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Found 38 results

  1. SGCMHello

    COE direction for 2018

    Where do you think COE is heading? Reasons for COE to come down: - Grab, Uber has stopped expanding. - Comfort and Uber tie up may get rid of surplus cars - taxi companies have many taxi that no driver is renting - 2008; 2009 huge batch of cars are due for scrap. - people switching to uber/grab, and new MRT lines. - 1 rocket from N Korea to US will bring down COE, but increase Oil & Gold price. - And where have the buyers gone? A motor show and CNY did not push COE up, surprising. Reasons for COE to go up: - zero car growth starts in Feb - more stringent VES in Jun 2018 making cars more expensive - global and local economic growth forecasted for 2018 - strong stock market. COE & stock market are correlated if u hv not realised. - Trump is pro business, bode well for global economy. - Enbloc fever is turning Thousands of households into millionaires. Once these households get the $, a portion of them will upgrade/buy etc. Where do u think car prices are heading ?
  2. Just today, I almost hit onto another vehicle which made an illegal entry into a no entry area as there is only one-way traffic in the carpark.. It happened at Raffles City.. In fact, for the past few months, almost every once in a while I will see cars doing that.. It's especially prevalent in Raffles City.. But also prevalent at other carparks as well.. On entering the carpark (from Bras Basah Rd entrance) at B2, cars are supposed to make a right turn on the 2nd junction (1st junction is for cars exiting when they travel from B3) followed by a left turn immediately.. Some cars, choose to ignore the no entry sign and go straight in.. Is it a "lazy to go one big round to get to that free lot" attitude? Or is it a simply "bo chap" attitude? I think by taking the short cut, it puts other users' vehicle or pedestrians' lives at risk.. I understand sometimes it is difficult to get a lot and by the time you turn one round to get to that lot, it might already be taken, but I'd rather be safe den sorry.. So what are ur views guys and gals?
  3. Mcfguy

    Funan IT Mall close for 3 yrs

    Wasn't clear from maps which direction in to Funan IT Mall carpark entrance. Can I turn in from either Hill Street or North Bridge Road?
  4. Mandarin Oriental Hotel carpark? Looked at street directory but it does not show any road leading to the hotel's carpark. Any bro knows? Thank you in advance.
  5. Hi All, Anyone know the way to Restaurant Todak as with the enclosed map? Seem like there is some construction worksbeng going on where even with signages available also not able to get in.
  6. Garmin has introduced the company's first portable head-up display (HUD) for smartphone navigation apps. It projects directions onto a transparent film on the windshield or an attached reflector lens. By providing road guidance within the driver's line of sight, HUD helps to improve safety and reduce driver distraction. "Head-up displays currently have their place in select high end cars, but HUD makes this technology available as an aftermarket accessory for any vehicle, at an affordable price," said Dan Bartel, Garmin Vice President of Worldwide Sales. The HUD is smart enough to adjust the brightness level to ensure that projections are clearly visible in direct sunlight or at night. The system also notifies the driver when he exceeds the speed limit and informs him of the estimated time of arrival. More impressively, it also alerts the driver of the lane to be in for the next manoeuvre. Music streamed to the car stereo from the smartphone will automatically fade out during voice prompts. Garmin's HUD is priced from US$129.99 (S$166).
  7. So many graduates, so few skilled Almost half of India's 5m fresh degree holders each year are unemployable - See more at: http://www.stasiareport.com/the-big-story/...h.GVE7Yl0b.dpuf GIVEN his first-class degree in accountancy, young Kunal Gurab appears over-qualified for his current job as a data-entry executive at a leading Indian outsourcing firm. "I took up this job because I failed to find a job of my choice in finance," said the 24-year-old employee at a call centre run by Tech Mahindra just outside New Delhi. "In all job interviews, I was told my course did not teach me the skills needed for accounting or banking." Mr Gurab's disconcerting discovery reflects the experience of almost half of the five million Indians who receive college degrees every year but are unemployable in an economy left thirsting for skilled hands. Poor-quality education is largely responsible for the problem, alongside a lack of vocational training to develop job-relevant skills. A mismatch between students' aspirations and the job market is also to blame for the growing army of unemployable graduates in India. Last month, in a first-of-its- kind employability audit among Indian graduates, hiring solutions company Aspiring Minds found that 47 per cent of the respondents were not worth recruiting because they lacked English fluency and skills such as problem solving or use of computer software. "There is a mismatch in what our education system is producing and what industry is looking for," said Mr R.V. Kanoria, former head of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), one of India's top industry lobbies. India has a workforce of about 480 million but, according to an FICCI estimate, only 5 per cent of that pool have "marketable skills", compared to 50-60 per cent in countries such as Japan and Germany. Agriculture still employs over half of India's workforce in low-wage, low-productivity jobs even as labour needs shift from farming to industry. This has massive implications for the country's young. More than half of India's 1.2 billion people are under the age of 30, and some 12 million Indians are expected to join the workforce every year over the next decade. "We don't want a glut of educated unemployed in a skills-driven job market," said Mr Dilip Chenoy, CEO of the government-backed National Skill Development Corporation. When India liberalised its economy in the 1990s, it helped improve living standards for millions, but its socialist-era education system remained heavily regulated, churning out a greater number of literates grown on a culture of rote learning and white-collar dreams. Millions of educated Indians still lack fluency in English, the language of business in the former British colony. In the growth years, that mattered less. Hundreds of technical schools opened overnight, producing graduates who were snapped up and then trained on the job. But as the economy slows, employers are getting pickier. Experts said India must improve the quality of courses and teachers. It must also overcome a culture that values conventional education more than job-oriented vocational training. The government is responding with an ambitious plan that aims to arm 500 million youth with employable skills by 2022. This includes building more skills training centres, developing curricula and training teachers. Such is the talent crunch that some of India's famed information technology firms now fund skills development programmes in engineering schools. "Of half a million engineers graduating every year, not more than a quarter are employable," said Mr Vinay Shirsat, founder of hiring firm Vindsor. - See more at: http://www.stasiareport.com/the-big-story/...h.GVE7Yl0b.dpuf
  8. Sunny3664

