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Found 21 results

  1. Dear all, I am driving a Chevrolet Optra 1.6 (A), i this "spongy" feeling of the brakes... whereby i have to depress the brakes pedal alot before the pad will bite. This casue me difficult to control light braking and sometime even dangerous in some situation. (i had done bleeding and changing to aftermarket pads already.. the "spongy" feeling still comes back after a month of usage) As disscussion with my mechanic, conclusion is that the master brake booster cannot build up adequate pressure to allow effective braking feel on the brakes. Q: Other then changing the master brake booster, is there other ways to reduce this "spongy" feeling or to build up the master brake booster pressure? Comments? thank you
  2. SiLangKia

    Feeling a little bit emo...

    As the title says, feeling a little bit emotional (no, not cos 7th month and RadX coming out of hell ) So, here goes: Work has been trying and many ppl are resigning (like average 4 per week kind) , stress levels are at an all time high.It's becoming a struggle to decide whether to leave or stay. Decided to go for a walk at vivo rooftop to get some fresh air, destress, take in the sea view, and contemplate my future. Guess what, I bumped into my recent ex with a new guy, being all touchy and stuff, and it was shocking! We still did admit very recently that we had feelings for each other and very recently just met. I wish her happiness but it was just shocking! Supposed to go there to destress but now IDK how to feel! Life has been a series of unfortunate circumstances and quite of a downward spiral of late and I just wanna rant Mods please delete if there's a similar thread or if it's deemed pure rubbish. Also, I realised I'm really pathetic when my good friend borrowed my car to go on a date cos he knows I have no one to go out with (ok maybe I'm overthinking and it was cos he knew I as sick and on MC) Seeking advice on life and whatnot from ma bros here who know and met me, and even those that haven't! P.S if got any single good looking xmm above 20 to intro also lmk HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA JKJK Ok rant over, Peace Out ! #millennialcrisis #help
  3. By Tan Weizhen - 6 hours 19 min ago SINGAPORE
  4. How to Keep your Car's Interior Feeling Fresh Everybody loves stepping in to a fresh smelling car. Whether its that coveted “New Car” smell or your favourite scent, keeping your car free from foul odors can make driving a much more pleasant experience for both you and your passengers. There are a 3 ways you can freshen up your car’s interior Car Fragrances Air Ionizers Fumigation Car FragrancesWhile there are many car fragrances in the market, many use harmful chemicals that can not only lead to a headache with prolonged exposure but also cause harm to your body when inhaled for long periods of time. Use Bullsone Air Care products which contain only 100% Natural Essential Oils which leave a pleasant scent in your car. One of our most popular models, Pola Family Sunvisor comes in 5 refreshing flavors, Lavender, Mojito, Grapefruit, Aqua and Floral. Each fragrance lasts up to 50 days and refills can be purchased! To add a touch of sophistication and class to your car’s dashboard or cupholder, Grasse Luxury range for fragrances are specially formulated 100% Natural French Essential Oil from “Charabot” in France. The Grasse L’esterel range features more masculine scents while the Grasse Diffuser range feature more citrusy and refreshing scents. Each unit lasts up to 3 months. Love animals? Then the Pola Family Vent Clip range is for you! Featuring 8 adorable animals with unique scents and a FREE refill pack. This model of fragrance can be placed directly on your aircon vent lasting 45 days. 2. Air Ionizer Foul smells emit positive ions. Using an Air Ionizer helps to neutralize any foul odours by releasing negative ions in your vehicle. Powered using a cigarette socket, Bullsone Air Theraphy Ionizer not only helps to neutralize foul smell but releases a refreshing scent in your car. Watch the video below to see its effectiveness against smoke! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1rrzVdn2o0 3.Fumigation Lastly, if all else fails, Fumigation is the best alternative. While ionizers and Fragrances will only mask the foul odor, Fumigation rids the problem effectively. Bullsone Salladin Fumigator for A/C System is a 2 in 1 solution that not only get rids of any Tobacco, Vomit, Sweat or Food smells in your car, it cleans the A/C unit as well! This eliminates the need to service your A/C unit at a workshop. Spend less and DIY! Available in 3 scents, Forest, Mint and No Fragrance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2zoXclTJoU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1p2-YUtOECw&t=502s Visit https://www.bullsone.com.sg/ We are giving away 10% off for all air care products, with no minimum spending. PROMO CODE: NOTSMELLY
  5. CNA news report : NDP 2012 to reflect Singaporeans' love for country By Joanne Chan | Posted: 25 April 2012 1648 hrs SINGAPORE: This year's National Day Parade (NDP) hopes to be a time for Singaporeans to reflect on their love for the country, with the theme "Loving Singapore, Our Home" . And this year's organisers hope to get Singaporeans to express their love for the country, through video or photo contests. The man tasked with running the parade smoothly certainly knows the theme well. The parade's executive committee chairman, Colonel Desmond Tan, said: "From the smallest thing like having a nice breakfast with my family, to the moments I stepped down from a long flight and coming home to Changi Airport, these are the moments I cherish. "But most of all, Singapore is where I'm born, and where I grew up and where I lived out my dreams and this is where my family and friends are." Singapore's 47th birthday celebration promises to be a visual treat, bringing back old favourites, such as the combined school choir, last seen two years ago. Other crowd favourites include the marching contingents, the flag fly-past and the Red Lions freefall display. The parade will also feature a salute to 45 years of National Service. I used to be proud of Singapore, serve my NS with pride, endure all tough training whether in rain or shine, whether chiong 'Peng Kang Hill' or Marsiling Hills, going weeks without bath. Nowadays, hot or rainy weather, training cancelled... So proud to own a 5 rooms HDB flat back in the 80's but now, I am worried for my children whether they can affort a 3 ~ 4 rooms HDB flats, So proud to own a 7 seater car years back but now, feel sad when my oversea friends ask me why the piece of 'Paper' value could have fetch them 2 or 3 2000cc cars in their coutries. A less than 1.5cc car cost almost S$90K ??? Quote what Colonel Desmond Tan, said: "From the smallest thing like having a nice breakfast with my family, to the moments I stepped down from a long flight and coming home to Changi Airport, these are the moments I cherish. "But most of all, Singapore is where I'm born, and where I grew up and where I lived out my dreams and this is where my family and friends are." Singapore is Where I'm born, thats a facts, Where I grew Up, no choice as not born with 'silver spoon' & have to work my way up and lastly Where I lived out my dreams, have too not where to go as I set up my family here. Am I going to get 'nightmare' instead of dreams in coming years? HDB price soars, car price soars, medical fee soars, dental fee lagi soars, food price soars, Uni fee soars, public transportations fee soars (although at a slower pace), my CPF minimum deposit also soars to $131,000/-, age to withdraw CPF going up.... The theme "Loving Singapore, Our Home" , I will try my very best, no promises...
  6. So_nice

