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Found 29 results

  1. https://www.thedrive.com/news/42806/new-porsche-718-cayman-gt4-rs-laps-nurburgring-quicker-than-last-911-gt3 "New Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS Laps Nurburgring Quicker Than Last 911 GT3 The Cayman line is set to get a new halo model with devastating performance. The 718 Cayman GT4 is a highly competent vehicle, but as it turns out, the platform is capable of even more. Enter the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS. In the development of this new beast, Porsche did what every good German automaker does, and took it to the Nürburgring. Results were impressive, as you see in the official lap video. With Porsche development driver Jörg Bergmeister behind the wheel, the GT4 RS laid down a 7:09.3 laptime around the 20.832-kilometer Nürburgring-Nordschleife circuit, while posting a 7:04.511 lap on the 20.6 km layout. The latter is a full 23.6 seconds quicker than the existing Cayman GT4, making it clear that the RS is no minor upgrade. The laptimes were set with a production model vehicle, though equipped with a racing seat for driver safety. A set of sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires were used, which are an available option for the car. Andreas Preuninger and Jörg Bergmeister celebrate after setting a rapid laptime in the Porsche Cayman GT4 RS. It's a rapid laptime for a car that isn't even top of the Porsche range. It compares well with the 6:43.3 second time set on the 20.8 km course by the 911 GT2. It should also let owners walk away from the Tesla Model S Plaid on a single lap, let alone during sustained running. Perhaps most notably, though, it bests the time set by the old 911 GT3, which lapped the course in 7:12.7 back in 2017. "During development, we gave the 718 Cayman GT4 RS everything that characterises a genuine RS: lightweight construction, more downforce, more power and, of course, an even higher level of responsiveness and feedback to driver inputs," said Andreas Preuninger, who holds the title of Director GT Model Line at Porsche. Preuninger also noted the value of testing at the Nürburgring, adding that "The fantastic lap time of the Nordschleife is impressive proof of how clearly noticeable these improvements in driving dynamics are." Porsche hasn't yet revealed the exact specifications of the GT4 RS. However, based on Preuninger's statements, expect more than the 414 horsepower and 317 lb-ft of torque of the GT4, and a curb weight a little less than 3295 lbs. Speculation in the car world is rife, with expectations the GT4 RS could boast up to 500 horsepower. These figures are backed up by little hard information, however, so should be taken with a grain of salt. Meanwhile, the obvious aero mods on the GT4 RS should help with sticking the car to the track in high-speed cornering. Bergmeister refers to the car as an "uncompromising driving machine," noting that "it feels as nimble as a go-kart on mountain roads, yet is impressively stable and well-balanced on the racetrack." We'd certainly love to take a go-kart out on the Tail of the Dragon, but it likely wouldn't be anywhere as near quick as the GT4 RS. Bergmeister's opinion carries some weight, but not only due to his fast laptimes. As a development driver, he spent over 500 hours behind the wheel during the car's development. The GT4 RS will be fully revealed at its world premier in November, but for now, marvel at the hot tour of Germany's most famous racing circuit. The first Cayman to bear the RS moniker seems like it will live up to the badge."
  2. We know what the detractors say. We've heard all the arguments that claim N
  3. Awesome video from Porsche. Well worth the time.
  4. Long distance relationships these days have been made more convenient thanks to air travel For one Kuala Lumpur native however, choosing to abandon flying favour of an even longer journey that involved driving across the globe to Europe in the name of love is the way to go. Engku Mohammad Hadri Engku Hassan began his journey on Monday, to drive across 25 countries including China, Mongolia, Latvia, Russia before reaching Germany where his fiancée is from. Hadri arrived on the Thai border earlier this morning, updating followers via Instagram that his journey so far has been smooth sailing. Malaysian man travels more than 25,000km by car to Germany to marry the love of his life Malay Mail Melanie Chalil Malay Mail21 August 2019 Hadri’s three-month journey on the road will include travelling across 25 countries. — Hadri’s three-month journey on the road will include travelling across 25 countries. Long distance relationships these days have been made more convenient thanks to air travel. For one Kuala Lumpur native however, choosing to abandon flying favour of an even longer journey that involved driving across the globe to Europe in the name of love is the way to go. Engku Mohammad Hadri Engku Hassan began his journey on Monday, to drive across 25 countries including China, Mongolia, Latvia, Russia before reaching Germany where his fiancée is from. Hadri arrived on the Thai border earlier this morning, updating followers via Instagram that his journey so far has been smooth sailing. Hadri’s friend and fellow car enthusiast Lim Wai Hong, wrote on his motoring Facebook page Hayashi86.com that the 34-year-old met his future wife in Germany back in 2007. The two were acquainted prior to that via the Internet and that the language barrier was never an issue. Two years later, Hadri flew back to Germany to see her and confessed his love for her with a stalk of rose and a letter. They have been together ever since and Hadri popped the question a few years later. “He wants to show his fiancée he is doing this for her and it’s how much he’s willing to sacrifice — it’s a beautiful story,” Lim told Malay Mail when contacted. On behalf of his friend, Lim added that Hadri’s father helped his son to plan the driving routes and calculate the petrol consumption and mileage required to complete the journey. The trip, christened The Retro Havoc Motorsport World Tour will also be promoting Visit Malaysia Year 2020 (VM2020) at each destination during the expedition’s 98-day journey. can follow his instagram here https://www.instagram.com/ae86worldtour/
  5. chitchatboy

