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Found 30 results

  1. Loud explosions heard, thick smoke seen as fire breaks out in Jalan Buroh in Jurong SINGAPORE - Several loud explosions were heard as a fire broke out in Jurong on Friday (June 21). In a Facebook post, the Singapore Civil Defence Force said it had been alerted to a fire at 43 Jalan Buroh and that firefighting operations were ongoing. "SGSecure mobile app users of M1, StarHub and Singtel who are within the immediate vicinity of the fire incident would have received an advisory message urging them and members of public to stay away from the affected area," the post added. Reader Linda Cheng, 29, who lives in Boon Lay Avenue, told The Straits Times that she heard the loud explosions from her home around 5.20pm. She took several videos of the area from which the sounds were heard, which showed thick smoke coming from a building in the distance. There was also a strong burning smell in the area, she said. "We thought the loud explosions were thunder, until we saw the thick smoke," Ms Cheng said. Another eyewitness,who only wanted to be known as Mr Poh, told ST that he noticed the fire around 5pm. "I heard about 10 to 20 loud explosions," he said, adding that the explosions stopped after a while. "The fire looks to be under control, but there's still a lot of black smoke," he told ST at around 5.50pm. Mr Anthony Tai, who works in the logistics line, said he was at his home on Yuan Ching Road, about 4km away, when he heard multiple loud explosions shortly after 5pm. "I could see large, dark smoke from my window on the 10th floor," said the 63-year-old. A reader, who wanted to remain anonymous, took several videos of the fire from 47 Jalan Buroh, which is located across the road. There were people running out of the warehouse building when the fire started, he said. Photos circulating online showed the smoke could be seen from as far away as Jurong East, about 7km away.
  2. Dear MCF bro Esso in Jalan Kayu closing down, giving discount booklet but only can pump in Ang Mo Kio ave 3 and Yio Chu kang area.bro who stay nearby will be best to get.
  3. Picnic06-Biante15

    Meet-up at Marine Cove: 15th July 2016

    Invited for dinner at Handlebar, tuck deep inside former Kampong Wak Hassan, Sembawang. Enter by Andrew's Ave and Jalan Mempurong. Didn't know that this place still around serving Western food. (free parking up to 50 vehicles) The emblem surrounding the area is nice with a sea-front view of Malaysia but fence off & cannot go down to the beach. If only Admin & Mod could organise a bimonthly meet-up there for chit chat plus makan session..... (makan on own expense) In the past, some members (lau chiow) did have a weekly Friday meet-up at AMK Ave.6 coffee shop. Lets have a bimonthly meet-up at the Handlebar. @kobayashigt, @laserjet, @radx, @super7, @spring, @jamesc, @tianmo, @dwee, @gadgeter, + any members Interested in bimonthly meet-up?
  4. I mean without the F1 walkabout pass we still can go there walk walk. Want to catch a glimpse of the F1 cars on action. Any lobang where can see beside Marina Square? From the circuit map I think a good place to be will be the bridge across Marina Square and Millenia Walk. Do you think they will block it off? Cos it is public area for shoppers to cross over so they cannot block right.
  5. Stomper Stunned saw this man lying facedown on a Toyota Altis and clinging desperately to the sides of the car at about 7pm today (Oct 18) along Jalan Jurong Kechil. The Stomper is unsure what sparked the incident but said it seemed like the man was attempting to stop the driver and passenger from moving off. In a phone conversation with Stomp, the Stomper said: "There was some 'drama' along Jalan Jurong Kechil today (Oct 18), sometime at around 7pm. "I was driving along the road just outside the Bukit Timah Community Centre when I saw this man lying on top of the windshield of a Toyota Altis. "He was clinging onto the sides as the car moved along the stretch of road. My friend, who was in my car at that time, took a video of the incident. "The man appeared to be trying to stop the driver and passenger. "The car was going at a speed of about 40km/h. Epic." http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/what-happened-man-spotted-clinging-onto-moving-car-at-jalan-jurong-kechil#xtor=CS1-2 what happened ah? mediacorp filming some new drama?!
  6. The lorry driver must be dreaming or something else. Every vehicles stopped cos of red light and he just went ahead and cause chain collision........ Accident happen just now 03/09/13 at about 7.03am along the junction of Jalan Kayu & Fernvale Lane. The lorry never attemp to stop and no brakes lights..... I have the video captured on my FXD 700 but sorry, IT stuff very blurr, unable to upload video. Tried so many times just couldn't upload the video...
  7. Les548

