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Found 31 results

  1. LoverofCar

    Flat foot problem

    Daughter has flat foot pain recently.....she don't have this pain when young but as she growth up and into teenage...the pain started when doing sport..I know this happened to quite a number of people.....did bring her to sport medicine clinc for dynos and pysio session......any kind soul can share a place for reasonable price custom insole?
  2. Nowadays, more and more new car model have replaced the hand brake with the foot pedal brake. Any one knows what is the main reason for the change? Maybe cost savings perhaps as I don't see this as an improvement. With the hand brake visible next to us, we sometimes still forget to release it before moving off. Wonder if the hand brake now changed to foot pedal brake, will this kind of mistake be more frequent? Any bro or sis using foot padel brake can share their experience?
  3. Foofam77

    Foot massager - health products

    feel like getting one of those foot massagers...but am torn between that few big players e.g, OSIM, OTO... anyone has any recommnendations? wat would be the price range like?
  4. Dear Bros, Looking for accessories shop recommendation, specifically looking for scuff plates (door sill) - just the normal type not with LED, and also aluminium foot pedal cover for Mazda 6. Hope to get some advises.
  5. Bros, Need your advise on foot pedals for Mazda 6. I saw there are 2 types of acceleration pedals below (both drill-in types): Are both compatible for auto transmission? Which type is better? Are they interchangeable and doesn't matter which one to use?
  6. Visited Wan Yang for the past one year. Personally i kinda like their service, although most of the time was served by different people in the same outlet (causeway point) but the experience was never disappointing. The shi fu station @ causeway point are well experience and always explain clearly to me what are the do's and don't. Somehow i feel with regular foot reflexology it helps to improve my migraine condition. Sharing my past experience with different outlets/Shi Fu: 師傅: Changi Airport - Anyhow, one of the worst outlet i visited City Square Mall- Good Service and slot are kinda of flexible Ang Mo Kio - Depending on "shi fu" mood Parkway Parade - Very chatty, skill so-so Suntec City - Not too bad, just that its not fully equip at the moment (they are moving). Plaza Singapura - Shi fu skill above average, slot are kinda of flexible. Anyone visited other outlets, care to share more information's?
  7. Turbonetics

