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  1. I just saw my daughter sec 2 report card and I find our education system getting quite ridiculous. When I was in sec 2, my report card comes with the average, highest and even lowest score so you know where you stand. As you can see, different subjects has very different mean score. A score of 62 in literature is average but pretty bad for geography as exams are all different. I am surprised they even give the lowest score, just to rub it in on the poor kid I guess. When my daughter was in sec 1 last year, the school only gave out the median score which is ok I guess. Although it is nice to have the highest for something to aim, I am ok with just the median so I know how my daughter is doing. This year, they even removed the median score. how am I supposed to know how my daughter is doing in her exams? I really think this "grades are useless" thing has gone waaaay too far. My son just completed Pri1 and 2 and I totally have no idea how he is doing in school because there is no exams.My daughter just finished sec2 and she have a bunch of grades but no median score so I have totally no idea how good/bad she is doing.... Are all schools like that? removing the median score so nobody has any benchmark?
  2. TL;DR - Two cars were seen beating the red light at Jurong Gateway, clearly intentional from the way they slowly inched out bit by bit over the stop line. GOAT stands for Greatest of All Time. As the name suggests, GOAT is an internet slang initialism used to compliment an honorable mention. But not in this case. Watch this 63-second shocker to know what I mean. What happened? These two drivers were seen not conforming to the traffic light as they budged out of the stop line. As long as you have a bit of common sense, when the traffic light turns red and a green man appears, it means cars are supposed to stop for pedestrians to cross the road. We don’t need Albert Einstein’s IQ to know that. Do you reckon these two drivers firmly believe this is really their grandfather’s road? Or are they playing a game of drag race? Nobody asked but I would root for the Kodiaq, simply because it has a higher horsepower than the Cerato. (Not to mention, the Cerato also had a head start so it’s sort of playing ‘cheat’ here). Source: Sgcarmart Source: Sgcarmart Online Chatters They see me rollin', they hatin'... Regardless, it should be every driver’s utmost priority to be a safe driver not just for themselves but also for the wellbeing of other users. Have good manners and drive kindness home on the road. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  3. https://www.cccs.gov.sg/media-and-consultation/newsroom/media-releases/cccs-consults-grab-application-to-impose-platform-fee 1. The Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (“CCCS”) is inviting public feedback from 28 July to 11 August 2020, on an application by Grab[1] to impose a platform fee on riders for its ride-hailing services in Singapore (“the Application”). If granted, this will amount to a variation of the directions[2] issued by CCCS to Grab on 24 September 2018 (“the Directions”). Background 2. On 24 September 2018, CCCS issued an Infringement Decision[3] (“ID”) against Grab and Uber (collectively, the “Parties”) in relation to the sale of Uber’s Southeast Asian business to Grab for a 27.5% stake in Grab in return (“Transaction”). CCCS found that the Transaction, completed on 26 March 2018, infringed section 54 of the Competition Act and had led to a substantial lessening of competition (“SLC”) in the provision of ride-hailing platform services in Singapore. Together with the ID, CCCS issued the Directions to the Parties to lessen the adverse impact of the Transaction on drivers and riders and to keep the market open and contestable. 3. Under the Directions, Grab is required to maintain its pre-Transaction pricing, pricing policies and product options (including driver commission rates and structures) for all its products in the ride-hailing platform services market.[4] Consequently, Grab is not allowed to change its pre-Transaction prices or products without prior approval from CCCS. However, Grab may apply to CCCS to vary or remove the Directions.[5] Grab’s Application 4. Grab has applied to CCCS to vary the Directions to allow the imposition of a platform fee of S$0.30 (S$0.32 with GST) on each ride. Grab submitted that it invests heavily to provide both passengers and drivers with a safe and pleasant experience on its platform. Grab submitted that this is a practice that is in line with ride-hailing industry norm. Grab submitted that the S$0.30 platform fee per ride will enable Grab to maintain and enhance the various safety measures and cover the relevant operating costs. A third of the funds collected through the platform fee will be committed towards providing benefits for driver welfare. Public Consultation 5. CCCS is seeking public feedback to assist in its assessment of Grab’s Application. In its assessment, CCCS will take into consideration the factors which are outlined in the Public Consultation Paper in Annex 1. The closing date for submissions of feedback to CCCS is 11 August 2020, 5 pm. If the submission or correspondence contains confidential information, please also provide CCCS with a non-confidential version of the submission or correspondence. 6. CCCS will determine how it should decide on Grab’s Application following the public consultation. 7. More information on the public consultation can be accessed and downloaded from the CCCS website at www.cccs.gov.sg under the section “Public Consultation”.
