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Found 9 results

  1. As per subject, dear members kindly advise where can i buy them? No online and no replica, i prefer any local retail shop, thanks Mod kindly remove or move this thread if u think off topic, thanks
  2. wah this Atletico Madrid is really a good place for strikers either they produce very good strikers or strikers have high level of success playing there and they also reap in huge profits from the sale of their strikers (apart from Forlan) in recent years.... Torres (2001-2007) played 214, scored 82 (1 goal in 2.6 games) homegrown, sold to Liverpool at 20m pounds Forlan (2007-2011) played 134, scored 74 (1 goal in 1.8 games) bought at 21m euros, sold to Inter for unknown Aguero (2006-2011) played 175, scored 74 (1 goal in 2.4 games) bought at 23m euros, sold to Man City at 45m euros Falcao (2011-2013) played 68, scored 52 (1 goal in 1.3 games) bought at 40m euros, sold to Monaco at 60m euros Diego Costa (2007-2009, 2010-2014) played 94, scored 43 (1 goal in 2.2 games) bought at less than 5m, rumoured to be sold to Chelsea for 32m pounds and not forgetting, last time they also had Vieri (1997-1998) played 24, scored 24 (1 goal in 1 game) bought at 10m euros, sold to Lazio at 25m euros Hasselbaink (1999-2000) played 34, scored 24 (1 goal in 1.4 games) bought at 12m pounds, sold to Chelsea for 15m pounds
  3. Hi all Finally going to upgarde from 3GS to 4S after 2 yr and 2 mth. I have been using this VIVA Madrid Flip Leather Case and would like to ask any bro or sis have good lobang to buy this brand. Thank you thank you Regards, Rustyz
  4. yo football fans.....who is going to stay up late tonite (tmr morning) to watch this match? Who will win this BIG match....or maybe a draw will be better for both teams
  5. .. is how they treat their loyal players... many seasons ago, they dumped their faithful captain Fernando Hierro after winning the Champions League, now they show long-term players Raul and Guti the door.. On the other hand, Barcelona rewarded Puyol another contract extension Man Utd keeps Giggs, Scholes and Neville even they are in their mid-30s Maldini retired with AC Milan Roma's captain Totti is still with the club Chelsea's Terry and Liverpool's Gerrard/Carragher will stay as long as the clubs and fans adore them... is it so hard to find another loyal one-club footballer now? guess Casillas will be dumped after his ability declines in the future..
  6. Yapahfai

    Real Madrid won the title!

    Finally, after recent years of Barcelona stealing spotlight, Real Madrid won the title. What an exciting last day in Liga title chase!
  7. Picnic06-Biante15

    Benzema joins Real Madrid

    ESPN Soccernet report : Forward Benzema joins Real Madrid from Lyon Karim Benzema is poised to become the latest big-name arrival at Real Madrid after Lyon accepted a bid from the Spanish side for the highly-rated France international. The 21-year-old is set to join Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo in signing a six-year contract at the Bernabeu after his French employers agreed to a 35m euro (
  8. for 56million pounds http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/02062009/58/...igned-real.html