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Found 11 results

  1. Hi bro, I am driving a silver car and intend to wrap the whole car black. Do i need approval from LTA or just inform LTA? There is no information on LTA site. Thanks in advance. Rgds
  2. Recently booked a new ride, it took several times (2 months) before the Euro 6 emission test passes. Now the next step is "Batch Vehicle Approval" test. Anyone can advise what is this? Cheers!
  3. My Infiniti Q50 doesnt seem to have an aftermarket legal exhaust or muffler kit in singapore. or at least no workshop seems to have it. Ive enquire overseas and there are at least 3 manufacturers that make them but all seems to don't have a reseller here. one of the japanese manufacturer even have Jasma certification but i asked a famous exhuast workshop if they willing to get approval , but they rejected. is there any other way to get after market exhaust /muffler system approved? seems like a very grey area by LTA.... not very encouraging for people to want to comply with the law. need advice from experienced brothers here.... any workshop interested to carry a japanese brand of exhaust that works with lexus, bmw, lambo, merc and infiniti?
  4. Nothing is free....the cost will be pushed to the taxi drivers eventually...and passengers of course. Worstif the accident is caused by the taxi driver, can taxi driver purposely say forgot to turn on the cam? I think it's hard since it become mandatory. Why pay money to get farked in own ass by the law? Better to spend own $$$ and install own camera. If favorable use the video to fight claims. If not favorable, bua bodoh, just don't reveal the video. Sunday, Jun 03, 2012 The New Paper Three cab firms get LTA nod for in-car cameras By Rennie Whang THREE of the seven taxi companies here have obtained approval to install cameras inside their taxis, aLand Transport Authority (LTA) spokesman told The New Paper on Wednesday. They are Comfort, CityCab and TransCab. At least one more company, Prime Taxi, is going through the application process. The LTA spokesman said that applying companies need to provide the objective for installing the equipment, its technical specifications and mounting mechanism, as well as the implementation schedule for installing the equipment. She said: "LTA will take into account the information submitted by the taxi company and consider factors such as the safe mounting of the equipment, and whether it will unduly affect the safety, comfort and privacy of passengers." Prime Taxi general manager Eric Ang said yesterday that his company was still sourcing for the right product and vendor. He said: "In-car cameras in all our taxis will happen, but not immediately." Both SMRT and Prime Taxi said information on costs - including how much a driver would have to foot - would come at a later date. In-car cameras would benefit taxi drivers and their passengers as it would expedite accident claims, defence lawyer Gloria James said. It would also come in handy if, say, a passenger sues the cabby in an accident. Such insurance claims can be hefty. In 2003, a lawyer was awarded $300,000 compensation when a taxi slammed into the rear of a taxi he had been riding in, resulting in whiplash. Said Ms James: "In an accident, the passenger sues the driver even if the taxi has been hit from behind. "The taxi driver then has to bring in the driver of the other car as a co-defendant. In-car camera footage would prove the taxi driver's case and help transfer liability." wrennie@sph.com.sg This article was first published in The New Paper.
  5. I have imported an exhaust system from Korea. Exhaust Manifold ㆍ E/G : 2.0, 2.4 theta(θ) 엔진 ㆍ Type : 4-2-1 ㆍ Pipe size : Φ43-54-61 ㆍ All Stainless (SUS304) ㆍ Part-No : JBL1G-16059 twin Rear-section ㆍ Pipe size : Φ60.5 ㆍ Main Muffler : 280
  6. 2008 Formula One calendar Mar 16 Australia (Melbourne) Mar 23 Malaysia (Sepang) Apr 6 Bahrain (Sakhir) Apr 27 Spain (Barcelona) May 11 Turkey (Istanbul) May 25 Monaco (Monte Carlo) Jun 8 Canada* (Montreal) Jun 22 France (Magny Cours) Jul 6 Britain (Silverstone) Jul 20 Germany (Hockenheim) Aug 3 Hungary (Hungaroring) Aug 24 Europe (Valencia)** Sep 7 Italy (Monza) Sep 14 Belgium (Spa Francorchamps) Sep 28 Singapore** Oct 12 China (Shanghai) Oct 19 Japan (Fuji) Nov 2 Brazil (Interlagos) * Provisional ** subject to circuit approval
  7. If I am driving a Sienta, do I still need to register this TRD muffler (for sienta in Toyota website)with LTA? http://toyota.jp/sienta/dop/package/index.html It would be easier if I had it installed before they shipped it here but it would be taxed 2.3x the original price (61,950 yen or SGD805) Thanks.
  8. There is NO way anymore liao, finish, kaput ...... http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/news/story/0,...,140194,00.html?
  9. So has anybody succeeded? Any street legal TC/SC here locally? http://www.onemotoring.com.sg/publish/onem...llowed_lta.html Superchargers or Turbochargers The addition of superchargers or turbochargers to a vehicle may adversely affect the safe operation and its exhaust emission characteristics. Therefore, LTA would require the following to be submitted for evaluation: a) Technical specifications and installation details (including pictures and drawings) of the proposed supercharger or turbocharger. b) Certification from the vehicle manufacturer stating that the supercharger or turbocharger is suitable for the vehicle on a per make and model of the vehicle. c) Certification or test reports from LTA/NEA recognised test laboratories to show that the turbocharger or supercharger when fitted to the vehicle on a per make and model basis complied with prevailing exhaust emission standards.
  10. Hi... approx how long it takes for bank loan approval and latest by how many days must register for coe bidding? thks
  11. After seeing Remy's done-up bodykitted Waja and E230's Waja .... I am very much attracted to the Waja. Was looking around for info on Waja and found this. I didnt know the Waja is called Proton Impian in UK and the Wira is known as Proton Persona. Why do car manufacturers name their cars differently for different regions ah ?? Much like Sentra and Sunny, 323 and Protege and much much more. Why ah ? Remy .. whats your FC like ?? The Australian Government