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Found 63 results

  1. Hi all Need some professional advice. Staying on ground floor unit condo. I wish to install a retractable canopy over my PES. I check with Mgt office. Well, i was advised to check with BCA on approved ones and also to wrote to MCST for permission. And i might be asked to present during AGM. The mgt office advised me to do it concurrently so that if the MCST ask for BCA advice or approved types of canopy. I'm thinking, instead of getting info from BCA, can i just ask some professional advice from canopy contractors on restrictions? If yes, any one can recommend any contractor for this? How can i deal with MCST ppl? LOL
  2. Wanted to change the current window casement unit into a split aircon for my flat utilities room... but aircon man says cannot hack pre-cast space adding item wall.... WTH.. then how to run wire into that room? DUH! I checked with HDB also say the same thing..... but hor I saw my neighbour unit some shifted the whole kitchen into that little room... don't tell me no piping needed ? some also already got split aircon in that little room... cannot drill a hole meh? (not hacking lei)
  3. hi guys. i need some recommendations for electrician to help to install tv points in room. i asked one that quoted me $130 per point. is that the market rate? thanks in advance
  4. Any bro out there regret installing CNG gas with the current petrol price....
  5. Hi Folks as the topic title stated . Is there a need to apply any permit? or can just install
  6. Hi, anyone knows or experience having installed with different tyre/tires compound on the car even though tires of the same brand? Recently I went back to the same tyre shop that I have patronized for last 3 years but this round, I got bad experience as the tyre were installed with different compound. (Initially all MO and rear tyres need to replaced. It was replaced with 1 N2 and 1 AM8 by KH tyre shop!! at ubi) less than 2weeks, I realised the drive was different esp. on corner and wet floor (these few days raining). I started making inquiry and read a lot online and I understand that its important not to have mix component. I went back to the tyre shop and damn unscrupulous owner gave lots of excuse. **shall elaborate the excuses given by the scheming tyre shop owner** sucks, bulls**t excuses I was told if any accident with root cause related to the tyre will have the insurance void as the tyres were not meant to be mixed! apart from this important factor. All bro, can tell me what to do?? any advice and action that I can take?
  7. Hi all, Currently driving vios for work.. but front speaker was removed.. Very irritating when I fetch passengers because I cannot turn on the music volume.. rear passengers always complaining. Vios also has poor sound insulation.. using 185/55R16 somemore.. really can die.. How much will it cost to put in the front speakers?
  8. Hi all, Is there any workshop that could do a professional installation of a video cam? The wires should be concealed nicely. I don't mind the $$, but it has to b a professional job. Thanks
  9. Gonna install car tracking system later today..hmm costing me abt one thousand dollar..n asking them to install the SOS button jus in case ppl wanna HIJACK me such a notti cuttie in Malaysia.so if someone wanna hijack me i jus hav to press the SOS button n the control center in singapore will ring my hp n if i m not contactable then they will try to track my car's whereabout then co-ordinate wif the malaysia police to locate me n my vehicle. well jus don wish anytink like tat will ever happended to me again la...8 mths ago jus got ROBBED in JB ...chased by 3 motorbikes n kick me off my bike n robbed me n beat me up n left me wif 4 broken ribs n 1 broken collar bone..jus had an operation last december so now bone connected back wif 6 screws n left me wif a 18cm long scar on my front shoulder.an advise to all car owners here...dont drive in the nite alone..try to gather more cars or frens along.the police post stole my helmet..n the hospital thre very lousy attitude n cant be bothered wif me when i was sent to the hospital heavily injured.they rather chit chat n joke to one another rather than to attend to me..n it took them more than half an hour to write a referral letter where i was jus right in front of them waiting for the letter n they were chit chatting n laughing all the way.reported to the police station n was interviewed twice,once by a junior police n cant speak english n took her an hour to type the letter..then referred me to the inspector...inspector sleepin..attended me unwillingly n still asked me ''do u know i m sleeping'?wat a police? took him an hour to typed n typed n in the end the report came out..u know wat?its exactly the same report the junior officer has typed.wahhhhh so efficient ya?nvr ever get yrself into any trouble in malaysia if not u r goin to suffer like me...becareful n be alert while in malaysia..till today the robbers still at large,not caught..anyway i also cant rcognise the robbers even if they caught them..jus my luck tis time.count myself lucky i wasnt killed or being rape by them..guessed they thought i m a guy at that moment of time as i was wearing full face helmet n i kept running after i was kicked off my bike though my bones were already broken.they chased me wif their bikes n i told myself i hav to run no matter wat if not i will die.imagine i was riding at 80/90km/hr n they kicked me off the bike n i fell then still can get up n run...i oso dun know how i managed to do so...its like making a movie like tat...ahahahaha...i was pennyless n the hospital say if i wanna stay in i hav to put rm 800 deposit..so i opt to discharge immediately n go bac singapore...so...from 3.30am dragged till 10am..from police post to the hospital then from hospital still got to go bac to report to the police station n take down statement.by then my face,nose,both hands n legs were swollen like pig trotter..n cant even walk n no taxis in JB wanna send me home becos i got no money.in