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Found 9 results

  1. Here's the description from the poster WTF!
  2. Hahaha epic. I can't stop laughing. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/man-jailed-for-stealing-tap-from-woodlands-police-station-11810436
  3. nizmo89

    Thieves stole a road in China

    http://www.worldcarfans.com/115043093028/thieves-literally-stole-a-road-in-china "A couple of thieves managed to strip off the entire surface of a 410-meter road in Nantong, Jiangsu in China. The public rural road located in eastern China was "stolen" in only two days by a couple of thieves who used an excavator and a truck to extract no less than 630 tons of concrete slabs. The massive theft was discovered by one of the villagers who contacted the police to ask them what happened to the pavement. The police then talked to the village committee who confirmed there wasn't any plan to take off the road surface. The local authorities then checked roadside cameras to discover what happened and a farm vehicle was captured on footage as well as the driver named Gu. Talking to the police, the thief gave a rather incredible explanation: "as this road was not often used, I thought I might as well dig out some stuff and make some money." The thieves were very quick as they managed to sell the loot to a quarry, but the police managed to catch them before splitting the money." Funniest thing i've read so far
  4. Really WTF to the max !!!!???? A passenger overslept on an SBS Transit bus and then took over the wheel to drive himself home. The incident happened on January 8, 2013, from 9.06pm to 9.24pm at Buona Vista bus interchange when a 27-year-old man without a licence took another bus from the interchange to drive home, reported Lianhe Wanbao. The bus was found at a bus stop along Commonwealth Avenue near Holland Avenue through the use of the global positioning system (GPS). It was empty and not damaged in any way. On Thursday afternoon, the tour guide who had driven the bus home admitted to three charges which included stealing a bus worth $300,000, operating a bus without possessing a class 4 licence and not having a third party insurance cover while doing so. He was sentenced to nine months and two weeks in prison and will be suspended from driving for a year. The man had boarded the bus around Little India and had fallen asleep during the journey. The bus driver did not notice his sleeping passenger upon reaching the interchange. When the man woke up, he alighted from the bus and boarded another which still had the keys in the ignition. He then drove the bus home. In his plea, the man said he just wanted to reach home safely. The bus was found to be missing when the bus driver returned from his break. This is reportedly the first case in which a bus has been stolen here. The man could have been jailed up to seven years and fined.
  5. Nowadays criminals really have many excuses. There was also a local woman who was caught and released a few times by claiming to be a kleptomaniac. Another infamous excuse is bi-polar / depression. Next time I get caught for speeding, maybe I should say I am a speedophile?
  6. A STOMPer was appalled to see a Facebook posting made by a woman, who bragged about stealing food from a buffet at a restaurant for her kids at home. Said the STOMPer: "I saw these photos online plus the caption saying that she took food from the buffet at Sakura restaurant for her kids at home. "What kind of mother is she? She goes out and enjoyed the food. But she steals food for her kids? "As you can see she has the money but why must she do that? Plus she's lucky the staff at the restaurant did not notice what she was doing. "Come on lah, Singaporeans. "You willing to dine but not pay more for your kids?. Tsk tsk. "And she proudly posts her deeds on facebook for all to see. "I think this woman is too much."
  7. Busybody

    Colleague steals my biscuits...

    To the thieving c--t: My Khong Guans cost $2 a pack If you can't f--king afford them, i suggest you lick the dust from carpets or the stains from the toilet seat I hope you learn quickly because the next time you swipe, you'd be munching laxatives If anyone has a better idea, pls feel free to contribute
  8. Apollo

    Boy steals, spins and sorry

    http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/photo/getMediumSizePhoto.do?id=16640 http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/photo/getArticlePhoto.do?id=2859 http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/photo/getArticlePhoto.do?id=2861 http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/si...t.jsp?id=17976 The student-volunteer who was caught trying to fish out coins from a donation tin has apologised, saying that he was merely bored and had no intention of stealing the money. The boy, a student of Temasek Secondary, said this in a letter of apology he had prepared, at the request of his school principal. It all started when STOMPer Sharon saw the boy trying to dig out coins from the donation tin using a wire, at about 3pm last Sunday (Apr 13), and wondered if it was due to boredom or greed. In her response to STOMP today (Apr 15), the principal of the school said that the school has been raising funds for the President's Challenge for the past few years and that it is deeply saddened by the incident. She said the boy, like the rest if his peers involved in the fund raising, had worked hard to raise $60,000 on the day of the incident, and that he had committed the act out of boredom, while waiting for his friends. He had no intention of stealing the money and had replaced the coin that had fallen out back into the donation tin, she explained. He had also been asked for his reflections in a letter, said the principal. This is her email to STOMP in full: "The school is deeply saddened that this incident has marred the noble intention of a very worthy project - the school has been raising funds for the past few years for President's Challenge. "And it is only through the whole school effort, and with support from external organisations, that we are able to raise tens of thousands of dollars. "Through the one day sale, the students raised $60 000. The students have worked really hard for the project, and it would be a shame that this one incident takes away the noble cause of the project. "In this incident, the boy was feeling bored while waiting for his friends, having worked hard in the earlier part of the afternoon doing sales like everyone else. "It was truly an act of boredom to see if he could fish coins out from the tin. He had no intention to cheat as the 20 cent coin that dropped out was placed back in the tin. "The boy has the testimonies of his classmates. That said, the school took the stand of allowing the student to make right his wrong act. "We have spoken to him and asked for his reflections." In his letter of apology, the boy said he was very sorry and regretful for his actions. He explained that he had dug out the 20 cent coin from the donation tin for fun and had no intention of stealing it, assuring the public that the coin had been placed back into the tin. This is what he wrote in his letter: "On Sunday, our school students were out in various parts of Singapore to do street selling to raise funds for the President