    This is Toyota's own mini Nurburgring

    As one of the most demanding track in the world, Toyota replicated the part of the Nuburgring in Japan to help its engineers develop its cars. Built at the mountainous region of Shimoyama, the track is part of the company’s new research and development center and the track measures 5.3 km long and has an elevation change of 75 metres. In comparison, the Nordschliefe is 25.7km long and has an elevation change of 303 metres. According to Toyota, the test track includes a “wide range of curves and cambers to simulate a variety of European roads.” The company said they did this to help their engineers to develop vehicles with dynamic characteristics that will make them fun to drive and appeal to European preferences. Other than the track, the massive 1,600 acre proving ground also compromises of a technical center that houses development facilities, a high-speed test course and other speciality courses. The whole facility will be completed in March 2024. When it fully opens, the centre will employee approximately 3,300 people and about 90% of them will be directly involved in vehicle development, testing and evaluation.
  6. Volkswagen has been hard at work readying its electric ID. R race car for its Nurburgring record attempt. The German manufacturer has set sights on the 1,341bhp NIO EP9’s 6:45.90 time, which is currently the best lap ever recorded by an electric vehicle. Using its ID. R which demolished the record at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb last year, Volkswagen has developed some new parts to optimise the race car for use on The Green Hell. One of the big changes given to the car is a new rear wing that works similarly to Formula 1 car. At the touch of a button, the driver will be able to open up an element of the rear wing which will reduce downforce by approximately 20 per cent and lower the car’s drag, not unlike the Drag Reduction System (DRS) found in a Formula 1 car. Other new aerodynamic elements include a new floor and a new front splitter to better deal with the denser air at the Nurburgring as compared to the old Pikes Peak configured parts.
  7. Drifting is forbidden at the Nurburgring but somehow, Ford has managed to persuade the officials to allow its driver, Vaughn Gittin Jr to drift there with his drift machine. He is the first person to drift a car at the track officially. His choice of weapon was the Ford Mustang RTR Drift which features a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine that produces up to 900bhp. Thanks to all that power, Ford noted that Vaughn Gittin Jr “shredded three sets of tyres.” as the car “maxed out in sixth gear on the sideways entries into the bends.” As this was all for fun, Ford did not realise any info with regards to the car's lap time but did say that the car managed to hit speeds in excess of 240km/h. Meanwhile, Vaughn Gittin Jr admitted that he did not the know the track nearly as well as he thought he did. "Everything changes when you’re going sideways at those speeds.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=172&v=oLXXL3SK3o8
