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Found 64 results

  1. Can someone explain what these car entails? It seems you will be given a new 10 year COE but the OMV is murky. The description is always "eligible for PARF rebate". What does this mean? I understand they are used but it is much cheaper than a comparative second hand vehicle. Why? I also understand you can also bid for these cars yourself in auctions. Guess after that you settle the COE, Tax etc yourself. Cash settlement I believe. Insight welcome.
  2. Hi all, as many of you have experience buying from PI, assuming that the car you booked is not VAC-ready, kindly share your personal experience on your waiting time between the car's arrival in Singapore to clearing the port, LTA inspection and finally your collection date. I've been digging around the forums and most of the information comes from a few years ago, which is quite outdated already. Also, take the chance to share some of your own recent experience with PIs.
  3. Hi guys, Need some advice on whether it's worthwhile to self import 5 series (G30) or X3 (G01) from UK to Singapore... I am looking at it purely from the perspective of cost savings. I have business there, so I am familiar with the import process (not cars though), the savings seemed to be quite significant, although there's no local warranty / maintenance included: 520i G30: S$150k-160k (vs S$240k+ locally) X3 G01: S$170k-180k (vs S$210k+ locally) Hopefully someone with experience can shed some light on this? My primary concern is the repair / maintenance costs of BMW, which seem to be the highest among continental cars, with the lowest reliability.
  4. Parallel imported cars has been in the Singapore automotive market for decades. They offer car buyers alternative choices other than those selling in authorised dealers, bringing car models that authorised dealers don't bring in, and provide cheaper choice of almost similar models sold by authorised dealers. Although in the recent years, there have been some unscrupulous PI dealers practicing unethical practices of business, however, this only represnts the minority and parallel imported cars still remain a favourite choice for Singaporeans. PI market still consist mainly of JDM models although continental cars forms a fraction of the sales as well. Let us see some of the PI cars imported to Singapore in the past and presently. I'll start with JDMs. 1. Honda Fit/ Fit hybrid 1st gen 2nd gen 3rd gen 3rd gen Fit Hybrid Fit Shuttle Shuttle Crossroad Vezel/Vezel hybrid Civic 1.0T hatchback FK8 Civic Hybrid 7th gen Civic Euro Type R FN2 FK2 Civic Type R EK9 EP3 FD2 Grace/ Grace Hybrid Elysion Edix Freed/Freed Hybrid 1st gen 2nd gen Freed Spike CR-Z hybrid Jade Odyssey/Odyssey hybrid Airwave N-Box 2nd gen S660 S2000 Stepwagon 2nd gen 3rd gen 4th gen Stream 2nd gen Vamos Integra Type R DC2 DC2 4 door DC5 Accord Euro 7th gen Accord 8th gen Accord Accord Euro R CL1 CL7 FCX Clarity 2. Mitsubishi Pajero 2nd gen 3rd gen 4th gen Pajero mini Pajero iO ek wagon Delica 5th gen FTO EVO 9 wagon 3. Mazda Axela MX-5 RX-7 Efini 929 (?) Verisa 4. Nissan GTR R34 R35 Patrol Skyline R34 V35 V36 Skyline Crossover Serena 3rd gen 5th gen Cube 2nd gen 3rd gen Elgrand 2nd gen 3rd gen. Nissan Gloria (?) Y34 Silvia S15 5. Suzuki Swift hybrid 4th gen Alto 6th gen Baleno (2016) Cervio Hustler Jimny 3rd gen Lapin 2nd gen Lapin SS Splash Stingray Every/Carry 6. Subaru 7. Isuzu 8. Daihatsu Terios 1st gen 2nd gen Copen 1st gen 2nd gen Mira Cocoa Hijet 9. Toyota Crown (Royal, Athlete) S170 S180 S200 Crown Majesta S200 S210 SAI Camry XV40 Mark X X120 X130 Allion T240 T260 Premio T240 T260 Prius XW20 XW30 Corolla Axio / Fielder E140 E160 CH-R FJ Cruiser Harrier XU10 XU30 XU60 Landcruiser J80 J100 J200 Landcruiser Prado J90 J120 J150 Prius V Isis Aqua Alphard / Veifire ANH10 ANH20 ANH30 Esquire Estima XR20 - Emina, Lucida XR30 XR50 Noah / Voxy R60 R70 R80 Sienta XP80 XP170 Passo M300 Vitz/Echo/Yaris XP90 XP130 Porte AP10 Tank Auris E180 Rush J100 J200 Wish AE10 AE20 Altezza XE10 Aristo S140 S160 bB NCP3 QNC2 Caldina T240 Celica T230 Celsior XF10 XF20 XF30 Chaser X100 Verossa Cresta X100 Mark II / Mark II Blit X110 Corolla Spacio Mark X Zio Paseo EL44 Gaia Ipsum 1st gen ist XP60 XP110 MRS Ractis NCP100 Raum XZ20 Windom XV10 XV20 XV30 WiLL VC / VS
