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Found 9 results

  1. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showtopic=2649561 Continue here
  2. Hello all, Tyre/Rim almost is the most expensive comsumable parts of car, to benefit motorists, kindly list down those you encounted dishonest Tyre shops, in future we should avoid them, 1. Kempas road: Toyo tires, Cheating, selling defect product,
  3. They say if u cant beat them, ban them.
  4. Obviously any profit-oriented enterprise seeks to maximize its bottom line; for those whose bread and butter occur in the immediate online marketplace, the revenue size achieved is directly correlated to both volume and weight of transactions performed, factors which in turn are contingent on purchasing traffic. The more customers the merrier then, you say? Largely so, minus a very small group of folks you are better off avoiding at all costs. These shoppers from hell will cause you an indescribable amount of mental anguish, stress and frustration courtesy of themselves kicking up a shitstorm over nothing, or throwing a hissy fit just because its.......Monday. Cue: crazy, ridiculous requests, threats to rain fire on your certified "unaccommodating" (by them of course) ass. Why end up being severely constipated in the mood department as a consequence of having to endure such unnecessary bollocks? So yes indeed, prevention is way better than cure, its better to be safe than sorry...........yada yada yada. Here is a laundry list compiled to assist you, the merchant, in learning how to sniff out them minions of Satan and banish them to the deepest reaches of your blacklist. Pay real good attention, because it could contribute significantly towards averting a potentially nasty disaster; who knows it might even save your life. Spotting a possibly abusive or problematic online customer: 1. He/she can't be bothered to properly process aka read the information put out for his/her benefit, which means disclaimers and whatnot supplied are simply ignored through and through. When shit hits the fan, he/she will return in a flash and scorch the very ground you exist on. That means unwarranted complaints, barking in your face till you issue a full refund or offer a replacement. 2. He/she is a member of club anal-retentive. Makes inquiries about every single damn thing, perhaps even ask why the sky is blue. Get ready to be skewered big time if he/she uncovers the slightest, tiniest disparity in product quality.
  5. from Yahoo report : Ten Sim Lim shops named and shamed By Elizabeth Soh | Going Out
  6. if you are considering buying pre-owned cars from 2nd hand car dealers, do be very careful of dealers who will tamper with the odometers to con you of the condition of the cars. i think it'll be a good idea to start a thread to help members & viewers keep a lookout or avoid these dishonest chaps! i am starting the ball rolling... avoid Auto Arena @ Turf City!! i am driving a car they sold me last mth (odometer displayed 46000+km) but after doing a detailed search, saw this car up for auction by GE Money... & guess what? mileage advertised by GE Money was 68000+km!?
  7. 1. Caltex Braddell: half-assed quickie semi-wash and dry
  8. ZURICH - The OECD has branded 46 countries and territories for 'insufficient progress' in meeting standards on tax cooperation and banking secrecy, a Swiss newspaper reported on Monday. Swiss daily Tages Anzeiger reported that in a letter dated March 5 to British Chancellor Alistair Darling, OECD chief Angel Gurria had provided a list including Switzerland and Singapore, as well as territories such as the Cayman Islands, Andorra and Montserrat. The list also included Costa Rica, Chile, Grenada, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Liberia, Panama, the Philippines, San Marino and Uruguay, as well as Gibraltar, Guernsey and Jersey and a host of Pacific and Caribbean islands. France and Germany have been leading the charge to clamp down on tax havens, calling for an international 'sanctions mechanism' to be imposed on territories that are on a list due to be prepared for a full G20 summit on April 2. Swiss Finance Minister Hans-Rudolf Merz said last week that the OECD list was drawn up at the request of the G20. Amid the pressure, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, Monaco, Belgium, Andorra and Liechtenstein - all of which are on the March 5 list - said late last week that they would relax their bank secrecy laws to provide more cooperation against tax cheats. Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey also criticised the OECD for providing a blacklist, in remarks published Sunday. 'It is unacceptable that the OECD secretariat acts secretly on the orders of single member states. We have protested against this course of action. Such an error should not be repeated,' she told newspaper NZZ am Sonntag. -- AFP
  9. one of my uni mates recently rejected an acceptance the last min b4 he went down to the office to sign the letter of offer. according to him, he din sign any papers or documents to show he has accepted the job. but when he informed the company tat he decided not to take up the offer, he was told off rudely by the people there telling him how impolite he was. by right, he is not in any case of obligations coz no papers or black and white were signed right? is there such a thing as global HR blacklist? coz he's afraid this case might affect his job hunting presently and in the future. thanks guys in advance
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