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Found 24 results

  1. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/saf-aloysius-pang-injured-new-zealand-surgery-pang-wei-chong-11145004 SINGAPORE: Singapore actor Aloysius Pang was seriously injured on Saturday (Jan 19) while participating in Exercise Thunder Warrior at Waiouru Training Area, New Zealand. In a statement on Sunday, the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) said that a Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Operationally Ready National Serviceman sustained a serious injury while carrying out repair works on a Singapore Self-Propelled Howitzer. NoonTalk Media, which manages Pang, then confirmed the national serviceman was their artiste. The 28-year-old, who has the rank of Corporal First Class (National Service), was injured at about 2.05pm (Singapore time). He is now being monitored in a high dependency unit after undergoing surgery at Waikato hospital, Hamilton, New Zealand. Said MINDEF: "CFC (NS) Pang was transferred to the Battalion Casualty Station at 1425hrs (SG time) where he was assessed and stabilised by the medical officer, before being evacuated to Waiouru Camp Medical Centre at 1450hrs (SG time) where treatment was continued.
  2. It is one thing to adopt more efficient technologies at generating power while reducing emissions, it is another thing to have something with potential to wipe out the entire region when a wrong move was made. Currently, nuclear fission based plants can produce power at a low cost but at the huge environmental impact with nuclear waste as a by-product. Nuclear fusion which is supposedly much safer is still quite sometime away. What's our fail safe plan if the plant encountered a melt-down? It's easy for her to say adopt a fail-soft approach which buys time but can we trust them with it? Nuclear plant breakdown is not the same as MRT breakdown. I know its not a new topic, but when she starts speaking to the media in public, we can be sure its a sure sign of things to come. Fire away guys.
  3. Why he is being called prataman all the time?
  4. Salar boh ... @Tianmo your favourite drink, cannot take in too much (suggested adults only consume 400mg of caffeine a day) ... Yahoo news: Caffeine Could Seriously Harm Men's Fertility: Should We All Just Quit? Caffeine has hit the headlines again as it's been found to seriously affect men's fertility. New research has found that drinking just two strong cups of Joe a day could halve their chances of conceiving a child. We know that too much caffeine isn't super duper healthy for us, but can our beloved coffee and tea really be that harmful to our health? And are we unwittingly drinking far more than is healthy without even realising? In the past women have been warned not to overdo caffeine in pregnancy and there are studies suggesting it can raise the risk of miscarriage - so most women trying to conceive cut down anyway. But this seems to be the first time men have been warned that their caffeine consumption could affect parenthood. The research at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston showed that men who drank 265gm of caffeine a day had the least chance of becoming fathers. Experts suggest this could be because caffeine may harm sperm at a molecular level. And though men who aren't trying to conceive might not think that they have anything to worry about, it definitely raises questions about what else caffeine might be doing to our health that we have no idea about. Last year the editor in chief of the Journal of Caffeine Research Dr Jack James suggested caffeine-containing products need health warnings similar to those found on cigarette packets. Dr James, who is head of the department of psychology at Reykjavik University, Iceland, has claimed that we're all consuming way more caffeine than we think we are. Should we give up caffeine altogether? Should we be ditching our coffee habits ASAP and do we need to be checking all the foods, drinks, medicines and even cosmetics we use to make sure we're not over-doing it? It's suggested adults only consume 400mg of caffeine a day (two cups of instant coffee or four of tea). To put this into perspective, one large Starbucks coffee contains 360mg. So savour your morning cup as you shouldn't be drinking any more that day. Though some studies have linked moderate caffeine consumption to better kidney function and a reduction in gallstones, and even heart benefits, experts remain cautious. Migraine expert Dr Nicholas Silver, consultant neurologist at The Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery, told Yahoo! Lifestyle that he believed we could get rid of 80 per cent of chronic illnesses, sleep problems, migraines and headaches if we simply stopped consuming caffeine Link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/two-cups-of-coffee-a-day-could-seriously-affect-male-fertility-thanks-to-caffeine-levels-130541083.html
  5. Singapore Airlines crew injured in New Zealand car crash http://singapore.coconuts.co/2014/10/01/video-singapore-airlines-crew-injured-new-zealand-car-crash A road accident that occurred Wednesday morning in Canterbury, Christchurch, is said to have involved five Singapore Airlines (SIA) crew. In a statement to Yahoo! Singapore, a SIA spokesperson revealed that two of them are seriously injured and another is in critical condition. All five are receiving treatment in the hospital. “Our immediate concern is for the welfare of our staff and we shall accord them and their families the highest standard of care and assistance," the spokesperson said. According to The New Zealand Herald, the car they were in had crashed into another that was towing a horse float. The horse is said to have escaped injury. The newspaper also reported today that Canterbury police is reminding road users to exercise caution, in light of the recent accidents in the area. Watch a video of the rescue efforts at the accident site here.
  6. ..a playground for the sammyboy migrants Sadly, the amount of filth here is no different from EDMW, and Sammyboy per se. As long as the mods keep quiet, it will definitely degrade further into another place of sex, lust, filth and what have you. Sigh....if only the MODS will wake up and do a good spring clean once and for all....else, too late
  7. As in u feel happy when some one praises u and get mad when ur posts r junked? For me not so though I admit feeling a smile when I see my posts praised and frown when I am junked...... What about the rest of u?
  8. Jman888

