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Found 79 results

  1. Hope this is helpful and drive safely... for the guys do try to come back with 3 legs
  2. Totally agree with this guy. Time to clean up and get rid of foreign trash. ST Forum Mar 1, 2011 HIRING SINGAPOREANS FIRST 'Foreign' doesn't always mean 'talent' WHILE I agree that Singapore needs foreigners to stay competitive, there are levels of foreign talent ('Levy hike 'not a push for locals''; last Thursday). At a basic level, there is a need for work permit and S Pass holders in the service, construction and manufacturing industries, given the shrinking population and comparative lack of appeal for these sectors among most Singaporeans. There should be some control to mitigate the negative effects of attracting foreigners at this level, like falling productivity; and this year's Budget has started to address this issue with the revised levy. However, when it comes to foreign talent on employment passes, are we certain that Singaporeans who graduate from one of the best education systems anywhere are unable to fill such vacancies? As much as we need multinational companies (MNCs) to invest and create jobs here, there must be a delicate balance to reap the optimum benefits of combining local and foreign talent. To achieve optimum balance, the Government should have a process of checks to manage the quantity and quality of white-collar foreign talent. I have been working in MNCs for more than 26 years and my experience informs me that it is not always the case that the foreign help is cleverer or more productive than his Singaporean equivalent. In fact, there are many Singaporeans who are better and cheaper. In fairness, I have also worked with talented and experienced foreign managers from whom I have learnt much. However, it is troubling when the term 'foreign' becomes synonymous with 'talent', though that is not always so. James Ang
  3. Hi guys, My car door indicator is always intermittently on during driving and the problem seems to be getting worse. It is mostly on now. All the doors are fully close but yet the car door open indicator keeps getting on from time to time. I can ignore it, but when it is on, I cannot use my remote car key to auto lock the door. The remote sense some doors are still "open" so I could not lock the car by using the remote. I have to manually lock the car. Any workshop that can repair such issues?
  4. Showster

    Always Treasure Today, Two Day

    Two day is always special. Always treasure Today!
  5. New_Atlantis

    HongKong Protest (riot)!

    My friend just complained, why always riot when he wants to go to the country for a holiday! First Thailand red and yellow. Now Hong Kong student riot. Anyone as sway as my friend?
  6. Happy new YEar! I got 3 radio clocks (those plug into wall supply) of different brand at home. Everytime after tallying the time with my handphone, few weeks later 3 of them sure go faster than the actual time. Even the radio clocks at my cousin's home also behaving the same thing.... it can go as fast as 20mins from the actual time. Anyone have the same problem? Is it cause for the supply frequency of our wall outlet which should be 50hz right?
  7. Since we are in the heat of the moment with the high stresses and all around us, it is timely that we look and see ALL sides, be it decisions that affect us or any issues we are up against. This video is an excellent depiction that we should never just see things at FACE VALUE and seek to find ALL sides of the argument in order to get a better perspective. Watch till the end.
  8. After watching this video, i will always remember to wear my seatbelt! https://www.facebook.com/MangoNews/videos/810686718967472/
  9. During the last servicing, I request for a full servicing since immediately i got my 2nd hand car. I requested for a Denso iridium but it turn out to have a NGK copper plug installed inside. Fine... little did i realise the spec for the plug is a bit off in the spark position parameters. Its +1mm more. I always wondered why my car got this weird pulsing engine vibrating where it thud harder than usual. After changing to the correct spec denso spark plug, I can feel a bit of HP increase and also the weird pulsing vibrating is gone. Morale of the story, always check what your workshop have done to your car.
  10. Redcafe10

    Do you always keep your gps on?

    Hi bro, Would like to know do you you always keep your gps on whenever u drive or only on the unit when u need to use? Especially for those unit with traffic update and warn you with speed camera n limit? Thanks
  11. Picnic06-Biante15

    Parents Always Parents

    Someone e-mail me this .................... At 4 years my Daddy is great. At 6 years my Daddy knows everybody. At 10 years my Daddy is good but is short tempered. At 12 years my Daddy was very nice to me when I was young. At 14 years my Daddy is getting fastidious. At 16 years my Daddy is not in line with the current times. At 18 years my Daddy is becoming increasingly cranky. At 20 years Oh! It's becoming difficult to tolerate Daddy. Wonder how Mother put up with him. At 25 years Daddy is objecting to everything. At 30 years it's becoming difficult to manage my son. I was so scared of my father when I was young. At 40 years Daddy brought me up with so much discipline. Even I should do the same. At 45 years I am baffled as to how my Daddy brought us up. At 50 years my Daddy faced so many hardships to bring us up. I am unable to manage a single son. At 55 years my Daddy was so far sighted and planned so many things for us. He is one of his kind and unique. At 60 years my Daddy is great. This, it took 56 years to complete the cycle and come back to the 1st stage. So don't waste time and never forget your parents.
  12. Kklim