  8. NURBURGRING / GERMANY You have seen the videos on the net, watched it in various car channel segments, read about it in magazines and spent countless hours playing Gran Turismo. Taurus Industries now brings you one step closer to this legendary track live !!…. To put YOU in the driver’s seat! Get ready for the drive of your life and experience real adrenaline action by participating in our Nanopulser World Series Challenge #Series 1 and give yourself a chance to win a fully sponsored track clinic at NURBURGRING, GERMANY! Prove yourself worthy and join the ranks of drivers who have conquered the ring, Day or Night. Ultimate bragging rights for those who have made it, Rain or Shine. Qualifying and participation details for this mega series can be found through the link below. Only 6 spots available for 2017 season draw (Closing end June). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkedAMkKj2Q Website Link www.nwsc.asia [NWSC is a 5 year series campaign which aims to promote sustainable technologies through interactive motorsports]
  9. Decided to post this as I'm now stuck at the airport waiting. Part 1 It all started when my wife demanded that I suggest a locale for a holiday. Thinking that we've been to Munich and visited the BMW museum, why not just "complete" Germany and visit the Ring and Stuttgart? Neuschwanstein seems to have made her happy about me wasting one day at the BMW museum (she actually enjoyed it too), so I was thinking maybe Heidelberg and Rothenburg would offset a day at Nurburg. When I told some friends about it, they suggest I should maybe "practice" before I fly to Germany. So I borrowed a dusty ps3 from my brother, bought a pre owned GT5 online and a brand new G27. I mount it on my trusty IKEA table and hope to start playing it. Yes. Hope to. Googling for a few guides on the Ring turned up lengthy 10,000 word essays on the web. Basically the web says: Good Example: http://www.heiser.net/documents/nurburgring/ 1) You try to complete 100 ps3 laps to familiarize the track 2) and memorize a 100 page manual that tells you all the secrets. I toss the huge PDF file into the virtual recycling bin, assembled the ps 3 and procrastinated. I'm not a fan of the Ring. All I know there's this insanely big track in Germany that's 20km long, most self respecting car manufacturers test their cars there and there's this 24hr race every year which to me the spectators go there to get drunk on beer than to see a race. I don't know anything else about it. I just go there to.. you know, since it's there, just try it.
  10. Mockngbrd

    24Hr N&#252rburgring

    Some of you might know i was at the 'Ring for the 24hr Race, yes i stayed at the track for 24hrs (slept in my car for 1-2hrs between 330-530am). But i had to leave just before the race ended as the locals told us if we stayed till the end, getting out of the area would have been next to impossible for at least 2-3 hours. I haven't got round to doing up my writeup on the race, but here's an amateur video i put together. Hope you all will like it, first time i make a video like this. Will try to do better in the future if ever i have the chance.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZnG6tyTX_Y&t=3s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHNu7qkiG4U civic Type R does it again as the fastest front wheel drive. @ 7:43 Took back record from the Golf GTI Clubsports S. 7:47 inside view
  12. SGCM_editorial

