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  1. Matrix0405

    Stiff Necks & Shoulders

    anyhow guess that got one bone in your neck (C4/5) is out of place, pinching the nerve connected to your left hand, causing (symptoms) stiffness in neck shoulder, weak left arm. Deep heat balm cannot help much because its bone not muscle issue. Below is a list from cheapest to most expensive solution, which hopefully can help. 1. neck stretching exercise (KKLee). (FOC) 2. use a towel ($5) over the right side of neck, gently pull to re-position the C4 or 5. 3. Neck hanger/hammock ($20) Jman and buadong2, stretch neck, relieve pinched nerve, space for bone to self correct. 4. Bone setter $55 - 70. He can feel if it is indeed neck bone and which one and target adjust it back, if he is good. 5. Chiro means take x-ray, sign package first ($4K) then talk.
  2. Is it cheaper than paying parking?
  3. Matrix0405

    Budget Direct Insurance - Buddy ID

    BD is suitable for safety driver and for those super safe drivers with no outstanding loans may go for 3rd party insurance for even lower price. . Also remember to uncheck auto renew (for those who prefer the option to look around) before existing the buying session.
  4. Matrix0405

    Mitsubishi Attrage.

    17km/l is as good as hybrid. Ofc insurance & road tax all jin song (lower) . How much is Attrage this weekend? Is a over 1yr old Attrage still more expensive than a new one?
  5. Matrix0405

    Budget Direct Insurance - Buddy ID

    Looks like BD is getting some business from mcf. Big names insurance quoted $900 vs BD $450. U can see how crazy the profit margin can be for car insurance.
  6. Matrix0405

    Progress Singapore Party by Tan Cheng Bock

    Don vote for NSP lah, its a fake oppo party, 50% are fakes now, between fakes and PAP, vote for PAP.
  7. Those are low tech w/o LED. If the PMD don switch on their headlight, no reflection, PMD unable to see you. His is with LED, even when there is a piece of stone on the ground, he can see the stone and avoid.
  8. Matrix0405

    Leaking Toilet Cistern

    kindly recommend a cheap and good looking & sitting and easy maintenance toilet bowl. Which models are you using at home - recommended or avoid? The toilet bowls at Jewel has got this tornado flush - 3 horizontal water outlets to create a water swirl round the bowl, this should be the latest design. Good or gimmick?
  9. Matrix0405

    Budget Direct Insurance - Buddy ID

    Currently with AXA who offered to renew at Comprehensive $882. Budget Direct quoted comprehensive, excess $600: $470. Being an insurance co darling with no claims for many years, went with the cheaper BD and used Turboflat ID to get further discount. Pray for yet another year of 0 accident/claim, so don have to try out BD claim services and the insurance co. can again fully earn the premium. Use my buddy ID to get further discount and best wishes for another year of safe drive. Buddy ID: Buddy80064
  10. This one really have to ask yourself. If you are a safety driver with 0 accident last 5yr, go for the cheapest.
  11. Matrix0405

    Charging car on the move with solar panel, feasible?

    looks ugly. But if solar can help extend the interval between charge to once a fortnight in phase 1, it is useful. Now fully charged EV is around 300km, so within a week need to charge once.
  12. Matrix0405

    2017 Hyundai i30

    What is the price of i30 this weekend? i30 was good priced when launch but its price kept going up when it got popular. Now less popular, looks like its a Golf killer once more.
  13. Matrix0405

    Budget Direct Insurance - Buddy ID

    With access $1500, you are basically on your own; its a third party insurance named as comprehensive. But if you are a safety driver with no accident last 5 years, then why not?
  14. Matrix0405

    Best comfort/quiet tyres.

    It seems 14 - 16" is cheaper in JB, above 17" is more expensive in JB.