  5. will the tyre shop take in my existing rim+tyres? i understand usually if want trade in need buy rims frm them, if i buy tyres from them will take take in?
  6. 1999 ban on raw pork from Malaysia lifted Raw pork from Malaysia is back in markets here, marking the end of an import ban on the product for more than a decade. The Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) recently approved the import of frozen pork from one slaughterhouse in Sarawak. The first consignment arrived here in February and, as of last month, about 9 tonnes of frozen pork products have been imported from there. The ban on the import of live pigs and raw pork from Malaysian was introduced in 1999, after an outbreak of the Nipah virus. The virus, which is carried by pigs, killed 100 Malaysian pig farmers and an abattoir worker here. A spokesman for AVA said Sarawak's state animal and veterinary public health programmes were assessed, and inspections were conducted at the pig farming area and slaughterhouse to ensure that their bio-security control measures and hygiene standards meet AVA's requirements. "During our inspections, areas of improvement were highlighted, which the slaughterhouse rectified accordingly," she said. A trial sample batch was also tested at AVA's Veterinary Public Health Laboratory and met food-safety requirements. Austria was also approved as a new source of pork last year and, as of last month, about 175 tonnes of frozen pork from Austria have been exported to Singapore. In April last year, Singapore imported its first batch of beef products from Britain since 1996, after AVA lifted its ban on deboned beef from Britain in September 2013. Over the last year, around 2.5 tonnes of chilled or frozen beef products have been imported from 15 slaughterhouses. The ban had been placed on British beef imports due to the threat of mad cow disease. At that point, Singapore was importing about 15 tonnes of beef from Britain, which made up about 0.12 per cent of overall beef imports. AVA has since found the situation in Britain to be "well-controlled" and the threat of the disease "negligible". It added that, as a precaution, it allows the import of only deboned beef from cattle under 30 months of age as they have less nervous tissue, which reduces their risk of contracting the disease. The spokesman said the agency will monitor all consignments and take the necessary action when there are food-safety lapses. It will also continue to diversity its food sources. "By buying from diverse sources, we are better buffered against potential short-term supply disruptions from any one source," she said. samboh@sph.com.sg Buzzing in and around Singapore - See more at: http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/1999-ban-raw-pork-malaysia-lifted#sthash.NeZwv7nx.dpuf
  7. Hi guys. Have read a number of posts that talk about bad experiences with PI's and how we have no choice if we want to get certain makes of cars. What about importing on our own ? Anyone here knows what is needed to self-import a car ? Here are the basic rules I found out. Maybe more experienced bros can give more details... 1. Car cannot be more than 3 years old from exporting country. 2. Car must come from a country with equal or stricter emmision rules than SG. Questions: 1. How to pay those ARF/PARF taxes? 2. How to find a shipper ? (Hello DHL.. I got a car, you charge by size or weight, ahh ?) 3. How much is shipping insurance ? Interesting right ? Maybe if someone can try it out and post his experience, bros here be their own PI. Can save anywhere from 10K to 20-30K for luxury brands... Good enuf to cover the lack of local warrenty ???
  8. Heavenspirit