the end i went to the illegal taxis n one kind indian uncle charge me $40 n sent me home n paid him when i reach.i didn go to the hospital at the moment i reached home..i lied to my family i skidded n fell from my bike...i pretended notink serious.lied on my bed for 2 days..finally went to tan tock seng hosp by my own n get treated thre.i didn buy personal accident insurance nor travel insurance n my bike was insured under third party,new bike smore(bike shop ask me buy 3rd party la)..so i cant claim anytink...its a heavy lost tis time...so ppl out here pls pls buy personal insurance n travel insurance...its realli important...till today my family still don know i was robbed.cant work till today..m recovering pretty well till date but still very painful on the scar(skin) and i cant carry heavy things or move my shoulder too much.will be well soon...so now i guessed everyone knows why i m in the Chevrolet Club...hahaha becos my family doesn want me to ride bike want me to buy car.........................
  10. First it was the Land Transport Authority. Now the Housing Board is installing closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras to deter illegal parking. It plans to put them up near service roads and loading bays around HDB carparks in areas including Bedok, Toa Payoh and Sengkang. Motorists parking illegally will face fines ranging from $25 to $200, depending on vehicle type. An HDB spokesman told The Straits Times the cameras will be installed in 55 areas from the second quarter of this year. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...arking-20130404
  11. Hi All Does anyone know where I can buy and fit the headlights from the new S-class on a prefacelift one? Thanks!
  12. any suggestions? just need a simple one for my cash register.
  13. Habitual red light chiongsters, kindly 自动behave unless you wana be another Ma-Chi or best continue to contribute SGD200 each time to state coffers From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1236757/1/.html Traffic Police to consider installing more cameras at problematic junctions Posted: 12 November 2012 2025 hrs SINGAPORE: The Traffic Police (TP) periodically reviews the deployment of red light cameras based on ground assessment, and will consider installing additional cameras at problematic junctions if needed. Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister, Teo Chee Hean said the Traffic Police deploys red light cameras at road junctions that are identified to be problematic based on accident data and public feedback. Traffic junctions that do not have red light cameras installed are supported by mobile enforcement operations. Mr Teo said the Traffic Police will also be upgrading its current fleet of cameras to digital technology in the near future to allow for more effective enforcement and deterrence against motorists who beat the red lights. In a written reply to a question in Parliament, Mr Teo said the Traffic Police takes a firm and active enforcement stand against such motorists. In the first nine months of this year, the Traffic Police detected 13,881 red-light violations, an increase of three per cent from the 13,490 violations detected over the same period in 2011. While enforcement and penalties are needed, the Traffic Police will also continue with its efforts to educate motorists about road safety. - CNA/fa
  14. why nowadays so many strange cases involving teachers? are they a deprived lot?? http://news.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews...713-359025.html The former teacher who was charged in Feb with theft and trespass for installing pinhole cameras in the female toilets of the school he was teaching at pled guilty this morning, saying that he wasn't in the right state of mind when he committed the deed, reported local Chinese dailies. Bertrand Ngien Wen-Tseah, 37, was faced with eight charges, including trespassing a female toilet, destroying evidence and outrage of modesty when was a science teacher at Yuhua Secondary School. According to the Chinese dailies, he had installed three pinhole cameras in one of the school's girls' toilet on the fourth level around 7am on Feb 15. Shin Min Daily News reported that at least three girls were secretly filmed. A student discovered a camera in the toilet and alerted a staff member, who later found two more similar devices in other cubicles in the same toilet, reported The New Paper. The staff member placed the cameras in the staffroom and left the room. Around 1pm on the same day, Ngien entered the staffroom and saw the cameras on the school's operations manager's table. He knew that his deeds have been discovered and decided to destroy the evidence. An hour later, when the office was empty, he removed the three micro SD memory cards. When the school discovered the memory cards were missing, footage from the closed-circuit television camera installed in the staffroom was checked and Ngien was seen removing the memory cards. He was called back to the school on that afternoon, and on the way there, he threw away memory cards into a storm drain. He confessed to the principal, who told Ngien to return home, saying he was going to report the matter to the police, according to Lianhe Wanbao. When he reached home, Ngien threw away the laptop which he had viewed the recordings on. The $443 laptop had been issued by the Ministry of Education and Ngien has since refunded the cost. Ngien pleaded through his lawyer that his wife had suffered from mental illnesses which resulted in him developing depression. He claimed to have sought psychiatric help in 2009, and is current seeking treatment with the Institute of Mental Health. He said he was remorseful for committing the offence. He added that being fired by the Ministry of Education was his greatest punishment and pleaded for a lighter sentence. The case will adjourn in court on July 25 for sentencing
  15. Sforester

    Installing car bodykit

    folks, Just bought a bodykit for my nissan. Can anyone recommend a good workshop to do installation and spray? Thanks!
