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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, I want to buy over Season Parking at Paya Lebar Square or Singpost Centre at Paya Lebar. If you are selling, please contact me. Thank you.
  2. Anyone knows what's the parking rates at Paya Lebar Square on weekdays? It still isn't listed on sgcarmart.
  3. now you know why they want to shift the airbase..... the land probably worths tens of billions develop and develop and develop...............................
  4. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/cyclist-dies-in-accident/1037730.html A 44-year-old cyclist died in a road traffic accident involving a lorry on Sunday morning. The accident took place at Paya Lebar Road, towards Upper Paya Lebar Road. SINGAPORE: A 44-year-old cyclist died in a road traffic accident involving a lorry on Sunday morning. The accident took place at Paya Lebar Road, towards Upper Paya Lebar Road. Police and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said they received a call about the incident at around 10am. SCDF dispatched an ambulance which arrived at the scene within nine minutes. However, the cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics. SCDF said the man had sustained trauma injuries. Police said the driver, who was not injured, has been arrested and investigations are ongoing. Channel NewsAsia understands both the cyclist and lorry driver are from China. - CNA/nd BAAL : Just a couple of weeks back, I was at a huge cross junction at Paya Lebar area. iirc, it was the junction in which 1 side is MacPherson Road. I saw 2 cyclist........10-15 secs apart from each other.......cycled diagonally across the junction
  5. Stomp Tuesday, May 21, 2013 SINGAPORE - Stomp reported that a fire was seen at the Traffic Police station in Paya Lebar Road at about 1.15pm. A Stomp contributor, Diana, had said the SCDF soon arrived to put out the blaze. Diana said: "We were enjoying our lunch in the office when suddenly one of our colleagues ran in and urged us to go out. "We were all surprised to see that a fire had broken out at the Traffic Police station, and a lot of loud sounds were heard. "Within five minutes, two fire engine cars arrived and put the fire down."
  6. Hi All I know its a very slim chance but just trying my luck. My car was parked at SingPost Paya Lebar today between 12 to 6pm. Some stupid car or motorbike hit my car and run away. My car was resprayed 1 month ago and groomed only 3 days ago. Spent $1800 in total and now this sh!t happen. I went to 1 workshop and they quoted me $450 for the repairs. Moreover tomorrow is a PH and not many workshop are open!!! I might need to wait till Thursday to repair my car. What a waste of money. I hope someone out there witness the hit and run. Please call me at 81111207. Many thanks.!!
  7. 今日强打』 罕见劫案!30岁新婚男子,因涉嫌在裕廊军营内用螺丝起子抢一把80公分长的步枪,被控上庭。 劫案发生在5月8日下午4时,地点在裕廊的巴西拉峇军营(Pasir Laba Camp)的标准障碍挑战场(Standard Obstacle Course,简SOC)。 据婚姻注册局资料,30岁被告莫哈默立扎,今年3月16日才结婚。不料新婚燕尔之际,他被指在巴西拉峇军营涉案。 如果一旦罪名成立,他可被判最长14年监禁和鞭打至少12下。
  8. Watching out for this black honda mpv. I know these forummers like to say NPNT but up to you. Jam brake in the middle of 3 clear lanes driving at 60 WITHOUT brakelights, was in too much of a rush to try note his number plate. Malay chap, chubby around late 20s. Just be more careful when driving behind black honda mpvs in this area. Cheers
  9. From Yahoo!News Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC, Chen Show Mao, has revealed that invitations for him to attend events at the Paya Lebar division of the GRC have lately been withdrawn by organisers who were concerned they would not get venue approval from the People's Association (PA). In a Facebook post on Saturday, Workers' Party's Chen recounted that he had been scheduled to attend a Seventh Month dinner in the Paya Lebar ward last week but organisers had called him a few weeks earlier to inform him that they could no longer invite him. "The organisers as in previous years had planned to hold the festivities on a hard court in the HDB estate, but this year were told by the Paya Lebar CCC (Citizens' Consultative Committee under the People's Association) that, as a condition for receiving CCC approval to use the venue, they may no longer invite their MP to the event," Chen wrote. Future approvals would be withheld from errant organisers, he said, adding that the organisers were profusely apologetic. "It pains me that they felt so embarrassed to pass me the news. Regrettably, this is not the first time it has happened since I was elected," Chen said. He pointed out that August is a month of festivities, including that of National Day, a "day of our progressive nationhood." Many residents have talked to him about the events they are organising in the neighbourhood, and some of them wish to invite him, while others do not see the need to, he shared. "That is all fine by me... there is really no call to force our residents into a quandary over whom they may invite as guests to their own events," he concluded. Yahoo! Singapore is awaiting a response from PA after contacting them on Saturday evening to comment on the incident. The PA was established as a statutory board on 1 July 1960 to promote racial harmony and social cohesion in Singapore. It has a network of 1,800 grassroots organisations. Regards,
