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  1. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/singapore/iswaran-cpib-assist-investigations-ongoing-3622586?cid=internal_sharetool_androidphone_12072023_cna Lust time this happened someone died....
  2. Another saga coming soon to a Parliament near you. The SLA statement was issued in response to a series of online articles published by opposition Reform Party's chief Kenneth Jeyaretnam since last Saturday, where he called on SLA to "shed some light" on the auction process for the properties and questioned if the ministers were "paying less than the fair market value". Citing the prime location of the area and his assumed size of the properties, he said: "It is difficult to see how (Dr Balakrishnan or Mr Shanmugam) could afford to pay the market rent for such a pricey property."
  3. Ho Say Liao Transport Minister S Iswaran assisting in CPIB investigation, on leave of absence until probe completed https://www.channelnewsasia.com/singapore/iswaran-cpib-assist-investigations-ongoing-pm-lee-3622586 SINGAPORE: Transport Minister S Iswaran is assisting the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) with an investigation into a case uncovered by the agency. The bureau did not elaborate on the nature of the investigation in its statement on Wednesday (Jul 12). "CPIB acknowledges the interest by members of the public in this case because a minister is being interviewed by CPIB. As investigations are ongoing, CPIB is unable to provide further details." The agency said it will investigate this case "thoroughly with strong resolve to establish the facts and the truth, and to uphold the rule of law". Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in a separate statement that he was briefed by the director of CPIB last Wednesday regarding a case that the bureau had uncovered. The director, Mr Denis Tang, had sought Mr Lee’s concurrence to open a formal investigation. “This would involve interviewing minister S Iswaran, among others,” said the Prime Minister. “I gave Director CPIB my concurrence on Jul 6, following which the formal investigation began on Jul 11." Mr Lee said he has instructed Mr Iswaran to take a leave of absence until the investigation is completed. In his absence, Senior Minister of State Chee Hong Tat will be Acting Minister for Transport. In its statement, CPIB also said Singapore has a "strict zero-tolerance approach towards corruption". It investigates all cases without fear or favour and will not hesitate to take action against any parties involved in corrupt activities, it said.
  4. By now the famous quote by our million dollar minister: https://mothership.sg/2016/10/josephine-teo-said-you-dont-need-a-flat-before-making-babies-sporeans-disagree-vehemently/ This guy's disrupted grieving is a testament of how true the statement is.... Sexy time moaning from 2nd floor flat interrupts guy mourning & burying dead pet cat at Bukit Batok HDB estateFrom mourning to moaning. https://mothership.sg/2018/12/guy-burying-cat-interrupted-moaning/ *disclaimer: chill you prudes.....this is just a light hearted thread.
  5. MediShield premiums could rise, Health Minister says Updated 02:29 PM Mar 07, 2012 SINGAPORE - Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said MediShield premiums are due for an increase soon. Mr Gan, speaking in Parliament at the Committee of Supply debates today, said the premiums "need to be adequate to sustain MediShield members' claims and to fund future liabilities under the scheme". "As MediShield premiums are set to be sustainable for a five-year period and the last increase was in 2008, we are due for the next update soons," said Mr Gan, noting that MediShield has paid out 21 per cent more in claims each year between 2008 and last year, during which time the premiums collected grew by only 10 per cent a year. "Ultimately, MediShield operates on a not-for-profit basis, with premiums actuarially calculated to cover expected payouts and meet risk and reserve requirements. The reserves ensure that MediShield will be able to honour policyholders' future claims." He said a 45-year-old may see a premium increase of S$7 per month, with younger age groups seeing a smaller increase, while a 75-year-old could see an increase of S$25 per month. To offset these increases, a one-time Medisave top-up of up to S$33 per month was announced in the recent Budget for all Singaporean policyholders to help cushion the impact of the increase. In addition, older policy holders who are beyond the re-employment age of 65 will receive direct and long-term assistance via Medisave top-ups under the GST voucher scheme, up to S$37.50 per month which can offset the premium increase in full. CHANNEL NEWSASIA URL http://www.todayonline.com/Hotnews/EDC1203...h-Minister-says Copyright 2012 MediaCorp Pte Ltd | All Rights Reserved
  6. Singapore's decision to cane a Briton for drugs offences was condemned by a former Cabinet minister. London-born Ye Ming Yuen was originally facing the death penalty but the capital charge against him was dropped because the net weight of drugs involved was below 500 grams, the quantity that warrants execution in Singapore. Priti Patel said the punishment for London-born Ye Ming Yuen was reminiscent of the Dark Ages. So UK is now saying their laws are modern and correct? I understand they still have such laws as 'The head of any dead whale found on the British coast automatically becomes the property of the King, and the tail of the Queen' and 'It is an act of treason to place a postage stamp bearing the British monarch upside-down' Maybe she would like to also review them?
