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  1. Wow Qashqai shooting laser beam!
  2. Oh no! Not another PHV on the roads!
  3. It's not everyday u get to bang a jap porn star...maybe got extra compensation too.
  4. 1 thing I still don't understand is why the side mirrors in the Macan can fog up in heavy rain. Even manual mirrors in classic cars also don't fog up in heavy rain. The windows maybe but not the side mirrors.
  5. You hope the bicycle or cyclist ok?
  6. Raychay

    How problematic is VW's 7 speed DSG?

    many no tune also
  7. Raychay

    Simon yam stabbed

    cos he wear smarter than the rest so assailant mistaken him for the boss!
  8. BMW won't signal
  9. Raychay

    Recommend under seat active sub

    Put under driver's seat, driver shiok. Put under passenger seat, passenger shiok. Depends whom you want to please more!
  10. Raychay

    Seat modifications

    Sorry can't recommend cos I have not done it. Since you know 8 cushion you can ask them
  11. Delivery to Hell Lorry 赶着去投胎?
  12. Raychay

    Seat modifications

    I'm sure those car seat upholstery companies can modify (remove or replace) some material from the seat or back to enable you to sit lower and further back.
  13. When you see a PHV, it's usually a new Mazda 3, Vezel, Shuttle, Corolla, Vios or maybe COE renewed Japanese/Korea car, Noticed that there are some more premium makes and models with PHV decals. It doesn't make economic sense to me why they are doing that. Anyone can enlighten me?
  14. Based on my cars with 2 radiator fans, 1 of the fans will be running when as long as the aircon is turned on. Only the 2nd fan will kick in when the water temp goes up and stops when the water temp drops
  15. Mitsubishi Evolution 一不留神 accident