    One off the bucket list

    The Ring. The Green Hell. Whatever its nickname, Germany’s Nurburgring is worshipped by driving enthusiasts everywhere as one of the longest and toughest racing circuits in the world. Built in 1927 but modified several times since then, the heart of the Nurburgring is the Nordschleife (“North Loop”) – located about 170 kilometres to the east of Frankfurt, 20.832 kilometres in length and with no less than 154 corners, many of them blind ones. It’s a one-way toll road open to the motoring public, whether in a car or on a motorcycle. You could drive there in a beat-up jalopy and they’ll still let you do the “loop”, but you wouldn’t get anywhere near the current lap record of under 7 minutes (achieved by a Radical SR8, which isn’t really a street-legal car in my book). My ride wasn’t radical, but it was capable of attacking the Ring, thanks to a turbocharged 3-litre 6-cylinder pumping 320bhp to the rear wheels through an 8-speed automatic. It was a BMW M135i. Why not a 420bhp M3, you ask? Well, I planned to use the same vehicle to tour Europe after my hot laps on the North Loop, so I needed something more economical than a 4-litre V8. Also, I figured that a “slower” performance car would be safer for me on the Nurburgring. As I was there on a Sunday just after lunchtime, there were almost as many spectators (complete with picnic baskets and zoom lenses) as drivers. Pulling up to join the line of cars waiting to enter the monster, I started feeling a little inadequate. While my machine wasn’t the least powerful in the snaking queue, it was definitely the only one that was 100 per cent stock. As far as I could tell, the minimum modification in my group was either a lowered suspension or a deafeningly loud exhaust system. Some cars had both. Finally, it was my turn at the toll barrier, which lifted and allowed me onto the track. Then it started to drizzle… Great! My very first lap on an unfamiliar circuit, in a fast car that didn’t belong to me and it had to rain on my parade. The rainfall also made me think about insurance coverage in the event of an accident (apparently, I was covered as long as I could prove that I wasn’t timing my lap). And my 75-year-old dad was seated alongside all this while. I silently cursed myself for not practising beforehand on a Playstation, and for not reading the Dummies’ Guide to the Nurburgring that a kind friend had e-mailed to this Ring rookie. Thank goodness the M135i (pictured) has traction control and dynamic stability control – I kept both systems switched on. When an E36 M3 in front of me fishtailed and went off the track within just 20 corners, I was glad to have the M135’s electronic guardians on standby to save my skin if needed. I didn’t pussyfoot around, though – this adrenaline-fuelled Singapore lion overtook a Scirocco, complete with roll cage, and dashed past a 911 GT3. I even managed to catch up with a CR-Z mutant hybrid that was spitting flames from its exhaust pipes. I felt like a “Yang” Senna and the feeling was good, until a 1985 Golf GTI passed me on the outside of a corner and promptly deflated my overboosted ego. After four laps back to back on the partially damp, partially dry track, there was perspiration on my skin and pain in my hands. Tackling the Ring was hard, and I tried hard. Most importantly, I survived the drive, even though my hands were aching so much afterwards that I couldn’t Whatsapp my friends about my “adrena-Ring” rush. Yes, 10 minutes per lap is nothing to write home about, and I doubt Nissan will be hiring me to help break the production car Ring lap record in the next-generation GT-R. But at least I’ve ticked one big box in my boyracer bucket list. This article was written by Yang, freelance writer for Torque.
  13. Toyota's Plug-in Hybrid version of the Prius has just set a record-breaking economy run around the 20.6km Nurburgring Nordschleife with a figure of 698mpg. This equates to an astonishing 296.75km/L. Yup, this is no typo. While the official figure in the brochure says it can do 57km/L (which is also a very impressive figure on its own), it manages to return almost 300km/L because the 1.8-litre Atkinson cycle petrol engine engages only once while negotiating a long uphill climb during the lap. OK, a 20 minute and 59 second lap time is not going to impress any petrolhead but knowing your car only consumed less than five tablespoons of fuel while not going lower than the track specified minimum average speed of 60km/h probably might. The car used for the run received no special treatment except for the uprated springs, lightweight 18-inch wheels, sports bumpers all round and a rear spoiler; all available off the shelf from TRD (Toyota Racing Development). It was also wearing low resistance tyres and was fully charged before setting off. Watch the clip below to see how they managed the amazing feat. http://dai.ly/x21k17m
  14. We have seen F1 drivers in action in their single-pilot, open wheel race cars. But what happens when you put two of them in one supercar?
  15. chitchatboy

