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  1. noobydoo

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    Coz 1.4 kodiaq is not running on DQ200. Its using DQ250 wet clutch.
  2. noobydoo

    Skoda Kodiaq - Will it reach our shores?

    Two mths old only. And I'm sure when it happened nothing was hook onto it. After my wife closed the door I saw the door open signal and thought she never close properly. I went over to check and saw the plastic guard was squashed by the door and thus couldnt close properly. When i reopened the door it wouldnt retract anymore.
  3. noobydoo

    Skoda Kodiaq - Will it reach our shores?

    One of the door edge retractable protector of my 2 mths old Kodiaq wont retract and it broke off when I try to close the door. Today I went workshop they say this part is not covered by warranty. If they were to order the part and replace the cost will probably be few hundreds. I know that it will eventually spoil but I dun expect it to spoil so soon? Anyone had similar experience?
  4. noobydoo

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    Added myself to the list for Kodiaq
  5. noobydoo

    Shipping USA Rims

    Anyone tried buying USA rims via Amazon and shipping via 3rd party shipping agent like ezbuy? From my calulations it seems like I can save more than $2000 even with declared GST.
  6. noobydoo

    Skoda Kodiaq - Will it reach our shores?

  7. noobydoo

    Skoda Kodiaq - Will it reach our shores?

    I also thinking of getting a Kodiaq. Any SE to recommend? I wasn’t impressed with the SE that serve me.
  8. noobydoo

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    Is the discount across all cars? Is it off the listed price fr carmart? I was at the roadshow just now looking at kodiaq and the listed price is still the same as carmart
  9. Pls quote me titanium and ceramic coating for a brand new Vezel X.
  10. noobydoo

    Ace Gt - Best Value Durable Protections - tested by SGS

    Hi George pls quote me the advance and extreme package for a new Honda Vezel. Also how long does it take for the whole treatment?
  11. noobydoo

    Honda Vezel

    How much was the shipping? Through which forwarder? Thanks!
  12. noobydoo

    Honda Vezel

    Those who want to know can Pm me ba. Coz i oso dunno that PI is good or not. Dun wanna post here big big wait ppl thought im an agent in disguise.
  13. noobydoo

    Honda Vezel

    Yesturday I was at a PI getting my X. The boss ask me wanna get S instead or not. He has many ready stock but all customers only want X. He told me up front he willing to offer me 1k discount. But I told him I dun need S la. I was puzzled why he cannot sell cause I saw online the demand for S is there especially for ready stock. When I check car mart then i realise they never put up S model in their advert...only X model...maybe thats why all customer go to them are those looking for X model only...
  14. noobydoo

    Honda Vezel

    Any dealers to recommend that can deliver within 3 mths for improved Vezel X?