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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I think many know that Scoot does not allow cancellations or refunds. However, apparently they have a partnership with ChangeYourFlight.com that allows some flexibility in this aspect. Anyone tried using before? I attached a screenshot of the options presented to me. Apparently I can request different amount of refund, with a decreasing probability of success. Anyone tried to request max before and succeeded? https://www.flyscoot.com/en/fly-scoot/before-you-fly/change-your-flight
  2. Travel For Even Cheaper Now As Scoot Removes Payment Processing Fees Globally Source: https://vulcanpost.com/675940/scoot-removes-payment-processing-fees/ Looking to travel somewhere before 2019 comes to a close? Here’s some great news. Today, low-cost carrier Scoot announced the removal of payment processing fees globally, aligning with its vision of making travel attainable for all. This means that flights will get cheaper for travellers! Said Mr Lee Lik Hsin, Scoot’s CEO on the announcement: “When Scoot first started, we offered a limited range of payment methods at a higher implementation and maintenance cost. As we expanded globally and heard our customers’ feedback, we took advantage of advancements in payment technology to implement many more payment methods to improve our customers’ experience.” “In order to pass on the savings to our customers as our costs came down, we have since March 2018 progressively removed payment processing fees in selected markets. Now, we are ready to do away with it globally.” This change will happen with immediate effect and will be applicable to bookings made on its direct channels. For travel out of Singapore, Scoot previously charged $10 per traveller per flight for payment via credit card. This meant that for a return trip to Taipei from Singapore, each traveller previously incurred a $20 payment processing fee. These fees will no longer be applicable. Singapore Travellers, Use PayNow To Pay For Your Air Ticket In a bid to provide its customers with a seamless booking experience, Scoot currently offers a wide range of payment options. Beyond the more common payment options like Credit Card and PayPal, Scoot also offers payment via e-wallets Apple Pay and Google Pay. With a presence in 67 cities and 17 countries and territories, Scoot has also made efforts to tie up with localised payment systems. Other examples of their localisation efforts include payment by WeChat Pay and Alipay for customers in China, Konbini for those in Japan, DragonPay for those in the Philippines, and POLi for customers in Australia. With technological advancements helping to significantly defray costs required to support and maintain payment infrastructure, Scoot has progressively removed payment processing fees since March 2018, starting with Europe. P.S. If you’re looking for even more savings, Scoot’s Got To Go Promotion is also commencing tomorrow (24 Sept)! Find out more about the destinations and applicable travel periods for the promotion here: www.flyscoot.com/gtg


    Has anyone try the airline? hows the service and the FA look? planning to fly with them to bkk in nov
  4. Personally I took Scootbiz once was a terrible experience. The food worst than the worst food i ever had in Tekong, they had used spoons on the floor from the previous passenger and they didnt even check for previous passenger belongings! I found a headphone case under my footrest when I couldn't close it Sambal stains and smudges on the walls... all this on a new 787 "Dreamliner" I dont think ill ever take again. With the recent Scoot delay debacle do you all still dare to sit?
  5. Picnic06-Biante15

    Scoot Maiden Flight Already Not So Maiden ...

    CNA reported : Scoot makes maiden flight to Sydney By Hetty Musfirah | Posted: 04 June 2012 1836 hrs SINGAPORE: Singapore's first long haul budget carrier Scoot will finally take to the skies with its inaugural flight to Sydney on Monday night. The flight is scheduled to depart from Singapore Changi Airport at 11.25pm and will arrive in Sydney at 9.20 on Tuesday morning. And it will be a full flight, with about 400 passengers onboard. The first flight comes after months of preparation, which saw the aircraft-bought from Singapore Airlines, being refitted. This meant doing away with more than two tonnes of entertainment equipment to make way for iPads. Doing so, means a lighter plane where less fuel is used. Scoot said this has been one way it's been able to save costs in view of higher fuel prices. - CNA/ck ST report : Low-cost carrier Scoot's maiden flight delayed Low-cost carrier Scoot's maiden flight to Sydney on Monday was delayed for more than an hour due to a technical fault. The Boeing 777-200 jet, with a full load of about 400 passengers, remained grounded at press-time on Monday night, as engineers tried to get it fit for take-off. The flight with paying passengers, guests and members of the media left Changi Airport Terminal 2 at 11.45pm - 20 minutes later than scheduled. But it turned back on the runway and returned to the boarding area at 12.20am. CNA & ST, different reports ... If SIA can't tidy up TigerAir, I am not taking Scoot. Already maiden flight facing problem, how to trust future destinations will not face delaying problem.... Take off at 11.45pm and returned to runway at 12.05am, after 20 minutes in the air....