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Found 63 results

  1. Anderang

    Passat B8

    Hi bros, Starting a thread for Passat B8. Collected my Passat Highline on 30 Dec. Great car to drive. Roomy interior. Any B8 bros here? Cheers
  2. Ario

    Volkswagen Passat 1.8

    Guys am considering getting a passat 1.8. Can any owners here comment the experience with this variant? May I know what's the typical servicing costs per 15000km? There's really no topic about the costs here?
  3. China’s All-New Volkswagen Passat Previews What America Will Soon Get?https://carbuzz.com/news/china-s-all-new-volkswagen-passat-previews-what-america-will-soon-get Say goodbye to the current bland-looking Passat. Say hello to this stunner? We’ve known for some time now that Volkswagen has been hard at work on an all-new North American market Passat. The current generation, built in Chattanooga, Tennessee, has been on sale since 2011. Compared to its immediate predecessor, the outgoing Passat is, in a word, bland, styling wise. It’s not that it was a bad car but it was very conservatively styled inside out. What’s more, it was designed and built specifically for North America while Europe received a more stylish and premium Passat. That won’t be the case for much longer. Thanks to VW Vortex, we’re getting our first look at the newly revealed Chinese market Passat and the car you’re looking at is said to very much resemble what’s about to debut for the US. Without question there’s lots of Arteon design influences throughout, especially up front and from a side profile. Despite having the familiar three-box sedan design, this new Passat is sleeker and unquestionably sexier than today’s car. Despite the sloped roofline, there’s still a traditional trunk as opposed to a liftback design. It’s also bigger than the Euro-spec Passat. For example, it’s about 3 inches longer and has roomier rear seat. Speaking of which, note the quilted leather and fancy glass bottles in the center armrest cupholders. The cupholders will surely be on the US market version, but we’re not so sure about the upgraded upholstery rear seats. Remember, it’s very fashionable in China for owners to be chauffeured around town by a hired driver, hence the need for VW to upgrade the rear seats. It doesn’t work like that in America. The new Passat will ride on VW’s MQB platform which also underpins the likes of the Arteon, Atlas, Jetta, and Europe’s Passat. Under the hood, there’s a good chance the VW will make further use of the same turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four with 268 hp found in the Arteon. It’s paired to an eight-speed automatic sending power to either the front or all four wheels. The Arteon’s US launch was recently delayed and isn’t expected to go on sale until early next year. The all-new Passat, however, will likely debut at either Los Angeles in late November or at Detroit in mid-January.
  4. xherion

    New 2015 Volkswagen Passat

    Very sleek and spacious with nice interior ......will sell well if it's as reliable (ahem2 DSG)
  5. Hi all, I do not know where to post this but can anyone advise me on a reliable VW workshop in Singapore for servicing other than authorised agent? I have a used 2010 Passat CC and thought maybe I should send it for servicing now. How often must the 6 speed DSG gearbox be serviced? Will be good if anyone can share any good parts/brands such as engine oil, filters, etc. for the servicing.
  6. Techaview

    Passat CC launched 14th March 2009

    http://www.vwasia.com/publish/vwasia/vwasia/en/company/media_centre/press_releases/2008/Beyond_the_mainstream_the_new_Passat_CC.html Media Release 07 April 2008 Beyond the mainstream
  7. Hey guys, anyone know where can i get the above mentioned?
  8. Hi, as above, know any good SE? The lady that I was served erm, is very stiff in prices/gifts/packages.... This no , that no..... tsk tsk... I am not asking much as this car has pretty much everything i need... Need someone more flexible.... already had the check book that day, just need serious sweetener... Thks in advance.
  9. Just return from shanghai...Found so many Passat & Polo used by the Police, resident & of course the TAXI company. VW made in shanghai is so cheap. Saw the police also using passat 1.8T & the V6 engine.
  10. Beep2

    VW Passat 2.0

    Has anyone got this car yet ? Was considering it against Legacy 2.0 AWD and Honda 2.0 JDM (price range just below <100K)
  11. SYF77

