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Found 26 results

  1. Bluepica

    Where to buy Red vinegar?

    Anyone know where can I get red vinegar serve at restaurant for shark's fin soup? Been scouting at all supermarket only selling black vinegar.
  2. This kleptomanic pretty gal is once again in trouble and asked for, what else, probation again [shakehead] This time round she was caught cheating of SGD110,700 instead of stealing. There were other charges as well according to the news. Her previous case/s: http://www.asiaone.com/print/News/AsiaOne%...725-290861.html In previous cases the kind judge/s sentenced her to probations twice but it seems like she still has not learnt her lesson. Sorry only zaobao's Mandarin version now. Will try to upload the ang mo version once available: 美女工程师 又偷名牌货 (2012-10-24 1555) (联合早报网讯)屡偷名牌货的美女工程师又犯案,承认骗6个总值11万的名牌包包后,要求判缓刑监视! 这名前工程师吴丽莹(31岁),在过去6年来屡次偷窃,虽屡获缓刑监视,却一再回到法庭。 她这次共面对4项控状,指她在去年9月和11月间,以
  3. Went to this hawker centre near SGH to tapao 4 packet of fish soup. Place order with aunt, she tell me max can only pack 3 packet, if not happy, go to another stall and buy. I was like what the fish and tell the aunt if cannot tapao 4 packet then tell nicely la. then i say ok pack 3 packet, guess what the uncle inside tell the aunt, I DUN WANT TO DO HIS BUSINESS. WHAT THE FISH, i tell aunt, just now you say max 3 packet, then now i say 3 packet already what. aunt tell me uncle dun want to do your business since you not happy. I was like KNN , you think you are the king of fish soup or what and walk to the other end of the market where there is another fish soup stall. so who is the one with the funking altitude.
  4. ...& GF went on to cause the death of an elderly pedestrian . And our hero now on the run for not showing up in court and a warrant of arrest of him issued [shakehead] From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1208790/1/.html Warrant of arrest for man who allowed girlfriend to drive car with no licence By Claire Huang | Posted: 20 June 2012 1337 hrs
  5. Icedbs

    Facebook, Nasdaq in hot soup

    link here Hope none of you guys bought the IPO shares
  6. Powder

    I love my sharkfin soup

    I have been reading about banning shark fin soup... i wish they don't coz i like my shark fin soup...the imitation really cannot make it. come on, they are only sharks! i need to satisfy my taste buds and stomach
  7. Hehe, I have quite a number of friends that 'mess' around so high chance of HIV positive. Will you even share makan with them like soup, etc?
  8. Whisper_2000

    Chong Qing spicy (ma la) soup

    Hi guys, i'm sure many people here enjoy spicy ma la steamboat. So my question is, where can i get the ready made ingredients to make the ma la soup for home steamboat?
  9. STOMPer Ynez shares her horrible experience with this Indonesian maid that apparently collected her menstrual blood in a tea-bag and used it to cook soup for the family. The STOMPer recounted: "I want to warn the public that this maid is very dangerous. "She collected her menstrual blood on facial cotton pads and secretly put them into a disposable tea bag to cook soup for our family! "We cannot let this evil person do this type of black magic to anyone anymore. "So please pass her picture around. She is from West Java, Bogor. "Of all the 5 pictures I have posted, the ones taken indoors are all taken at my grandma's place when she was 'alone' at home with my grandma. "Could she had taken the pictures herself? "I have also started a Facebook group about employers who have had domestic maids who did nasty and evil deeds to them, to warn the public and also to let the public know that the maids are not always the victims. "Many a time, the employers are also abused! "If you have stories of dangerous maids, please share with all by posting here." These are some comments on the Facebook group regarding this incident: "She is so...Yucks... "OMG...The maid is so evil... "You may want to search for groups in Indonesia and paste the same info there."
  10. Picnic06-Biante15

    SG Waterpolo Team in Hot Soup...........

    got it from MSnews : Design of water polo team trunks 'inappropriate' MICA disapproves of local water polo boys wearing trunks that bear elements of the Singapore flag The Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts said the Singapore water polo team did not seek its advice when they sported swimming trunks bearing elements of the Singapore flag. It said their design is inappropriate, as elements of the flag must be treated with dignity. The water polo team was wearing trunks which feature the crescent moon and stars from the Singapore flag at the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China. MICA said it has spoken with the Singapore Sports Council and was informed the team is apologetic and had meant no disrespect. The Ministry understands that under competition rules, the team may have difficulty switching to another set of trunks for their match on Thursday. Under the Singapore Arms and Flag and National Anthem Act, no person shall use the flag or any image thereof as or as part of any costume or attire unless approval is given by the Minister and there is no "no disrespect" for the flag. Those found guilty of doing so face a S$1,000 fine. Like that also cannot .......
  11. Darth_mel

    Your favorite turtle soup eatery

    Please list :) Tai Seng is not bad but portion getting smaller.
  12. Picnic06-Biante15

    Argentina In Hot Soup ......