    First details of the upcoming Civic Type R

    Earlier at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Honda’s Europe President, Manabu Nishimae, provided us with a lovely teaser video of the upcoming Honda Civic Type R. In addition to the video, he announced that it will be a 2.0-litre turbocharged lump (with a 7,000rpm redline) and would produce a minimum of 276bhp. We think that this is a brilliant move to keep in times with the current batch of hot hatches. What would be interesting is how Honda would keep all 276 ponies in check with all of them being channeled to the front wheels… At the same time Honda also claimed to make the new Civic Type R the fastest front-wheel drive production car around the ‘Ring' and has apparently gotten pretty close to the timing currently held by the current record holder - the Megane 265 Cup. Watch the video and see the disguised Type R at the famed track. http://dai.ly/x16jkc6
  16. http://dai.ly/x14jt3d Porsche recently showcased its 918 Spyder at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It is all common for auto makers to showcase their latest products at one of the globe's biggest and most awaited car shows, much less for a halo car. But the people from Stuttgart did more than that. While a team was preparing the final production version of the 918 for its world premiere at Frankfurt, another brought it out for a spin at the Nurburgring. The result was a record-breaking 6:57. That puts the Porsche right behind the barely legal Radical SR8, overtaking the Dodge Viper ACR (7:12), which held the fastest street going production car record for two years. Now jump to the video to catch a glimpse of the 918 in action.
  17. Fantastic drive by RS driver!! check it out
  18. The 2014 BMW M3 has been spied while undergoing some testing on the famous German track, the Nurburgring, thanks to the folks at Bimmer Post. From the footage, we can see that like all previous generations of the M3, the top-of-the range BMW 3 series has subtle styling differences from its lesser siblings. The all-new M3 is observed to have two pair of exhaust pipe. Other than the styling of the new M3, the video also give us a preview of the aural pleasure that can be derived from the car
  19. Skoda's new compact sedan, the Rapid, has been caught naked on the Nurburgring with testers pushing the car to the limit. The crucial new model will slot into the Czech automaker's global portfolio between the Fabia and Octavia, and will play a lead role in its ambitious plans to almost double global sales by 2018. Based on the MissionL design concept and looking like a downsized Octavia, the car is expected to compete against the likes of the Mazda3 and Ford Focus. It is likely that the car will be built on a stretched Volkswagen Polo underpinnings rather than the larger Golf platform. You may ask if the Rapid will cannibalize on the sales of the Octavia. That is the question on my mind too. According to Matthew Wiesner, Director of Skoda Australia, the company planned to grow the Octavia into a true medium-size car to better take on the likes of the Ford Mondeo and Volkswagen Passat. But does that mean Skoda will upsize the Superb or do away with the nameplate? No one has that answer now. The new Rapid will be revealed this summer with its world premiere to take place at the 2012 Paris Motor Show in September before it goes on sale across Europe this fall. Other parts of the world would get it in 2013. Expect the car to be powered by a range of 1.2-litre to 1.4-litre TSI engines with DSG transmission. MissionL Concept
  20. FaezClutchless

    On board video of Nurburgring crash.

    Recently on the 2nd of October, there was a crash at the Nurburgring track in Germany. Many people speculated on the internet about what had happened. The matter of fact is that no one really knew what happened and there are even rumours that there are some people who are trying to "veil" this incident. But now, there is a video circulating on the internet that shows part of the accident. This video was shot from the back of a car that wasn't involved in the crash. The video is over 15 minutes long but the incident starts at the 09:55 mark. You might want to skip to that point. At around the 10:00 mark, after the car has slowed down, it passes through the accident site. If you look at the video closely (close to the top right corner of the car's rear windscreen), at the 10:32 point, you can see the second crash taking place which supposedly involved the BMW M3 "Ring taxi" hitting the back of the Corvette. Although we didn't get to see the first accident taking place but at least it gives us a clearer picture of what happened during the second one. A long strecth of a fast left bend was just before the accident site and as we can see from the video, many cars scrambled to apply their brakes after seeing other vehicles slowing down. And any cars that were too fast would have little time to brake and avoid a collision from happening. The best question for me to ask is "Why was there road works done on a track day?" link to the accident Photo credit: jalopnik
  21. FaezClutchless