    Import dogs

    Anyone knows what's the procedure if i want to purchase n import bulldog from jb? Been searching around in spore, but the price for bulldog is a bit high , 3k and above.
  9. and yet not as a classic car? i got an eye on one but it is older than 3 years. is there any way to parallel import it?
  10. Hi Brothers, I was looking through Sgcarmart and saw a 1977 Toyota Celica being imported and sold as "inport used". Here is the link: http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=490779&DL=2820 So does that mean we can also import a used AE86 in pristine condition from Japan ? Any brothers tried importing their own cars which is more than 3 years old ?
  11. I'm thinking how to maximise my car lifespan One thing I can think of is export the car to Msia to my in-laws place. So can it be done? We scrap car. Arrange paperwork to export car. Import into Msia. Register car in Msia. Drive in Msia for many more years... Note that I want to do this the legal way. Not drive in and report lost type I believed it can be done, just a matter of cost. Worth it? Anyone with experience or know of anyone who did this?
  12. would like to know which country i can attempt to export cars to in order to get a better sale price. i can't seem to find exporters in singapore, and the dealers and lowballing. anyone knows which are the general market we can direct export our cars to in order to sell? i know to export cars to UK must pay at least 30+% of duty and tax. export to malaysia must pay $50k RM for the licence. i know australia stop allowing import already.
  13. Zhiwei933

    Parallel import car BMW (HELP)

    Hi Bro I am interested to get a 5 series BMW. Today I went down to UBI car mart to survey the price before purchase. Much to my surprise, some of the car dealer able to provide less $40K than what I checked from BMW direct agent and they told me the reason was due to it is ''Parallel import car BMW''. They told me there is not different in the car regardless or engine or specification and they mention they do have they own workshop for services that might costs only $200 rather than agent service $500. Anyone willing to share the different between as the price quite attractive to me. BMW Direct Agent: 248K Parallel import BMW: 208K Thank you Regards Desmond
  14. I am wondering if Malaysia accepts import of 10-year old sg car and if yes,any procedures to certify and register it in malaysia? considering Malaysia is our neighbour, if rules permitting, we can even drive it across as mode of export, the export cost would be next to nothing. Anyone done it before or knows how to do it?
  15. Darryn

    Can Import You Know

    Would it be wrong of me to say I want it?
  16. my friend want to buy MPV like wish catagory, but very limited option, affordable brands like Honda, Nissan, Subaru, KIA, Hyundai...etc totally don't have, non-affordable brands like Audi, BMW, Merce, etc also don't have, of couse even they have, also no $$ to buy another available famous conti one is VW Touran, who dear to buy remember few years back, in market honda stream, Nissan Lafesta, presage, Hyundai Trajet, Kia Carens, etc, so many options, now only left wish and Mazda 5 those ADs only import SUV instead of MPV, Why?
  17. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...348&DL=2239 if can, i also want to import liao.
  18. why take the risk? If you know how to avoid PI for cars, why can't you do the same for tyres?Parallel_Import_Tyres_Awareness_2.pdf Parallel_Import_Tyres_Awareness.pdf
  19. Yeshe

    Self import german cars

    any bros here know any reputable agents to do self import cars like BMW or Merc from Germany? would be nice if u can share the process although i have read it on onemotoring
  20. Rezorn86

    Super Import Nights...

    aarrggg as abv, its coming to Singapore Expo from 25-27 May.... [laugh] http://www.superimportnights.com/
  21. Hi.., After I did 'search' most of common problem to self import car is shipping and insurance. how about if self import from malaysia? anyone did? if import from malaysia, can direct drive and insurance also maybe easy to get for just drive 5-6 hours. I see malaysia have some AD car model and type that not available in AD singapore, so thinking want self import it :)
  22. Is it Possible to import used car of more than 10 years from overseas to Singapore? If price is $10,000, will that be my OMV? Tax will be 10,000 x 2.27 and buy my own coe right? How to go about it if it is possible?
  23. I like the Mark X but have not bought parallel imported cars before. How does buying such parallel imported cars work: 1. Do they come with 3 year warranty too? If so, who honours the warranty? Would the authorised agent recognise it? 2. Where do such cars go for 10km/ 20km etc checks? 3. If I get into any accident, is it true that the parts would be hard to obtain because the authorised dealers will not have them? And I probably need to wait for a few months for the parts to be sent to S'pore? 4. Would a parallel imported car be harder to resell? Why? 5. Is my insurance different if my car is parallel imported?
  24. Hiphiphoray

    Illegal animal import

    Recently heard from my friend there was a couple whom tried to smuggle in 8 puppies via causeway and kena caught. AVA fine the couple a whopping 10k per puppy per person. Thats 160k for 2 persons!!! My wife's collegue kena fine for 2 special "star" tortises. 25k fine per STAR!!!! Wah lan aaaaaaaaa.......... Didnt know the fine is so heavy one!!!! Everybody got similar story to tell..........pls share share.
  25. hey! is there anyone who can tell me when is the super import night? did i miss it or something? was @ the states the past weeks!