    Always wear yr seatbelt

    Cop pulls over driver for seatbelt violation, shoots him!! http://www.thedailysheeple.com/are-you-wearing-your-seat-belt-bang_092014
  13. its interesting what this girl did to fool everyone that follows her on FB and her family. abit boliao but she definitely proved her point to the whole. its time for the good old meet up sharing sessions instead of sharing only on FB. http://www.gapyear.com/news/230749/dutch-girl-fakes-a-trip-to-se-asia ....................Bending reality on Facebook is hardly unusual – in fact it’s turning into something of a life skill – but Zilla’s efforts seem to have taken things to a whole new level. The reasons behind her actions, however, are noble: it was all part of a university project, in which she wanted to show how Facebook activity is not necessarily reflective of real life. Speaking to media in her home country, she said: “I did this to show people that we filter and manipulate what we show on social media, and that we create an online world which reality can no longer meet. “My goal was to prove how common and easy it is to distort reality. Everybody knows that pictures of models are manipulated. But we often overlook the fact that we manipulate reality also in our own lives.”........................
  14. Could not find any thread on this so here goes. 1) Like I find the forum more civil and rational as compared to some other forums . The moderators do their jobs well and the forumers are well, to a large extent, more sensible, for want of better word. 2) Always wanted to know - Are the forummers here very rich? Just curious cos it seems like we have many millionaires here BUT my burning question is - Do forummers here know each other? I hear everyone teasing Porker but is Porker a guy, gal, animal.... or do some of you know this person in real life? Is RadX really an undertaker or is this a long time joke? Anyone met RadX in real life? Dun flame me. Just curious.
  15. I just briefly did a search n to my surprise there are at least 20 over bus services on Orchard road. Let's say 1 bus = to 3.5 cars length, so at anytime if there are 4 bus in 1 bus stop n there are 8 bus stop along Orchard road. 4(Bus) x 1(Bus stop) x 8 (Bus sop) = 32 Bus 1 Bus = 3.5 (Car) length 32 (Bus) x 3.5 = 112 Imagine, 112 cars occupying the road anytime during the day. Above is just an example of x numbers of buses could be traveling on Orchard road day time. My question is do we really need so many bus servicing Orchard road?
  16. 'Bigger is not always better' Singapore - Wedding planners said it is common for couples to try to outdo each other. Ms Maria Jaffar, owner of MJ Wedding, said couples even take loans to hold grand ceremonies. Some struggle later to repay their debts. Ms Maria has been in the industry for more than 10 years and organises weddings almost every weekend - except during the fasting month. She said that even though most of her clients promptly settle their payments, about five every year fail to do so. She said: "Some still owe me money after the wedding and they would come up with all kinds of excuses not to pay me. "I still wish them all the best and will not pursue them any further for their payment. Every year, I write off more than $10,000 in bad debts." Ms Mimie Addam, who owns Tamara Bridal, insists that couples settle all their payments one week before their wedding day. Ms Mimie, who is in her 40s and has been running her company for seven years, advises couples to save before their big day and spend within their means. She said: "I've arranged ceremonies that cost as low as $6,000 and I've also helped plan some that cost about $50,000." Ms Maria said: "I have this advice for couples - be prepared to make heavy losses when you hold a wedding. "There is no way you can recuperate your expenses from your wedding 'hongbao'." Wedding loans taken by Malay couples contributing to divorce rates by Shaffiq Alkhatib Singapore - It took him three years to save $10,000 for his wedding ceremony in 2007. But his final bill was $25,500. Then, for more than two years, Hafiz (not his real name) tried to settle the debt, using his $2,500 monthly salary. The technician's parents eventually had to help him with his payments. Financial troubles, like Hafiz's, have contributed to a breakdown of marriages in the Malay-Muslim community. That troubled the Government enough for the Ministry of Social and Family Development to revamp a marriage preparation course for the community. Last month, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister- in-charge of Muslim Affairs, said the course will include financial planning. Hafiz, 36, wished he had someone to check with before going ahead with his grand wedding. He said he wanted to make his wife happy. He said: "Before our wedding, she went to a few of our friends' to get some ideas. "She told me that she wanted ours to be bigger and grander than the others. And I agreed with her out of love." But he couldn't pay. So he had to take a bank loan of $10,000. Then he borrowed about $5,000 more from his relatives to hold the wedding at the void deck of his flat in Tampines. He said with a chuckle: "Malays say that to be a bridegroom is similar to being a king for a day. "But apparently, for me, being a 'king' turned out to be a very expensive affair." Mr Hafiz said his sales assistant wife earns about $1,500 a month. Pricey The decoration at his wedding alone cost him thousands of dollars. He recalled that for his wedding, the ceiling and pillars of the void deck were covered with fabric. Coloured cloth was also used to cover the chairs and tables, which were topped with fresh flowers. "The void deck looked like a hotel function room. It was very beautiful. But it cost me close to $10,000 just for the decoration alone. "In the end, my parents, who just received their CPF payouts, had to help me pay off my wedding debts," he said. Hafiz has a 30-year-old sister who is single. "She has a fiance and they intend to get married soon. But they told me that they will try to make their ceremony as simple as possible. "My sister and her husband-to-be said that they will just have a small gathering for the 'akad nikah' (solemnisation), and that's it. Maybe that's a good idea after all I've been through," he said with a laugh. Now that his debts are out of the way, he intends to start a family with his wife and buy a flat together. Said Hafiz: "I don't have to worry about my debts any more and can move forward with my married life. "Perhaps my wife and I should have thought things over before we went all out for our wedding." Help with managing finances Cinta Abadi (Malay for Eternal Love), the Ministry of Social and Family Development-run course for the Malay-Muslim community, is targeting more than 2,000 soon-to-wed couples each year. Financial education will be an integral part of the course, The Straits Times reported. In announcing the course, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister-in- charge of Muslim Affairs, said young Muslim families need to better understand the importance of help with managing finances managing their finances. Dr Yaacob had said that it is important for couples to live within their means. "It's nice that you're falling in love and having a family, but ultimately you need to deal with the finances," he said. please spend within your means!! excercise financial prudence!! dont borrow!! save up and pay cash!!!
  17. Picnic06-Biante15

