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Found 41 results

  1. A little surprised that car horns can break down. I mean, my Sylphy is coming to 9 years old only. I was told by the workshop that it is a common problem to Nissan cars. It's not the horn but the contact on the steering wheel that's worn. Appreciate fellow motorists in this forum can advise where to find distributors who supply the "pad" (to be mounted on steering wheel) for the horn. Perhaps, what is a reasonable price to replace the horn? Thanks! Also, looking for manual air horn to save cost. Hahaha!
  2. Draculito

    Sylphy Radio/DVD Player

    My Nissan 2015 radio unit keep restarting non-stop. Had send car to TCM and was told to change the motherboard of the set. Suspected is the software issue. Any sylphy owner encounter this issue? Would appreciate if can share your solution. Thanks...
  3. Thinking of getting the Nissan Sylphy (2009 facelift)... Feedback appreciated...Thanks
  4. Looking much sleeker and more refined, Nissan's all new Sylphy has been revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show featuring the family's V-motion design at the front. According to Nissan, the new exterior design has allowed the new Sylphy to boast a drag coefficient of just 0.26, equal to that of the Nissan GT-R. Powertrain details have yet been released but the Japanese company did mention that it will be using its new HR16DE Gen 3 intelligent drive engine mated to an Xtronic transmission. The current Sylphy uses a similar but older variant of the same engine and makes around 114bhp. Inside, the car looks more upmarket than its predecessor with the black and tan leather combination. Top-specced cars get an 8-inch infotainment screen while speedometer cluster now features a 7-inch digital gauge cluster. Elsewhere new technologies built into the car include Intelligent Trace Control, Intelligent Ride Control, and Emergency Brake for Pedal Misapplication. There’s also Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, Blind Spot Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Cross Traffic Alert, and Intelligent Driving Alert.
  5. my aunt's one a lot of problems, i need to help her solve it. idling got jerking problem, moving off low power, i researched, seems like some ignition coil problem, may be engine mounting too. air-con sometimes draw in outside air when too cold. thanks all.
  6. Jbren

    Nissan sylphy 2016

    New sylphy has been out in europe, anyone know when it will landibg Thailand and available in sg? With the launching of new civic 2016 guess difficult for nissan to compete with honda if no further facelift model launch on their current car range :-/ https://youtu.be/3S_qPoAKzqI
  7. No more free servicing liao for my Sylphy, going for 20k servicing soon. Can I check with those with the experience here if I am able to bring my own oil filter & air filter? How much can I save by doing so?
  8. Am on a 2007 sylphy 2.0. Recently feeling vibrations and some noise from the ride. Took it to my regular mechanic. Recommended to change undercarriage bushing, front lower arm/front cross member assembly, all absorbers, front top insulator, front rubber cover, plus additional alignment, incl labour is $2.1K. A/ Is this a decent rate, he's assured me it's all genuine parts, and has been doing good work for me for the past few years B/ Is it worth changing, or should I change the car? If you have experience in this aspect, pls share.
  9. Rezorn86

    2013 Nissan Sylphy

    recently china had launch the new 1.8l Nissan Sylphy n expected to launch to 120 country by 2014...
  10. I know this is a weird topic but I really just wanna reach out to people who have this engine so as to share info. Please feel free to comment if you are knowledgeable on this topic. I am starting this topic for the MR16DDT engine, known as the 1.6 DIG-T engine in Nissan cars. It is a turbo charged direct injection 1618cc engine. So far, in local context I only know 3 car models use it. Please share if you know more. - Renault Clio RS (200HP, 240nm?) - Nissan Juke Turbo (187HP, 240nm) - Nissan Sylphy SSS (187HP, 240nm) I am driving a SSS. The Sylphy threads are very inactive and there does not seem to be any fellow SSS drivers around. I am going for 10k servicing soon. Had been using Tan Chong's mineral oil at 1k, 5k servicing and wanna use syn oil for next servicing as engine should have break-in now and starting on 10k intervals next. Tan Chong has their own in-house brand syn oil. I am thinking of bringing my own oil but not sure which type to use. Can anyone share what oil they had used for this engine? Should i get xW30 or xW40 oil? I don't go to the tracks at all.
  11. Anyone has any advise, if go back to Tan Chong, is it immediate replacement? Thanks
  12. Kwinsee

