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Found 33 results

  1. wah !! now boon lay happening man !! Four men suspected to be involved in a fight at Boon Lay Drive have been arrested, police said on Friday (March 18). The four men, aged 17 to 21, are believed to be have used weapons to hurt two others. Police received a report about the fight at Block 191 Booon Lay Drive on Wednesday (March 16) night at 12.24am. Police officers found two men, aged 23 and 34, injured at the scene. They had been involved in a fight with four men whom they did not know, police said. Following investigations, the four suspects were arrested on the same day along Boon Lay Drive. Two knives believed to have been used in the incident were seized by the police. If found guilty of the charge of voluntarily causing hurt with dangerous weapon, the suspects can be jailed up to seven years. They may also be fined and/or caned.
  2. Hi all, Posting on behalf of my Honda's club. His car was stolen at Boon Teck Road. Both of his keys are with him. Please help us to locate his car if you happen to see. If you happen to see, please call him @ 9636 6000 He has no backlog with bank. Clean record. Thank you in advance. Newly added: this photo was taken not on the same day, cause he don't take picture every time he parked. Keith
  3. nobuddy use the gahmen app ah? all mati liao la
  4. Mr Khaw Boon Wan: Madam, we are most sympathetic to the taxi drivers who experience such incidents. But if the taxi driver could not tell us the identity of the person, other than saying that the person is of a particular race, or gender, it is very hard for us to track down the person. So, I think common sense requires the taxi drivers, when they encounter such an incident, to get as much information as they can from the fare evader: basic information like name, address and so on. There are instances we know of where they could not get the information, they will try to report to the Police, fetched the passenger all the way to the police station and let the Police step in. The primary duty or responsibility of helping the taxi drivers resides with the taxi operator and the operator should be the first to help out, which must also include sharing with their taxi drivers tips on how to reduce such incidents and, as I said, some of which are common sense, which is that you must get the basic information. https://sprs.parl.gov.sg/search/topic.jsp?currentTopicID=00010276-WA&currentPubID=00010243-WA&topicKey=00010243-WA.00010276-WA_4%2Bid-0db411d8-c7f2-4751-bd4a-50664ed63e3e%2B Whoa maybe next time u will need to surrender your IC to the taxi driver when u take taxi?
  5. Perhaps some of you had your wedding dinner there? Boon Lay Raja Restaurant may close next year http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/boon-lay-raja-restaurant/1404056.html The owners are retiring, and are seeking a reserve price of S$15 million for the 11,248 square foot space at Jurong Gateway Road. SINGAPORE: The Boon Lay Raja Restaurant, a popular Chinese dining establishment that has been operating for more than 20 years, will close next year if a buyer for its Jurong premises is found. Marketing agency Savills Singapore, which is managing the sale of the 11,248 square foot space at Jurong Gateway Road, said the vendors "would have preferred to continue operating if not for their impending retirement". "This is a rare opportunity for restaurateurs facing escalating rentals to operate on their own premise, and establish or consolidate their presence in this highly sought-after location," Savills said in a media statement on Wednesday (Oct 8). Boon Lay Raja Restaurant is located about 200 metres from Jurong East MRT station and bus interchange, and is near the Jurong Regional Library and JCube shopping mall. Savills said the vendors are looking at a reserve price of S$15 million, or S$1,334 per square foot, for the restaurant space, which has a remaining lease of 69 years. The tender closes on Nov 6 at 3pm. - CNA/xy
  6. Even can say which cp somemore and how the process went... Taking the stand for the first time, former Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) chief Ng Boon Gay on Monday came clean on his relationship with former IT sales executive Cecilia Sue. 15 minutes into the beginning of his testimony in the afternoon, he recounted how their affair started between end-2008 and early 2009. Accused of four counts of sex-related graft, Ng said he had a three-year extra-marital relationship with Sue during which they had oral sex 20 to 30 times in various car parks and other secluded spots across Singapore. Among these locations were the Singapore General Hospital car park, a car park in Mount Faber, East Coast Park and the Halifax car park in Novena. The first encounter occurred at East Coast Park, about two to three months after they first met at around the end of 2008. Each intimate session that followed throughout the time they were together was consensual and lasted about 30 minutes, he said.
  7. Freeman

