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  1. Cirruslogic

    IRoad X9 drains battery until it is flat

    Thanks everyone. I wish there was an external battery pack that could be put in the car. This external battery pack would supply 5V power to the iRoad or other 5V devices. The battery pack can be charged when driving. If the battery pack drains, only the iRoad and other 5V devices are affected. The car computer and car alarm are not affected by the battery pack draining.
  2. Installed iRoad X9 in my car last year. Had set the voltage threshold to 11.8 V. Went for a vacation for 7 days. When I came back I could not unlock the car with smart key and could not start the engine. The iRoad had drained the car battery. So it looks like after it detects 11.8 V it does not disconnect the power. It still draws power from the car battery. Lesson learnt. Remove the power plug and USB cable from the camera if you are going on vacation. I don't know which workshops can install the battery pack that is discussed in some forums.
  3. Cirruslogic

    Recommended tyres for Toyota Allion A15

    Bought 4x Bridgestone Turanza GR90 tyres yesterday. Amazing. I find that my car ride is now much quieter, smoother and light without drag. It is very obvious and it is not a feeling but an observation as I can compare with my old tyres. Of course, it could be that my old tyres were really worn out. Or some may say you will have this experience for any new tyres. Or some other models and brands may also give you this experience. I am not a Bridgestone promoter by the way
  4. Cirruslogic

    Recommended tyres for Toyota Allion A15

    If you read the Allion Japanese manual, they put these in the tyre specs: When I asked my car mechanic if I can change the rims to 16", he told me better not to use 16" tyres as it may hit the internal car part. He said I can change to the 16" tyre below but it won't look nice?!? My manual is older than the one in this URL: Allion Manual 195/55R16 86V 195/65R15 91S 185/65R16 88S
  5. Cirruslogic

    Recommended tyres for Toyota Allion A15

    Yes I made a mistake. It is 15.
  6. Are there any recommendations for tyres for my Toyota Allion A15? In 2009, people recommended the Bridgestone Potenza Re080 195 60 R16 88h I bought these at Soh Tyres. Any new recommendations?
  7. Cirruslogic

    Leaking water from toilet ceiling

    I live in an old 1960s apartment and I noticed in late December that water was leaking from the false ceiling in my toilet, right above the toilet bowl. Became worse 2 days later. Called NTUC Home Income services. The contractor came 5 hours later and sliced the false ceiling. He said it was bad. He found the concrete dislodged. The steel bars are exposed. Water is dripipping from the steel bar area. The owner above told me a tenant is living above and he is overseas. Anyone knows what are the next series of events I should expect? I am thinking that their toilet floor and bottom wall tiles (20 cm) have to be hacked off. Toilet bowl, sink all have to be removed. And a contractor needs to apply the water proof membrane on the whole floor and 20 cm of the wall tiles. The whole process may take 4 days. Should I alert the owner that her tenant would need to find an alternative place to stay for 4 days otherwise he will not be able to use the toilet and bath?
  8. Installed the Pioneer AVH-P3350BT at Wee Heng Upper Serangoon Road. Also installed new rear view camera and German Maestro speakers front and rear. I'm a Hi Fi sound enthusiast so I want good sound. Compared prices with other workshops and I think Wee Heng gave the best deal. Good sound. Really good. And I can connect my iPhone using Blue tooth and speak hands free through the external mic installed at the rear view mirror. Can also view iphone videos through the AVH-P3350BT.
  9. I also want need to replace the China-made no-brand double din car stereo in my car. Any workshops to recommend? I intend to buy the head unit and then ask the workshop to install.
  10. Cirruslogic

    Anyone can recommend Double Din DVD headunit?

    Yes, I also need advice on a double din car stereo (95mm x 170 mm) to buy. I bought my Allion in 2009 and they issued me this China double din car stereo (no brand). Now, the LCD is flickering and it can't play any music. But the display for the reverse camera works => car stereo functionality is spoilt. The agent asked me to go back to their car stereo workshop to check. I already can figure that they will tell me no more warranty, and no repair workshop, or they will offer me another China make at a "discount"? Let me go back there next Saturday to find out. Meanwhile, I am already considering if I should get a good one. It must - display my reverse camera output - have a USB plug on the front panel (for my USB thumb drive holding music) - have an SD card slot on the front panel - good to have a video input jack on the front panel (to view video from a vehicle recorder camera unit) - Must be able to display the song and artiste name in an mp3 file (the china brand I have only shows the file name)
  11. Cirruslogic

    Got DVB-T built in but no channels?

    Singapore is the first in the world to implement DVB-T MPEG4 AVC H.264 We do not use DVB-T MPEG2 like some countries in Europe do. Recently some popular HDTV models started embedding this processor chip in their circuits so you don't have to get a stand alone tuner. http://www.sony.lv/product/t32-ex-series/k...=TechnicalSpecs
  12. Cirruslogic

    Basic setup on ICE

    Any one knows where to get a DVD 6.2" Multimedia player for the Toyota Allion 1.5 The one the PI gave me is disappointing - no brand - and the SD card does know work. These are the requirements: DVD Multi-media Player with High Resolution 6.2" TFT Display Stereo FM/DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/WMA Power DC12V Video AUTO/PAL/NTSC Hardware button controls: Eject Mode Forward (fast/slow) Revers (fast/slow) Volume knob/power on and off Mute USB socket DVD slot IR receiver MMC/SD slot Accessories: Remote control
  13. Cirruslogic

    Toyota Owners please come in!

    Black Toyota Allion 1.5 bought in 2010
  14. Cirruslogic

    Sylphy vs. Allion (1.5A)

    I have an Allion 1.5 and I have also getting 18 km/l - unbelievable! Actually the power is good enough and honestly this Japanese produced car works better than you think a 1.5 cc car would work. With its additional smart features it is much more attractive than an Altis.
  15. Cirruslogic

    Car insurance Renewal

    Mine is NTUC for 5 years. With loyalty discount, the price can reach below $600