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Found 71 results

  1. 2 elderly parents caring for their girl who was strickened with brain cancer. Very touching, brought a tear to my eye. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/cnainsider/defying-odds-brain-cancer-dancer-gbm-glioblastoma-9821022
  2. All the best !! you have done your part and am sure all your kids put in their best effort to prepare for this. Wish them luck and don't curse the MOE if your kids come home crying No wonder traffic so smooth this morning
  3. Please be honest and share. Reading books or watching BBC not counted.
  4. $60 hair cut for a BOY <_< i eat until so old never had a hair cut so expensive wow!
  5. Green_carnation

    Do you give parents Ang Bao for CNY?

    Just to check.. married or not do you give ang bao to your parents for CNY? Some said only if married then can give ang bao.. but does that apply to giving parents ang bao?
  6. Jman888

    Does your child lack sleep?

    primary school children need 9-10 hours sleep, secondary probably 8 hrs, but nowadays many students are sleeping after 12 midnight. Is your child getting enough sleep?
  7. An interesting topic popped up over lunch among my buddies today so I was hoping to get a feel of the general population with regards to it. Here goes, For a married man with your own family, do you 1) Give your own parents money on a regular basis for survival? 2) Give your own parents money on a regular basis for kopi? 3) Give your wife's parents money on a regular basis for survival? 4) Give your wife's parents money on a regular basis for Kopi? 5) Give your own parents and wife's parents money on a regular basis for survival? 6) Give your own parents and wife's parents money on a regular basis for Kopi? 7) Spend all the money on your own family i.e. wife, kids 8) Give your wife money on a regular basis? 9) Keep all the money to yourself and manage your own individual finances between spouse? Feel free to add anything missing from the above
  8. 4 out of 5?? i think base on the selected group in the survey, they shouldn't conclude such as misleading information. Nevertheless, would you consider sending your kids overseas if you have the mean?
  9. Recently encountered a commotion at a shopping mall car park. Car A in his lot, driver still in the car. Car B reverse into the available parking lot beside Car A. Car B ferries a family with kids, kids open the car door wide and hard. "Bam!" car door struck Car A. Car A driver exit his car, furious and pissed demand compensation from driver B. Car A: new car plate, new car. Car B: B&B car, looks like going to scrap in another 1-2 years. Some paint-loss/scratches at the doors/bumpers. I suspect Car A might have obvious scratches and even paint loss on his car (Car B is not maintained well for its exterior). Driver A took some photo of the damage and the car plate number for Car B. Driver B was upset and scolded Driver A for being fussy, and defended that kids are innocent. So, fussy driver or just inconsiderate parents?
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGn5DpbL1rs&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGn5DpbL1rs&feature=youtu.be Jaywalking with the kid is already a bad example and while nothing dramatic happens to the kid, luck is not with her/him all the time. thank you for your attention.
  11. http://www.domainofexperts.com/2015/06/letter-to-parents-who-lost-their.html If only more Singaporeans were more sensitive like this writer.
  12. Watched this video and was super inspired to be a good parent for my kids... but then thinking again, asian culture like always want to be safe and don't want pple to fail. How many of us have parents like this? http://edumatters.sg/all-parents-you-have-to-take-2-mins-to-watch-this/
  13. I'm one of the parents affected and have paid 2 months of school bus fares. Really inconsiderate of the Sindoz owner to make the statement that parents should go to schools for refund instead of him. Guess another Volks Auto saga is in the making. School bus contracts sour, leaving parents in a pickle PUBLISHED ON JAN 3, 2015 1:00 AM PARENTS of pupils from two schools were left fretting over their children's transport arrangements, after the schools' contracts with a bus operator soured. Red Swastika School in Bedok and Coral Primary in Pasir Ris had hired bus company Sindoz Group for the new school year, but terminated their contracts at the last minute after finding the firm's service unsatisfactory. It is not known how many children were affected. At Red Swastika, parents paid two months' worth of bus fees to Sindoz in November but did not hear from it thereafter. A mother who wanted to be known only as Madam How, 42, said she did not hear from Sindoz owner Andy Lee after making a $160 deposit payment. "I tried to call Andy but there was no response," she said. A day before the school year began, parents received a message from Red Swastika principal Jenny Leong, informing them the school had ended its contract with Sindoz. Mrs Leong assured parents that the school would look into refunding those who have paid Sindoz. When asked, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said Red Swastika had appointed Sindoz as its school bus operator last August. But up to Wednesday, Sindoz could not confirm its arrangements with parents. The school decided then to terminate the contract with Sindoz and work with its former bus operator Goh Transport, said a spokesman. Mr Goh Bock Sin, who runs Goh Transport, said he received a call from Red Swastika only on Wednesday. "I worked with the school last year and we have a good relationship. So when they asked me for help, I agreed," said Mr Goh. Still, the last-minute appointment meant some parents had to take their children to school yesterday. At Coral Primary, some children ended up waiting for the school bus provided by Sindoz for an hour yesterday and were late for school. Others were not picked up. This led to the school ending its contract with the firm, the MOE spokesman said. The school had to make its own arrangements to send children home after lessons ended. "The school has made arrangements with the alternative transport operator to continue to ferry the students from next week," added the spokesman. When contacted, Mr Lee claimed the schools had unreasonably terminated his contracts. "It is unfair to terminate my contract even before the service commenced," he said, referring to Red Swastika School. Mr Lee, who declined to give his age, said he has been in the chartered bus industry for more than 10 years. Asked about the money from parents, he said an operations executive from his firm had "absconded with the money" and that he had made a police report. But parents should go to the schools, not him, for refunds, he said. "The schools are the ones that terminated the contracts suddenly, so they should bear the costs." For Madam How, it is not about the refund but whether her daughter has a bus to take her to school. "If we don't get a school bus, we really have to ask around and get non-working friends to help us out."
  14. Parents upset over penis-shaped Play-Doh toy Angry parents say Play-Doh's plastic toy looks like a dildo. Play-Doh has landed in hot water with parents after releasing a plastic toy that looks suspiciously like a sex toy. The item in question: an "extruder" tool included in Play-Doh's $20 Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain Playset. Some parents are complaining that the device, intended for squeezing out icing onto a toy cake, resembles a penis. And it's a little hard to argue with that: http://mashable.com/2014/12/30/play-doh-dil-doh/
  15. Secondary 1 posting results are out today! Hopefully your children got a school of their choice. If they did not and you intend to appeal, check out this link for some useful tips. http://edumatters.sg/sec-1-posting-appeals-things-you-should-know/ Good luck and all the best everyone!
  16. Picnic06-Biante15