    Boon Lay PLace Food Village

    Reopened after renovation this week, just had my lunch there. Can't really see what is the different, but all prices increases. My favourite penang prawn noodle going closing down next month to look for new place, complaining rental has increase tremendously after reno. What the hell....I thought this is run by town council one? Some even got $$$ for investment why need to increase price? I thought garment are helping people to cope with inflation?
  8. There could finally be some relief for residents and shopkeepers near the Block 17 Upper Boon Keng Road Market and Food Centre who have been plagued by the traffic congestion in the area. In response to TODAY's queries, a spokesperson from the Housing and Development Board (HDB), which manages the two car parks surrounding the market and food centre, said it would be exploring with the relevant agencies the possibility of creating another access point to ease the congestion. It is also considering installing a display panel to show the number of vacant lots available at the various areas within the surface car park and the multi-storey car park, to help motorists better utilise parking lots and reduce unnecessary vehicular movement. The display panel is not a standard feature and is currently installed at only four other HDB car parks. "Meanwhile, as an interim measure, we are working with the (Electronic Parking System) service provider to deploy their staff to regulate the traffic condition during lunchtime," the HDB spokesperson said. The estate, which is surrounded by offices and factories, experiences strong demand for parking and heavy traffic, particularly during lunchtime on weekdays. It has only one lane each for motorists entering and exiting and a single access EPS gantry between Block 11 and Block 18. Lorries and vans delivering goods during that period also contribute to the bottleneck. Residents and patrons of the food centre TODAY spoke to said it can take up to 15 minutes to get out of the car park. A resident of 16 years in the estate, who wished to be known as Richard, was also concerned about emergency services gaining access into the estate. He said: "What happens if someone is sick or if there is a fire? There are a lot of elderly people living here and an ambulance can't be stuck for more than 10 minutes just trying to get out of a car park." The HDB spokesperson said it was aware of the situation and that it has also received various suggestions from residents to help ease traffic congestion. "However, these suggestions need careful consideration and may not all be feasible for implementation. For instance, some residents have suggested widening the road leading to the EPS gantry to ease the traffic bottleneck. However, based on our assessment, there are technical and site constraints which prevent us from doing so." Another suggestion was to implement a flat rate for parking or to raise the barrier and offer free parking during peak periods but such a move could cause "further congestion" as it encourages motorists to park their cars for longer periods, the spokesperson said. "The EPS system, which charges motorists by per minute parking, is more effective in increasing the turnover of vehicles to minimise the congestion within the car parks." In 2009, the EPS was implemented at the two car parks to "better regulate" short-term parking demand from visitors

    Boon Lay Way Condo, Good?