    US IIHS names safest cars for 2013

    The US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has released data on the top safety picks for 2013. All the vehicles tested belong to the 2013 model year. This year, the IIHS came out with a new award on top of the usual TOP SAFETY PICK award. Called the TOP SAFETY PICK+ award, vehicles must earn good ratings for occupant protection in at least 4 of 5 evaluations, and no less than acceptable in the fifth test in order to earn it. The models award the TOP SAFETY PICK+ award are mostly mid-sized sedans. They include the Acura TL, Chrysler 200, Dodge Avenger, Ford Fusion, Honda Accord Sedan/Coupe, Kia Optima, Nissan Altima Sedan, Subaru Legacy, Subaru Outback, Suzuki Kizashi, Volkswagen Passat and the Volvo S60. The models underlined are available for sale in Singapore. The 2013 Honda Accord sedan should be making its debut locally in the coming months. If you are looking for a 'certified' safe car to ferry your family, do check them out. Honda Accord Kia Optima Subaru Legacy Suzuki Kizashi Volkswagen Passat Volvo S60
  12. Ak7887

    New 2012 Passat

    Hi guys, picked this vid from youtube..... the new Passat 2012!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R55e-uHQna0
  13. VellfireS

    Passat 1.4TSI

    Bros and well.. Sis.. For a VW Passat.. I dont understand the logic for a 1.4L engine.. I have always felt that the 1.6L for a S80 is already.. like does not suit.. 1.4L for a Passat? Just my opinion.. Now underpowered meh? and using the famous 7 speed gearbox.. :blink: http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/review.php?AID=510
  14. [extract] Many here would have already known about the revised special tax for Euro V compliant diesel cars that was announced by the government earlier this year. Previously, the annual rate per cubic centimetre is at S$1.25. Though since starting from 01 January 2012, the annual rate has been reduced to S$0.40 per cubic centimetre. This revision is made due to the recognition in Euro V
  15. Those that drive the very staid, sedate and most of the time dull Volkswagen Passat can now pretend their car can race, with the Volkswagen Passat R-Line. This is Volkswagen's answer to those that want a Passat that looks slightly sportier than usual. It also gives current Passat owners and the people who produce those knock-off and cheap body kits how to style their dull family sedan. It gives them hope. A hope that they can look cooler even though they are driving a Passat. Of course, a Passat is still cooler to drive than a MPV. Anyway, the Volkswagen Passat R-Line is a styling exercise that gives that extra Oomph to the Passat. It features new bumpers, side skirts, a bootlid spoiler and a rear diffuser. The R-Line package also includes sports tuned suspension which lowers the Passat by 15mm and 17 inch wheel and tyre combo. The interior gets some extra embellishments - two-tone sport seats, titanium silver trim, stainless steel pedals, sill plates and a flat-bottomed steering wheel. The Passat R-Line tuning package was recently launched in Europe and will make its way to our shores soon enough. Over there, Volkswagen will offer the R-Line package on its Comfortline and Highline variants. It will cost an extra
  16. Sunny

    VW passat CC at aye

    Anyone passing aye towards changi just before clementi ave 6, will see the silver vw passat cc stationed at road side. It has been there for weeks. Owner mai Liao?
  17. FaezClutchless

    First Look: 2013 Volkswagen CC

    [extract] When Volkswagen released the Passat CC back in 2008, the German automaker stated that the car was the
  18. FaezClutchless

    Turbo Inline 5 in and VR6 out?

    The introduction of Volkswagen's VR6 engine in the early 1990s ushered a new era of vehicle powertrain usage. The narrow angle of the VR6 engine enabled Volkswagen to offer a wide range of applications where a traditional V engine would not normally fit. The "VR" name stands for "V-Reihenmotor," combining the German words for V-shaped and straight engines, and the "6" is the number of cylinders. The narrow design of the VR engine (item C, pictured above) has made the usage of the engine possible in compact, front-wheel drive cars. This enabled Volkswagen to offer the power and torque of a V6 engine in vehicles that a traditional six-cylinder wouldn't otherwise fit into. And now, with ever changing times, the German automaker are considering the future options for an engine with power levels of a six cylinder. One possible scenario is that Volkswagen will discontinue the VR6 and will use the turbocharged inline-five engine that we see in the Audi TT RS, according to a Volkswagen board member in charge of research and design. Another possibility is to use the VR6 engine in more vehicles; it is offered in several of Volkswagen models such as the Passat, Touareg and also in several vehicles in the Volkswagen Group. However, the naturally aspirated inline-five will soon be replaced in favour of the 1.8 litre turbocharged inline-four. Even if the turbocharged inline-five engine is used and slightly detuned from the original 360bhp and 465Nm of torque, the engine will still make more power than the VR6; even in the largest displacement version (3.6 litre generating around 280bhp). The reason why Volkswagen intends to replace the VR6 engine is due to the high production and import costs. It will not be financially feasible if less Volkswagen models use the VR6 engines. One possible future usage of the VR6 engine is the
  19. Throttle2

