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  1. Ahdi

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Anyone had encounter that your 2nd hand car has summon incurred by previous owner. Would i still be liable to be responsible for these fine?
  2. is it affecting 2nd link?
  3. My Trip in 2011, i took the new route up from Ipoh, and came down from Tapah. Tapah road is rather narrow and curvy as compared to the new route.
  4. Well, LTA has its policy of controlling the numbers of cars on the road, the VEP or ERP wadsoever. If limiting the number of foreign cars on the road, does it seems like they are trying to stop malaysian to come to singapore? i doubt so. btw there is also a limit on the duration the foreign car can stay in singapore, if i never remember wrongly its 2 weeks. after which they have to depart and come in again, or make application from LTA. some replies are very true, SGD20 is equals to "RM50. surely if they can afford to drive in, i assume by coming in they would boost our economy somewhere? if not they are here to take up some jobs n service singaporean like us which we local dont want to do. Our culture is somehow close thus would u prefer malaysian to come out to work or some other FT from some other places. I do have a suggestion that on top of the SGD20 which LTA collects as a entry permit, i hope that LTA would implement a 3rd party insurance scheme. Assuming like SGD10-15 a day. Or for those who comes in everyday could even consider buying 3rd part insurance on a yearly basis. If foreign vehicle were to bang into someone in SG, it would be a hassle for insurance claim. I'm a victim of this. I kana rear ended by a malaysia car who tailgated me. My boot was dented. The bugger is only willing to pay me $300, which is not even enough to panel beat n spray my boot n bumper. His reply to me was, I pay u $300 very good already. U think if you want to claim my insurance so easy ar. In the end my regular workshop tries to claim 3rd party on my behalf. Might takes years to process. Who's on the losing end? So on top of the VEP, should LTA protect the interest of SG cars since we r paying so high COE n road tax? Make them buy 3rd party insurance from local Insurance co so that claiming would be easy. Its just like if we were to drive to thailand, the thai govt would also want us to buy 3rd party insurance, even though our insurance is covered all the way up to thailand.
  5. this TS also nothing better to do, if this type of driving style seems dangerous, everyday expressway would be jam like siao. come look at the last bit of video, from lane 2 all the way filter to exit to eng neo, safe? wake up la.mind your own business. this 5000 driver also nv swerve into your lane to cause an accident with you. CCTV is to cover your backside during an accident. and not for childish people going around to post video. i cannot say the tucson driver is reckless or dangerous, i can say he's just a bit "hiong", not signalling doesn;t seems very polite, but from the video we can see every lane change he does is with enough clearance to other road user. whats wrong?
  6. Ahdi

    Wish to drive up hat yai

    what if car not registered under my name, but under my dad name?
  7. Ahdi

    100% Check at Singapore Customs

    my previous posts of 100% checks back in 2006 in my sunny. lowered HID tinted glasses. ever since i change car to a honda stream, HID n tinted too, nv went in. onli kana once wind down windows see passport n nv ask mi to go in.
  8. Ahdi

    Got $ buy car, but steal water to wash car

    well, i dun deny i;m one who takes the govt water to wash my car. yes i know its wrong. But i live in highrise HDB open car park, no where is convenient for me to wash my car. can onli go to MSCP n take the water. i dun mind paying the 20cts, but some places, the 20cts is ridiculous little. and the car park at my convenience does not have the 20cts facilities. onli tap for me to take, and i;m alwyas doing ti at the highest storey, no ppl around, doesn;t affect any ppl, maybe some ppl making out in their car onli. i wun touch the fire hydrant water at all, firstly i believe its not clean, 2ndly, like wad other ppl say, its meant to put out fire.
  9. since its my company's van, and old liaoz, wanted $300 for private settlement. just can;t stand these jay walkers, always have to make sure they dun cross anyhow. worst scenario is i horn at a cheena student from the JC near my hse, shouted at him, dun know how to look out for cars ar. guess what he shoot me, u dun know how to see people ar. n some bikers love to dash out in front of ur car when u r about to turn out the car park. almost hit them a few times oso. and some still have the cheek to find fault at me.
  10. just kana rear ended by a taxi when i tried to stop when i was turning into my car park. 3 jaywalkers, believed to be a cheena couple an a bangla. while i was about to turn left into the car park, notice these 3 ppl were about cross, and indeed they dashed out while i was about to turn, in the end i had to brake and stop to avoid colliding into them. in the end, kana rear ended by this taxi. always met this scnaerio and hafta be extremely careful. The taxi uncle still have the cheek to say i was in the wrong too, he said i shld haf turn in without stopping, shouldn;t have stop halfway while turning.
  11. Ahdi

    Car Batt @ $600???

    normal la. my dad merc E240 got his changed at $300+, done at outside de workshop. BTw his E240 has 2 battery. one small one at the engine bay n one bigger one at spare tyre compartment.
  12. Ahdi

    No more kopi $ in JB?

    might be true. my cousin jus came back n he told me that he was almost caught for offering kopi for speeding. they did not took it n issued summon.
  13. Ahdi

    Sheng Song at ten Mile Junction and IMM parking

    ya, but the momentt u enter a deck in mid level, n u slowly moves downwards to search for a parking lot, u will reach the exit if u cannot find, so u hafta exit and re enter again, quite troublesome
  14. who knows the parking warden r equiped with camers nowadays n they have taken a photo of ur coupon not torn properly at the time of summon. now u tear liao go appeal constitutes another offence of cheating the authorities. what is done is done, an offence is an offence.
  15. whats the point of tearing wrongly and putting it back, trying to siam the authorities. as long as u did not complete tearing the 5 tabs, u r allowed to exchange for a new one at no cost. i ever tried tearing the wrong yr, or maybe wrong month, 1st day of the month but i still tear previous month. bring the coupon to HDB to get a exchange, no cost involved, as long the 5 tabs have not beed torn. A wrongly tore coupon doesn;t consitute that the coupon is void. jus accumlate the wrongly torn coupon n go one shot for an exchange.