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Found 4 results

  1. What do you all think of the upcoming 'Singapore first racing movie', Oversteer? I've have to say any effort in promoting motorsport and car culture is something good in my opinion, but from the promo photos and trailer, it just feel kind of half-effort and seems unlikely to capture the true Singapore car scene... In the first place the hero cars and location looks like it's all in Malaysia - granted, maybe filming in SG wouldn't be easy, but it seems like they didn't even try to replicate SG, i.e. make it seem like the setting is supposed to be Singapore. In this poster, you can see KLCC, and there was another photo floating about that shows the Malaysian number plates of the car, it seems like the setting of the movie is going to be in Malaysia. There are even people on Facebook poking fun, commenting that Singapore doesn't even have any street racing culture - which isn't the case, and will only be made worse if the film does end up to portray everything in Malaysia. The first teaser trailer shows an S13 drifting with a DC5 and EK chasing it. While drifting seems to be trendy and attractive to some movie-goers, but most would agree that it isn't really part of Singapore's street racing/ car culture scene. While Singapore might be small, we do have plenty of motorsports related history, including both legal and illegal avenues, cue the illegal drag races that happened at what is now the Tanah Merah Coast Road, Lim Chu Kang (40T), Seletar (20T), the curvy roads such as Old Upper Thomson which was once a GP circuit, the infamous 'Orchard Gudang', etc... My point is, I can't help but feel like the movie's gonna be plenty of wasted opportunities to show the interesting side of Singapore's car culture. That said, I hope that I'm wrong and the movie actually turns out to be a fun watch! So, what are your thoughts on this movie?
  2. ACG Performance is the Official Distributor of Brembo in Singapore. We import, distribute, and install Brembo brake kits and components for street racing and track enthusiast. ACG Performance also carries a wide range of AirBFT Air Suspensions. AirBFT is a leading brand of high-quality Air suspension parts which offers customers outstanding quality products with long-term reliability support. If you are looking for a set of nice rims, check out our GFG Forged Wheels today! They are custom made-to-order to fit your ride. Services we provide: 🛠️ Performance brakes 🛠️ Tyres & rims 🛠️ Suspension 🛠️ 4 wheels alignment 🛠️ Wheels repair 🛠️ Lubricant Why choose us? 👍 In the market since 2010 👍 Competitive Pricing 👍 Provide quality workmanship 👍 Experienced team of mechanics Address: 48 Toh Guan Road East #01-104 Enterprise Hub, Singapore 608586 Operating Hours: Monday to Friday: 10am - 6pm Saturday: 10am - 4pm Sunday & PHs: Closed Contact us today at 9001 2337 for the best quotes!
  3. Back in September last year, there was a news report about thirteen supercars impounded in British Columbia, Canada for their involvement in street racing. The drivers of these cars have to pay a $196 fine plus an impound fee. On top of that, they might get their driving license suspended. Apparently, an eye witness informed the local police about these drivers late night activities. Two of the cars would block off a stretch of a road and the rest would do the racing. Some of the drivers involved were students from an exclusive boarding school and some did not even have driving licenses. In Canada, there are strict laws regarding street racing and dangerous driving and if found guilty of these charges, the authorities have the right to confiscate the cars and sell them off. Before I continue, here is the list of supercars that were impounded. 3 Lamborghini Gallardo 2 Nissan GTR 2 Maserati GranTurismo 1 Audi R8 1 Aston Martin DB9 1 Ferrari 599 1 Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG 1 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Just after the impoundment was made, the local police have slapped them with only traffic charges (fines and a temporary seizure) as there was little evidence. But five of the car owners have been indicted due to evidence from an eye witness. The British Columbia Civil Forfeiture Office have decided to take further action by commencing in a civil action to confiscate the cars under Canada
  4. There are lots of reasons why people modify their cars. Some do it just to show off, some do it for performance on a track but some idiots plainly do so just to race on the streets thinking that they live in a world of Need For Speed Underground. My observation? These blokes drive dinosaurs which have been modded to look like a 'Rex'. And they are the worst kind. I'm sure many of you drive to work on expressways or traffic light infested stretches of road. But one thing in common between the two is that there is never a time when you can feel relaxed if there's a racer wannabe next to you. Their exhausts the size of durian's and the noise it makes is comparable to an elephant, and their seats so low you can barely see their heads out from the window. Once the lights change they speed off leaving a trail of nothing but distaste and disgust from other road users. Then there are those who buy the low spec'ed dinosaur and 'zhng' it to look like the 'Rex' or just something they're not. And I don't get the logic behind these modders. If you're willing to spend so much more on adding turbos, air scoops, huge spoilers and new rims, why not just get a higher spec'ed car? More often than not they end up as nuisances on the road and causing much distress to other more considerate road users. But I think I know the reason why people like this actually exist. They're just having a mid-life crisis. Once kids come along, you have to fulfill the role of a Dad (i'm assuming most 'zhngsters' are men), sending them to various classes, tuition, dance, art class, tennis lessons, and there's your wife who makes you go all girly shopping with her. So you feel the need to exert your manliness, which is why you buy a lower spec'ed car, and mod it up to make it feel like your own. Men often feel the greatest sense of satisfaction when they do things independently, and that is a fact. By modifying their own car, attempting to become the loudest and seemingly fastest street racer there is in Singapore or Malaysia, you feel great. What you are really, is a man who should have just spent the same amount of money on a BMW or Volkswagen GTI for that matter. I'm not saying all these drivers are ego-craving individuals who want a fast car yet live sensibly while with their families. Its just the minority that you see on the roads, those who are insecure with being who they are when they're 30-40 years old. My main point here is to tell this minority group of imbeciles to grow some testicles and be a real man.
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