cited the French government’s ownership as one of a “litany of obstacles” facing such a deal. Murphy said similar to Fiat Chrysler’s potential tie-up with Renault, the “industrial logic” is “unclear unless there is massive headcount reduction.” Such a deal, according to Murphy, also could alienate U.S. buyers, lowering the potential benefit of the two automakers combining. Even if the merger is approved by shareholders and regulators, “there is a material risk American consumers may shift to Ford and GM products due to FCA possibly no longer being perceived as an ‘American’ identity, not to mention the potential political implications of this potential deal.” Bernstein analyst Max Warburton said a merger between Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot “has more logic” than one with Renault. He specifically cites the potential for Tavares to create “long-term value.” “We ultimately think a deal could be made to work — this would be as much about raising performance as it would be about synergies,” he wrote in a Tuesday note to investors. However, Warburton noted a deal between the two does little to increase business in China, the world’s largest auto market, and the timing is “sub-optimal” given FCA’s earnings are at all-time high. Rewards Analysts see the merger as a quick way for Peugeot to re-enter the U.S. market after a decades-long hiatus, while continuing to grow its European operations following the company’s acquisition of GM’s European business in 2017. “This news is not unexpected, given that both companies have been actively exploring tie-ups with others to yield cost savings and other synergistic benefits,” said David Leggett, automotive editor at data analytics firm GlobalData. For Fiat Chrysler, it would finally cement former CEO Sergio Marchionne’s vision of creating a global automaker with the resources to successfully compete in the ever-changing auto industry. In 2015, Marchionne, who unexpectedly died in July 2018, called for industry consolidation in a presentation called “Confessions of a Capital Junkie.” Consolidation would save capital that was being wasted by automakers developing redundant technologies, he said. “These were not hallucinations of somebody looking to grandstand in the industry,” Marchionne said at the time. “We have spent a lot of time trying to understand what makes this machine tick. And the machine can tick a lot better if certain things happened.” Marchionne believed only a handful of the world’s largest automakers would survive and have the capital to compete as automakers push for autonomous and all-electric vehicles. The deal with PSA would give Fiat Chrysler access to PSA’s newer vehicle platforms in Europe as well as emerging technologies. Marchionne’s methodical combination of Fiat and Chrysler a decade ago is considered one of the more successful tie-ups for the auto industry in the recent years. Chrysler’s previous “merger of equals” with German automaker Daimler-Benz in 1998 was a culture clash and failure that led to a divorce less than a decade later, followed by Chrysler spiraling into bankruptcy in 2009.
  15. New model, new fortunes? http://www.------.com/news/10767/all-new-opel-insignia-grand-sport-coming-in-q3-2017 https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/2017-vauxhall-insignia-grand-sport-officially-revealed Spoke to the local dealer recently. They will have it in SG and on the road by year end... doing the tests now.. The local version will come with the 1.5 turbo petrol.. Having sat in the Vectra back in the old army days and after, I am looking forward to seeing a mid sized Opel. If they can sort out the QC and service, this will be an interesting car.. Although the dealer could not firm up a price, they did say it will be priced at the Camry range. I am guessing that means it will be in the 13x k range.. Look out CLA, 3 series and also Accord and Camry! Like the Astra, it's a lower cost alternative for those willing to try out a different car, with a conti feel and lots of features, but at a lower price range than the traditional big three German brands. And this car will be made in Germany too.. PS: not a dealer
  16. Hi Guys, I find Astra GTC is quite funky and energetic but Golf 1.4 TSI is popular among buyers. Under the boot, GTC churns out less 20 horeses than its counterpart Golf 1.4 TSI. There are quite a number of Golfs on the road but find that Astra GTC is hard to spot on. What are your opinions on these 2 cars? Would like to hear pros and cons from serious ownership's view.
  17. With a a drag coefficient of 0.29 and a frontal area of only 2.13 square metres, the new Opel Corsa is the most aerodynamic car in its segment. In its sixth-generation, the supermini has a frontal area that is significantly smaller than its predecessor’s, allowing the new car to improve its fuel consumption and emissions to new levels. Things that helped achieve the those impressive drag coefficient numbers include the use of an flat underbody panel that covers the engine compartment to the rear axle and a roof spoiler which improves airflow and reduces drag-inducing turbulence. The aforementioned spoiler has also been worked on to cut aerodynamic lift on the rear axle, thereby improving high speed stability on the Autobahn. Last but not least, the Corsa has also been equipped with an active grille shutter that is usually seen on more expensive cars from higher segments. When the engine is cooled sufficiently enough, the front grill closes which in turn redirects airflow around the front of the vehicle and down the sides, rather than through the engine compartment. The decision to open or close the shutter is made automatically, depending on engine coolant temperature and speed.
  18. Hi there guys, So this weekend I had some time spent with an OPC Corsa and decided to do my first Performance road test for 2019. I have to say, this was not blistering fast but my word was it a fun little car with a big bark. Yes I'm a youtube creator that does car performance reviews as a hobby Please let me know what you guys think. Thanks guys.
  19. Hi all, between opel zafira and citroen grand c4, which one you think give 'more' of everything? the price -+ is same. zafira and grand c4 owner, please comment about your vehicle :) thanks for any comment/ reply
  20. Damn nice man....wonder whether it will hit out shore or not... http://carscoop.blogspot.com/2012/10/gm-ce...ys-why-don.html
  21. I went on a road trip to Germany, Austria and Switzerland last December and thought I would share some photos with you guys. I booked a full size manual (3 series or similar) with Hertz but when I went to collect the car it was an Opel Insignia Stationwagen diesel instead. To be fair to Hertz during the booking process I specified I wanted a diesel as I would be travelling long distances and diesel is cheaper. When I went to collect the car in Germany they said that there were no more diesels available except the Insignia (wonder if it's true?). I was anticipating to drive the 3 series or maybe the C class so I was slightly disappointed. But at least I got a diesel and they gave me a stationwagen (not like I needed the extra space anyway) to make up for the different group of car. Nonetheless the Insignia was a good car to drive and was rather stable at 200kph on the autobahn although it was slightly noisy at that speed. It had gd fuel consumption, however there was an issue with the car that I will explain later. Here are some photos for you guys... BMW museum in Munich more to come.....
  22. Hi bro, Since this forum is dominated mainly by Jap car owner, I am just interested to find out is there any Open Zafira owner, care to share your reveiw? such as FC, etc. Actuall initially aiming for Honda Stream, but the Stream price keep rising is almost the conti price now, and now think is running a promotion on Zafira, i am quite tempted now, but just that worry about the fuel consumption, coz traditioanlly conti car is more thirsty. thanks in advace... :)
  23. Hi Everyone, Anyone knows when the car is arriving in Singapore and the specifications ? Thanks. It just won the European Car of The Year 2009 award.
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