    Passat CC

    Hi anyone has this car. any comments? i went to take a look at VW and found it sporty and well built. Maybe worthwhile to get a few years down the road? Not sure about reliability. Is it good as a fuss free, thrash around car. any owners can comment? Thanks
  20. Soya

    5-seater Passat CC

    Finally.... Wonder how soon it'll get to SG? http://www.worldcarfans.com/110012224155/v...-as-five-seater
  21. I was called by my friend to watch him race his 159 vs my other's friend boxster and drove all the way down to Jalan Sultan to be safety car, but knn Boxster chickened out and got no race to watch, angry I decided to race with 159 and it is indeed a fast car, no way my Passat could overtake it. However, the boxster's 0 to 100 of 5.8s should be able to whack the 159's 0 to 100 of 8s easily, why does he reject 159's invivation for a frenly race so many times? He claims got hesistation when rev-ing....so don't buy 10 year old boxster? I also sianz...my car lagi slow...which car to buy to that can whack the 159???
  22. just curious why you seem unhappy at me.staring at me like i owe you money. btw,you let the legacy go pass but you didnt let me pass and i was left behind you. legacy more branded than honda stream? then when i overtook you,you started to tailgate me(you didnt do a good job of scaring e though and i would have rolled on the floor laughning if you hit me. i noticed you staddling the 2 lanes at the yio chu kang corner.cannot speed or race dont do it then,you just made yourself look foolish.
  23. -2011 Jetta - Volkswagen Group (VW) has finally signed an agreement with a Malaysian company to manufacture its cars in Malaysia. The partnership with DRB-HICOM (DRB) will be a joint venture agreement with DRB holding a 70% stake in the venture while VW the remaining 30% and the total investment of this would be around RM1 billion. It will enable VW to manufacture cars in Malaysia as well as throughout South East Asia. What will happen firstly is that the local assembly of the 2011 VW Passat and 2011 VW Jetta models will start rolling out of DRB
  24. Ferraricalifornia

    Ford Mondeo Ecoboost VS Volkswagen Passat CC

    Hi one and all.... i'm held between these 2 cars.... and would wanna know what would your choices be.... i personally like the Passat CC purely for it's external sleek looks.... however, the boring interior design, as well as cramp rear seats, make this car an impractical car especially for family use.... as for the Ford Mondeo, i'm really looking forward to the 2.0EcoBoost model with 201bhp and 6AT.... the outgoing 2.3Duratec 161bhp just isn't enough for the huge Mondeo body.... i like the Mondeo for its executive looks without breaking the bank, as well as a unique interior, that is both well made and rather stylish at the same time.... the rear seats are also really spacious enough for my family to fit in....
  25. Sunday Times journalist Gavin Conway has set a world record by driving a Volkswagen Passat 1,531 miles (2464 km) on a single tank of fuel from Maidstone, England to Calais. The Passat was fitted with VW's1.6 TDI (105 PS/ 250Nm) diesel engine with BlueMotion technology that includes a stop/start system for improved fuel-economy. The car on test was a standard production model with no modifications made. Conway used exactly 77.25 liters of diesel fuel on the drive which translate to a fuel-economy figure of 3.1 liter/100 km - way above the standard combined cycle rating of 4.4 liter/100 km (or 22.7km/l). For comparison, the Toyota Prius, with its much more complicated drivetrain, has a fuel consumption rating of 25.6km/l. The event was documented by representatives of the Guinness Book of World records who confirmed the record. The BlueMotion technology on the Passat also includes lowered ride height, low roll-resistance tires, aerodynamic bodywork and programmed battery charging. BlueMotion technology is also available on the Polo and Golf models. For readers