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  1. cmcex

    SG Car Scrap

    What is your ride.
  2. cmcex

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    How hard can it be to know where is he from? https://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/dealer_pricelist_print.php?DL=3277
  3. cmcex

    Car kena Scratched

    I ever kena before, to me, i just console myself, my car damn chio thats why losers scratch my car. Imagine you park a bloody beat up van or lorry, you think losers will scratch? Bottomline is, my car too nice thats why attract losers
  4. cmcex

    Car scrap & body value

    Of cos u do. Unless those cars that have no overseas demand. Generally all cars have
  5. cmcex

    Car scrap & body value

    CAR BODY WANTED! CS3 LANCER 1.6 AUTO $1100 - $1200 CS3 LANCER 1.6 MANUAL $800 - $900 HYUNDAI AVANTE AUTO $1600 -$1700 KIA CERATO FORTE AUTO $2000 - $2100 LANCER EX 1.5 Auto $900 - $1000 LANCER EX 2.0 Auto $800 - $900 (subject to car condition) Can Payout Residual Paper Value Full Cash Payment Can Be Arranged. If Car Has Finance, We Can Settle For You. SMS/Whatsapp : 9-7-7-4-
  6. cmcex

    Question on retained VRN

    Write in to LTA ? If that happens and have a precedence, all hell will break loose. A VRN cannot and never ever will be allowed to transfer just by the VRN only. Probably the only time u can write into LTA is the owner of the VRN is deceased and that the syllabus is of motoring history of Singapore ie: S or E and when i say S i mean "S" not SB or SC syllabus
  7. cmcex

    "Vultures" At MRT Station

    ??? Take a chill pill man. You been a victim? Your 3 mths later quote of my post seems so angry... My point is merely live and let live
  8. He isnt scamming you, he knows nothing. Whenever there is a reverse case, roll back case, if there arent any camera, always keep a small notebook in car, make the other party admit liability and draft a simple agreement to say he/she admit fault and sign. Else, get he/she to indicate location and time of accident and send via SMS with he/she admitting liability. With such acknowledgement he/she wont be able to counter claim.
  9. When claiming against 3rd party, you DONT NEED to go to authorized workshop. Authorized workshop only when claiming OWN DAMAGE.
  10. cmcex

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    Importantly the whole assembly is different
  11. cmcex

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    2006/07 Face Estima, if facelifted to 2012 or 2017 facelift will fail inspection. LTA says headlight is different. Thats their explaination, i have a few customers kena and friends too. If you ask me, there is no logic but i would think they dont want ppl to complain, why? New estima cost 160-170k and by doing an exterior facelift, it looks exactly the same as the new one and those who bought new will make noise.
  12. cmcex

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    Not forgetting the amount of "facelifted" Estima that he sold and got buyers into trouble for the inspection. All failed inspection
  13. LTA do not accept counter transfer transaction already. All settle at E lobby, might as well use phone and do. Why everything go LTA?
  14. Trust me, there are, and a lot infact.