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Found 24 results

  1. Dear forumers, I am planning to resign from my current company soon. I intend to offset my earned leave (30 days) to offset against my notice period of one month. This is allowed under MOM's rules; however, I don't get paid for my leave, and I can immediately start work with my new employer on the next day. I have sought advice from many friends; some say serve your notice, some say use your leave to offset. I have a very tense relationship with my manager and I don't wish to serve the notice period; indirectly, by using my leave to offset, I am working for the company for free for one month, by not cashing in my leave if I serve the notice period. What would you do? Thanks.
  2. I think COE will drop back to S$1 to S$2k region. For those who not sucessfully this round, just be patient, you will get yr COE next round. The latest bad news for the UK car industry follows thousands of job cuts in recent weeks, including 1,200 at Nissan, 850 at Ford, 600 at Aston Martin and 450 at Jaguar Land Rover.
  3. Karoon

    Serving notice period

    Dear MCFers Need advice on notice period... is it normal for Sg companies to cut short the notice period once you tender resignation? eg a person's notice period is 3 months. The moment he tendered, the company let him go within a month on grounds that he could be joining competitor, his heart is not in it, etc etc even though the guy is willing to go through the 3 months (during which time he will also clear outstanding leave).
  4. Notice this brand of coilover D** previously sold @ $1,600 but recently have drop so much. Last week a fren of mine got it @ $750.vendor said clearing stock. Any bros knows anything about the brand....is there a problem for the drastic drop in price as i'm hunting around for coilover. Seem too good to be true or maybe QC issue. Hope to get some advise, thxs in advance
  5. Hi fellow mcfers, Just like to know from fellow car owners who have experienced accident repairs by authorised WS, which also are handling the accident reporting. Roughly how long will it take for non-car usage claim/compensation ($$) from the insurer to WS to the car owner? Hope to get a guage before i chased them too much and be deemed to be very kanjiong.. its about 1 month since i got my car fixed and working... many thanks!
  6. Sometimes i see companies publishing a small notice saying xxxxx of nric xxxx has left the coy and is not allowed to transact any dealing on behalf of the coy. why must they do that huh?
  7. Luckcent

    Anyone notice MCF's Server

    is slow in responding ?. Is it lack of maintenance or something else. Any moderators can give an answer ?
  8. MCF Alfa Romeo Chapter Serpent Meetup TONIGHT 24th June 2011 Venue: GREEN FAIRWAYS Address: 60 Fairways Drive (off Eng Neo Avenue) From Dunearn Road, turn left on Eng Neo Avenue, follow for approximately 1 km, turn left on Fairways drive. Follow to end to Green Fairways Golf Course and Driving Range. Time: 9pm onwards
  9. Hi Guys, was on bus lane 1st Feb 2011.. been almost 3 weeks, no news from LTA, just as i thought i was cleared. the official notice came in today date 24th Feb 2011. Offence: DRIVING IN A PART-DAY BUS LANE DURING PROHIBITED HOURS [MONDAY TO FRIDAY (BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 7.30AM TO 9.30AM) UNDER TULE 8(1) ROAD TRAFFIC RULES. if you are the driver of the vehicle, you are required to return the driver's particular form on the reverse duly completed and signed with 7 days. from the date of issue. you may also, within this time, have the above offence compounded for $130.00. if you wish to do so, please make payment:- personally by cash or nets at LTA, sin ming drive by mailing a cheque to lta How do i make an appeal for it? no option given.. any advise bro?
  10. Got this notice at local U?
  11. I rarely have time to wash my car so 3 years ago when my friends adviced me of this car wash company near my home, Caltex by Yew Tee that opens from 7pm - 7am - its was fantastic! I must admit I still didnt go frequently. Yesterday I went and realised a new team was there and when I presented my ticket, they told me that that company was no longer operating there. The company is LKW Automotive Services - does anyone know if they are operating elsewhere or if they are operating at all??? Any advice? Cheers!
  12. I put a 30mins coupon at at URA parking space at 7:55pm, and the offence states 8:25pm. Can I appeal? Ok, the story goes. i'm a regular at this parking area, after 10pm is free. that day I have a short meet-up with a friend. so i got there at 7:45pm, tear my 30mins coupon at 7:55pm. then i spotted the "white rat" checking on cars, not alot of cars to check though, cos at night liao. so thinking dat he will soon be away after 30mins, my coupon would be safe enuff. But I was wrong, after meeting up with my friend, went back to my car at 9plus. Was kinda taken aback seeing the slip on my windscreen while walking towards my car. time of offence 8:25pm, $6 charge. KNN... Then nevermind, I check other vehicles. to my suprise, i checked a lancer got a summon at 9:05pm. Which means the white rat stayed in the parking area for more than an hour with sparsely parked vehicles which after 10pm is free. Not only that, he will wait for expired coupon to issue tickets. As a regular of this parking space for a few years already, I took this finding kinda suprise. So back to my question, do i have a case? shld the offence take place at 8:26pm instead of 8:25pm? Not dat i cannot afford the $6, but is damn tulan of how despicable this white rat goes around doing his job. His tour of duty of the area shld be done in one round, not wait, not hawk mah.
  13. Hi all, saw a Garmin recall notice somewhere, and thought might be useful for Garmin users. ============== Garmin
  14. Rosschang

    Anyone notice MRT fair increase?