    Feeling down?

    ever felt so down till like everything is against u? every step u take is another mistake and nightmare? a thread delicated to those facing difficulties in life. cheers..
  7. Ninja

    Feeling down

    Funny tday,when i start my car there's no vroom vroom sound anymore. Then I realized it was the fault of the LTA enforcement(those are on bikes) fault.
  8. Need some advice.......just this month in Mar i've noticed car vibrates when its at stop. The vibration is stronger than before thus noticing it now. Car is 2.5yrs old with mileage at 45k. Just changed engine oil (Mobile1 green) a 2 weeks ago but vibration occurrence started before that. Is there any cause to be worried? Coz it just came this month and past 5mths driving didn't had such (stronger) vibration on any instances.
  9. being cash rich for 1st time wars e feeling like? say 100-200k cash,wats feeling like, worth e trouble?
  10. Ahtong

    Ever had this spooky feeling?

    Ever had this feeling like you are being watched? Then when you turn around, there seems to be a shadow darting past the corner of your eye?
  11. Then why the fark don't u surrender yr passport and take up pink IC? ST Forum May 13, 2011 From feeling of home to an unwelcome presence in days I HAVE been a Singapore permanent resident for eight years. My wife and I were married here, and my son who was born here speaks English with a Singaporean accent. When his time comes, he will serve national service, like other Singapore-born teenagers. We were so proud when we got tickets for the National Day Parade last year. When we return to Singapore from our holidays, it is like returning home. Singapore has been a home for me and my family. But nine days of the Singapore opposition party rallies have dissipated this feeling. I have been made to feel like a complete foreigner who should be deported immediately. Suddenly, I feel an atmosphere of loathing towards my family and me although it may not be real. The opposition seems to have targeted residents like me systematically and I feel like a scapegoat. Juniarto Samsudin
  12. Pufferfish1