  16. I have just installed I.C.E in my ride but after installing, the engine light pop up immediately in the dashboard after I start the engine at the shop. Not even move out yet. Dealer was trying to push the error message is not from them and might be my previous "Open Pod" but I have no issue for pass 03 month after using until The system was installed on Monday and I ask the dealer why this is happening to my car after installing the 4-Channel and Monobloc at their shop. The shop itself doesn't have the digital equipment to check the error so they ask me to send in to one of their recommended service workshop they know. Send in to the workshop, Diagnose report shows P2185 ECT Sensor 2 Circuit High Voltage Then on Day Two, they told me to drive back to their shop to check the wiring and next the mention it might be my E-Throttle that cause this problem. I told them you can unplug and test ... the engine light still comes up. Wasted the whole second day and nothing is done. Day Three, they ask me to go Sin Ming workshop to check again and have to left my car there overnight and I left it there and next day I call the workshop up they told me nothing wrong with my car but the engine light still comes up. :angry: :angry: Day Four, I went to search for other workshop that can Diagnose and fix but same thing no matter how the reset the codes, once engine is off and restart again, the engine light comes up again. :angry: :angry: :angry: Best Of All, no workshop knows how to fix it until today. :angry: It doesn't seems to work by resetting the codes ... Anyone have this problems before or anyone knows where can I send it to fix?
  17. hi guys.. i just installed a greddy type rs on my legacy gt and now the turbo feels underpowered. could it be a bov that cause this? kinda feel emo abt it now...
  18. Anyone can recommend any friendly workshop i can go to install a rear boot lip spoiler for my Hyundai car? I went to a shop to enquire for a simple boot lip type without light one and got quoted $150!
  19. The purpose of monitoring your A/F ratio is let you know how you should control your right foot. IF you step too much, you notice the A/F going to the rich range (for more power), then you will back off the throttle and let it remain in stoichiometric range. IF not, you can have very light throttle and let it run lean. Thus I feel its very useful to have one installed to monitor. I am using one myself to monitor my right foot.
  20. Need help Got an old working amp from a friend & fix it up onto my new Altis. At the same time, also change the front speaker to 2 components + rear to 6x9 coaxial. Now, when ever I start up my car (even without power on my factory fitted HU), there is a loud hissing sound coming out of the speakers (I think from the front). Once in a while, there will also be some spark sound coming out of the speakers when I start-up my car. The Amp : JBL Grand Touring GTO75.4 (4x104W RMS 4 Ohms <=1% THD +N). Because my factory fitted HU do not have any pre-out + my amp have high level input : the set up was done with speaker outputs from the HU directly into the amp. Was told that the only way out of this is to replace the HU with one with pre-out. True ? Is there any other way to remove the un-wanted hisiing noise other than replacing the HU ??
  21. Hi, I know that buses are required to fit 3-point seat belts as required by LTA. My 8-seater MPV does not come with the package with 3-point seat belts in the centre seats for 2nd and 3rd rows. Only 2-point. Anyone knows where I can install the 3-point seat belt with retractor from inside/behind the seat (not from ceiling)?
  22. Hi guys just wondering will installing Aftermarket parts eg.( Open pod ) in engine void the warranty of the car ???
  23. Hi Bros (& Sis), Anyone know if it's legal (by LTA guidelines) to install decorative LED on car body?
  24. my fren got stop by lta for installing those led daylight like those in the GTR. the officer said as long it does not come with the car, it is illegal. sheesh and they still keep selling diff kinds... haiz... he was fined $70
  25. I am just thinking that since car batt prices are pretty closed, might as install a higher capacity one. Eg. My car needs a 48AH batt but I install a 60AH one.