  4. BMW has been supplying safety cars to MotoGP for 20 years now, and its latest is this M8 Competition. It debuted at the weekend’s race in Austria – where Andrea Dovizioso recorded a vital win to keep in touch with Marc Marquez in the rider standings – thus starting its role in the job partway through a season. It’s perhaps fitting that MotoGP has employed M Division’s most powerful car yet to work on a grid of 200mph bikes, with the 616bhp M8 Comp capable of 0-62mph in 3.2secs and a 186mph top speed. While the standard car comes with a wealth of tech, including Drift Mode-equipped four-wheel drive and almost all the electronics under the sun, BMW has understandably given it a small makeover for circuit duty. There’s a carbon-tipped titanium exhaust system to ensure the M8 sounds nearly as good as the bikes around it. A roll cage, fire extinguisher and race-spec Recaro seats. Cup tyres and motorsport-spec bonnet catches. A ginormous wing nicked from the BMW M8 GTE racecar. And last but certainly not least, lots of MotoGP stickers and a whopping great light bar on the roof. Safety’s never looked so aggressive. The M8 replaces a 592bhp BMW M5 on MotoGP marshalling duties, while Formula E now uses a fairly unique BMW i8 Speedster.
  5. Chinese win design competition for rebuilding Notre Dame https://www.asiaone.com/world/chinese-win-design-competition-rebuilding-notre-dame Aug 07, 2019 Two Chinese designers, with their work Paris Heart Beat, have won the championship in a design competition for rebuilding Notre Dame Cathedral in France. The competition was launched by GoArchitect, an independent publisher of books based in LA, and it received 226 proposals from 56 countries in all, with over 30,000 people voting during the competition. The two Chinese designers, Cai Zeyu and Li Sibei, both currently work at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill Foundation (Chicago, US), and respectively graduated from Tsinghua University and Beijing University of Technology. Three highlights of their design Paris Heart Beat are the Paris Time Capsule, City Kaleidoscope and Mirror Roof. They used magnetic levitation technology to design a time capsule device, which opens every half-century and moves rhythmically up and down, breathing and beating together with the city. This is why the design is called Paris Heart Beat. In addition, people are able to see rose windows inside with the help of the mirror's reflection at the tower, creating a city kaleidoscope. Notre Dame Cathedral has witnessed Paris' history over more than 800 years, and it survived the blaze, Cai and Li said. "Paris Heart Beat carries our expectation of its rebirth." There have been debates on rebuilding Notre Dame Cathedral since the devastating fire tearing through the cathedral in April. Last month, French lawmakers approved a controversial bill to rebuild Notre Dame and French President Emmanuel Macron stated he is not against a "contemporary architectural gesture". Therefore, the original intention of GoArchitect in launching this competition was to call on the French government to be open to any possible proposals, though it is a nongovernmental institution and not officially authorised by any French institutions. Besides Cai and Li's Paris Heart Beat, proposals from five other countries (Canada, Japan, UK and US) made the final round of the competition.
  6. Carfection's Henry Catchpole has taken the new BMW M2 Competition out for a spin. Will the new engine or handling impress him? With the adoption of the current M3/4 engine, the baby M car has finally gotten a proper M engine that has been tuned here to produce 404hp, around 20bhp lesser than its larger siblings. Also in the transformation to the competition variant, the M2 also gets additional cooling, an upgraded M differential, a revised steering column, new suspension, bigger brakes, a new exhaust and the likes. If you have some time to kill, why not watch the video below and see what Catchpole has to say about the more hardcore M2.
  7. Wonder if anyone can help to interpret if the following scenario is against the anti competition laws locally. Imagine a landlord of a commercial building decided not to renew the lease of the existing tenant even though the tenant is willing to pay for an increased in rental and then choose to bring in another tenant operating the same business to take over the space.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ZSnThV26lEE [laugh]
  9. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_s3TUjhJPg[/media] http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/sport/ceiling-collapses-during/1342866.html Twelve Singapore players were scheduled to appear at the tournament, but none were injured at the Ho Chi Minh venue. Did they shout "Happy New Year"?