  7. Let's have a thread on this since I believe a lot of MCFers want cheaper cars and I am sure they have suggestions and people who are in the ministry probably will be reading the forums. I start off first. 1). Incentivise regular car owners with rebates on their road tax for every calendar week their car does not go through an Erp gantry. I did suggest this but they say that they do not believe in rewarding drivers for not driving. 2). Have a 5 year COE instead. This can work like OPC. You bid for your car first using normal channels then of you wish for 5 year COE, you get rebates 50% off COE like how OPC get rebated the $17000. And a 5 year old de registered car can probably fetch a higher value in the export market so its not like a waste of good car. 3). Pay as you bid. Similar to my other thread. I think the problem with the shanghai model is that there will be last minute bids. I would suggest a different way. Put up the number of quotas. Do not reveal real time number of bids or current lowest winning amount. Reveal it only after bidding has stopped. This will make bidders more cautious but no jamming of system since even ten seconds before the bid closed, no one knows the winning amount. Anyone has other suggestions?
  8. as above. quite long liaoz hor.... i need to prepare more $ for taxes thats y i ask....
  9. The unfortunate demise of Jayalalithaa on 5 December 2016, fondly known as 'Amma', 'Puratchi Thalaivi' and the 'People's CM', has put the whole of Tamil Nadu into a state of mourning. For an actress-turned-politician to come as far and to earn the respect and love of the people in a territory marked by patriarchy, her story has been remarkable. http://www.newindianexpress.com/nation/2016/dec/06/15-chief-ministers-passed-away-while-in-office-heres-the-list-1546354--1.html While to me , its just another sad passing, I am just taken aback by the flying suspension to india and the SAFETY aspect and travel advisory during that period. Just an aspect that I never knew that when a minster passed on, there can be so much anxiety created in the country.
  10. SEOUL - North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has had his defence minister executed with anti-aircraft fire for insubordination and dozing off during formal military rallies, South Korean intelligence said Wednesday, hinting at possible instability in the Pyongyang leadership. If confirmed, it marks another demonstration of Kim's ruthlessness in dealing with even the most senior officials suspected of disloyalty, following the execution of his uncle and one-time political mentor Jang Song-Thaek in 2013. It also points to possible power struggles within the top leadership, following Kim Jong-Un's decision to cancel a scheduled visit to Moscow last week in order to deal with "internal issues". Late last month, the NIS reported that Kim had ordered the execution of 15 senior officials so far this year, including two vice ministers, for questioning his authority. In a briefing Wednesday to a parliamentary committee, Han Ki-Beom, the deputy director of the South's National Intelligence Agency (NIS) said hundreds of people witnessed the execution of minister Hyon Yong-Chol, which was believed to have been carried out with an anti-aircraft gun around April 30 at a military academy in northern Pyongyang. - See more at: http://news.asiaone.com/news/asia/s-korea-says-north-executed-defence-minister-anti-aircraft-gun#sthash.9S6XTa3e.dpuf
  11. those come to singapore, 1 job but pay 3x of ringgit
  12. Home > Breaking News > Singapore > Story Feb 10, 2009 Johor idea draws flak By Salma Khalik , HEALTH CORRESPONDENT A SUGGESTION by Health Minister that Singaporeans might want to consider staying at a nursing home across the Causeway in Johor where it is much cheaper drew flak from two oppostion MPs in Parliament on Tuesday. Workers' Party chairman and Non-Constituency MP Sylvia Lim said the suggestion was 'quite a bad indication of affordability of our own health care services here, and also a reflection of our national values'. Fellow WP member Low Thia Kiang (Hougang) asked: 'Is the Minister suggesting that Singaporeans who cannot afford medical treatment or step-down care here should now consider such facilities in Johor?' If so, is the minister 'outsourcing the Government's responsibility to provide affordable health care service to Malaysia', he asked. This riled Mr Khaw Boon Wan. 'I'm not saying that if you are poor I will put you in an ambulance, send you across the Causeway to a Johor nursing home. That is not what I said and please don't twist my words,' he retorted. In fact, the Johor option is not for the poor, who are heavily subsidised in Singapore. 'Everybody can afford health care in Singapore whether acute care or long-term care,' said Mr Khaw. The suggestion was aimed at middle-income families who need to pay for the care themselves. It gives them choice. 'I just wanted to point out to Singaporeans that there are options like this,' Mr Khaw said. The cost of nursing home care will always be more expensive in Singapore, as doctors and nurses are paid more, and construction cost is also higher. Since many people visit the elderly in homes only on weekends, it makes little difference whether the person is housed here or in nearby Johor. It's part of globalisation and this is already happening with Singaporeans going to Bangkok for Lasik to treat short sightedness and Americans and Russians coming here for treatment. It is also not something that should, or can, be prevented, said the minister. Singaporeans are already crossing the causeway for cheaper petrol and medicine. 'By allowing the flexibility of consumers walking across the Causeway... they benefit. I don't think we should constrain them from doing so.'