    Hi bros, just wanted to find out if the new condo at BLW is a good buy or not, thinking hard... This wonderful site next to Jurong East MRT station was tensely fought, with 12 developers vying for the 99-year leasehold land parcel. The winner should be MCL Land, they inched past their closest rival by a mere $288,000 with their top bid of $369,388,000. See what happens when you don't put ''88' in your bid? Tsk tsk... The location of this condo is very very exciting. Not only is it next to the Jurong East MRT and Bus Interchange, we count five (yes five) shopping malls within a stone's throw - IMM, JCube, Westgate, JEM and Big Box. Not only that, this spot is part of the grand URA plan known as Jurong Gateway or Jurong Lake District. Can you see the potential?! The potential selling price? Find a chair and sit down first... Given the total potential floor area of 523,879 sqft for this site, the cost price per unit based on the winning bid is a WHOPPING GIGANTIC TITANIC $705 psf ppr. That would mean a selling price of $1,200 to $1,300 psf. Wah piang eh! Or in internet-speak - OMFG! And we thought at $1,000 psf Lakefront Residences was already pushing the envelope. This new one would break the record for most expensive condo in Jurong! JURONG leh!
  10. STOMPer Jamin was at Boon Lay MRT station at 8am this morning when she saw a passenger fall down the escalator. This caused a domino effect, as other commuters on the escalator were knocked over as well. Said the STOMPer: "This incident happened on 19th March at around 8am at Boon Lay MRT. "Many passengers were taking the escalator to the MRT platform when a passenger fell and rolled down the escalator. "This caused a domino effect and those behind him fell too. "The escalator was stopped and MRT staff came to render assistance. "The infrastructure in Singapore is unable to support the rate in which the population is growing."
  11. http://www.passudiary.com/2011/10/to-mr-kh...you-expect.html (This is in reply to National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan of Singapore on his comments made on our country ) Dear Mr. Khaw, I was not surprised when you said Bhutan is not the last Shangri-la on Earth, because I had a friend from your country who found Bhutan only "full of mountains and valleys". When you visited Bhutan, what did you expect? Those flying mountains you saw in Avatar? or Every Bhutanese merrily dancing in designer clothes? Well, you must have at least expected fancier cars and taller buildings but we only have taller mountains (not flying ones) and thicker forest (truly natural). I am not surprised even when you said "Most of the time, I saw unhappy people, toiling in the field, worried about the next harvest and whether there would be buyers for their products." because I heard a proverb in school that goes, "Two men looked through the prison window, one saw the mud and other saw the horizon". I am only surprised that you have spend "Most of your time" in Bhutan looking in the fields. I am amazed at your ability to figure out whether the people are happy or unhappy just by looking at them- O' you even knew they were "worried about the next harvest". No wonder you country export human resources. The Man who didn't find happiness in Bhutan. Source:channelnewsasia I visited your wonderful country sometime ago, and it felt like a city from the future. The transportation system held me spell bound, Cleanliness of the street is so much that I didn't find a fragment of dust on my shoes after walking for the hours, Every building and car looks new, and there is no question about the civic sense among the people. Four days after I landed in Bhutan I woke up and started sharing the stories of your wonderful country- yes it took me four days of sleeping to shake of the hangover of many sleepless nights in your 24X7 country. I read the amazing history of your country and thought to myself, if Bhutan's to develop, Singapore can be our vision. But since you questioned the presence of happiness in Bhutan, let me answer by telling you few things that you overlooked when you visited my country. Those people you saw in the fields weren't unhappy, if you have gone closer you would have heard them singing and enjoying the social lives, perhaps you won't understand that. If you have spent a little longer time watching them, you would have seen and a woman with basket on her back and holding arms with several children coming with steaming food- we don't have McDonald or KFC. Then everybody will sit down to eat their lunch, laughing and joking, feeding babies, for over an hour- you wouldn't have had so much time to sit and watch I know, times means money in your country. But we have luxury of time. People don't worry "about the next harvest and whether there would be buyers for their products." In fact, we don't do much commercial farming, we do most of them to keep with the tradition. And when the sun sets, doesn't really matter what time, people leave for their homes where they have a large family waiting. Large family because we don't chase away our children when they become 18 or children cast away their parents when they age. We don't need Health Insurance to survive, no have to go for Education Loan for educating our children. We don't hang the drug users, we counsel them to hang on to their lives, we don't have to have a job to survive, and when we fall sick even the furthest cousin comes to attend without having to update Facebook status. If you reread our history you will find that our wise kings have hidden us from the outside world so that we could remain the way we are today. If we start mining our mountains and lumbering our forests, we can become Singapore in a year but no matter what you do you can never become Bhutan. It is far too difficult. We shall be the last breath of oxygen on earth. Bhutan may not be the Last Shangri-la but we are happy.
  12. Hi folks, just want to ask about the parking at Tan Boon Liat Building. Is it open to public to park? And how much does it cost to park the whole day there? Thanks in advance!
  13. I came across an interesting article online on cancer sniffing dogs, you can refer to an example at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/3682722.stm. Another article also states that a trained Labrador retriever was more accurate than doctors in diagnosing bowel cancers, as high as 98% compared to 66% of human doctors . Do we have this technology in Singapore? That can drastically bring down medical costs I believe
  14. He no longer in Tampines GRC? Where is he now? Retired?
  15. Wah... another personal attack ... this time by Lim Boon Heng: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1124754/1/.html Looks like the RP is reeling.... taking drunken wild punches left and right hoping to connect. After GCT said no personal attacks... we have: 1. Vivian Balakrishnan attacking SDA and Vincent of gay issues 2. Lim Boon Heng attacking Tan Jee Say of losing his way and running circles in a forest and who's the next target of personal attacks, I wonder...
  16. Vulcann

    CNA: GE: Lim Boon Heng to retire

    Finally. One less expensive pay check & more good years for the tax payers. From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1121873/1/.html GE: Lim Boon Heng to retire SINGAPORE: Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Lim Boon Heng has announced he would be retiring from politics. Mr Lim, who is also Chairman of the People's Action Party and MP for Jurong Group Representation Constituency (GRC), said this on Sunday at a constituency event. He said Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam and current MP for Jurong GRC will helm the team. -CNA/wk
  17. Tzarh1974

