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  1. Yymail22

    Honda Vezel - Part 3

    I own a 2016 model purchased from the resale market in July. I am trying to hard wire a dual dashcam set that I purchased online. I went through the fuse box found underneath the dash board next to the steering column. Using a multi-meter, I could only find fuse slots 1, 2 and 3 having continuous power supply (ignition off). From what I have googled: "1" is used for door lock 20A, "2" is unknown while "3" is Smart Key System (optional) 10A. Is it alright to piggyback the fuse-add-on onto slot "1" in order to have dashcam on during parking mode? Is there any owner here who has run cables for his/her dashcam? Or know where his/her mechanic tapped power source from? Looking forward to your sharing. Thanks!
  2. Yymail22

    Hyundai Avante 1.6A Maintenance Cost

    I am surprised the workshop was unable to check and confirm whether brake pump or ABS pump, or both are at fault. The braking system is one of the areas that demands high attention to. How can they replaced some parts and then asked you to monitor for a period? It should be fixed up front and no second guess. I am not in car repair business but I reckon there is a way to test the pumps for faults.
  3. Yymail22

    Hyundai Avante 1.6A Maintenance Cost

    I had my Avante in its final two years before I scrapped it in July. Although cost of parts is low, you may find their life span is low corrrespondingly. I replaced the alternator and high tension cable which I didn't have to replace when I was having my Corolla previously in its entire 10 years that I owned it. Fuel consumption is higher as well as with most Korean cars. In any case, make sure the suspension and engine mount are still good if not renewed when scouting for COE car of any make.
  4. Yymail22

    Owner unwilling to pay after workshop rendered service

    Agree. Engine can crank but car can't start. It showed the battery still has strength. I reckon the workshop made the wrong conclusion prior to making the trip.
  5. Yymail22

    Honda Vezel - Part 3

    My view is that you should stick to W20 as the manual suggested. Your low mileage means you have a new car/engine. The parts have hardly wear. You don't need such a thick oil (high viscosity) such as W40 at this moment. Mine has run 42k km and I will consult my workshop whether to stick to 20 or not have to go to 30. Scott's wife's Lexus is about 17 years old (I think he mentioned in several of his other videos.) and he continued to use W30. Perhaps it has low mileage.
  6. Yymail22

    Honda Vezel - Part 3

    To do it might be good but is it necessary? Thanks. I had watched it when I combed the internet for opinions. I posted it here hopefully to listen to owners of Vezels. May be I should go over to groups for Shuttle and Jazz to search?!
  7. Yymail22

    Honda Vezel - Part 3

    The workshop recommends cleaning up the carbon in the engine (de-carbonize) to my Vezel which has traveled 40k km. Is it necessary at all for i-VTEC engines? Thank you for your input.
  8. Yymail22

    Advice needed for New Zealand road trip

    We were there in South Island last December! However, we went anti-clockwise from Christchurch-Greymouth-Frank Josef-Queenstown-Wanaka-Lake Tekapo-Christchurch. I think most vistors do the clockwise like what you intend to do. We didn't cover the south-eastern part of the island. The first half of the trip was on train and tour buses and the second half self-drive on a Corolla (for its reliability). The reason was we were in NZ for the first time and wanted to experience the road conditions and traffic first. We did rent a Yaris for one day while at Greymouth just to visit Punakaiki to see the Pancake Rocks and to listen to the Blowholes. We went in December because daylight was the longest from 5am to 9pm. We wanted to avoid driving at night. Some of the meals were settled in our hotel rooms. There are plenty of supermarkets that we bought bread, spreads, noodles, milk, etc.; cooked food at eateries were a little more expensive than in Singapore. Restaurants in Qtn and Chc do open into the night as these are big cities. Hope you have booked your air tickets too. I suppose you know closer to year-end prices will go up. Enjoy your trip!
  9. Yymail22

    Strange sound from engine

    Sounded more like "tak-tak-tak" when the engine has been running for a long while. I realise engines on Vezel are a bit louder than other makes. May be the insulation was less than ideal. Anyway, I went to three workshops to identify the probable cause. The first commented that the timing could have run out. Need two days to work on it. Big job I thought. The second suspected the tappet clearance. The third thought it was also the tappets but not very sure. So I went to the second. The gap was excessive and was adjusted to a narrower clearance. Noise was reduced and it has stayed that way for a few days since. Should be the tappets. See my earlier reply. Several models are also popular with PHV: Altis, Vios, Mazda 3. Look out for other wear-and-tear signs. Again, getting a resale often comprises luck! Yes, I realise it roars when picking up speed! Workshops that consistently update themselves (or upgrade) do carry OBDs to diagnose. Even if we have one on hand, we still need someone to do the dirty job of dismantling and fixing back!
  10. Yymail22

    Strange sound from engine

    The resale Vezel (petrol) which I recently purchased has a low tone noise that sounded like that of a diesel engine during idling. The car dealer pushed it to their workshop partner. The boss of the workshop said it was due to low viscous engine oil being used and had replaced with a thicker oil for me. The noise remains there. Workshop said the thicker oil reduces the noise only. Will not eliminate. "It is normal", was the reply. The noise level appears the same since collection! Anyone has comments nor experience to share? Thanks.
  11. Yymail22

    Honda Vezel - Part 3

    Hi. Is there a stockist or two in Singapore who supplies spare parts for Vezel (or Honda cars)? And is there any specialist workshop as well? Thanks for your input.
  12. Yymail22

    Hyundai Avante 1.6A Maintenance Cost

    I am trading in my 2009 Avante for another used car. The body still has a value of $1k. So if you are not renewing COE, avoid sending directly to the scrapyard to de-register.
  13. Yymail22

    PHV Bank Loan Help for my Dad!

    I am looking for my next ride (resale) because current car due for COE-expiry. In the midst of it, I found the higher interest rate when cars for converted to Z10 use, as what this thread was all about. HL Finance offers loan for Z10 use but they will only deal direct with car dealers. Maybank and of course DBS don't offer. Have not heard from UOB but I think they go through dealers too. While I continue to search for other sources, I thought I ask herein does anyone know which banks provide loan to car owners directly? Thanks for your input.
  14. Yymail22

    Honda Vezel - Part 3

    When getting a resale Vezel, which is worst: previously used as private hired car (Uber, Grab) or a typical leasing car? Price is attractive and matches my wallet or I would not have considered and go for owner-used unit. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. Have a great weekend!
  15. Yymail22

    2016 Hyundai Elantra / Avante

    Sorry, Bros and Sis, there are 860+ pages in this thread. It will take long time to go thru. I would like to know the good and bad about the Elantra 2016 model. Have there been any major issues before I spend time looking for a resale unit? So far read about the steering problem in latest posts. My 2009 Avante requires replacement of bulbs often. Wonder Elantra 2016 also have strong current supply too!? Thanks for your inputs and sharing.