    Latio or Sylphy, pls advice!

    i am thinking to buy a 2nd hand latio or sylphy1.5, from my study, latio is better in fuel consumption, while sylphy is good in interior, but in terms of price, sylphy is much higher than a latio of the same year, i prefer sylphy as i like the external looking also, can someone lighten me is it worth the money? thx.
  13. i have 2 problems. 1. moving at low speeds below 30km/hr got some funny sound that sounds like whistling. read up online, seems like a common problem, either an undercarriage loose screw or tensioner problem. 2. when braking from high speeds >90km/hr, steering wheel will vibrate terribly, most probably a brake pad uneven or something. seems it is a common issue again. is there a workshop good with nissan vehicles like the sylphy? don't want Tan Chong cause so expensive. anyone driving sylphy suffer same issue?
  14. Liana12

    Nissan Sylphy 1.5A

    Hi, anyone out there can advise the suitable type of ATF for my car?
  15. Civic6656

    2013 Nissan Sylphy is here...

    Looks good :)
  16. Diesel

    Sylphy vs. Allion (1.5A)

    Considering these 2 sedans, all comments appreciated Allion Better FC Super CVT-i + VVT-i Reclining rear seats Sylphy Gd svc centre Luxurious interior Pricing-wise both around the same range & OMV of around 18k thereabouts.
  17. Not that i like it, but I thought the owner really put some efforts into it.. Maybe too much efforts. :) Exterior looks like a demolition car.. Nissan sylphy
  18. Hi i was at the back of you when the white SUV(couldnt see the brand) squeezing into the queue hitting your left mirror.. From msia tuas side heading towards msia custom Just to let you know should you decide to file a claim i can be your withness as was behind your the whole time. Do contact me at 92353048 if you decide too. Good luck
  19. Diamond2006

    Sylphy? A Bad Choice?

    Unforfunately...mine is 1.5: can enjoy its comfort oni, not its performance....
  20. Liana12

    Sylphy 1.5 going Genting

    Any Sylphy 1.5 owner drove up Genting before ? How's the performance while climbing up ?
  21. hi guys, need some help here. I'm considering the above cars. I know the S-GT is out of place cuz its a TC car and the M6 is out of place cuz it's supposed to be compared with camry and accord. but based on price, they are ard the same range. S-GT:$87000 Mazda6:$85000 (basic model) Civic SI:$83000 Sylphy:haven check. I wish to look for a 2L car, auto, from AD. The S-GT is good in terms of power but the FC sucks. Pls advice on which will be a rational choice?
  22. Saw this incident last night at the small road from The Cathay towards PS. This taxi driver gave a few short blasts of his horn to a white Sylphy and asking him to wind down his window. Then both vehicles slowed down and stopped on both lanes side by side the taxi lao started to curse the Sylphy driver. Whole incident took about 15 seconds and all I heard was "I F*** UR MUDDER CB!!! I F*** UR MUDDER CB!!! I F*** UR MUDDER CB!!! I F*** UR MUDDER CB!!! I F*** UR MUDDER CB!!! I F*** UR MUDDER CB!!! I F*** UR MUDDER CB!!! I F*** UR MUDDER CB!!! I F*** UR MUDDER CB!!! I F*** UR MUDDER CB!!! I F*** UR MUDDER CB!!! I F*** UR MUDDER CB!!! I F*** UR MUDDER CB!!!" Must be Sylphy driver really annoyed the sh*t out of taxi lao to really do that. And all the poor cars stuck behind also stopped and watch show. lol. Wonder if what you guys will do if this happens to you. For me I think I will just hold up my iPhone and start taking video. lol.
  23. Hi, I was thinking of getting a Sylphy 1.5A but undecisive between a brand new unit or used one. Care to comment if this unit is worth considering? By the way, this car runs on timing belt or chain huh? http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...683&DL=1206 Thanks!
  24. Any comments or feedback from Nissan Sylphy 1.5 AT drivers? Esp on its fuel consumption. I am very keen to book one after test driving it over the weekend. Thanx for your valuable info in advance!