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  1. cmcex

    Question on retained VRN

    Write in to LTA ? If that happens and have a precedence, all hell will break loose. A VRN cannot and never ever will be allowed to transfer just by the VRN only. Probably the only time u can write into LTA is the owner of the VRN is deceased and that the syllabus is of motoring history of Singapore ie: S or E and when i say S i mean "S" not SB or SC syllabus
  2. cmcex

    "Vultures" At MRT Station

    ??? Take a chill pill man. You been a victim? Your 3 mths later quote of my post seems so angry... My point is merely live and let live
  3. He isnt scamming you, he knows nothing. Whenever there is a reverse case, roll back case, if there arent any camera, always keep a small notebook in car, make the other party admit liability and draft a simple agreement to say he/she admit fault and sign. Else, get he/she to indicate location and time of accident and send via SMS with he/she admitting liability. With such acknowledgement he/she wont be able to counter claim.
  4. When claiming against 3rd party, you DONT NEED to go to authorized workshop. Authorized workshop only when claiming OWN DAMAGE.
  5. cmcex

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    Importantly the whole assembly is different
  6. cmcex

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    2006/07 Face Estima, if facelifted to 2012 or 2017 facelift will fail inspection. LTA says headlight is different. Thats their explaination, i have a few customers kena and friends too. If you ask me, there is no logic but i would think they dont want ppl to complain, why? New estima cost 160-170k and by doing an exterior facelift, it looks exactly the same as the new one and those who bought new will make noise.
  7. cmcex

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    Not forgetting the amount of "facelifted" Estima that he sold and got buyers into trouble for the inspection. All failed inspection
  8. LTA do not accept counter transfer transaction already. All settle at E lobby, might as well use phone and do. Why everything go LTA?
  9. Trust me, there are, and a lot infact.
  10. LTA knows shit _|_, they only know how to collect $. Point number 2, buyer WILL BE notified and advise that pending loan clearance. Point number 3, with Finance, the transfer need to be accepted TWICE. 1st time is to tag the vehicle so that seller CANNOT CANCEL, only once finance un tag the car, you accept 2nd time to final confirm. Point number 4, within that few days? how many day? it is 8 days. RUBBISH LTA, i have the whole book with me for new ONLINE RULES from LTA. Those fools from 1800 Call LTA line are merely idiots handling the phone, they know nothing AT ALL
  11. Simple thing to do only; 1. Seller effect transfer via singpass on onemotoring website. 2. Buyer to accept first, then go and clear the loan, when a vehicle is tagged under finance, once seller effect transfer and buyer 1st acceptance when vehicle is under finance, the finance company will be notified and LTA will lock the transfer for 7/9 days (seller cannot cancel) pending loan clearance, this is a safety measure for buyer/seller. 3. Once tag is removed by finance (may be on the same day or 2-3 business days), buyer using singpass to go into one motoring again to "confirm" the transfer with valid insurance details and its done. In other words, car with finance now is 2 steps of acceptance. Dont everything also go LTA, waste time.
  12. Some insider updates, not sure if reliable. ERP 2.0 once implemented, Road Tax will be removed, BUT..... Road charge based on distance travelled, AND capacity of the Vehicle Engine ie. CC of the engine. Charges yet to confirm but to differentiate is still the capacity of the engine like how they used to classify for roadtax. Rumors also said, the Road Tax surcharge for COE vehicles increment of 10% every year, they MIGHT still peg to the Road charge.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/TheStraitsTimes/videos/2381978002091099/ Straits Times discussion for ERP 2.0
  14. That's why i say, if only Singaporeans are adventurous, instead of sitting down and KPKB say this say that. They can and have the ability to effect change. In local context, it wont be possible to change the Govt completely, the key here is to have more than current number of opposition voices in the parliament to debate about policies, 82 vs 9 aint making difference, even if all the 9 voted "AGAINST" the bill will still move. If only Singapore can have 41 vs 41, coalition Govt, the policies wont be pushed thru without proper debate. We still have debate over policies now, but does it matter? End of day parliament voting will go thru. The Govt like to tell you, coalition Govt will lead to policies implementation being delayed and all, i feel otherwise, execution of a policy that is for the good of Singapore, doesn't necessary for the people, so to bulldoze a policy thru is UNFAIR. We should change the attitude towards who runs the Island, and if they are FOR US, because WITH US (for the current Govt) is a Fairy Tale and has always been, since 1965.