    Hand,foot,mouth disease

    Hi everybody,iam here at home on MC for 5 days and nothing much to do so i would like to share with you all that an adult like me had just kena hand,foot,mouth disease(HFMD) being spread by my daughter. she got infected about 2 weeks ago and i sent her to KK hospital and the doctor confirmed that she had HFMD and doctor said that adult kena HFMD is very rare,so i took it lightly and got close with my daughter.now she is about to recover.normally the first symtom is having fever. last saturday,i woke up feeling unwell with slight fever and sore throat and went to see doctor. after my meal,i followed the prescription to take my medicine and took a nap. after the nap,i felt better with my fever about to subside and sore throat isn't as painful and the following night,iam almost feeling very fine. the next day(sunday),i woke up and felt my right foot got a tikling feeling(as if you step onto a small stone). i took a look at it and it was abit red without any bump so i thought it wasn't anything serious. at noon,our family is about to go out for lunch and i wear my socks and could feel the same thing on my left foot but i did not remove my sock and take a look.then we head down to the carpark. when i placed my right hand on the steering,i could feel the same thing on my palm too. immediately i told my wife about all these things. she said could it be chicken pox. and i asked her could it be HFMD as i had chicken pox before. on that day,the rashes keep poping out. we were almost certain that it could be HFMD as the symtop i had was rashes that turn into blisters on my hand and leg and ulcers on my throat. the next day,i went to see doctor and was confirmed HFMD. he said it is very rare to adult to have HFMD. he ask me to go buy 4D on my IC number.
  8. Served him rite, though real sux having to be handcuffed n left lying on street
  9. Quite a mystery why Stomper never noticed her maid is preggers as well. Nevertheless, I also wonder what all the maid levy is for when at the first sign of trouble, the authorities straight away bo wa eh tai ji. Employer's horror: She has to bear medical expenses after maid gives birth STOMPer Sabrina was appalled after she got saddled with medical bills and repatriation costs for her maid who gave birth within three months of employment. The STOMPer wonders how the maid got through the medical check-ups without the pregnancy setting off any alarm. The STOMPer wrote: "I employed an Indonesian maid to look after my mother (not living with me) in February this year but returned her to the maid agency last Friday (May 04) and got an alarming piece of news yesterday (May 08) -- that she has given birth to a healthy baby boy in the office of the maid agency! "How can this be possible since she was only in Singapore for less than three months. Now, the maid agency says that according to MOM's (Ministry of Manpower) rules and regulations, the employer is to bear all the medical fees and costs for repatriating the maid and the baby. "In the first place, the maid should be at least 6 months pregnant when she arrived in Singapore -- how could she have passed the full medical check-up? "Furthermore, the medical check-up is handled by the maid agency, not me! "As such, shouldn't the maid agency be responsible for the costs or go after the doctor who did the medical check-up? "I checked through the contract that I signed with the maid agency -- under clause 15, it's stated that 'in the event FDW (Foreign Domestic Worker) falls ills or suffers personal injury...employer shall bear all the medical costs'. "Can an 'unexpected' birth be classified as an illness or injury? "The agency is going to discharge the maid and the baby from NUH today (May 09). "Is there any of you out there who has a similar story to share? Is there any immediate action I should take to protect my rights? "I am very very sad. Staff from MOM called me up yesterday too and surprisingly, she told me that they are not going to mediate the matter involving. "She advised me to settle the bill and send the maid back as soon as possible and said 'it has nothing to do with MOM as the ministry issued work permits based on medical reports'. "Who should I turn to then?"
  10. Yusld

    Numbness on one foot

    Anyone have this experience, standing and walking too long, pain on the lower buttock downwards. Basically is the pain on one side, and sometimes the numbness can be felt on the foot. Anyone can share and how you over come this?
  11. Tanahseng

    Mouth and Foot painting

    Anyone received these Xmas and New Year card from the above mentioned? Were ask to post them $18 cheque and the envelope contain around eight cards. Where the F this organization got my full name and address? And if I do not want to buy, throw the envelope in rubbish bin? Is this new tactic of sales and asking for charities? Anyone??
  12. URA rejects sole bid for Paya Lebar site 04:47 AM Nov 05, 2011 SINGAPORE - The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has rejected the only bid submitted by the subsidiaries of UOL Group and Singapore Land for a commercial site at Sims Avenue / Tanjong Katong Road because the price is too low. UOL Venture Investments and SL Development had submitted a joint bid of S$529.3 million, or about S$566 psf per plot ratio, for the 99-year leasehold site. "We are very disappointed that the tender has not been awarded. We were looking forward to a constructive role in the Government's long-term plan to decentralise commercial activities outside of CBD which will help ease business costs, reduce undue congestion and revitalise urban nodes," the consortium said in a joint statement. "The rejection is a setback to that decentralisation plan." It said the bid had been a fair one considering "the site's technical challenges and resultant impact on layout, as well as the recent global economic turbulences and enhanced market risks". "The rejection came as a surprise to us
  13. Verve