    Jalan kayu

    heard that there are some good food stall somewhere inside seletar camp. has any1 been there? or any1 has the address?
  8. Early Sunday morning at 5.00am, my wife received a call from her company worker that one of the worker (Indian national) was involved in a hit-and-run accident along Jalan Eunos. Whilst the worker was on the way to CGH, he died. The workers were laying cables at man-holes along the road with all the necessary warning lights & equipment but a taxi came and hit one of the worker & sped away. The taxi left behind the front mudguard and the top taxi display light 'indicator'. The accident happen at around 4.30am. Just to appeal any eye witness who happen to travel around this time and saw the accident. TP is currently investigating the hit-and-run accident. Wife had to go to office early morning to prepare reports with regards to the incident and does the necessary to send the body back. Came back only in the afternoon. So irresponsible of the taxi driver who doesn't even stop to help.
  9. From: STOMP http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...sultan_and.html A nude man was spotted walking against the flow of traffic along Jalan Sultan before finally lying down on the road. Passers-by tried to aid him by diverting traffic and covering him with a white sheet.

 STOMPers Francis, Shaik and Kai all sent in videos and comments about the man's behaviour in public.

 Francis says passers-by tried to render assistance to the man. He wrote: 

"A naked man entered a lift on the 15th floor of Keypoint Building at around 6.30pm, then walked on the main road against the flow of traffic outside the textile centre. 

"All cars tried to avoid the naked man and eventually he laid himself down on the road. 

"Kind souls were trying their best to divert heavy oncoming traffic away from him and at the same time advise the man to stand up and move away from the danger. 

"The naked man refused to move and remained motionless lying on the floor until three police cars and one ambulance came to the rescue. " 

Shaik was at the scene of the incident. He commented:

"I captured a video of a naked man running along Jalan Sultan. 

"I work at the area and we were hanging out at the area. 

"Suddenly my boss shouted 'naked man!', and we all turned to look at him.

 "He was running against the flow of traffic and trying to stop motorists there.

 "The police arrived after 10-15 minutes but they had difficulty getting him off the road. 

"He was eventually taken away by an ambulance that arrived later. "

STOMPer Kai also sent in footage of the incident. He wrote:

