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    Chemotherapy experience at NCC

    Hi Doc, Take care. now i know why the doc play with my balls during annual health check. i thought the doc is a gay, poke my ass some more
  2. from roads.sg https://www.facebook.com/Roads.sg/videos/428212427933738/?t=1 Calling lawyers, insurance experts and TP wannabes for advice on this. "After many months from the accident, I received a letter from the lawyer of the biker with regard to this accident. I don’t know who should I turn to, so seeking advice. I made my accident report at the nearest police post and also to relevant all the authorities. My workshop also made claims against the rider's insurer. The TP also issued a letter to the rider for his recklessness. Then recently, rider asked his lawyer to issue a letter requiring me to furnish my particulars, police reports etc. I do not believe they have the right to ask me for all these. In the letter, it claims that I was being reckless that caused the rider to rear-end me in the accident. My front video showed I braked to slow down, not even to the extent of emergency brake, to avoid a truck coming into my lane. The rider switched lane picked up speed and he could not brake in time due to the short distance. Ended up his bike skidded towards my rear and hitting it. Should I be responding to this lawyer letter at all?" Credit: Mr Yap Admin: We say it all the time, a set of good front and back camera will always save the day and loads of trouble from insurance claims.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/Roads.sg/videos/1026196457570872/?t=1
  4. lausai88

    Your loot of the day

    the gold plated tap looks better, durable and lasted for more than 10 yrs . I think auto tap can save water. good if have kids at home
  5. lausai88

    Your loot of the day

    i used lazada, no need to pay a single cent to send back the goods. quite easy to return it: 1) inform lazada 2) print the return label and paste it on the box (original packing) 3) drop it at singpost not sure the above apply to other online shopping
  6. lausai88

    Your loot of the day

    swee bo? This is what i ordered Goods returned liao
  7. Taxi bangs into side wall twice and abandon passenger in the middle of the expressway. Then continues on and hits a PHV car and finally drives off without stopping. Thank you to red car driver for giving the abandoned passenger a lift. Hope this video evidence can assist the PHV driver. Happened along ECP towards Shears Avenue Credit: Daryl Goh‎ F the driver ... https://www.facebook.com/Roads.sg/videos/347440305866915/?t=98
  8. https://www.facebook.com/Roads.sg/videos/2253249738231746/?t=1
  9. lausai88

    What Did You Makan Today PT 5

    seow....now still have lou hei Buddha jumps over the wall
  10. lausai88

    What Did You Makan Today PT 5

    lunch dinner eat ice cream nia
  11. this biker steady lah https://www.facebook.com/Roads.sg/videos/311035549762827/?t=22
  12. lower your speaker volume before watching.. car cam scream so loud https://www.facebook.com/Roads.sg/videos/518897428636402/?t=9
  13. lausai88

    What Did You Makan Today PT 5

    compare 2 lou hei from 2 x peach garden. left pic from Orchid branch.... right pic from Miramar branch shark fin from Mirarmar branch is see the stack of shark fins in the bowl