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Found 19 results

  1. "To err is human. To forgive divine." - Alexander Pope To take on a career in photography is to commit yourself to a lifetime of struggle against light and GAS. And recently I've been getting quite a severe bout of the latter. No, I'm not talking about the flatulence that Julian is prone to letting fly in the office, but rather about Gear Acquisition Syndrome - the dangerous compulsion to get more equipment and better lenses in the (usually misplaced) assumption that they will make your photos better. For those interested, I'm planning to write about how one can manage this strange phenomenon in the coming months, but for now, let's just say recently I gave in to this horrible affliction and committed myself to some rather hefty (in the context of what pittance a writer/photographer can afford) purchases. One of these is this rather lovely piece of glass you see in the picture above (the body, unfortunately, belongs entirely to Sgcarmart). It's a Zeiss Touit 32mm F1.8, and it's admired for the fact that it delivers images full of specular highlights, otherwise known as soap bubble bokeh. For those interested to know more about the lens, may I recommend this short film on the lens by GxAce? But surviving on that aforementioned wafer-thin budget requires prudence, so some homework was necessary before I swung down with what little was left in my bank account to make this purchase. And along the way, I stumbled across this other rather interesting video: In the video, YouTube channel Overexposed highlights (excuse the pun) the role which Zeiss played in supporting the German war machine in the Second World War, as well its use of forced labour during the war to support its operations. I'm sure the many automotive enthusiasts gathered here are also familiar with the fact that many of our beloved brands, including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Porsche, alongside Renault, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler were also all involved (with varying degrees and levels of culpability) in the conflict. Which brings me into today's topic of discussion: Should we be concerned about what our favourite brands do or have done? Opioids available for purchase - Let's remember that the standards of the past differ greatly from those of today I'm sure many of you have heard about the McDonalds boycott currently ongoing in Malaysia. And I think it's not hard to see why there has been so much support for it. The spectacular rise of global MNCs and the increasing embrace of neoliberal policies by many states in the last decades has, I'm certain, shifted the perceived perception of the global balance of power in favour of these global corporations at the expense of the state. So, the common man, even if he/she may not articulate it as such, feels that his/her dollar has, more than ever, the ability to change the direction of current affairs more so than the cross he/she marks out at the voting booth. Carl Zeiss would eventually get split as either side of the Iron Curtain were eager to get their hands on the optical know-how that supported the German war machine (The half that ended in East Germany adopted this Carl Zeiss Jena name) But an ongoing conflict is entirely different from one that has happened in the past. And this, I think, is an important distinction that needs to be made. I'm all for putting an end to the bloodshed in Palestine (even though the realist in me would like to borrow from that famous line from Arthur Koestler to say that just as the beating of war drums have reverberated all through the history of mankind, this is likely one of those conflicts that was stay with us for the foreseeable future), but the idea that we should abstain from a firm's products because of its involvement in atrocities of the past looks, frankly, a little absurd. Let's get real. A business is out there to make a profit - whether it be to fatten a greedy owner, or to tease the pockets of its diligent employees - and it will make decisions that are in its own best interests, even if they may be morally questionable. And yes, you can argue that we should expect more out of the corporations that now play such a huge role in global affairs. But I retort with this: Let’s not act as if we are, as individuals, are such great arbiters of right or wrong to begin with. Perhaps a bit of reading about the Milgram experiment will convince those unpersuaded by my point here. That may be a Beetle in the diagram, but Ferdinand Porsche (pictured, lower left) was also responsible for the