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  1. Mavvy

    Honda Owners..... Pls Check In..

    Wow.. been a long time since i posted.. I service at Kah and other workshops after warranty. Vicom Kaki Bukit GT Garage.
  2. Hard braking kicks in ABS. Easily can find out information using search in MCF here.
  3. that's coming in with another new identity... pple may still know you as old bird also...
  4. Good old bird... keke.. I would like to be new bird leh... getting older each minute passes..
  5. [reply] I notice that the year i joined, many of the old birds don't post anymore. The main concern I gathered is the preference of technical discussion over other topics. Come and go. There are still some good 'old birds' around... If you can spot them
  6. Wow... Don't say teach lah.. We exchange pointers.
  7. old time fren! .. I know where to find your car.. will drop by if around the area..
  8. Well .. its lite and ez category for this thread..
  9. Wow !!! You have hidden well !! Perhaps we should catch up some time with old timers...
  10. I'm seeing this trend as well. Nonetheless, I can assure you guys that housekeeping is in the pipeline. Linus and myself have raised the red flag that this shall not go on. While we are trying to be 'lite & ezy' to allow more 'free discussion', we will see that it remains in the respective folder. I'm also tired about all the TCSS going on especially with a few individuals, which I will be viewing their posting. If it proved that certain individual are only capable of TCSS, we will sent them a reminder. I apologise for not spenting as much time as I used to be previsouly over last few years, cos I'm going thru new phase in my own personal life (new job, new member in the family) and it just make my time lesser in mcf. This is why Genie47 have been promoted to Full-mod as well. Meanwhile, I'm asking the rest of the mods (Linus and moderator) to monitor the forum more regularly. Althought we are quite short handed, there is yet any new potential candidates worth considering at the moment. We do receive pm requests that members are keen to be mod, we are having reservations about them. As mods will be able to see sensitive information about members (eg: IP Address), we have to be very selective as we certainly do not want to have any bad apple among the mods. Which is why, the current list of mods (Full mods) are hand-picked after monitoring them for over a period. Thanks for posting this thread, your view will not go unnoticed. Normal members posting messages/threads has a big part in their own role to keep the forum healthy. Not just the job of moderator to clean up the place. Posting unnecessary comments/flaming is intolerable IMHO. Not contributing anything useful but useless chunk of data that clog up the server. Those not posting relevant information within the topic makes another person or even hundreds going through dozens of pages wasting everyone's bandwidth and time. Hopefully these individuals realize the hard work behind all these moderators spending their own time sifting through the threads for such unduly behavior. Moderators could have spend 'QUALITY TIME' with their dearest family members instead. Those were the days I missed it when MCF is truly one stop portal information for me and making real new friends. Now I'm barely post. Most of the time simply flipping pages instead of reading it in detail. Nothing much useful to me. Where art thou friends whom I make years ago? All have retreated. Things have changed....
  11. Mavvy

    DBS Internet banking Secure Device

    such device typically last 3 - 5 years and doesn't need to change battery.. they issue you new one.
  12. Mavvy

    PC Show 2008 - Which day will you be there?

    Wah .... DSLR ... don't play play ..... D.amn S.uper L.ong R.ange ?
  13. Mavvy

    My pretty maid

    Actually should be regulated for age 21 and above...
  14. Mavvy

    My pretty maid

    Please do it!
  15. Mavvy

    My pretty maid

    friend, geylang lor 8 cheaper, all kind of beauty also have 70 to 100, take ur pick Lor 8 somemore.. you really know the way ahh...