    I think I'm paying 15c more per trip.. :(
  15. My car's insurace will be expired early next month but so far I've not received the motor insurance renew notice. I'm with MSIG - maybe they dont want my business! If you're also using them, when you nomrally receive the renew notice? How about other insurers? Can bros here share when you normally recevied yours? P.S. agents don't bother to contact me as I already have a few agent friends.
  16. I recently purchased a second hand ride and transferred owndership on 23 July 2009. Its road tax subsequently expired on 11 Sept which I duly renewed it with the required Vehicle Radio License. Just last week, I received a REMINDER notice from MDA demanding payment for Vehicle Radio License from 23 July 2009 to 11 Sept 2009. I was kinda perturbed. #1, I did not receive any prior notice and this notice is a reminder? #2, When I purchased the car with its road tax and vehicle radio license fully paid till 11 Sept, why should I pay for it again? Wouldnt it be double collection? I questioned the customer service gal at MDA and she could not respond. After a few minutes on hold, she came back tot me and said, LTA would have refunded the difference to the previous owner, so no double collection. I did not take her words as at the same time, I sold my car and paid the road tax and Vehicle Radio License till November. In so far, no refunds, nothing! Are we snooked? Are we paying double? Guys, though the amount is small, Please check before payment. I have written an official letter to MDA for their explanation.
  17. Ralliart_ray

    Is it just me that I notice...

    there is a white new GOLF GTI 2009 in my neighbourhood... which looks like a EP82 from behind
  18. I'm comparing my driving road condition versus last year, same route (novena-thomson-braddell-PIE-changi), I notice there's a significant increase on the numbers of cars plying on the road these days, so many cars and of cos lead to more road hoggers, make driving really hell......
  19. the other day, went to geylang for durian and my bil pointed out one weird phenomenon... no matter how jam the geylang area road is daily and nearly 24hrs also heavy traffic, there is not a single ERP gantry along the to-fro strecth and it wont have one for sure it seem.... wonder why it's like that..... some conspiracy theory or that area run by some big brother whom even miw dare not offend??....
  20. Just went to pump my petrol at SPC yesterday and saw this notice on the pump station saying that with effective from 28th July, 5% site discount has already taken off. I was surprised and I believe this 5% discount applied to other petrol stations as well. So are we still getting a better deal after those, 4cts, 4cts and 10cts price dropped?
  21. ... so, who is at fault first? tail gaters or road hoggers? I hate both actually. But just to send message to those bros and sis out there who like to drive on the right lane with speed limit 90km/h. For Road Hoggers, get your mentality right! Right lane only is for overtaking, if your front is clear and there is a car rushing behind you, you suppose to give way. Now for Tailgatters, you think you can brake your car on time that won't cause collision?? If the idiots in front of you blocking you, just overtaking from the left and move on, don't need to challenge the idiot who is roadhogging.
  22. Hi to all, a few weeks ago, I saw a a white colour Honda civic, should be a 1992 or 1993 ESI, the driver of the car should be a S'pore Takumi, I had saw him opening up a fourth lane on TPE( towards PIE), I was travelling on lane 1(extreme right lane), suddenly, I notice a car weaving in and out of the traffic, to my surpise, he actually overtake cars by travelling on the road shoulder, subsequently, he travelled all the way on the road shoulder until Punggol exit. Yesterday, I heard from my friend that he saw a white colour Civic doing the same act along PIE, near to Toh Guan area, this time round, both of his left tires is travelling on the grass patch, according to my friend, viewing from behind is like grass cutting as the left rear tyre is spinning up alot of grass. ( It's remind me how takumi over take by travelling on the drain cover) Applaud to the civic driver.
  23. Titanium

    Did u notice...

    Lesser flags for this yr national day...
  24. Notice when I start my car, and moving off, can hear an audible click sound somewhere inside the car. I do not know what is the combination that will cause it, but I get it every morning when I go to work, and lunch time when I leave the office, and after work. On the road , no such sound.. Suspect it is those feature of "auto-door-lock" after moving off the car at certain speed, but we dun have such feature.. so dunno what that click is about.. Definitely a relay being turned on somewhere.. I tried simulating at red-light. Stop car, put to park, open door, close door, put to D and move off.. no sound.. What is that huh ? Aveos got or not ? Those manual cars got or not ? Have to off the radio to hear it.. Aircon off or put at 1...