    Today Is Valentine's Day

    Today Is Valentine's Day
  9. Tom_kkh


    http://news.insing.com/tabloid/city-harves...ney/id-e35a3f00 City Harvest Church members who want to give money to help offset the legal and court fees of their founder Kong Hee may now do so in their own capacity. Mr Aries Zulkarnain, the church
  10. He had no driving licence, yet offered to drive his close friend and two others home after a drinking session. But it ended in a crash along Corporation Road on July 4, 2010 that killed his friend who was due to get married. The other two were seriously injured. On Tuesday, Sikander Singh Gill, 28, was sentenced to 28 months' jail and banned from driving for 10 years after he pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving, causing grievous hurt, drink driving and driving without a valid licence. Deputy Public Prosecutor Yang Ziliang told the court that the four men had been drinking beer and whisky at a park near Block 208, Boon Lay Place. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_804906.html
  11. Who do you guys think take MCF most seriously? Get offended sometimes and stands up for his/her rights and never backs down even in the face of a better argument? After all this is the internet and we do have many idiots who come in to stroke flames, especially during school holidays... I also sometimes feel like wacking those morons, that's why my avatar now shows them my intention.
  12. VellfireS

    This guy is seriously damn lucky..

    http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...m_on_train.html Haizz.. [bigcry]
  13. Cause previously I don't see such huge price disparity between Nymex and Brent (Brent usually slightly higher only). But now its USD15 difference!! Brent is USD100 while Nymex already drop to USD85. Something is seriously wrong...........
  14. http://www.autohome.com.cn/drive/201008/134897.html read the above review, sorry it's in chinese. this is by far the most commendable effort i've seen from geely (who owns emgrand). by 2012 there will be no more geely brand so it's plausible that this will make it here. if it's reliable, it may be another rising star.
  15. Back then, I remember Caltex sells their PLatinum fuel at regular 98 prices. But now it cost alot more than other brand's 98 petrol. I wonder whats the big deal about the petrol? Whats so good about it? Btw, I am still pumping it right now solely because of the SAFRA 6% discount. I can't pump any other Caltex petrol because I need RON98. Btw, I am a farking poor peasant who don't even have a CC. Thus no petrol discount for me. SAFRA is my only discount....
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRo3emMQOIE
  17. Have been thought of getting one for a long time...
  18. Hi bros, Need some advice. My car pulls left the moment I let go the steering wheel. It bad enough that within 1 lamp post length, half my car in another lane already. Its not the usual subtle left drifting that occurs on roads crown to the left due to drainage runoffs. In order to travel straight, the 12o'clock position on my steering wheel is pointing at 1o'clock position (around 1 inch to the right). Went to see Kenny but not able to rectify. Anyone else got further advise? Thanks in advance!
  19. Ok, i created a thread about my LITTLE BROTHER (not little penis) some mod saw the thread and thought that i was referring to my private part and gave me a warning i've been thinking about the warning and i can only come to 2 conclusions 1 - only people with a dirty mind will perceive things in a dirty manner or 2 - sometimes while driving, your private part would disturb you some how i choose to believe that the mods here are not perverted thus i must have been given the warning due to #2 but i just can't think of a scenario where your private part would disturb you while driving anybody care to share?
  20. DONT Waste it[/color] Online ad: your sperm wanted for $150 http://www.asiaone.com/Digital/News/Story/...211-107052.html An online ad offering to pay $150 for a cup of semen has sparked anger in the local Internet community, with many Netizens offended by the audacity of the poster's message. The ad was a simple one: "donate one ice cream cup size of ur sperms for experiment - SGD150". Very little information was included in the ad's description, as the poster only provided a mobile phone number and three simple sentences "for research. please indicate race. just 1 ice cream cup with sperms." Communication between buyer and seller was also stated as limited to SMS messages only. Photo: Lianhe Wanbao Originally posted on the online classified ads website Criagslist, the advert made its way to a local online forum when a forum member spotted it and posted the link. The forum thread has since received many replies, and many Netizens believe that the man who posted the ad was up to no good. Some Netizens have even identified several suspicious points about that ad that might suggest the poster was not a professional conducting research with the semen purchased. According to Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao, various forum members have commented that an ice cream cup sized quantity of semen is not a small amount, and is much more than what is required for research. Other Netizens have also pointed out that the broken English and lack of details in the original ad also hinted at the fact that the man who posted it was not a researcher of any kind. They also pointed out that the word "semen" should be used instead of "sperms". A large number of Netizens expressed that they felt the man is likely to use the semen purchased for illegal dealings. A Wanbao reporter tried contacting the man requesting for more information about his offer and wanted to know if he was a researcher. The SMS reply received 3 hours later read: "Student. Cash money. 1 cup small one like ice cream" The man did not reply to further questions when the reporter sent another text message asking to know what will be semen be used for. Further attempts at trying to contact him about the offer were also not returned. According to Wanbao, those who donate their semen to the local sperm bank will not be paid, and will only receive reimbursement for transport.
  21. Everytime i drive, i look out for them.. and sometimes when reaching a junction with a red light camera, some cars jam brake on amber for fear of getting snapped, making me also jam brake. I know they are there to catch errant motorists la. But, is there a grace period or something? I know if u travel at speed limit and if u are too close, still can clear the junction or if just nice can stop in time etc.
  22. Garlic