development of some of the tanks of the German war machine The reality is, Man can be compelled to do silly and even reprehensible things whether it be in in the name of duty, patriotism, or perhaps even by sheer simple greed (and hence Koestler's observation that conflict has followed through all the history of mankind). And like it or not, it's these same everyday men and women that lead businesses. So expect corporations to make mistakes, to err, and to falter. And expect them to continue to make embarrassing decisions. But don't get yourself too caught up with what any firm has done in the past, or abstain from any product just because of the mistakes of a few past business leaders. Life is short, and the threat of conflict is never non-existent, so you might as well go out there and enjoy the moment. Go out there and buy that Mercedes-Benz or BMW, or that Zeiss or Hugo Boss that you've been eyeing. But if you want to afford many nice things, don't take on a job with any firm as a writer or a photographer. - Clarence Images courtesy of Wikipedia Commons, Porsche Newsroom
  2. Hi all, I'm sure a lot of bros and sis out there wear glasses, so am asking for recommendations as I'm not very knowledgeable in this area. Need to make another pair of glasses but there seems to be so many different shops around so don't quite know where to go. Am looking for light and durable glasses, and reliable optician. I was told titanium was lightest previously. Is it still the case now? Last did a pair 4 years ago, and since then have been using smart phones so now eyes getting blurrer… so better get another pair. Anyone tried those progressive lens? Got 'far-sighted' at this age too, so heard some said progressive can cater to both - but apparently can make the eyes confused and blurred is it? And i saw somewhere before got some design that allows a pair of sunglasses to wrap nicely onto a pair of prescription glasses. It's not just those generic types sold at petrol stations but is fitting nicely and comes in a set one. But it's not common as I think I've only seen it once. Anyone tried this before? Figured it would be good when driving. tks...
  3. Just receive the new len on my spec ( I use back the old frame) tried it on and give me severe headache. The shop guy measured again my vision and said the prescription is correct. He ask me to proceed to wear it for my eyes to adapt to it. I wear it for a one day and really cannot take it anymore. Took 2 panadol and still having headache. anyone know where can I get a free eye exam? A few shops I asked said I need to pay $20. Worst come to worst I need to go back to the shop and demand to change my lens.
  4. Only had for little over 2 months and my car was totalled from behind. Video from my DVR helped show that I had very good distance to the car in front of me, but I hit it due to the impact from being hit from behind. Cops were trying to say i was following to close... nobody was the guy behind didn't pay attention wehen traffic suddenly stopped. Video was helpful for insurances and even my chiropractor. Simultainious video plays big role for seeing what happened, instead of just the front camera or separate 2 cameras. With this unit you choose to show (copy to computer) 1 camera or both camera videos after it is already recorded! You are in control!
  5. guys, looking for Nikon 18-200MM lens, DX series. anyone wants to let go?
  6. Just went for LASIK yesterday and I guess I don't need it anymore. Brand New 3 piece of Power 300 & 325 (each) AirOptix Soft Lens Cibavision to give away. Also a bottle of solution as per attached picture. Chances are slim to find someone with the same but it's worth a shot to try.
  7. Hi all, Any gurus can point me to some shops/workshops who sell projector lens for DIY or specialize in lighting and can help me with my project? Gum xia. Projector lens example: http://www.mycarforum.com/ppclass/showfull...e=hid-20331.jpg
  8. Hi, I am sure many have heard of transition lens. Has anyone heard of a substitute transition lens? I was at this spectacle shop and the salesgirl was telling me about something "photo frame" (not sure if i have heard correctly). Is "photo frame" supposed to be good? Is it a perfect substitute for transition lens? Thanks for the replies.
  9. I tried contact lenses eon ago. Accuve was the last brand I have tried and I still feel uncomfortable with the lenses. Whenever i wear the lenses, i feel like my eyes are going to pop up and i feel so strained after a few hours. anyone has such problem before and has found a brand that suits him can recommend me?
  10. Hosaybo