  13. Saw this posting on FB. since the company name was mentioned, i think it should not be untrue. ========================================================================================================= Dear Mr Prime Minister, My name is Delwyn Yee Zheng Ting, aged 21 and I wish to discuss a very dire issue regarding my father Dallas Yee Kok Keong aged 48. My father is a very hardworking man who was working for Jaguar Landrover as a manager and was forced to resign by his superior who is a Canadian. This particular superior was a bully. He draws a high salary and would always push all the work to my father who was already very busy but my father was way too good a person to make a fuss with him. His immediate superior drew a high salary but was not able to perform. He even asked my father how to do excel spread sheet and power point. How is this person a foreign “talent”? To me he is just another bad person making use of my dad! My father tried his best to inform the higher authority about this issue but it didn’t work. This was because the top management were all Westerners. Many of the managers from the company resigned, leaving only my father who still turned up for work faithfully everyday. 3 months ago, my father was called up by his Canadian boss and was told that my father had to either resign or be sacked by the company. The reason he gave was they thought my father would also resign like the rest of the managers. They told my father that the company had already employed someone else to replace him. This was even before my father’s resignation. My father had never thought of resigning. But his Westerner boss and superiors, thinking that he might be a threat to the company, forced him to resign. My father had no choice but to resign and was told to leave the company immediately. My father was a very good manager who was well liked by his staff. He had worked in the company for 6 years and his performance was always good. But he was forced to resign because his Canadian superior was not happy with him for no reason. His performance appraisal for the past 6 years in the company had been good. His customers were also happy with him. But he was forced to leave the company because these foreigners came to work in Singapore bullied my father. Thankfully, my father, having a good reputation in the industry, was immediately approached by Jaguar in the Philippines. He had to accept the position because he had no choice. He left with my younger brother and sister and my step mother. I am now studying in Poly and cannot go with him. Now I am living alone in Singapore with my family so far away. Is this fair? Is this fair to me or my dad? I really hope that you can come up with something to bring justice. Why are so many foreign talents allowed to work in Singapore even when they didn’t have the necessary skills? My father told me that his Canadian superior’s salary was so high that the company could use the money to employ 3 managers like my father. Shouldn’t Singaporeans be given the job? Or are the Singaporeans so incapable that we need to hire these foreign talents to come and bully my father. I know foreign talents are important. But my father is also a talent. He has 30 years of experience in the industry and has been hard working. Why should he lose his job for no good reasons and now have to leave Singapore to work in the Philippines? Please understand that I miss my father and my siblings. I am now all alone in Singapore. The foreign talents came in to Singapore and now Singapore talents have to leave and families break up. Is this what Singapore should become? Thank you for listening to me. http://therealsingapore.com/content/young-singaporean-pm-lee-please-stop-bringing-anymore-foreign-talents
  14. Shame on him, I bet he is one of the rapist! MALAYSIA HOME MINISTER: NON-MALAYS ARE MORE OKAY WITH BEING http://therealsingapore.com/content/malaysia-home-minister-non-malays-are-more-okay-being-raped KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Home Minister Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar played armchair psychologist in Parliament today in an attempt to explain why statistics on statutory rape show that most of the victims are Malays. According to him, statutory rape offends Malay sensibilities more than it does the sensibilities of other Malaysians, making it more likely for the former to report the crime. He told the Dewan Rakyat that police recorded 1,550 reports on statutory rape in 2012, adding that Malays were victims in 1,243 of the cases. Chinese victims accounted for 73 and Indians 45. The rest were of other racial backgrounds. He added that the proportions were similar in 2013, with 1,147 Malays, 62 Chinese and 32 Indians among the 1,424 victims. “This means most Malays are sensitive to this kind of offence on teenage girls,” he said. “That’s why they lodge police reports. “Non-Malays are probably less sensitive towards this. Probably they can accept it; so there are not much reports from them.” He said the authorities had instituted several measures to prevent statutory rape, including the formation of a special police unit and the provision of counseling. He blamed Internet pornography, peer influence and uncontrolled libido for the high incidence of statutory rape. Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff (PAS-Rantau Panjang) asked whether weak enforcement could be one of the contributing factors, noting that there were only 162 convictions from some 3,000 police reports lodged in 2009. Wan Junaidi said parents should play a bigger role than enforcement agencies in ensuring the safety of children. “The enforcement agencies have done a lot,” he said, “but the society itself does not help. We often talk about good social values but we seldom put them into practice. “What we do most on a daily basis is to talk politics and point fingers at each other. “Society has to work hand in hand with the government if we want to curb statutory rapes.”
