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Found 18 results

  1. GohLaiChye

    New Suzuki Vitara 2016

    Hi All would like to start a new thread on the New Suzuki Vitara(2WD and 4WD), Went down to the show room at the new show room at Leng kee, the showroom was crowded, this is the first time I saw the Suzuki show room with this many customer, seem like this Vitara is getting more popular. The cheapest vision of 2WD start with 97K, a good price point to my view, hope to hear more people commenting on this.
  2. Hi Gurus, I am a layman when it comes to car so just want to gather more opinions. My budget, physique and driving habit prompts me to opt for these CUV. I personally dont think there is a need to discuss the appearance of the car because one mans meat is another's poison. So more cross examination about the above cars. :)
  3. ConnorMcLeod

    Suzuki Vitara 2015

    Its supposed to launch in Q3'15. Checked Champions Motor web but no info. Anyone has info a more accurate month/date ?
  4. Actan72

    FC for Vitara

    Dear all, can comment what is the FC for vitara as I am thinking of changing to the 2litres version. Thanks
  5. Swataction

    Air Filter for Suzuki Vitara

    Hi bros, I would like to check the average price for a new air filter? Should i go for stock or after-market filter i.e. K&N or HKS?? my friend recommend me K&N.. which one is better?? Can anyone share his expertise and view. thanks. if possible recommend some reputable workshop too.
  6. Halow, Helping bro Vitarav6 to find all Grand Vitara owners...i am sure there are some in MCF! 1. Vitarav6 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  7. Ieagle23

    Grand Vitara 4x2WD 2lit

    Hi, Just went for test drive and the power, pickup seem ok for 2 lit SUV and prize pretty attractive @ 67.5K. Any owner down here that can share the FC for GV 4x2 WD ( Auto ) ? The SE mentioned about 10
  8. I would like to buy extra accessories for my new Suzuki Grand Vitara. I have always wanted to have a car with auto folding mirror and would like to have it on my Grand vitara also. I know Grand Vitara does not come with auto fold mirror but the car was great! That was the only car which suites my family and me. Their package was good, so i went for it. Any idea where to buy it.
  9. Now, this is something which you don't get to see everyday.. Hope the driver is ok.. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150335826257866 Sorry peeps, cannot embed as video is uploaded on facebook.. but it's shared with the public, so i suppose everyone can see it even without logging into facebook..
  10. Junjie

    Vitara JLXi 1.6

    Hi Bros, Anyone own the aboved mentioned? Fell in love with in when I saw it at the 2nd hand car mart. One was 92' another 93', COE till 8/11. Worth going for it? How's the FC for vitara and are the parts easily obtain? Any workshops to recommend for Jeep or 4 x 4 vehicles servicing? Regards
  11. Hi All, Am new here so forgive me if my questions sounds silly. I have a 1.5 sunny coming to the end of the COE next year. Am thinking of getting a second hand car... Am looking at a airtrek non turbo or a grand vitara 2L. Any advice regarding... -Reliability -FC -Maintenance cost -spaciousness my work involves indoor and outdoor where sumtimes i have to ferry huge equipments. Like lightstand and tripods and cartons of lights. This outdoor work happens once in every month or so... Have an friend who claims that airtreks are not high in demand and very hard to sell??? Any advice would be great! Thanks Nina
  12. Anyone knows off-hand Suzuki Vitara comes with what rim size ? Asking cos mummy changing tire and she has no clue how big the tire she using ..
  13. Kojinanbu

    2009 Grand Vitara 2.4L VVT

    Suzuki has come up with a VVT Grand Vitara AWD with a 2.4L engine, rear disc brakes... No change to the look except what lies beneath the bonnet, its EPS, 6 airbags and other enhanced electronic mechanisms that delivers powers to the wheels in accordance with the terrain condition. Anyone test driven it at Champions yet?
  14. Vit4wd

    2007 Suzuki Vitara 1.6

    Spotted this rare parallel import 2 dr Suzuki Vitara 1.6 Had the chance to have a short conversation with the owner, who said that this car is way underpowered. Probably due to its heavy body meant for a 2l?
  15. Galactus


    Anyone owns one? Any comment and pricing?
  16. Hi all, thinking of changing rides but can not decide which model. current ride is suzuki and very sastify with the build quality and the realibility so far (3 yrs). and service of champion is ok too. been looking on Stream for it's MPV purpose, but also always like to own an SUV. i know it's not apple to apple but perhaps car owner here can help to give feedback and opinion, i going to travel malaysia a lot thus need a safe and comfort/quiet long distance drive, cruise control is a ++, and big cargo space is a must ! 1) stream - for it's lower price and occasionally seven-seat config 2) Rav 4 - it's a toyota that i never own or drive b4, i'll not get from Borneo but PI rather....again, for it's lower price, but i need advice on reliable PI for toyota. 3) Vitara - i like the look, and i trust suzuki. but at the same time, i'll want to try other makers.... i'm yet to test drive all 3 cars but i'll..... thanks all in advance.
  17. Chermin

    Suzuki Grand Vitara

    any one tested the new Vitara ,,,,, Looks Monster-ous to me, wonder if FC is a killer ..