"I would like to report a video about a naked man seen on Jalan Sultan today, June 28." What has driven these people goes crazy nowadays. It seems that life in Singapore is getting more and more stressful that make these people doing unthinkable acts in public.
  10. GVGT!!!! Click Here To See Sio Pah!!!!!!
  11. http://fukushima-diary.com/2011/11/mongoli...ars-from-japan/ Mongolia banned importing cars from Japan Having measured radiation from imported cars, Ulan Bator custom office and nuclear energy department of Mongolia decided to ban importing cars from Japan. They will start stopping importing cars from Japan as of 11/30/2011. Mongolian government have been checking imported cars since May, and 18 cars turned to be irradiated.
  12. New heroes of the Philippines Over 5,000 Filipinos pack Jalan Besar to cheer on football team It may have been an 'away'friendly for the Philippines, but their fans turned out in force (above) to give the match a home feel for the visiting side. The small contingent of Singapore fans had to sing extra loud to make their voices heard. -- ST PHOTOS: DESMOND WEE By Lee Min Kok ONE would hardly have known that the Lions were the home team last night, given the overwhelming support that their opponents received from the Jalan Besar stands. Singapore's international friendly against the Philippines - the Lions' final tune-up before facing Jordan in a 2014 World Cup qualifier next Tuesday - was watched by a near-6,000 horde of Filipino fans. Save for a loyal band of around 150 Singaporean supporters, a blue tide engulfed the stadium as the Filipinos displayed unrivalled passion in cheering on their countrymen despite the 0-2 defeat. BACKGROUND STORY 'A lot of women are watching football now, just to ogle at the pretty faces on display.' Rosie Villaflor, an IT manager from the Philippines, on why her country's football team are currently the rage back home Even the drizzle throughout the game failed to dampen the spirits of the crowd, who came armed with umbrellas and more importantly, their cameras. The Azkals - as the Philippine national team are popularly called - have benefited from an influx of players holding dual citizenship, such as half-English brothers Phil and James Younghusband, Neil Etheridge and Dutchman Jason de Jong. And there was no mistaking who was the ladies' undisputed darling, as high-pitched screams of 'Neil, Neil, Neil' greeted the reserve goalkeeper for English Premier League football club Fulham as he stepped on to the pitch for his pre-match warm-up. 'He's so handsome!' gushed Mia Fe Carig, 24. The nurse was at Jalan Besar with 15 other female friends, all straining to catch a glimpse of the 21-year-old. IT manager Rosie Villaflor, 30, admitted as much: 'A lot of women are watching football now, just to ogle at the pretty faces on display.' Etheridge is said to have attained near-superstar status in his adopted country, with his face - and chiselled body - gracing everything from underwear ads to billboards promoting painkillers. Indeed, swooning female fans made up a large portion of the Filipino crowd, but there was a healthy pinch of guy power as well. Sales manager Jaron Genota flew in from Manila together with 20 fellow supporters yesterday, spending about 15,000 pesos (S$443) on the trip. Said the 28-year-old: 'Football in our country is enjoying a real buzz at the moment. It's not in the same league as basketball yet, but we're slowly getting there.' Interest in the sport, according to Genota, had picked up significantly after the Azkals created history by reaching the semi-finals of last December's AFF Suzuki Cup - which is the equivalent of the South-east Asian championship - in Vietnam. Filipino television networks, most of whom had largely ignored football, suddenly began to telecast live games from the German Bundesliga, English Premier League and Spanish Primera Liga this year, he said. And the fledgling United Football League - the country's professional competition - recently signed a historic TV deal with local agency AKTV Network, which will air the league's third season later this year. Midfielder James Younghusband paid tribute to the partisan support after the match, saying: 'It definitely felt like a home game for us. The fans here were fantastic.' ==== Everyone too busy/disinterested to support own national team? Why? And what's with the surname of "younghusband"?
  13. KaKiLang

    Jalan Besar Oyster Noodle

    Hi all, anyone knows where this stall located in Jalan Besar? Heard its good, anyone tried?
  14. Want to go on to the seaside road onto Abu Bakar and then Jalan Skudai. I guess, the minute you get pass the custom, you get to a down ramp. If you don't go down there, you'll come to a place where you can go left or right. Right leads to Ibrahim Sultan (where going along that road will lead you to New Hong Kong, Foon Yew High and, eventually, The Zon). Going left will lead you to the gas station..... I always go to the junction, never went down the ramp before. I think it says "To City" or something similar. That will lead me to where I want to go?
  15. Kelfinity