  10. hi guys. asking a question on behalf of a good friend of mind. background. - Sales manager in a coy dealing with IT products - Company late with salary on several occasions in the last yr. - was offered a role with a competitor with 30% up. - current contract clause restrict employment with all direct and indirect competitors for 1 year. Question 1. Is restraint of trade enforceable in singapore? MOM website very ambiguous. 2. Is late payment of salary/CPF considered a breach of contract? hence making the contract null and void? thanks in advance
  11. talk about ... killing the competition ...? Undertaker jailed 3 years for having cannabis "SINGAPORE - Central Narcotics Bureau officers arrested him that day at the loading bay carpark in front of Block 255 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4. They escorted him to his flat where one block and one packet containing a total of 161.71g of cannabis were found. Another two blocks and a packet with 36.45g of the drug were found in his company van." http://www.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews...206-400512.html
  12. Had just watched a bit of the "today in parliament" excerpts on ch 8, really don't understand the mindset of the whites. Vikram Nair is always shooting down (fast to criticize) views of members not from his team. (same type of actions which can be seen in the previous parliament sessions, which has more whites shooting down non-whites). The current parliament is still ongoing, so i believe i'll see more whites down the non-whites. Can't they work hand-in-hand with others for the good of ordinary singaporeans and country instead of using gpmg and engage on a shooting spree? it is said that alternative parties are always opposing for the sake of opposing, is this really the case? i beg to differ, seems like they have switched roles. Is this the behaviour of the miw MPs the majority wants? I rest my case.
  13. [extract] When I first saw this picture a few years back (in a book titled
  14. Sunday 24th July 2011 10am - 8pm. Free Admission 30 Booth... Iasca Sound Challenge Competition 2011 1) under 6K SQC (1st prize 1K CASH prize max) 2) $6K Unlimited (1st prize 1K CASH prize max) 3) MTX SQC Competition 4) Sinfoni & Rainbow Unlimited SQC Competition 5) Alpine Full System SQC Competition 6) Monitor Precision SQC Competition Race Queen.. food.. drinks... free gift... magazines... and many goodies __________________
  15. Wah, take so long to reply. Talking nonsense. Our future pappy. She really learning gahmen style of spinning ridiculous story to the audience. How to get rid of these dumb asses? ST Forum Apr 1, 2011 Competition panel's view of petrol pricing PUMP petrol is a relatively homogenous product sold by a few companies in Singapore ('Watchdog should monitor pump prices' by Mr Elgar Lee; March 23). Hence, it is not uncommon for pump petrol prices to move up or down at about the same time, even in a competitive market. As long as the companies set their prices independently, the observation of parallel price movements does not provide sufficient evidence of anti-competitive behaviour. The Competition Commission of Singapore is monitoring the movement of petrol pump prices and will take action if there is evidence that market players are colluding to fix prices. Cynthia Chin (Ms) Senior Assistant Director Corporate Communications Competition Commission of Singapore
  16. E92 M3 Competition Package vs C63 Performance Package Plus CERANO, your input is required.
  17. just wanna get this off my mind and share with everyone: Last week i was watching an inter-primary school competition on channel 8. It was a competition to see which team could best form sentences using Chinese idioms, and with Guo Liang being the host. If i recalled correctly, each team consisted of 4 students. But what struck me most was that it was seemingly obvious that in each team, at least 2 or more students were from China. So what type of competition was this? If i was a true born S'porean, and perhaps come from English speaking family, studied mandarin very hard to compete in this, only to come to this competition to kena 'chiek' by pure-bred China students, i won't even bother competing. I will just simply ask the judge to give them the winning prize. If the competition was going to be so one-sided, who's gonna watch? stupid competition, stupid program. Food for thought - Li Jia Wei was a good ping pong player, came here, became the best and felt good. But back in China, she won't be no. 1. Did these China students come here to 'win' our locals in Chinese language competition, and start feeling no. 1?
  18. BMW announces new Competition Package for the M3
  19. I believe there was a pro drifter or mx-5 enthusiast in this forum. People, if you do not know or understand please do not post in here. I don't want this thread to be long. Thank you MX-5 has come a long way from the NA, NB to the new turbo charged versions. But why no one is using this car in D1 or most renown competitions? This car is only used in grassroots competitions. For small CC engines using for drift, they're still opting for AE86. As for turbo charged MX-5 the weighting is about the same as S2000. Could it be perhaps, the new engine isn't as revy as Honda's S2000 or Toyota's AE86? Just curious... hoping for some clarifications.
  20. A police officer pulls over a driver and informs him that he has just won $5,000 in a safety competition, all because he is wearing his seat belt. "What are you going to do with the prize money?" the officer asks. The man responds, "I guess I'll go to driving school and get my license." His wife says, "Officer, don't listen to him. He's a smart aleck when he's drunk." The guy in the back seat pops up out from under the blanket and says, "I knew we wouldn't get far in this stolen car." Just then a knock comes from the trunk and a voice calls out, "Are we over the border yet?"
  21. competition in spore does not always bring prices down. in fact, competition helps to increase the price. examples are 1) taxi companies 2) bus companies 3) petrol companies Why is this happening? simple economy theory states that competition is good for consumers. it seems spore is the opposite of this theory.