    Good foot reflexologist

    been looking for a good foot reflexologist seems to be a dying breed anyone have recommendations. i tried teo chew meng, cheap but not exactly good. a few others and i was disappointed. thinking its either very good or mediocre but very cheap (make up for it by getting a longer session)
  14. This one had me ROTFL... http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...ape_police.html Looks like TP bikers seem to be out of shape to actually run after the crooks..... either on Bike or Nothing!!
  15. Gruesome pics here INFORMATION technology technician Derek Li's life has been put on hold ever since the front wheel of an SBS Transit bus crushed the toes of his left foot in the early hours of Nov 29 last year. Mr Li, 27, said he was walking from his grandmother's flat in Hougang Avenue 10 to his mother's home in Hougang Avenue 3 when the accident happened just after midnight. At the road junction outside Hougang Plaza, the traffic lights turned green for both pedestrians and turning vehicles, and he crossed. A single-deck, off-duty Service 74 bus was turning in his direction at the same time. He expected it to stop - but it did not. Mr Li's left foot was smashed. The sock he was wearing held the crushed bone and tissue together until paramedics arrived, he said. At the Changi General Hospital, he was told that he might lose all five toes. Eventually, three were amputated by Dec 12 last year. He has been in three hospitals since the incident, and does not know when he can be discharged. Speaking to my paper from his bed in an Ang Mo Kio community hospital yesterday, Mr Li, who earns $1,200 a month, said that his second and fourth toes are intact, but he can no longer move them. He is expected to be able to walk again using both feet, but must wear a special shoe fitted for his left foot. "I will be walking with a permanent limp," said Mr Li, who now needs the help of a wheelchair to negotiate longer distances. A letter from the NSman's doctor to the Singapore Armed Forces states that Mr Li has sustained fractures and extensive de-gloving injuries to his left foot. This means that the skin and subcutaneous tissue have been torn off in glove-like fashion. He has undergone five operations, with a plastic surgeon attaching to his wound a 20cm by 8cm skin graft taken from his left thigh, and a 20cm-long muscle flap from his back. When contacted, Ms Tammy Tan, SBS Transit's corporate- communications senior vice-president, said the transport company has been assisting Mr Li with his medical and hospitalisation expenses. "We are deeply sorry for the pain caused to Mr Li and his family," she said in an e-mail. When asked about compensation, she added: "It is imperative that Mr Li quantifies the components of his claim. Due to a conflict of interest, we are not able to assist him in this regard. "We have, however, suggested that he approach the Legal Aid Bureau for assistance in this matter. We will continue to assist him where possible." Mr Li, whose parents are divorced, lives in a two-room flat with his mother, a factory worker. His father is a lorry driver He hopes that SBS Transit will offer compensation of at least $500,000. "I have at least 40 more years ahead of me. How am I supposed to go on? My boss says I can go back to work any time, but even the thought of taking public transport to work is daunting," said the Institute of Technical Education graduate.
  16. Question is do you brake with your left foot... not can you brake with your left foot... though i am sure many cant break smoothly with their left leg... haha
  17. Health @ AsiaOne http://www.asiaone.com/Health/News/Story/A...113-257964.html More than half of Korean women have athlete's foot Women accuse men of having smelly feet all year long. But during the cold season, it is possible that they are the smellier ones. -The Korea Herald/ANN Thu, Jan 13, 2011 The Korea Herald/Asia News Network By Park Min-young Many women hesitate when ushered into a room with floor-seating instead of to a table when having dinner at a Korean restaurant, especially in the winter. Sure, it could be because they are wearing skirts that are too short or boots that are too much trouble to take off and put back on. But frankly speaking, those might not be the only reasons. "I never say it out loud, but I am worried that my feet might smell or my toes might have bored holes into the stockings. Especially when I have been wearing boots all day long, because I don't know what might have happened inside them," said a 25-year-old office worker who asked to remain anonymous. Women accuse men of having smelly feet all year long. But during the cold season, well, it is possible that they are the smellier ones. According to a 2009 survey by Novartis Korea of 1,000 men and women aged 18 to 54 who live in Korea's four metropolitan cities, 51.5 percent of the women said that they have experienced foot fungus in the winter. Not a surprise, knowing how they fussily pamper their precious feet in the summer but often completely forget about them as soon as they disappear from sight, tucked deep inside a pair of boots. For all who feel guilty, here are some basic steps to make your feet soft and odorless again. #1: Wash them smartly Your feet could easily get sweaty and callused in the winter because they are stuck inside extra warm shoes for most of the day. Such shoes, including boots, are most likely made of non-breathable materials that trap heat and moisture which can cause calluses that lead to dermatitis like athlete's foot and bad odor. Some recklessly try to scrape the calluses off with something sharp, like a knife or a paper cutter. This can be even more dangerous than it sounds because doing so could cut off some of the healthy skin and infect that too. The smart way to remove calluses is to soak your feet in warm water for a while, rub them with a soft towel or brush, wash them with soap and dry them completely. If water remains on the feet, it could be another cause for bad odor. "It is okay to use foot exfoliating tools or cream if the calluses are too thick, but you should avoid using too much force to scrape them off especially when your feet are wet. Not everyone needs to get rid of calluses and excessive exfoliation could irritate the skin even more," said Park Ji-young, dermatologist at ArumdaunNara Dermatology Cosmetic Surgical Center. After cleansing your feet thoroughly, slather on foot lotion or cream that contains callus softeners. Doctors say that moisturizers are always good for the feet. If your feet still feel too dry and chapped, cover them up with plastic wrap or gauze for the night and you will find them much softer in the morning. If time and money permits, visiting a nearby foot massage center or a pedicure shop would be refreshing. Your feet deserve a full-course treatment from scrubs and massages to shiny pedicures from time to time, even in the winter. If you think you have a fungal infection, make sure you see a podiatrist. Young women are often too ashamed to admit that they have foot problems and refuse to go see a doctor. But doctors warn that it may bring on secondary infections or other serious complications if not treated soon enough. "Athlete's foot sometimes gets naturally cured when the season changes, but that is only if the condition is not too bad. In worse conditions, the germs can move on to fingernails and toenails. Then the treatment gets more complicated and it can spread to other people as well," said Park. "High humidity is a major cause of athlete's foot. Winter is a better season to treat the problem than summer because it is relatively drier. But even if you get cured for now it does not mean that you are cured for good. It requires continuous care."
  18. Picnic06-Biante15