    Boleh Land Always One Step Ahead Of SG ....

    Singapore - 13 years old in robbery ..... Boleh Land - 10 years old arrested for protesting ..... Win leow lor ... from Yahoo : Malaysian police arrest 15 over flash-mob protest Malaysian police on Saturday arrested 15 people over a flash-mob protest held ahead of a planned June 22 opposition rally against alleged fraud in elections last month, but they were later freed. Those detained, who included opposition-aligned activists but also a 10-year-old boy, were held for disrupting public order in a busy shopping area of the capital Kuala Lumpur, media reports and opposition politicians said. "We had warned them to disperse but they refused to do so. They have been detained to facilitate investigations," Zainuddin Ahmad, a local police official in the area, was quoted as saying by The Star newspaper. Malaysia's long-ruling coalition was returned to power in May 5 elections that were the country's closest ever. The opposition insists vote fraud secured the win for the ruling Barisan Nasional (National Front), but Prime Minister Najib Razak has denied the charge. Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has organised a string of post-election rallies nationwide demanding election reforms including an overhaul of an Election Commission it considers biased. The next gathering is set for June 22 in Kuala Lumpur, but police have warned they may stop the rally, setting up a potential confrontation. All of the rallies have so far proceeded with no incident. more story, link: http://sg.news.yahoo.com/malaysian-police-...-184414242.html
  18. people say what they ambush, hide and wait for you to go and paste sticker etc.... come come... i have a positive story to share... i was summoned 28mins after coupon expired. so kana $6 loh... so u know means what? if summon auntie wait juz wait 2 mins, she could summon me $10... 2mins so easy to pass, juz check the next few cars... but did the aunty do it? NO! she detected a expired coupon and issue a ticket on the spot! no dirty tricks! so u see hor... aunty have integrity hor... dun always say their bad stories...
  19. Almost hit by a car today that beat the red light after lights in her favour turned red for more than 10 secs. Would definitely have collided had i not waited that extra 1 sec for the pedestrians to finish crossing the road. Always remember to check the opposite direction at T-junctions even if you have the right of way! Video has been submitted to authorities for further actions. Drive safe everyone!
  20. Asking question now also abit scare kena flame again anyway, those downlight (2 energy savings tube in each) at my living hall ceiling will always spoilt together... few of the sets happened this way... there wasn't any time only one tube inside spoilt.... any explanation to this ?
  21. Firefly968

    Always be alert when driving.

    Was cruising leisurely until almost bang this grey fit at the junction There was no pedestrian crossing the road. Unless he saw something/someone that I missed The incident is at around 2 minute mark.
  22. When they were planning and building the expressways, didn't it occur to them that this will always cause a traffic jam due to lane-changing and possibly high chance of accidents??
  23. Where are you now? [laugh] What a bad-ass Photographer CNA has!
  24. Tianmo

    Is a/a always equal to 1?

    was asked this question today...............what is your answer???............... [laugh]