    The Verve condo at Jalan Rajah

    Guys, anyone went to the showroom? Any property agent bros care to comment on the location and rent potential of this development? http://sfsrealty.wordpress.com/2008/02/24/...rve-residences/ Thanks.
  16. Dear all.. Got side scraped by a bus (yellow/orange colour) along Jalan Boon Lay at around 715pm this evening (070909). Was going straight on lane 1 towards Jurong Point, he was on lane 2 when he suddenly cut into my lane to want to turn right into international road. He took out half of my front bumper and scraped/dented my front left fender. He didnt stop until we both turned into international road and I managed to get him to stop after much horning. I am driving a silver latio. Appreciate if anyone who witnessed the act can pm me. Thanks. Damn suay today..
  17. SINGAPORE: Residents in the Tiong Bahru area were given a shock on Sunday afternoon when a car drove into the entrance of a groundfloor HDB unit in Jalan Minyak. No one was injured in the crash. Police said the driver of the vehicle, a Chinese man in his 30s, is currently helping them with their investigations. Police said they received a report of the incident at about 2.30 pm. The elderly tenants of the flat said they were in their living room when the car drove headfirst into their front wall. "I was ironing when it happened," flat tennet Neo Kim Huep told Channel NewsAsia. "There was a loud noise and I saw stone blocks on my floor. When I turned around, there was this huge hole near my door." source: CNA/yb now now.. a lancer EX can knock down the wall of this HDB flat
  18. I feel compelled to write this article here after driving through this place and saw a manged car with an equally mangled bike some 20m away early yesterday morning @ 5am+. I thought it nothing initially but was angry when I read from the papers this morning that its actually a biker with pillion who had stopped for the red light at the traffic junction. A car driven by a young man, even though its a red light, literally drives at breakneck speed into the waiting biker and his pillion and as a result, crashed the bike and the rider died with one injured. The damage to the car? The bonnet flipped open and remained 100 degree pointing at the sky and it remains struck. You can guess the impact and the speed at which the driver was speeding. I was driving past at 70km/hour and passed the carnage and was sure that a car with 70km/hour could not have inflicted such a fatal impact and damage. Anyway, it was RED light. What the hell is the driver doing when he was supposed to be stopping for the red light? Condolences to the deceased.
  19. Do not turn into Kitchener Road after the Scissor Cut rice. Proceed to Desker Road and drive into Syed Alwi Road from Lembu Road. Verdun Road now convert to one way street coming out from Syed Alwi Road so cannot turn in from Kitchener Road anymore.
  20. Was anyone caught in the terrible jam? Lanes 1 and 2 were blocked. Involved a cab, a saloon car and one motorcycle. Bike was overturned and not moved. Tow truck had arrived. WRX police were there.....I think to take measurements. Looked like a fatal or major accident. Took me more than 40 minutes to wait and clear off the jam.
  21. Was driving through Jalan Datoh this morning at 10 am and was shocked to see a road block by TPs. No ROV officers were present. What was it for? I wonder....... Video below.
  22. For this whole week during morning hours (7 Plus), the jam along Jalan Boon Lay towards Jurong island was always there Traffic came to a snail crawl at times Anybody know Si Mi Dai Chi Boh Or Sing Ga Po Nan are getting richer & richer hence more & more vehicles are on the road these days
  23. sorry bros...really need to rant..i cant stand this road bully... whats wrong with you? are you trying to prove that ur ride is tuned and more superior???althought he doesnt have the fjc sticker,i assume this bro frequent fjc too coz his rear wiper is at a upright position too..loud exhuast funny horn sound.. with a black rear spoiler and a small rockford fosquate sticker on the rear window. 06/06/08(friday) about 5.50.. along jalan bahar road..didnt u see the accident tat happen just 200 m or so before us? ok.. it might be wrong for me to change to ur lane... i am really sorry for that..but.. why did you speed up delibrately? u was still quite far when i check. and tat funny air horn u have there..what was worst wast that you went beside me and try to push my ride to the road shoulder.. if i have not brake , i would have end up 1 wheel on the road shoulder. and what was ur last manuver for? the ebrake when you suddenly cut into my lane? testing ur brake or showing ur more superior brake??? i know you would do this kind of stance when i see ur hand out gesturing you could have yet another jam and accident on the busy road.. pls do not do that again.. you are really a road bully to me.. i really hope u add up to the statistic one day of wrapping trees... i am the black jazz tat day...my ride is stock..but i really dun need me to show me how fine tuned is ur white fit.. thanx
  24. On my way to work and was stucked in the traffic jam along Jalan Boon Lay towards AYE Traffic was slowed to a crawl 933 reported an accident along the junction of Jalan Boon Lay & International Road Upon coming to that junction, saw the accident A motorcyclist mati-ed on the '+' junction as the body was covered with a blue 'POLICE' tent Saw a 'Green Coloured' cab with damages on the passenger side which was stopping at the extreme right lane jus a couple of metres away from the corpse and the badly crashed motorcycle 1 TP & a police car were already there when i reached the scene My condolences to the deceased & the family Drive safely Bros & Sis
  25. Meecar

    Jalan Haji Lane

    Is there any worth doing at Jalan Haji Lane? The last time I was there last week on a weekday, i was rather dead. thanks