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  1. Please add me to the list. The aussie state of Victoria fine me $317 for exceeding 10km/h on Hume Freeway, Northbound. I not gonna pay them anything. i only pay fines to my own government!
  2. Sungod666

    PI volks auto is a scam

    damn suay i must say for these bargain hunters. especially some of those 50+ uncle kanna con of their CPF money and the 37 year old donkey who after kanna con 36k decide to take it out on the ah neh security guard over a $2 parking fee. It just so funny!
  3. Sungod666

    Anyone tried MPM oil before?

    Looks dodgy but hey i never try so dont take it from me. I stick with the few brand i tried and tested. Motul 300V Power, Fuchs XTL, Redline 20WT. All race oil and used on track days and NS highway in malaysia. if one is driving a normal car, just stick with Castrol or Mobil
  4. Sungod666

    Home Aircon

    care to share this better contractor? i am getting shit from gain city too. appointment need to wait 2 weeks, cannot solve problem
  5. Sungod666

    Restaurant near Clarke Quay chop carrot big time

    absurd pricing. $380 for a bottle of chivas might as well go KTV and drink. got cunts and entertainment.
  6. Sungod666

    Playing with rubber

    Great Video! i love the tractor tyre!
  7. Sungod666

    Mom kills son because of small dick

    this is the funniest post i read for today. i couldnt stop laughing.lol. i wonder what would happen if she have a small tits daughter.
  8. Sungod666

    TPE Accident-4 kids orphaned

    when we squezze so many people on a small island. Accidents is set to increase. it is common sense and all about probability. If you want to reduce fatal accidents, take a drastic measures and ban motorcycles and bicycles. i guess this will take away 1/3 of the fatalities As for those who want to donate, please dont be a naive sucker and just trust whatever handphone number that is posted on the forum. DO double check and verify your money is given to the right person.
  9. Sungod666

    Ferrari burnt while pumping petrol

    unlikely to be 458 spider. more like 430 spider, 458 is three exhaust in the middle
  10. Sungod666

    Speeding Fun

    irrelevant poll. those who dont speed usually rides a very basic car hence it is not a choice.
  11. Nothing good comes out with taxi drivers involved. the greatest pest on the roads.
  12. NCAP crash car at 60km/h, whats the bloody point than?, i regularly clock 130km in singapore roads and 220km in malaysia highway. cars should be design to take impact at 150km/hr
  13. Mod are behaving very much like PAP censors. only nice, responsible, empathetic stuff can be said. Thats the 60.1% for you