    Eight car accident at Nurburgring track

    [extract] A crash on the Nurburgring track happened on the 02 October involving 8 cars, including a rented Corvette and a newly commissioned BMW M3
  22. Toovo1985

    Nurburgring Lap 1M Coupe vs CSL

    A lap with a Bmw 1M Coupe on the Nurburgring. The car was awesome and no problems whatsoever. BTG lap time was 8.15 with traffic and i also needed to back off throttle for an accident in the last part. Without traffic and the accident under 8 min BTG is possible. I am following a CSL. Which is a nurburgring track day car. CSL has a cage, big brakes, lightweight exhaust and race seats en runs on pilotsport cup tires. The 1M coupe was completely off factory. I was amazed how well this 1M coupe runs on the Nurburgring. Check here the video
  23. This is breaking news. Or sort of actually. The Peugeot EX1 all-electric concept race car has set a new speed record at the Nurburgring Nordschleife! But before we break out the glasses and champange please note that the record is for an electric car and not the overall Nurburgring record. The Peugeot EX1 was piloted by Stephane Caillet and lapped the 20.8km Nordschleife in 9 minutes 1.338 seconds with an average speed of (yawn) 138.324km/h. Note that Peugeot have quoted until the 1/1000th of a decimal point for both lap time and average speed. I suppose when you're going this slow every 1/1000th of a second counts. The previous electric car record lap was somewhere in the region of 9 minutes 51.0938849393 seconds. I have no idea what car did that previous lap time and I don't really care. This is because you could do that sort of time in a Ford Transit van (note Ms Sabine Schimdt in one of the Top Gear episodes). What this basically shows is that electric cars may look as good as the Peugeot EX1 concept car, but Batmobile looks aren't everything. It also tells us that electric cars still have a long way to go in terms of outright performance. You see, even though the Peugeot EX1 has twin electric motors making about 345bhp, I believe Peugeot had to tell the driver to take it easy on the throttle as batteries may drain faster than usual knowing the current lack of range in all electric cars built today. In fact, if I were to give an example, the green, frog-like car featured above could lap the Nordschleife in around 7 minutes 30seconds or so. And it also sounds stupendous while doing it. Unlike an electric car which would sound exactly like the electric 1/10th scale car that you see people play with. Which is slightly better sounding than a blender. So until the times (and range) of electric cars start tumbling closer to what fossil fuel driven cars can achieve, only then may more people start believing in their potential.
  24. [extract] On the 23rd of April 2010 Ferrari 599xx apparently broke the record for the fast lap ever made by a
  25. The future of motor racing's so quiet I gotta use loud speakers. Yes. Loud speakers pumping out a fake V8 soundtrack while purely electric racers run around race tracks just whizzing around with hardly any sound coming from them. You wouldn't know if an electric race car is coming or going. And its very possible as the BMW Mini is now the first automotive manufacturer that has lapped the Nurburgring Nordschleife's 20.8km long distance in a modified racing version of the Mini E. The purely electric Mini E Racer managed to lap the 'Ring in a time of 9minutes 51.45seconds and was timed at the straight at a maximum speed of 187km/h. Not really that fast as it you compare the Renault Megane R26R did it in 8minutes 17seconds, but I suppose it is history in the making. The Electric Mini E is an all electric powered version of the BMW Mini. It was launched as a field test in June 2009 and was available through leasing to individuals in Los Angeles and the New York/New Jersey areas in the United States. Another batch of 40 Mini E were made available to private users in the United Kingdom for 2 trial periods. The standard Mini E is a front wheel drive car with an electric motor that is mounted in the usual engine bay and makes 204PS and 220Nm of torque. The car utilizes a lithium-ion battery pack with an overall capacity of about 35kilowatt-hours. The batteries weigh 259kg and replaces the back seat. How unpractical for a four seat city car that can only carry two. Top speed is electronically limited to a sedate 153km/h and the car