  10. take care guys if you stay around the area. ----- Jul 20, 2011 Dengue cluster at Upper Paya Lebar keeps growing By Salma Khalik The dengue threat continues to rise as the large Upper Paya Lebar cluster gets bigger, with 65 people living in the vicinity down with the disease - 11 more since last Wednesday. -- ST PHOTO: MAY LIN LE GOFF THE dengue threat continues to rise as the large Upper Paya Lebar cluster gets bigger, with 65 people living in the vicinity down with the disease - 11 more since last Wednesday. This is in spite of the National Environment Agency (NEA) sending search-and-destroy teams to visit every house in the area as well as public places where mosquitoes might breed. An NEA spokesman said 40 officers have been scouring the area daily, including weekends, and have found 29 breeding spots in the past three weeks. Further north, another large cluster of 11 victims has emerged in Woodlands. On a national level, 215 people were infected last week, the second week running that the numbers have been above 'epidemic levels'. In the first three days of this week, another 58 people have been diagnosed with dengue. More than 2,800 people have been infected so far this year, about 450 more than in the same period last year.
  11. Picture taken soon after it happened around 3 pm plus. No emergency response vehicles at the scene yet. Jam was only starting to build up. Black civic with boot cover up was the other vehicle involved. Try to figure out how the white mpv toppled on its side...
  12. guys, do any of u use upper payer lebar road towards ubi in the morning?? Recently after they spent millions building and opening the underpass at bartley road, the jam has improved considerably. But there is still jam further up and I realised that it is due to inconsiderate drivers doing illegal u turns at the right turn into Lor Ong Lye. Basically right after the junction between the upper payer lebar rd and lor ah soo there is a right turn opening into Lor Ong Lye. But INCONSIDERATE drivers has been using that opening to do illegal u-turns. Because that opening DOES NOT have a waiting lane, one single stupid driver will jam up the right lane. The left lane is bus lane, so we end up with only one lane for traffic. Furthermore, just like 100m down there is a u turn with a nice waiting lane which can accomodate a few cars but people are too lazy to drive 100m more. I feedback to LTA already but they say the right turn is to distribute traffic into some dunno what roads which I think is totally nonsense. They should just close of the right turn as there is a u turn just further up ahead. Can more people help to feedback? the number to call is 1800 - 2255 582 it takes only 2 minutes to call but if they fix this, it can save us like 5-10 minutes everyday. the roads in question are here http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel...vel_site_86993/
  13. Paya Lebar Underpass Opens not sure if anyone here commutes regularly along this stretch. However since the opening of the underpass it hasn't solved any congestion but rather shifting the jam from A to B. In the mornings the jam is now shifted to the next junction (PL & Macpherson) and stretches till the end of the underpass. and similarly for the evenings...traffic jams starts from the Lor Ah Soo junction till how sun dr area. $$$ spend and resolved the problem? Maybe not...there are really too many cars on the roads with more quotas and cheaper COE. so again time to setup the gantries?
  14. hi people, my office just shifted near payer lebar / macpherson... The jam in the morning to terrible. anyway, is there any good place to eat around there during lunch time and EASY to park. I tried going geylang rd today but the parking there is quite scarse. I also went boon tong kee at macpherson and parked behind near the private landed property. Any good place to go for lunch?
  15. Hi all, Just shifted to HDB around Paya Lebar with open space parking lot. Anyone knows any MSCP around the area that has washing bay? Really appreciate it for your info. Thanks in advanced.
  16. Hi all peeps, there was an accident that took place at the Upper Paya Lebar Road - Bartley Road junction about a month back (25 Oct at 5.40pm). A motorcycle travelling along Upper Paya Lebar Road proceeded straight across the junction on a green light, but a Mercedes Benz in the opposite direction turned right into Bartley Road simultaneously, without checking whether the coast was clear. The motorcyclist was flung 10m onto Bartley Road and conveyed to hospital later with a fractured leg. I've attached a picture of the aftermath of the accident. Basically, I'm hoping that if there are any witnesses to this accident, please contact me at 8112-7014. This is important because it concerns the liability of the accident and subsequently, the claim amount. There were a lot of vehicles passing by the accident scene because it was the evening peak period and everyone was going back home. If you happened to have witnessed the accident, pls contact me. Thanks. [inline accident.jpg]