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Found 32 results

  1. - ABOUT US - GK Detailing Pte Ltd was incorporated on the 16th of May 2017! Back then, we were known as Ace GK Pte Ltd, providing premium Ceramic 9H Coatings to owners who are looking at premium grooming services and high end workmanship detailing shops. Over the last one year, we have quickly and successfully established ourselves as one of the best car paint protection applicators in the market! Our reviews on our workmanship and customer-orientated services were excellent and undisputed as we continued to upkeep our high standards. The bosses of GK Detailing have been in the car detailing business since 2016, having had experience with different brands of Ceramic 9H Coatings and Paint Protection Films! The never-ending pursuit of looking for brands that are better has allowed the bosses to grow the company fast, as customers in Singapore can be very particular about the product used on their car. As such, GK Detailing promises to provide Ceramic 9H Coatings that are of high quality and yet, affordable to the masses. On 15th October 2018, GK Detailing became the sole Approved Applicator of NANONIX, a premium brand of Ceramic 9H Coating from Japan. NANONIX is genuinely made in Japan, has proper certifications from SGS - the world's most trusted testing company - with regards to the hardness of NANONIX Ceramic 9H Coating to provide customers with an ease of mind when choosing between the many brands out in the market. The decision to represent NANONIX was to adapt to the everchanging landscape of car paint protection here in Singapore. With the change in branding, we were able to cater to the Premium High End market and also the more Affordable Middle Range market. Despite these changes, GK Detailing continues to upkeep our professional skills and excellent workmanship, doing our utmost best for our customer's cars! On top of only just providing Ceramic 9H Coating, GK Detailing also underwent a full day of Paint Protection Film (PPF) training on the 11th September 2018, held on our premises by HEXIS, a premium PPF brand from France! HEXIS BODYFENCE is a high-quality PPF that promises to increase your car's gloss level, while protecting it from environmental hazards! PPF is superior to Ceramic 9H Coating, and this has made more and more customers turn to PPF due to its rock chip protection and self-healing properties that Ceramic 9H Coating lacks! With these constant developments and addition of value-added services for our customers, GK Detailing became a full-fledged professional Detailing Centre that provides Ceramic 9H Coating, Paint Protection Film, and Vinyl Wrapping! One of the secret formulas why GK Detailing is able to upkeep our quality customer service and highly intricate workmanship is due to the stability in GK Detailing. In fact, one of our proudest achievements is going through all the proper trainings to acquire the correct skill sets to enable our staff to carry out their job at hand confidently and professionally! In addition, GK Detailing has 0 staff turnover! All our staffs have been with us since the incorporation of our car detailing business. Customers who have been with the company since the beginning have become friendly with our staffs, giving them a sense of "family" with GK Detailing. These good relations with our customers has propelled GK Detailing to greater heights as we are constantly being introduced to new clients by our existing customers. As the saying goes, what is a business without the ardent support of its existing customers! We here at GK Detailing aim to provide one of the best experiences to our customers. WHY US? 1. Excellent customer service, even after sales. 2. Patience to inform our customers well on the services they are interested in. 3. Clear communication between GK Detailing and Customers. 4. Focus more on workmanship - Quality over Quantity. 5. Proper training and certifications. 6. Professional high-quality products that are tested and certified properly. 7. Never-ending pursuit of perfection.
  2. Guys, need some advice. Sometime end May i viewed and bought a used car (coe left 1.5yrs at about $27k) from a dealer. Till date in July, ownership has not been completed and i have not paid any installment apart from first installment which i paid together with downpayment when i drove away the car. Brief sequence of events below: 1) Day 1 - View and placed a $500 deposit 2) Day 2 - Sent car to my workshop for checks and negotiated price down further as some repairs needed 3) Day 4/5 - Loan aprroved. Collected car along with a cheque for downpayment and first installment. 4) July - It has been a month plus and dealer kept delaying the transfer of ownership. I have also not received any form of installment advice from approved bank. I have been constantly messaging and calling him but all sort of excuses given and last given yesterday was cash flow problem. What sort of actions can i take at this point of time ? Very stressful :(
  3. Noob79

    Approved Posts

    Hi, My apology for what might seems to be an silly question but there is an indication that i can only make x number of posts until certaining timing. This restriction is in place untul i have x numbers more approved posts. May i know when will the posts be approved etc and is there anyway we can know if the posts had been approved etc? Thank you.
  4. Which are approved brands of exhausts for these Italian super cars ? Tubi and Larini approved ??
  5. Question on motor insurance policy. If your own insurance allows you to go to approved workshops only (does not include AD workshop), does it mean: In the case where you are claiming 100% against another car, you can still go to any workshop (including AD workshop), since ur using another car's insurance? I am deciding between 2 insurance policies. And the difference is that one allows all workshops and the other doesn't. And the former is more expensive. Thanks.
  6. Bluepica