    ESPN Soccernet report : Veron sees red as Argentina crash again Paraguay secured their place at next summer's World Cup finals with a well-deserved win over Diego Maradona's hapless Argentina. A first-half goal by Nelson Haedo Valdez helped Gerardo Martino's side join hosts South Africa and the already-qualified England, Ghana, Australia, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Holland, Spain and Brazil. Argentina, meanwhile, suffered their fourth defeat in the last five qualifying games and went down to the play-off position in the standings. Now, Diego Maradona fate is in the 'Hands of God' .................
  13. Kallangrally

    Favourite Di Huan Kiam Chai Soup

    my fav is koh brothers at Tiong Bahru hawker centre....soup is not so salty and clear, ingredients clean and no foul smell, cook till perfection think of it crave come already alternative is Wen Zhi Ji at lavender.....any good ones to share??
  14. it seems F1 will remain as F1, always full of off the track happenings as well as on it. McLaren will be hauled before the FIA
  15. Cheekg98

    Temasek in Hot soup again

    kena fined S$4m ... Indonesian regular says Temasek broke anti-monopoly laws Email this article Print article ? Feedback JAKARTA - Indonesia's business regulator, the Commission for Supervision of Business Competition, said on Monday that Singaporean investment firm Temasek Holdings had broken anti-monopoly laws. The commission, also known as KPPU, ruled that Temasek acted illegally in investments linked to Indonesia's two largest cellular phone operators, Telkomsel and Indosat. Temasek and its affiliates 'are legally and convincingly proven to have violated Article 27 of the anti-monopoly law', Syamsul Maarif, chairman of the KPPU panel in charge of the case, told reporters. The article bars businesses from owning majority shares in more than one firm in the same sector if it gives the entity a greater than 50 per cent market share, or if it gives several entities more than a 75 per cent market share. Temasek owns 56 per cent of Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (SingTel) which in turn owns 35 per cent of Indonesia's largest mobile phone carrier, Telkomsel. Temasek also owns all of Singapore Technologies Telemedia (STT) which, along with Qatar Telecom, owns a 41.9 per cent stake in Indonesia's second-largest telecommunications company, Indosat. The commission ordered Temasek to divest its stake in one of the companies to remove its cross-ownership within two years. The KPPU announced its investigation into Temasek in May. Temasek has stridently denied the KPPU's accusations, arguing that STT and SingTel do not hold a share of greater than 50 per cent in either Indonesian company nor do they hold special rights or privileges. -- AFP
  16. David

    Cooking Red Bean Soup(Desert)

    I came to know that in order to have the red bean split open, place a porcelain spoon inside while cooking. What is the reason?
  17. Hamburger

    Kamping soup @ boon keng

    went down yesterday to boon keng hawker ctr to fill my tummy wif my favourite goat soup. but alas...whole pl under renovation.any one noes if there is a temporary stalls seted up nearby or any recommendation for a tasty kambing soup.
  18. Gylgyl

    Best Soup in Singapore

    hi guys ... any recommendation for best soup?? i referring to simple soup like sichuan vege soup with pork meat, salty duck with perserved vege, dong gua soup with meat? etc
  19. Picnic06-Biante15

    Liverpool Under Hot Soup................

    Today ST reported that American owners are in hot soup for 350 million pound dept after taking over Liverpool Football Club and building a new stadium. A takeover bit by a Dubai group is seem possible. Further to that RB is also in the hot soup of getting the sack after poor showing in the weekend match with Boro which further the distance them away from winning the EPL title including the draw with Wigan & Luton Town (FA Cup). Its either the Americans or the Dubai group that could give RB the sack and JM could get the job as reported in some British press. quote: "Reports over the past few weeks have suggested Mourinho is interested in taking over from under-fire Rafael Benitez at Liverpool should the Spaniard get the sack." Down with the Rafalution policies.....
  20. Flyby

    Fish Soup on Car Carpet

    As posted in the topic. 3M did not manage to save the day as the spillage was at the edge of the mat. any DIY product to remove the smell on the carpet or any interior groomer who can do a good job? maybe steam vacuum or something. tried 3M scotch carpet cleaner but still got the smell when i open car door after parking
  21. Help! Prawn noodle soup toppled and poured all over the car floor. After a few days, the whole car still smells like rubbish chute. What is the best course of action?
  22. Ccssgm

    Wa Gung Brew Soup

    瓦 缸....Clay Pot to Brew Soup.... [thumbsup]
  23. Hiya people... I am new to this forum and had spent the better part of the weekend in this forum reading up about cars, reason being I am going to buy my first car. Hoping to place my booking by this week... Anyway, was wondering in what ways can I soup-up the performance of the Subaru 1.6TS in terms of power output and driving feel? For example, fitting a after-market turbo-charger for power output and using low-profile rims/tyres + stiffening suspension for improved driveability? BTW...whats the max wheel-size that a Subaru 1.6TS can accept. Was hoping to fit a 17" rim thats lighter than stock to offset FC cos I would like to increase width to 205. What ratio would not drastically affect speedo reading? Thank you people... :) PS. Is it too "beng"-ish to add the STI high-mount spoiler onto a 1.6TS? Currently, I have already requested for a front scoop to be added as one of my friend also has the same car in the same colour (black) although his is an MY04 whilst mine is a MY05... I like the spoiler but will that make me too much of a "wannabe"? I know 95 horses will never beat 225 horses but I am just talking about aesthetics...
  24. Sei_fei_loh


    Hi all, I have a big problem. actually its my uncle lah.. sorry abt tat... he doesn't haf an internet access at home so he asked me to ask all brothers to recommend. He told me he was ferrying a big container of 'mee soto' in his car and the 'mee soto' spilled all over.... his cabin and his boot also tio!! he wanna noe if any brudders noe where to get it cleaned?? btw he is driving a G9 thank you so much.. cheers, Lam