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Cam car driver’s lightning-quick reflexes saves itself from an accident with a reckless BlueSG car

Cam car driver’s lightning-quick reflexes saves itself from an accident with a reckless BlueSG car



TL;DR – A BlueSG car signals right but changes to the left lane, almost sideswiping cam car who swerved away just in the nick of time.



Most of us should be familiar with the whole ‘pay by the minute’ business model of BlueSg, a car-sharing company.

Paying by the minute is indeed a lot more affordable than driving your car or booking a private hire vehicle. Moreso if you can reach your destination quickly.

But, that doesn’t mean drivers should rush from point A to B with blatant disregard of traffic rules.


Like this BlueSG driver

In this 35-second video, we see a BlueSG car cutting across two lanes from lane 1 in just under three seconds.

Signalling right but changing to the left lane? Nice one lah! 👍🏼



Cam Car driver’s amazing reflexes

If not for cam car driver’s lightning-quick reflexes, this would have resulted in an accident.


Someone sign this guy as Singapore’s national team goalkeeper. Maybe we can qualify for the World Cup.



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I propose a Royal Rumble between BlueSG vs PHV....


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