    150 Foot Jump Into Cardboard Boxes

    Piew......... I won't try it even for a million dollars ............ http://sg.video.yahoo.com/watch/7406917/19377417
  19. hi bros, can check with u all if u noe which is better? looking for a car with hand brake instead of foot brake cause scare later confuse it with clutch..
  20. Bloody stupid self acclaim Eco Mall where they got so many tv at the mall showing how green they are but bloody hell went there the 2nd time already and the car park system really CMI! going into carpark gotta que for more than half hour even though the que was not that long and once pass the barrier and into the carpark there were quite a number of lots available and lots of empty reserve lots for hybrid cars and electric cars! NB reserve so many for what? Going out was the worse as i park at B4 and from there have to jam all the way untill level 1 as have to wait for the upper levels cars go out first and i estimate that took about almost 1 hr!!! and many ppl TL untill anyhow horn hundreds of vehicle stuck there for soo much time and churning out all those exhaust gases would have negate all those green stuffs they claim to have done rite? Really want to shoot the company and ppl who design the carpark system I think all those time spend waiting i rather go over the causeway and shop and eat and pump all at a better price!
  21. Robo

    Foot MAssage

    anyone know any place in sg that foot massage is good and reasonably priced? need to go for one tdy but reluctant to go up to jaybee... please share. TIA
  22. Diu Nei Lo Mo la... Now my bonnet looks scratchy... If can polish off, Heaven is letting u off.. If cannot polish off, I hope chiu leg uplorry dip dip! Piece of shyt!
  23. Kanna a new assignment to organise something for my company staff during their 1 hr lunch time. Thgt of calling in some blind personnel to provide foot massage for my staff Anybody got any lobang.....think is association for the blind,...........but can't really remember
  24. Jonbummer

    Shot itself in the foot!

