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Found 5 results

  1. wanna ask the opinions of some of the pros at detailing here. used to be an autoglym supporter, but now that my supply is running out, im tempted to try something else. After much surfing around and reading, im thinking of trying this combination: 1) Menzerna FPII 2) 1Z Glanz Wax 3) Soft99's Authentic Wax Excellent would it prove to be a good combination? or will anyone of them negate the effects of another? looking for all opinions/feedback.
  2. ok, apologize for the long wait as pretty busy lately. for those of you who have expressed interest in einszett, here is a follow-up review after one month... date of first application: end Nov 04 car wash cycle: once every week, with car shampoo carpark: open space carpark with some pathetic skinny trees to provide some shade... after 1 month of rain and shine, Glanz wax is still holding up pretty well. shine - again, cannot comment cos car is relatively new - which new car doesnt shine? slickness - it feels the same as I first applied Glanz wax - not as slick as other waxes. beading - it is still beading. water beads are mostly small, no longer "perfectly round" but still closely/ tightly packed. unlike when the wax is fresh, size of water beads is starting to vary ie. some bigger, some smaller. see attached photo. watermarks - the wax is doing it's job protecting the paintwork. no water mark present despite the car being parked in the open space day in day out, rain and shine. up to this stage, i am pretty impressed by how the wax is holding up. some deterioration is evident after 1 month but that's to be expected. will continue with the weekily wash routine and see how long Glanz wax can really last - 3 to 4 months as claimed by the manufacturer? for more info, refer to www.zedott.com
  3. following US forumers' review and recommendation, i bought einszett's Glanz wax (http://www.zedott.com) and have used it on my car in end nov 2004 (1 mth ago). here is a review of it's effect, for those who are interested. Glanz wax comes in a 500ml metal bottle and is liquid in nature. the solution is as clear and thin as water, not the same as creamy liquid waxes we normally see. becos it is water-like, applying is easy, using wipe on (with damped cloth or applicator) and wipe off (with MF buffing cloth) method. no rubbing or massaging is necessary. it may streak when one applies too much or onto hot surface. this is not a big issue as streaks can be removed by running a wet cloth over the affected area a few times and then dry off. shine - i really cannot comment on this as my car is relatively new - which new car doesnt shine? slickness - not quite as smooth as other waxes i have used before. it could be that Glanz wax is a synthetic formula and doesnt contain any natural wax. although it's called Glanz "wax", i strongly feel that it is more a sealant than wax. beading - superb beading. water beads are small, perfectly round, and closely tightly packed. covering swirls - the manufacturer says doesnt but from my own observation, it seems to cover some light swirl marks. cleaning property - Glanz wax doesnt clean. any polishing required needs to be done before the application of Glanz wax. i have attached several photos below, taken after a light shower. due to focusing problem (1. i am not a good photographer 2. my camera cant handle marco shots), i didnt manage to capture the beautiful water beads. nonetheless, it is obvious from the pics that the water beads are tightly packed (see how closely those white spots in pics are packed together) and of similiar sizes (white spots in pics are similiar in size). though cant seen from the pics, the beads are in fact perfectly round in shape. US forumers claimed that Glanz wax can last for 3-4 mths. it has been a month now since i last applied the wax and by visual inspection, i can still see beading on the car (after this morning's light shower) though they are no longer so round and small - evidance of the present of wax and that it is wearing off. i will take some photos soon to keep you guys updated. the coming new batch of photos should be better, since i have just gotten a 8MP digital carmera
  4. have written 2 reviews, for those how are interested. review 1 review 2
  5. Genie47

    1Z Glanz Wax

    Check the review here: http://www.autopia-carcare.com/1z-930206.html After checking with what the pros at the detailers forum say. It is good if you don't have enough time for waxing. It is some kind of sealant. Also months of protection. As easy as a quick detailer. Also known as Einszett Glanz.