    Watch winder tpd n direction

    Hi anyone knows the direction n tpd to set for a submariner n a datejust2? Thank u in advance
  9. Almost hit by a car today that beat the red light after lights in her favour turned red for more than 10 secs. Would definitely have collided had i not waited that extra 1 sec for the pedestrians to finish crossing the road. Always remember to check the opposite direction at T-junctions even if you have the right of way! Video has been submitted to authorities for further actions. Drive safe everyone!
  10. Noticed a couple of times at my GF place, people stop in the opposite direction (probably because of convenience) but leave their headlight on. The moment I turn in from the main road straight away kena blinded. Anyone encounter the same issue too?
  11. Need advice to drive from Yishun to Sentosa (RWS)..
  12. along maude road $50 FINE, KNNBCCB i dont understand, is he hard up to meet his quota? im parked nicely in the lot, displayed my coupons, and im not causing any obstruction. WHY THE FCUKER MUST SAMAN ME FOR THAT? just a stone throw away, along king george road, many car parking illegally causing obstruction, cause other vehicle to drive in opposite direction, why he dont go saman them but come disturb us park nicely in the lot? why the chao chee bye is so chao chee bye?? I not the only one kena, many others too. anyone appeal before? success? those who want to tell me "just follow the rules", "shut up and pay up", dont even post here and waste bandwidth.
  13. Any experts can guide me? If using GPS, select what? Kum SIA...
  14. It seems to me that major european brands are going into turbo-charged (or FI) engines, with even BMW introducing turbo into its entry level 2 litre 4 cylinders. while the Jap powerhouses (Honda/Toyota) are wholeheartedly in the hybrid route... will this be the direction forward? that brands belonging to each continent carving a niche in the auto industry. will we not see a turbo toyota/honda ever? ps: i do understand that the directions manufacturer choose are always aligned to government legislation.
  15. It seems to me that major european brands are going into turbo-charged (or FI) engines, with even BMW introducing turbo into its entry level 2 litre 4 cylinders. while the Jap powerhouses (Honda/Toyota) are wholeheartedly in the hybrid route... will this be the direction forward? that brands belonging to each continent carving a niche in the auto industry. will we not see a turbo toyota/honda ever? ps: i do understand that the directions manufacturer choose are always align to government legistration.
  16. Was there any reason given for this? To not allow turning in this direction? Because it doesn't really make sense to me....
  17. Have always been curious. For the ones at BKE, you can see that the lens is facing towards the direction which you are headed, i.e. your speed will be detected just after you pass by the camera. What about those fridge-like speed camera (like at PIE or Yishun). I can't seem to see any clear lens, except for a small black window. Does it detect your speed before or after you pass beside it?
  18. Dystopia