    wasn't sure to put this in motorsports or anywhere else but i reckon it shld belong here long article but the gist is in RED -------------------------------------------------------- Me and my passport MARCH 18, 2008 BY JOE SAWARD http://www.grandprix.com/gt/gt20132.html My passport is a bit beaten up. It has done 10 years of hard labour, and has been to almost as many exciting places as I have. Every page is filled with stamps and visas, which is impressive in these days of Europe "sans frontieres". The photograph of me looks like me, but I was just a little skinnier then, without as much grey hair. The old passport runs out in May, and it was looking forward to having its corners clipped and to living quietly in retirement in a drawer with its predecessors. Its only job in the future is to act as a reminder of the things that we did together along the way; a prompter for memories of the good times. Thinking back, I seem to recall that my passport's immediate predecessor had its career cruelly cut short when some officious diplomatic twerp refused to issue a visa because there was no page left unsullied. The country concerned would only put its precious visa stickers on virgin passport pages. And so I had to get a new passport ahead of schedule. I reckon that I have done pretty everything one can do wrong when travelling. I had been to the wrong airport on the right day, the right airport on the wrong day. I had even done the wrong airport on the wrong day. I once left my entire suitcase behind when setting off to a Grand Prix. I have forgotten everything at one time or another: toothpaste, underwear, sunglasses, you name it. On one famous occasion I even managed to leave a press room in the middle of the night after a race, without taking my computer. I have also forgotten to take the address of the hotel at which I am staying. I thought I had done it all. My piece de resistance was to have bumped MYSELF off an aeroplane. It really is very simple. You just buy a ticket for a plane and then forget you have done it. Later you try to buy another and discover that there are no seats left. You have to book a different flight the day before you want to travel. All that is then left to do is to discover as the plane takes off that you have a ticket for the flight that you wanted to be on but can now never use. Brilliant. What is there left to do? When I leave home, I chant my little mantra: "Tickets, passport, money, racing pass". If one has those four items, everything else is replaceable. And yet, after the Australian GP, I discovered that my education is not yet complete. I was bound for Singapore with an invitation from the organisers of the forthcoming Grand Prix to visit the city and see the track. The Singapore government had figured out that that it might capture a few F1 journalists on their way through from Australia to Kuala Lumpur, and that we could do some promotional work for them. Why not? The problem was that some passports are more valid than others. In George Orwell's "Animal Farm" the ruling pigs decide that "all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others" and, apparently, this is true of passports as well. A valid passport in Singapore is only really valid if it has more than six months to go before retirement. If there is under six months to go "on the clock", they will not let you in. That made me laugh when they told me the news at Melbourne's tunefully-named Tullamarine Airport. I explained to the Singapore Girl behind the desk that it was a self-defeating policy to invite someone to your country and then not let them in, but she was "only following orders" and so the plane went off without me. What the hell, I thought, it is all good column material. If they don't want free promotion, I am not going to fight them. So I spent the rest of the day enjoying the delights of the British Consulate, which was very efficient. Six hours after my interview with Singapore Airlines I had a new passport, had had a decent lunch and a bit of a snooze, and I was only waiting for Europe to wake up to find a flight to get me to Kuala Lumpur in time for the big event. Singapore was history. With a day to think about it all, I concluded that the journalists who travel the world with F1, often paying their own bills, are little more than promotional men for the racing. We do it because we love it, not because we make vast profits. What keeps us going (apart from the fact that most of our friends inhabit this mobile village) is that we have a passion for the sport. We want to see it become as successful as is possible. We want it to be fair and, more than anything, we want the world to look at F1 in a positive way. Sometimes that means that we must criticise. We write things that appear to be negative, but really we are trying to make it better. Things do not change if people say nothing. People do not always agree on what is good and bad for the sport. We all believe different things and sometimes those beliefs are in conflict with one another. But let us not forget that it is the passion that binds us all together. The other day I was asked to make a speech about Formula 1 to some erudite folk in Melbourne. I thought about it long and hard and concluded that, when one boils it all down, those of us who join the F1 trails are doing what every kid dreams of doing. We run away and we join the circus. There are lions and there are clowns, but it's the greatest show on earth, sprinkling its pixie dust wherever it goes.
  25. I heard bros here said it'll destroy the engine in the long run. I believe that the definition of light-footedness means accelerating below 3k rpm. Will it really harm the engine? anyone bros here wanna comment?