  15. some time reading what the MY minister say can really make you tear
  16. Ultimate face palm and speechless! http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singap...cat/743396.html
  17. Woman Defence Ministress ..... from Yahoo: Thai PM shuffles pack and takes key defence post AFP News
  18. Ok.....i am happy that there are indeed improvement in recent policy changes. Can be better. Hdb admitting that they didnt build enough flats previously, adjusting the income ceiling upward, etc are some positive changes pointing to the right direction. More pro family policies such as the jst announced father paternity leave is also welcome. Now....why didnt the previous ministers, when they were in office, thought these were necessary and for the good of citizen n singapore? What the hell were they doing back then? In particular n i remember vividly, MBT defending the $8,000 ceiling saying that the 90s rule is still relevant in 2011. If the current ministers are doing all the right corrections, then, can i say we had been paying those oust ministers million dollar salary for nothing???
  19. Open letter urges PM, Minister to improve road safety for cyclists The death of a cyclist who was killed after a lorry hit him on Saturday has prompted calls for greater safety on roads. (AFP file photo) An avid cyclist has written an impassioned open letter to Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew, repeating a growing call for a 1.5-metre lane to be set aside for road cyclists.
  20. Expectations differ on dialogues Some appreciate being asked for views, others prefer to hear from VIP Students queueing to raise questions at the Pre-U Seminar last week. Ms Mah Yi Xin suggested that ministers might want to first answer the question, then seek students' views. -- ST PHOTO: ASHLEIGH SIM By Matthias Chew and Rachel Chang STUDENTS who have taken part in dialogues with ministers say they have mixed feelings about having questions lobbed back at them. When a minister responds to a question by asking what the student's view or solution is, reactions range from indignation to appreciation. This practice is now being debated online and offline, after junior college student Reuben Wang, 17, wrote an angry blog post criticising Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean for asking students at a pre-university seminar what their solutions were to the questions they posed him. Reuben apologised to Mr Teo and retracted his comments on Thursday. Yesterday, Minister of State for Trade and Industry Teo Ser Luck said when he and his colleagues ask students for their views, it is not a bid to 'pass the ball back'. Rather, it is because policymakers value their input, he said, adding: 'No solution is perfect. It is a learning and two-way process for both sides.' He said young people should not underestimate their own abilities to come up with solutions. Feedback from teenagers has prompted him to launch certain constituency programmes. But some undergraduates who had their questions posed back to them at other ministerial forums said it was disconcerting. During a dialogue last year, National University of Singapore (NUS) undergraduate Mah Yi Xin, 22, asked Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, then the Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, if a $100 levy was enough to deter Singaporeans from gambling at casinos. She found it 'frustrating' that instead of answering the question, he asked her what she thought. 'When people go for these forums, they want to hear what the minister says, rather than what participants say,' said Ms Mah. Mr Muhammad Farouq Osman, 23, was stumped when Mr Lee Kuan Yew threw back a question about aid for low- and middle- income families during a university forum last year. The NUS undergraduate worries such exchanges 'intimidate' other dialogue participants, who may not subsequently come forward with questions for fear of being put on the spot. He said what students want is not a 'right' answer but rather a glimpse into how policymakers, who have access to a wealth of data and support from civil servants, view urgent issues in society. Still, others like Singapore Management University law undergraduate Lea Woon Yee believe they have gained from having questions posed back at them. She attended a Young PAP forum last year during which Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Chan Chun Sing asked participants not just to 'throw stones', but to 'offer better solutions'. The 22-year-old, who asked Mr Chan about youth involvement in the community, said that 'he was showing us that it's not such an easy problem' to solve. It was effective, she said, because it allowed her to appreciate the constraints ministers face in making policy. Jurong Junior College student Douglas Ong, 17, who attended the same pre-university seminar as Reuben, said students like him did not get a chance to speak to political leaders every day. 'We want to hear his opinions, rather than having to give our own. I see the point of getting us to think about our own views, but what we really want to hear is what he's going to do,' he said. Ms Mah suggested that ministers might want to first answer the question, then seek students' views. That way, students would not be 'unsettled' by the swift return and the gesture 'would show that he is genuinely interested in your view'.
  21. Do you really need to go all the way to China to employ 40 cashiers??? i admit i am daft, please explain to us the rational? http://temasektimes.wordpress.com/2012/05/...man-from-china/
  22. http://temasektimes.wordpress.com/2012/05/...man-from-china/
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