    Accident at Boon Lay Way

    Hi Guys...one of my china worker got knock down but how do i go about making the claims. He suffer bruises, scratches and now complaining of kneecap pain after being thrown about 1m away. They were cycling at the pavement and stop at junction of Boon Lay way at corporation road at 12/02/2011 at about 1625hrs. A red mazda SJG57xxY was making a right turn when a white SGY31xxX travelling towards jURONG POINT collided. The driver of the white vehicle swerved his vehicle to the left and hit my china worker bicycle which is on the pavement. My china worker was thrown about 1m away. The white car then fell into the drain about 20metres away from origin of collision. Is there any kind souls that can point us to the right direction for making the claims against the white car insurance? Pls pm me with your contacts. Thanks
  18. Dear all.. Got side scraped by a bus (yellow/orange colour) along Jalan Boon Lay at around 715pm this evening (070909). Was going straight on lane 1 towards Jurong Point, he was on lane 2 when he suddenly cut into my lane to want to turn right into international road. He took out half of my front bumper and scraped/dented my front left fender. He didnt stop until we both turned into international road and I managed to get him to stop after much horning. I am driving a silver latio. Appreciate if anyone who witnessed the act can pm me. Thanks. Damn suay today..
  19. which of them offer the better chicken rice? is BTK more expensive?
  20. accident at the junction of boon lay way and international road this morning..i wonder how the vios ended in tat funny position?
  21. At one point of time, some elite were the cheer leader and claim how F1 can boost the ecomony, create jobs blah blah...... thinking it is a sure success, organiser become arrogant and STB went ahead to impose higher tax (no-know-what-sai-hotel-tax) on hotelier, and inflated the room rate 3 times. Now see who benefit out of this? The local players now become sour grapes.....kns ___________________________ Singapore F1 a boon for hotels - in Johor Lower rates at 5-star hotels across the Causeway draw bookings from as far as Europe By NISHA RAMCHANDANI (SINGAPORE) Singapore's first Formula One (F1) night race (September 26-28) is turning out to be quite the moneyspinner for hotels and travel agents - in Malaysia, that is. Some visitors who are flying in for the big event have found an alternative to the inflated room rates at Singapore hotels, by booking five-star hotels across the Causeway where prices work out to a mere fraction of what is being charged here. Johor Baru-based travel agency, New Asia Holidays, has been receiving calls from interested parties as far away as Europe since February this year. The travel agency has organised a special four day-three night F1 travel package, complete with daily return transfers between Johor Baru and the race circuit in Singapore. Starting at $800 per person, the tour package boasts the option of both high-end hotels like the five-star Hyatt Regency Johor Baru as well as more affordable accommodation and even sightseeing tours. According to general manager Raaj Navaratnaa, 'response has been very good', with 350 confirmations to date, although he expects numbers to run into 550-600 once September rolls in. Slightly over 60 per cent of the confirmed bookings so far hail from European countries and regions such as Germany and Scandinavia, while close to 30 per cent are from Australia. Bookings from the region such as Malaysia and Thailand have been softer, he added. To avoid heavy traffic, New Asia Holidays has chartered private buses and will be ferrying its customers via the Tuas link. It is also working on obtaining special group 'clearance from Malaysian Immigration,' said Mr Navaratnaa, which he believes will come through. Meanwhile, over at the five-star Puteri Pacific JB, bookings have started to come in recently from both individuals and groups. Rooms are going at RM500++ (S$209) per night, with a minimum of three nights, which is still vastly cheaper than the rates charged by some of the local hotels. At this point, the Puteri Pan Pacific has 300 rooms taken up - an occupancy rate of about 60 per cent. The Hyatt Regency JB is offering a four day-three night package at a rate starting from RM395++ per night, excluding transportation. General manager Richard Simmons said the hotel is 'optimistic' for higher than average occupancies, especially taking into account that generally, 'the rate falls during Ramadhan.' The Mutiara Johor Baru currently has a take up of 72 rooms for the F1 period. Fifty-two of its superior rooms (RM270++ per night) and 20 deluxe rooms (RM310++ per night) have been paid for so far. According to the hotel, all bookings are made by Malaysians. 'Majority of rooms are booked for a duration of four nights stay from 25 Sept onwards. Walk-in guests will pay the same rate,' said Lily Tham, marcom manager, adding that enquiries have been pouring in since early April. While the current occupancy level for that weekend hovers above 20 per cent, the Mutiara is forecasting 80 per cent daily occupancy from F1 bookings alone from Sept 22 till 28. Mutiara JB has 332 rooms and suites in total. However, Patrick Fiat, general manager for Singapore's Royal Plaza on Scotts, pointed out that staying in JB during the F1 week would also come with a heavy price to pay. You have to 'factor in traffic jams and the distance...plus service standards' might not be up to snuff, Mr Fiat said. Royal Plaza on Scotts, which is a non-trackside hotel, currently has an occupancy of about 55 per cent for its 511 rooms. Rooms at the Royal Plaza are going at $960 per night with a minimum of two nights, about three times its corporate rate and nearly double its rack rate of $500 plus. In Singapore, hotels have not been filling up as quickly as previously anticipated, although BT understands from some hotels that the pace is picking up. Over at trackside hotel the Fullerton, bookings have been 'definitely going up,' said a spokesperson. Non track-view rooms start at $2,000 per night, while track-view rooms are going at close to $3,000. The Fullerton has not lowered its rates since they were launched, the spokesperson said.
  22. For this whole week during morning hours (7 Plus), the jam along Jalan Boon Lay towards Jurong island was always there Traffic came to a snail crawl at times Anybody know Si Mi Dai Chi Boh Or Sing Ga Po Nan are getting richer & richer hence more & more vehicles are on the road these days