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  1. Around 1++ - 2 weeks ago, i met an accident at the West(Insurance case still pending). I was driving my car straight down a main road. As i was about to reach the yellow box of a turning spot for the opposite traffic, a car from the other side suddenly dash through towards a side road on my right that leads to a market. I had to brake immediately to avoid him. Unfortunately, i crashed into the side of his car. In this situation under BOLA, who has the right of way? He said i was speeding so he didn't see me coming. Can i have some professional advice on the take of this situation? Last week, my insurance company advised me that this situation is most likely 50-50 cause he can claim that i crashed into him while he was making a turn. Until today i have yet to receive any news so i am a little worried. Thanks alot guys! Oh, and there were no injuries, no skid marks and the contact was quite minor. Can these be evidence that i didn't speed? I really didn't speed by the way. I might have been walking on the line 5km/h below the speed limit, but then again, how can i proof that i did not speed?
  2. hahaha. Is he like your idol now?
  3. Talkativeboy

    Insurance claim from NTUC

    I feel sorry for you man. Things like these sucks. I think its best that you get a camera for visual proof.
  4. Talkativeboy

    What to do this long weekends

    watch man utd v.s chelsea!
  5. Talkativeboy

    [5 Aug] Petrol price UP again!

    Which company has the cheapest fuel?
  6. Talkativeboy

    OPC usage

    Its $176.00. You can do it at AXS.
  7. If the flag comes out in the middle of a drive and it might distract other drivers leh
  8. Speed cam should have flash light. If not at night how are they going to see the car plate?
  9. Talkativeboy

    Horny driver

    Yeahh. Takes two hands to clap.
  10. Talkativeboy

    Car-insurance going up =(

    But when they suck your money, they try not to give it back to you when an accident happens.
  11. Talkativeboy

    A good laugh on the road...

    Its like a small head trying to wear a big hat