    The feeling is mutual

    Singapore Home > Breaking News > Singapore > Story Jun 28, 2011 Singaporeans under attack By Shawn Lee Miller, Multimedia Journalist Singaporeans have been voted the 'most disgusting and irritating' nationality on a website frequented by China nationals. -- PHOTO: JOSEPH NAIR SINGAPOREANS have been voted the 'most disgusting and irritating' nationality on a website frequented by China nationals and called crazy on a German TV show for the 'crazy' things we do. But are such accusations and statements warranted or justified? When RazorTV asked Singaporeans, many felt that cultural differences were the cause while some blamed the animosity Singaporeans and China nationals have towards each other. However, some foreigners were not surprised by the results of the poll on the Chinese blog "Lion City Life" where Singaporeans garnered the most votes for being the "most disgusting and irritating". They felt that Singaporeans were not the friendliest towards foreigners, especially those from mainland China and can be rude on buses and trains.
  13. If you are feeling down, hope this video can help you pick yourself up! Remember, things can only get better when you are at the lowest. Only you can help yourself!
  14. WHen mamasan first started her 'career', she wanted and did serve her customers will full commitment and 'devotion'..... the lounge was new and young, everyone cooporeated with her and chipped in to keep the place alive.... while mamasan was chio and flirty, she rans the place with her iron fists.... no nonsence and if anyone tried to be cheeky, her bouncers would make sure the guy learn a lesson he'll never forget.... some guys ended up a bankrupt or free staying in most secured hotel in town (not H61 though) so she became successful, she roped in her son to help run the joint.... and the son worked very hard using his past NS army experience, so hard that somehow his wife committed suicide (or so the rumours went)..... no problem, mamason arranged for a 2nd wife who coincidentally ended up as the head of the holding company of a chain of ktvs, even as far as NZ, Thailand, OZland.... along the way the daughterinlaw lost some money, but just peanut, as the saying goes... mamasan has full confidence in her daughterINlaw, so no big deal even there may be more losses hidden or otherwise.... in her industry, honest misakes are totally acceptable as mamasan's ktv empire grew, she added a papasan aka chief security guard whose expertise was to provide world class washrooms without attendents to hand you warm towel and collect tips.... unfortunately one very important customer went missing in the toilet..... so our mamasan did the righting: punished the toilet cleaners but spared the security chief...... mamasan also ventures into property developments and provide housing for her staff and customers, mamasan employs a Mr Beh to run the property arm...... unfortunately the price Mr Beh charges for these flats keeps going up and up..... so these everyone complains...... he now has to write a book (first ever publish by a papasan) to explain things and try to salvage his reputation..... after 45 years in the business, mamasan is getting on in age but she is still the 'voice' in the ktv, her title now is MM aka mamasan mentor.... her assistant (now also retired) is SM aka senior mamasan........... seeing that her ktv chain is successful, she is worried about corruptions, so she comes up with the brilliant idea of paying herself and her son, plus all the xao yeh the world's highest salaries in the industry...... she firmly believes ktv talents deserves the highest pay ........... the story has to end here for the time being coz mamasan is watching over my back ........ she said "stop this bo liao thread else my lawyer will see you in court....."
  15. Enjoy...absolute spirit uplift....
  16. ....TODAY will drop AFTER Budget 2009....... I dunno...Feel it in my bones
  17. http://goshopjapan.com/forum/share-rant-rave/the-secret/
  18. Today saw a very SWAY GLX in my car park.. it was in the reverse parking position but the front is badly smashed from the left side and the front also went into another cab beside it.. Apparently, somebody (prolly drunk/high) must have lost control and smashed into this GLX.. The front really very CHUI... I din manage to take foto cos there was a car coming from my back liao... Really can feel the pain when he comes and get his ride, and I think the cabbie sure claim him also... RIP... Best pictorial I can come out wif...