    Direction to malacca?

    can anyone help me ? i am driving up north this weekend with my gf.
  19. COE sky rocketing. MRTs sardining, then the 'distant based fare'. And then 'save money over time' comment. And now, gahbernment dumping millions into making biking tracks. Guys, better start training. Add-on: Also, I actually don't mind cycling. But I will only consider cycling to work if I can do it within 30 minutes and not on roads for cars.
  20. I would like to share a recent experience regarding this subject. I was exiting 10-Mile Junction carpark turning left into Woodlands Road when I almost knocked down this uncle bicycle rider. I was looking right for oncoming traffic. When clear, I released my brakes and moved forward only to see uncle riding his bike right in front of me from my left to right! Obviously, he was riding on the pedestrian pavement and crossed the slip road that I was on without anticipating my movement forward. I wasn't expecting anything to appear, so luckily my reaction was fast enough to stop in time. That guy did not seemed fazed at all as he rode on merrily. I know many of us have encountered such riders, but here is a reminder of how dangerous it can be when people flout traffic rules blatantly, and to always look forward before releasing your brakes to move off. Cheers.
  21. Can anyone familiar with the area around Carlton Hotel help me with some directions. Is the entrance to Carlton Hotel at the Bras Basah Road? The small road behind Carlton Hotel, Miller St, does it turn right on Victorial St towards Rochor also? Thanks.
  22. Just something to share. Today, after parking my car, I found a car with looks like new set of tyres. On closer inspection, it looks like the direction is wrong. Isn't that so dangerous?? Instead of cutting water, it may go over it and aquaplane. Doesnt the tyre shop where that was installed check?? What kind of tyre shop would risk the life of the occupants in the car?? Guess noone should take it for granted that all tyre shop will do a good job. anyway, I remember on a previous post here where a car had an accident, someone mentioned the tyres were pointing the wrong direction. If this car were to skid and crash, will it be the fault of the driver? Hmm........
  23. Paikia_rav

    SG Flyer flew wrong direction

    SINGAPORE, Aug 9, 2008 (AFP) - Officials in Singapore have changed the direction of the world's biggest observation wheel because feng shui masters said it was taking good fortune away from the city, a report said Saturday. The Singapore Flyer, which opened earlier this year, had originally revolved so that it rose to face the business district and went down overlooking the sea, the Strait Times newspaper said. However, masters of the ancient Chinese art of geomancy convinced the wheel's management to reverse it so that it was not taking fortune away from the city. "A number of feng shui masters had approached us to tell us that the Flyer is on the perfect site to pick up the good qi (energy) flowing into Singapore, but it was going in the wrong direction," said Florian Bollen, the Singapore Flyer's chairman. "The Flyer was going against the sun and taking fortune away from Singapore." Bollen likened the change to the "completion of a perfect movie" to give a better story, but added that it cost the company a "six figure sum," the report said. For visitors now riding one of the wheel's 28 air-conditioned capsules, their view starts with beaches and housing estates in the east and culminates with a vista of the business centre. At 165 metres (545 feet), or 42 storeys, the Singapore Flyer is 30 metres higher than Britain's London Eye, said builders Great Wheel Corp. Despite being a modern city Singapore is a largely ethnic Chinese nation, where traditions still hold sway.
  24. Hi all bro & sis, I am currently using Bridgestone Potenza RE001. Today my fren was looking at my tyres and he told me that my tyres were installed wrongly. I knew that RE001 is directional tyre but since it were installed till now, i hv not even looking at the thread direction. Please advice which is the correct direction: http://i166.photobucket.com/albums/u102/ma...1_adrenalin.jpg If I am now standing in front of my car and looking to the bonnet direction, should all my tyres be installed as shown on the above photo? The thread (sharp point) should be pointing downwards for all fours tyres, rite? Currently, the passenger side thread is pointing downward but the driver side thread is pointing upward . They shouldnt be pointing at the opposite direction, rite? What is the complication if the tyres direction were installed wrongly as what i hv mention? i am having quite bad fc (will never over 13). is it bcoz of this? oso will it be dangerous? so worry now Please advice. Thank you very much
  25. Any Bro can help, which is the ealiest and better drive from Kuantan to KL. Please help urgently. Many thanks in advance