  22. Hi guys, i heard from the radio station 933 that there is this competition going on this weekend at suntec. as i wasnt really paying attention, i heard something like 1. $10000 cash first prize 2. take photo of your car dressed up like a rally sports car 3. must be accompanied by a pretty girl 4. send in digital soft copy to suntec (dunno the exact location) 5. cannon will print out 6. competition will be held 7. winner gets away $10k cash Does anyone have full details of this event? it will be fun to join in.
  23. http://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/auth_car_info.php?AC=974 saw that hyundai has launched the starex, i think its a trajet replacement at 56k for a full sized 2.5l mpv it seems to be awfully cheap it will most probably drink but hey its 20k cheaper than a wish and i doubt you can save 20k difference of fuel in 10 years, cos even toyota mpvs of this size eg estima drinks as well. looks like a reasonable buy for someone in the market for a big mpv.
  24. Why Wait when you can take action? Letter from ANGELINE LEE I refer to the Competition Commission of Singapore's (CCS) reply "Market competition deters overpricing" (May 7), to my commentary "$5 charge should be justified" (April 30). . CCS' duty, as the competition regulator, is to investigate and regulate if it detects evidence of any possible abuse of dominance in Singapore at any point in time. . As a regulator, its duty is to act independently to enforce the Competition Act; and this duty should not be delegated or devolved, under law or in spirit, to any government entity. . I suggested that CCS should consider investigating Nets' $5 charge if "excessive pricing" is covered under the Act as there is currently no competition in the Electronic Road Pricing CashCard market. . CCS has replied that "competition among different suppliers in a free market environment, instead of regulation, is the best form of protection against any excessive pricing", and that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) is working on the next generation of e-payment systems that will allow multiple payment service suppliers. . CCS' response suggests that it prefers to wait until LTA introduces competition in the market to protect consumers against any excessive pricing. . This more benign approach of waiting for the LTA to create competition rather than taking independent pre-emptive action may be instructive of its policy approach as competition regulator in Singapore. It is noted by the writer, and should be taken note of by competition and administrative law lawyers in Singapore. . I thank CCS for its clarification on the law in Singapore and its approach. CCS' approach may be instructive of its policy approach as a regulator in S'pore Source: http://www.todayonline.com/articles/252592.asp Haha.. CCS kena suan..... laywer 1 Gahman 0
  25. in today's ST forum: March 27, 2008 PUMP PRICE HIKES Competition keen in Singapore, says ExxonMobil WE REFER to the letters, 'Pump prices - eight hikes in eight months' by Mr Benjamin Tay last Thursday and 'Price hikes: Oil firms should speak up ' by Ms Lim Li Ching on Monday regarding pump prices. We fully understand the concern motorists are feeling over high pump prices. We have spoken up in the past and take this opportunity to clarify the points raised in the letters. Pump prices are affected by many factors. A key component which makes up about 50 per cent of pump prices is the cost of petrol and diesel. This cost, known as wholesale fuel prices, is traded internationally at commodity markets and is not set by ExxonMobil. Like other internationally traded commodities, wholesale fuel prices are the result of the actions of thousands of buyers and sellers operating in a global marketplace to efficiently allocate available supplies for competing uses. The same applies to crude oil prices. Our refinery in Singapore purchases over 90 per cent of the crude oil it processes from third parties and is subject to market fluctuations. Wholesale fuel prices, although a key component, are not the only determinant of retail pump prices. The other factors are taxes and duties which make up about 30 per cent of pump prices, and the remaining 20 per cent comes from land, operating costs and margins. We operate in an intensely competitive retail market in Singapore. Competition is beyond pricing and we also compete by investing heavily in our Smiles loyalty programme and recently completed our alliance project with NTUC FairPrice, bringing more value and convenience to our customers. High prices raise our awareness of the importance of saving energy and changing our behaviour. Some good ways for motorists to improve fuel efficiency include avoiding aggressive driving; planning your trips in advance; and inflating your cars' tyres to the right pressure. Switching to a fuel grade recommended by your cars' manufacturers also helps. We have noticed that more than 10 per cent of our customers have switched from 98 octane petrol to the lower 95 octane petrol over the past two years. Our website at www.exxonmobil.com.sg has more energy-saving tips. Lastly, we wish to state categorically that we at ExxonMobil support free and fair competition. As a company policy worldwide, we do not discuss prices nor market segmentation with competitors. We also do not subscribe to nor support any anti-competitive activities. xxx Singapore Retail Sales Manager ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
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