    This is seriously f**ked up

    Source: http://sg.news.yahoo.com/afp/20080428/tts-...st-c1b2fc3.html VIENNA (AFP) - - Austrian police on Monday scoured a cellar at a house where a 73-year-old man -- described by media as a "monster" -- is accused of imprisoning his daughter for 24 years and fathering seven children. The incest abuse case is the latest in a series of horror abuse cases to have stunned Austrians and newspapers asked how authorities could again have failed to detect the woman. Josef Fritzl was arrested on Sunday and police are searching the house at Amstetten in eastern Austria where Elisabeth Fritzl and her children were kept in rooms in the cellar where the ceiling was just 1.70 metres (5.5 feet) high. The father is to appear before an investigating magistrate on Monday. Elisabeth Fritzl, 42, has told police her father drugging her in August 1984 and kept her in the cellar of the family home, regularly abusing her over two decades. The incestuous relationship allegedly produced seven children. The case came to light when one of the children, now 19, was admitted to hospital in critical condition. Doctors stepped up efforts to find the mother, looking for background medical information. The whole horrific story came to light when Josef Fritzl allowed them to establish contact with his daughter. The Oesterreich tabloid featured a six-page special report on what it termed as "the worst crime of all time." "How can this happen here?" asked Die Presse. "Amstetten is in a state of shock," wrote mayor Herbert Katzengruber on the town's website. "Our thoughts and feelings are with the victims." DNA tests are being carried out to establish if he is the father of the six surviving children -- three girls and three boys -- aged between five and 20. A seventh child, a twin, is believed to have died shortly after birth and the body subsequently burned, police said. The Kronen-Zeitung tabloid portrayed Fritzl as a keen fisherman, popular among neighbours and locals, but a "monster, a brutal tyrant" in the cellar of his own home. He legally adopted two of the boys and one girl, allegedly telling his wife, Rosemarie, and local authorities that three babies had been left by Elisabeth on their doorstep, in different years. Each delivery was accompanied by a letter purportedly signed by Elisabeth Fritzl saying she could not support the child because she already had others to care for. The trio went to school as normal, seemingly unaware that their mother and three other siblings (a girl of 19, and boys at 18 and five) were trapped underground. According to ORF national television, the mother and five children are now in hospital. All are being treated by a team of psychologists. Reports said the mother was physically frail and badly disturbed by her ordeal. Authorities were worried about the health of the mother and three of her children. Yet neither neighbours nor social services appear to have had the slightest inkling. "They had a swimming pool in the garden, we would hear them laughing the three of them," said one neighbour. Another backed up the story of the babies on the doorstep, adding: "(Rosemarie) always looked after the kids so well, taking them to school. We said 'it's incredible what she manages to do at her age'." Elisabeth Fritzl told investigators her mother knew nothing about the sexual abuse she had endured since the age of 11, some seven years before she was locked away. Gerhard Sedlacek, a prosecution spokesman, said Elisabeth's accusations of kidnapping and incest were "credible". Austria's most notable prior case was that of Natascha Kampusch, locked up by a man in the basement of a house for eight years before she escaped. Kampusch was 10 when Wolfgang Priklopil abducted her on her way to school in 1998. The 44-year-old kidnapper killed himself hours after she fled, throwing himself under a train. Three young girls were also locked up for seven years by their mentally ill mother near Linz.
  23. have been driving 1.6 and below cars 5+ years, it's time to upgrade... in nowadays market, which Japanese aboved car is the value of money? FC, Power, reliability, interior space, exterior looks... 70K+/-