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Found 16 results

  1. Mikeyfingers

    Disc brakes vs Drum brakes

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone can help me? Would like to know the diff betw disc brakes and drum brakes. Thinking of changing the rear drum brakes on my ride to disc brakes. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Went up to their unit to ask them to lower volume. They said ok but continue jamming away. Belong to a certain race as you all know it. Call police come laio then now start again. I think need to look for MP
  3. Yeshe

    When NDP dont have this

  4. How to I know when my drum brakes are due for shoe change? A more proactive approach, and if possible, a DIY check instead of bring down to workshop.
  5. Why some cars have drum brakes and why some cars have disc brakes? Which one is actually better?
  6. Ambious

    Drum Clinic

    Hi, I got to know that this Sat, there's a Drum Clinic over @ Ocean Butterflies Music Forest. If anyone is interested to go, do drop by at their reception counter to purchase the tickets... Heard that if you mention "Michael Tan recommends you to attend" you can get the tickets @ S$10 instead of the usual rates... Dunno true or not but no harm trying... I will be attending, see you guys there...
  7. Hi guys,been hearing ppl say need to change brake pad.how to change a drum brake?In the first place,does it have brake pad?How much to replace one and at what interval?
  8. Darkness

    Rusty Drum Brakes

    Hi all, noticed that my rear drum brakes are getting rusty. How can I get rid of the rust (and keep it rust free). Also, can the drum itself be painted in a anti rust paint(like caliper)? If so where can I get it painted. Thanks Cheers Vignes
  9. hi all gurus..... is thr such thing as 'after market' drum brake replacement? if there is..... any increase in performance? cos i think my drum brake is due to change... have hit 100k for my car.... can anyone advise on this? thks in advance guys.... cheers
  10. Mikeyfingers

    Disc brakes vs drum brakes

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone can help me? Would like to know the diff betw disc brakes and drum brakes. Thinking of changing the rear drum brakes on my ride to disc brakes. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Notice that on higher spec car, the manufacturer almost always use rear disc brake wherelse the lower end model will be using drum brakes... Is disc setup superior than drum setup? What are the advantages/dis-advantages?
  12. Hi, new Getzean here, just join the forum. Hope some experts to share their view regarding some questions stated below. Thanks!!! Is it advisable to change the rear drum brakes to disc brakes? Is it consider as illegal modification? Is it advisable to change the air filter to K & N filter during run-in?
  13. Vass

    Rear drum cover

    Noticed that my rear brake drum cover is kinda ugly. Metal has turn whitish/faded.... Any one have the same probm ? can use ordinary spray paint to go over it ?
  14. I was quite disappointed that Galant and the new Civic comes with rear drums!
  15. Turbobrick

    Painting brake drum

    I've noticed some brake drums rusting and becoming unsightly. Here's my suggestion, paint them with heat temp (BBQ grille) paint. 1) Clean the drum surface (unless brand new and uninstalled) with fine sandpaper followed by a damp rag. 2) cut a hole to mask off the disc (for rear disc equipped) with a cardboard and take the cut out piece to mask the hub surface. Spray thin even coats and 3-4 coats should be enough for a long lasting smooth surface finish.