    Spring Singapore safety sticker

    Last time, I remember what ever thing we buy or use must have the SAFETY mark sticker from PSB (now SPRING). retailers are not allow to sell things without the safety marks.... now the market is flooded with electrical items that are not tested for safety... means we can use, but at our own risk.... i saw so many different kind of wall receptacle with USB charger in Sim Lim... so tempted... but if something happens to the house (eg. fire la... bla bla bla caused but this item), does insurance still cover?
  7. Christian charity defends workshop which Hwa Chong student called 'sexist' A Christian charity that conducts sexuality and relationship education workshops in schools has defended its programmes, after a student said it promoted gender stereotypes. Student Agatha Tan, a first year junior college student at Hwa Chong Institution, had on Friday attended a workshop in school, run by Focus On The Family Singapore, a pro-family Christian charity. She has written to HCI principal Hon Chiew Weng saying that the workshop "seemed to emphasise and enforce traditional gender roles in a relationship". She referred to a booklet given to students, which said girls need to feel loved, can be emotional and have a "deep need for her boyfriend to find her beautiful". The booklet also said boys are "visual", and that a "guy can't not want to look", and they have a desire to "visually linger on and fantasise about the female body". Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/education/story/christian-charity-defends-workshop-which-hwa-chong-student-called-sex
  8. If I have one of those uncommon models of cars where they do not sell approved aftermarket exhausts, if the installed aftermarket exhaust looks similar to the original oem one, what would give me away? For those that have been caught before, what do LTA look out for? the sound? size? or are they so familiar with various types of exhausts that they can tell straight away?
  9. Gents, anyone know which brand exhaust systems are approved in sinkapoure
  10. THE Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) has given the green light for OpenNet to be sold to a business trust owned by SingTel, despite strong opposition from the industry. Under the planned sale of Singapore's fibre broadband network announced on August 22, OpenNet's owners - SingTel, SP Telecommunications, Singapore Press Holdings and Canada's Axia NetMedia - would sell it for $126 million to NetLink Trust. But its day-to-day operations would be run by CityNet, the trustee-manager of NetLink Trust. Announcing this late Thursday evening, IDA said that it is satisfied that the sale would have no substantial lessening of competition or harm the public interest. End of day ,
  11. Poper

    GPGT - LTA Approved Bicycle??

    Came across this last Sunday near Kaki Bukit Road where lots of construction workers and "foreign talents" dorms are. This motorized cyclist was riding in lane 2 like he is a tax-paying road user.. Worse, he is an obstruction and safey hazzard to drivers. While halted at Eunos Link junction, I saw his bike sign "LTA Approved".. WTF!!! :angry: Either he is trying to smoke drivers or he kanna smoked by others. I've reported this to LTA and TP.
  12. HI Besides seating a child on child seat or booster seat, one can also use an approved adjustable seat beat. Anyone knows what kind of seat beat adjuster is approved? Can't seems to find it on TP website.
  13. Hi, Under what circumstances can LTA approved certain Exhaust system for specified car brand/model? Due to popular demand? Workshop? If specified workshop to propose certain exhaust system for specified car brand/model, does the workshop have to pay a certain amount for it to be approved? I'm actually thinking of getting reputated workshop to get submit exhaust system to certified exhaust system for Hyundai Avante and of cos, the demand for it must be met before i actually propose it to the workshop. Your input to this big question mark in my mind will be much appreciated.
  14. I have a aftermarket exhaust which is LTA approved. the workshop sent in the paperwork and LTA approved it and i was suppose to get a copy of the cert and register. however, either i didnt received it or might have misplaced it, i dont have the cert now. is there anyway i can get LTA to send me again because the log card still show the stock exhaust. do i need to resubmit all the stuff through my workshop again? headache
  15. Hi, has anyone bought a used car from either one of these two used car dealers, or have friends or relatives who did? Mind sharing your experience with me, on which is the more trust worthy and service oriented one? Thank you so much!
  16. Beachboys

    Approved Exhaust Query

    Hi all, If an exhaust is installed and approved on Car A already, if a new buyer buys over Car A (with the exhaust) as a used car, does the buyer needs to do some LTA transfer/inspection again with the exhaust? Or the approved exhaust (and its documentation) follows the car, not whoever who owns it, which means there is nothing to apply whatsoever (unlike someone who buys over the approved exhaust only, and has to apply to transfer /inspect again)? cheers,
  17. Starlet

    Approved car number plate

    Hi All For car number plate which is black base with white embossed letter on aluminum. Is it LTA approved? called LTA but they need to see to comfirm. Thanks
  18. hi all, can any1 tell me what r e brands in e market and where 2 get those approved exhaust.Which is e better de. I'm driving 1.5 AT swift. tks tks
  19. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=58777 hey bros.. saw this is200 selling on sgcarmart.It is said to be "Only Unit In Singapore To Have LTA Approved TTE Supercharger " so is it possible to get a super charger and get LTA to approve it? it think no right? Thanx..
  20. Now bank is very Strigent, i manage to find 2 buyer for my ride, First Buyer pay $1500, loan 59k for 7 yrs, Rejected by GE, Maybak, Hong leong. Second byuer Her pay is 4K, She loan 55K for 8years. But also rejected by HONG LEONG, reason being she have late payment record. Now pending with UOB, DBS, need to wait atleast 1-2wks for the outcome! Anyone facing the same situation? IS there any other solution? many thanks
  21. I just receive a sms, says my application for Diners Club $500 limit card is approved and I should receive it in 3 days time. Another sms about I should have received my ATM pin. Anyone else received? I never apply for any card.
  22. Jamstart

    This color is approved?

    Saw this car in Orchard Rd, this mat color can approve by LTA?
  23. Received quotes that are approved WS and also free-to-go-any WS ones. The cheapest approved WS quote is only like $100 cheaper than the cheapest go-any WS quote. Excess for former is $300 less than latter. The rest of the clauses like flood coverage are sama sama. So is it worthwhile to pick the approved WS quote? Anyone rues not picking the go-any WS scheme, despite higher premium?
  24. Hello forummers, Let's say I buy over a second-hand muffler from someone, and this person had the LTA-cert when he installed the muffler. When I install the muffler on my ride, what are the fees I need to pay to get it approved for my ride?
  25. Kimiko from Cartronics has alleged that members have MCF have done it themselves. I scoured the forum and do not seem to find a thread on this. She also said that Stamford Tyres can help get Fujitsubo Exhaust approved? Can anyone enlighten if u have done it? Importing a rare car and XOS will be the first to go. Dun wanna let ROV have the upper hand. Cheers.