    Computer lens

    anyone heard of computer lens.... spectable with such lens which are meant for reducing strain and glare to the eye when using computer. Not referring to the prescription type but those that are meant for people with normal 6/6 eyesight.
  11. What is there to know about progressive lens ? What to look out for when prescribing ? Any good shops to recommend in terms of workmanship and service ? What is the price range ? Thanks !
  12. Anyone has experiences or knows where to get this kind of lens? New view to reducing myopia with special lens SINGAPORE: Ten-year-old Sherwyn started wearing spectacles to correct his myopia just two years ago, but what alarmed his mother Michelle Cheong was the worsening of his myopia by about a hundred degrees a year. To help children like Sherwyn fight short-sightedness, new lenses that have been clinically proven to slow down myopia progression in children by up to 30 per cent were developed by optical products developer and manufacturer Carl Zeiss Vision. The new lenses, called MyoVision, make use of Peripheral Vision Management Technology, which corrects the image on the central part of the retina as well as on the periphery, by curving it so that it stays entirely on the retina. This is different from the normal method used in optometry to correct myopia, which is to adjust the distance of images through the use of lenses. Short-sightedness, also known as myopia, is more common in Asian countries - with over 50 per cent of 11- to 13-year-olds developing the condition in urban populations. Compared to the rest of the world, Singapore has one of the highest prevalence of myopia, with about 30 per cent of children with the condition when entering school at age six, growing to 80 per cent of the population by the time they are 18 years old. Asians also have a higher hereditary rate as compared to Western counterparts, with 60-per-cent of them being more likely to develop myopia if both parents have the condition which makes objects appear blurred at a distance. Compounding the common eye problem in Asia is the fact that there is no way to completely stop or cure myopia progression due to continuing eye elongation. But now, the team behind MyoVision said they have made a breakthrough. The new lenses look and feel like what have been used so far by optometrists. The only difference is that while vision through the lenses is sharp when a user looks straight ahead, vision at the sides is blurred. The lenses also do not not provide as wide a spectrum of clear sight as normal spectacles. Still, children who tested out the lenses said they only needed a few days to get used to their new lenses, especially when used during sports or playing instruments. "At first (Sherwyn) had a bit of trouble playing the piano, as he couldn't see keys further away using the side of his eyes and he had to turn his head a lot more," said his mother, Michelle. "But after a day or two, when he got used to it, he could play the piano perfectly." A three-year study of 700 children in Australia and China who used the lenses found the myopia progression slowing down by some 30 per cent. "What we find in the study is that the lenses are controlling both the length of the eye and the prescription," said Professor Brien Holden, chief executive officer of Vision Cooperative Research Centre. "So the evidence is that if they stop wearing the lenses, the eye will not rebound - it will stay the way it is, but it'll stop having the effect of the reduction." Singapore is the third country in which the product is being made available to the public, after China and South Korea. "The idea that we can control the growth of the eye to limit the progress of myopia... is a breakthrough in vision correction for billions of people around the world," said Prof Holden. Currently, the MyoVision lenses only work on children and not adults whose eyes and vision have settled in. The other setback is the price tag. The lenses cost S$360 a pair, which is about three times more than normal lenses. But Michelle said: "I
  13. Looking to buy a few pieces at a go. keep in car, bag, home etc. Got any place that sells this? Used tissue paper and scratched my current lenses badly Going to replace the lenses Amazing. my 2 older pairs use 10 yrs oso still less scratched. Haiz all these new technology
  14. My camera panasonic FZ-20 lens has some minor deposits on the lens (innerside). Anyone knows any camera shop to open and clean it.. Pls suggest thks
  15. Ahdi


    Anyone know where i can get 3M
  16. Donut

    Transitions lens

    hi anyone done transitions lens recently? i asked ard few optical shops.... cheapest is $180 for lens only. any shop to recommend? i think the new transitions lens is better than the older one.
  17. Anybody knows where i can get plastic polisher to polish headlamps? Something like this: http://www.autogeek.net/plastik-lens-cleaning.html
  18. try my luck anyone knows where we can get made to measure projector lens? thinking of replacing my standard flashlight glass lens to a projector type to give further beam shot/throw.
  19. Soya

    Clear lens polish

    Saw this polish the other day for plastic clear lenses. Wonder if anyone has tried it?
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