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  1. In the case of the Lexus driver, I think he needs to learn some manners.
  2. A few bros here have hit the point... - Yes, SHELL seems to be the culprit! - WE are paying premium price for the fuel here. I understand in the US, there are certain stations that offers SELF SERVICE and FULL SERVICE LANES. Diff prices of course. - Well, not a job for retirees anymore it seems. Foreign workers now. One of the bros, said REMOVE THE ATTENDANTS AND REDUCE THE PRICE. Yes why not.... since there is hardly any service and with petrol card we dont even need to go to the cashier...
  3. Discussion / Debate... Have service standards at petrol stations declined? 1. Windshields are not cleaned. Attendants pretend not to ask, only clean when asked upon. 2. More interested in selling their OFFERS at the cashiers. 3. Never ask if fluids need to be filled up. 4. Tyre Air Pump broken down for days at same station 5. Etc, Etc.... All these despite their fat profits!!! But there are still service oriented stations, just very few...
  4. Davedesouza

    Sick and tired of always fetching friends here and there

    Are your friends pretty? If so, I believe many bros here will volunteer to relieve your burden and help you fetch them
  5. Davedesouza

    Bubble bath in bangkok.. Recommendation?

    beware... after u go there have a few baths, you will forget your gf/wives' name
  6. Davedesouza

    Where to find feng shui water fountain !!!

    thanks for the link.... going to put some coins as suggested
  7. Davedesouza

    Where to find feng shui water fountain !!!

    hi bro, u can try some shops at IMM - they have ready made ones. i got mine custom made on advise by feng shui master coz not enough water element = no $. this contractor did for me - www.waterconcepts.com.sg dun ask me if effective yet got just recently completed. feng shui sifu said take 4-6 weeks for it to take effect on my well being.
  8. brudder, on a serious note i think u better reconsider your options while you are still single. 1. Divorce is not cheap 2. You seem like a nice guy and am sure you deserve a better girl 3. She is taking you for granted 4. Such girls may leave you when you are broke I once showered a girl with good stuff, makan fine dining and all. When my business failed, her attitude changed and she dumped me. Such girls are really not worth your emotional pain. Anyway, it's your life. There must be something attractive about her that keeps you stucked to her and seeking for opinions to see if such occurances are normal.
  9. u r SPOT on... many hen pecked brudders here choose to allow such s--t to happen. complain complain to friends but at the end of the day, go home and be hen pecked. i got 1 friend who only manages to come out and meet his friends (us) once a month. each time he is out he will complain. so we screwed him one day and he doesnt meet us anymore.
  10. brudder, this type of "gf's mum" if end up as your mother-in-law, i say good luck to you. So you are smart by drawing the line early. Your gf must love you a lot to adjust to what you want. good luck.
  11. To the TS, dump that girl like a bad habit!!! this kind of bitches just treat them like whores... pay for dinner, etc but make sure she blows u good.
  12. Davedesouza

    Serious sex poll for husbands only

    like food... after eating the same dish over and over again, you'd want to try something different.
  13. Hi bros, where can I find silicon intercooler hoses? Axxxbacs quite ex! Anywhere? Thanks
  14. Davedesouza

    OUTLOOK is NOT how the your car looks

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... same thing when people pronounce NOWADAYS as NOW-SA-DAY
  15. dream car when i was in secondary school - BMW 750IL V12...