  19. TIME to change your bookmark. A slew of new online maps are now providing directions for users in Singapore - without putting them on the wrong side of any copyright law. The new kid on the block is StreetDB.com, a joint venture between two local firms: Agis, a map solutions provider, and property portal SingaporeExpats.com. It was launched last month. Maps on StreetDB.com are free for personal and non-commercial use. Companies, on the other hand, pay a fee - starting from $250 a year - to replicate its maps on their websites. The timing was uncanny - in April, the once-popular Streetdirectory.com was taken down following a High Court order as its maps were found to have infringed Singapore Land Authority's copyrights. Many users were initially left with poor alternatives. But no longer. A worthy rival can be found in StreetDB.com, which maintained that its site is the culmination of a year's planning. Like the previous maps at Streetdirectory.com, StreetDB.com allows users to search a location by postal code or building or street names. Users can check - among other things - where a nearby bus stop is, the bus numbers in service and where the closest ATM machines and cinemas are. Those looking for driving directions will also be pleased. Once users enter the start and end points of their journey on StreetDB.com, they will get detailed instructions - in separate, thumbnail-sized maps - at every turn with distance estimates. Last month, StreetDB.com clocked 96,800 visitors and 465,000 page views. But the drawback of the portal is that users will not be able to see some commercial buildings and private estates. For instance, a search for "The Hillside" at Upper Bukit Timah Road shows only a mark over where the condominium is located. There is no building or shape that denotes the condominium site. A search for "210 Turf Club Road" also shows a scanty map of the area, which now houses rows of used-car showrooms. Agis recognises the limitations of its product, but said this problem will go away in six months. "We are in talks with the Singapore government on a licensing deal to plug information gaps in our maps," said Sunny Lim, director of Agis. The eight-year-old firm currently supplies mapping solutions to mobile handset makers like Samsung, Asus and WMG, as well as global positioning system (GPS) device makers Packard Bell and Alpine Electronics. Its maps are updated as often as once a week by a team of 10 people here, including those who rasterise graphics (convert an image into points on a grid). At the very least, every part of Singapore is surveyed once every six months. Other online directories Rednano.sg Launched in mid-March, this online street directory features maps that allow users to zoom and pan. Its maps are licensed from V3 Teletech, a reseller of Singapore Land Authority's (SLA) data. Search by postal code, building or street names. Drivers looking for directions to get from point A to B can choose whether they want the quickest or the shortest routes. The quickest route is calculated based on the Land Transport Authority's (LTA) traffic information - displayed on a left navigation panel on the map section of the Rednano.sg site. Traffic conditions are updated every 15 minutes. The quickest route is probably the most expensive as it may involve going through several road toll gantries as speed is the main criteria of the search. The shortest route search, by default, avoids road toll gantries as much as possible. This route is calculated based on distance and the number of traffic lights. StreetMap@Singapore This site is operated by the SLA (www.map.gov.sg/streetmap). It is the most updated where buildings and roads are concerned. This is because SLA gets instant feedback from other government agencies like the Buildings and Construction Authority and the Land Transport Authority on new roads and buildings. But the site is not intuitive. A search for "210 Turf Club Road" or "Turf Club Road" shows no results. But a search for "The Hillside" yields a comprehensive map of the area. The site is also a tad slow. [/color]Google Maps Here, (maps.google.com) you will also find driving directions. Its plus points are ease of use and openness. Unlike other online options, Google's application programming interfaces (APIs) are open. Because of that, anyone can add meaning to its maps by creating mash-ups that combine data from multiple sources. The result: a customised map product for users of similar interests. A good example of a Google Maps mash-up is SinGeo (www.singeo.com.sg). Users can view even esoteric data like dengue hot spots, off-road bike trails and free Wi-Fi zones overlaid on the map of Singapore. But most buildings are not reflected. GPS Is Better
  20. Dunno why I felt guilty or rather am afraid that my ride will have problems as for my 20K km servicing, (now already close to 26K Km)I merely replaced the EO, EO filter, air filter and spark plugs w/o doing other maintenance checks. For my next servicing, I will do a thorough one.. Am I too paranoid or what? Pls feel free to give comments..
  21. Hi all, Recently changed to a set of 15" Sports Rim with Falken ZE326 tyres to my Wira 1.3M. Currently, whenever I slow down the car, be it from 70kmph or 40 kmph, I notice that the Steering often give me a "swirling" feeling. Some times it turn a little bit. I did not have these experience before fixing the rims. Question: Is it due to the fact that I took out the Screw at the Back Brake Area where it contact with the Rims? The Tyre mechanic said those are redundant screws. Can kindly advice? Thanks. Loy