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Found 13 results

  1. Hi Folks as the topic title stated . Is there a need to apply any permit? or can just install
  2. Gdspd08

    DVBT-2 Receiver For Car

    Hi, I just upgrade to DVBT-2 receiver in my car. Reception is so far much better than my previous DVBT receiver. The antenna is currently on my Vios internal front bumper grille which is entire conceal. The wire fo the antenna actual loop pass my headlight whcih cause signal to be entire loss when switching on headlight. This morning I push the antenna wire down and resolve the issue. I may ask my installer to re-route the antenna cable and put on cable protect for enhancement. All I can say the reception and sound quality is really no horse run.
  3. Hi, I need some suggestions / recommendations as this is the first time I am getting an aftermarket receiver. I hope this receiver will come with inbuilt GPS and can attach a reverse camera to it. I did some research, seems like Alpine and Kenwood are reputable whereas Pioneer doesnt come with inbuilt GPS (thats what the local website says). My car is still under warranty, hope installation of aftermarket reverse camera and receiver will not void the overall car warranty.Any recommendations? Thank you!
  4. Hi all, Anyone using those Android DVD receiver? can share your experience?
  5. hi, anyone has experience over this product ??? and can recommend any good one. Thanks
  6. Mikelcy1963

    Budget AV Receiver deal good ?

    Yamaha RX-V367 selling for $399. Is this a good deal ?
  7. http://www.sony.com.ph/product/cdx-gt860u selling off my receiver with changer $170 Motorized Slide Down FL Display CD/MP3/WMA/ATRAC3plus/ AAC Player with Frontal USB Input sms 98809393
  8. ok..i've juz bought a Qstarz bt gps rx (bt-q816).. i managed to pair it with my 6120 classic.. BUT i can never get any signal..once in awhile it will be in the process of acquiring 1-5 sats.. but it never gets hooked up. tried walkin ard my neighbourhood, an open field.. but still no connection.. are there any other settings which i have to configure apart from simply pairing the 2 of em?
  9. Cavili

    TIBO GPS receiver

    Hi Anyone using a TIBO gps with latest map can share with me for downloading. My old Tibo gps map is outdated. What I need is the SD card and download into my laptop. Am willing to pay a fee for token of appreciation. Thanks and regards Ps : My mobile no is 93665677
  10. Hi folks, Would appreciate advice from anyone who has had experience with any DAB - Mobile Receiver powered via cigarette lighter socket - any recommendations? Thanks! I went to varius places - only mobile devices I could find are those that are powered by 6 volts of power. Our cars are supplying 12v, understand that can only step down to 9v minimum. Anyone has a solution? Or any recommendations.
  11. Hi Anybody have this installed on your ride? Would like your opinions/comments/recommendation on this new unit. Thinking of getting this as has lots of features incl played all kind of dics format & nice 3inch screen. http://www.jvc.com/product.jsp?modelId=MOD...athId=58&page=1 Thanks
  12. Hope to gather more informations on the price trend of cheap but good enough DVD receivers and LCD head-mounted screens. Anyone kind enough to share? Thanks!
  13. Blaupunkt Malibu C50 Cassette Receiver with 10 disk changer selling $250. Pic and information can be view at http://www.blaupunktusa.com/receivers/rece...s_00_malibu.htm sms/call 97991685