    Parents Always Parents

    Someone e-mail me this .................... At 4 years my Daddy is great. At 6 years my Daddy knows everybody. At 10 years my Daddy is good but is short tempered. At 12 years my Daddy was very nice to me when I was young. At 14 years my Daddy is getting fastidious. At 16 years my Daddy is not in line with the current times. At 18 years my Daddy is becoming increasingly cranky. At 20 years Oh! It's becoming difficult to tolerate Daddy. Wonder how Mother put up with him. At 25 years Daddy is objecting to everything. At 30 years it's becoming difficult to manage my son. I was so scared of my father when I was young. At 40 years Daddy brought me up with so much discipline. Even I should do the same. At 45 years I am baffled as to how my Daddy brought us up. At 50 years my Daddy faced so many hardships to bring us up. I am unable to manage a single son. At 55 years my Daddy was so far sighted and planned so many things for us. He is one of his kind and unique. At 60 years my Daddy is great. This, it took 56 years to complete the cycle and come back to the 1st stage. So don't waste time and never forget your parents.
  17. A couple claims that their daughter totally ignored them after graduating from university. She refused to take photos with them at her graduation ceremony and did not even inform them about her marriage plans. Dejected and disappointed, the parents are now seeking the return of the $40,000 university tuition fees from their daughter. Mr Wang Yongshen, (56 year old, retiree), claims that he and his wife are hurt by their daughter whom they said had become a totally changed person after her graduation. They had put in a lot of effort to see their daughter through university only to end up getting cold treatment from her. Mr Wang said his daughter graduated from NTU
  18. Yusld

    Cutting ties with parents

    The topic sounds unfilial but tolerance hit my limit. Not gonna type millions of words but my parents is too much, hit my nerves and I decide to end ties with them. Demanding for money, insulting and nothing can save this relationship any more. Even my hubby told me, just ignore them, no need to do anything but as far as my concern, I will want to cut off with them legally. any friends have any advise? No flaming please , I labeled myself " unfilial " then............ Let me know the procedure, anyone?Thanks
  19. read this article. quite an interesting one. http://tinyurl.com/kfd896r the context is in America, but IMO it is really relevant to our local scene as well. the paragraph that struck me are as follows: "How many poor inner-city kids could be brilliant computer programmers if given the chance? Probably a lot. Uneducated people can do amazing things when given the chance. Two years ago, a foundation left a crate of tablets for kids in an Ethiopian village. As The Registerreports, "within five months, they had hacked Android." " "You don't get to pick your parents, but your parents' income has a huge impact on your educational attainment, and hence your future income. I don't know why that is – it's likely a mix of cost and culture -- but it's true. And as long as it's true, a large portion of an average person's income is tied to something they have no control over." "how many people are in positions of power – CEOs, managers, bankers, regulators, and politicians –not because they're gifted, but because their parents were able to provide a great education?" wow... question is, how do we get out of that rut if we have parents that are in the lower spectrum of the salary scale?
  20. Any bro here feel the stress of bringing up their kids? -------------------------- http://www.asiaone.com/print/News/Latest%2...119-384494.html Some parents ask if primary school expeditions to exotic places like Paris and Vienna are really necessary for 'exposure'. -TNP Zaihan Mohamed Yusof Tue, Nov 20, 2012 The New Paper Listening to opera in Austria. Learning how to cook Parisian cuisine in France. Admiring Gothic architecture in Prague. Exploits of the well-heeled? No. We're talking about the experiences of Singaporean primary school pupils on overseas excursions. Tour agencies The New Paper on Sunday spoke to say that in the past, only secondary school and tertiary students made these overseas learning trips. Today, primary school pupils as young as six are globetrotting. They attend choir and band competitions, youth festivals and even help orphans in remote villages. Responding to queries from TNPS, the Ministry of Education (MOE) confirms that each year, more than 25,000 primary school pupils go on overseas learning journeys or overseas community involvement programmes. And if you think that primary school pupils are too young to be doing such travelling, then consider how Kinderland is sending a cohort of kindergarten children to Japan on a seven-day "autumn exchange programme" this month. While other kindergartens generally say that this is unusual, the trend of more exotic (and expensive) school trips by younger children has got some parents worried. One parent, who wants to be known only as Madam Teo, 36, said: "Is this really necessary? Back in the day, we'd visit the zoo but these days it feels like people are trying to outdo each other." "Next year I'll have all three of my kids in primary school." Madam Teo is unemployed and her husband is a civil servant. These excursions don't come cheap. Trips to neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea and China can cost up to $3,000 before school subsidies, while trips to regions like Europe can cost up to $3,500. MOE promises that help is available to everyone. Says a spokesman: "MOE provides schools with funding to subsidise overseas learning journeys. "In addition, schools may tap on other sources of funding, such as the Opportunity Fund (OF), to support their students. "The OF can be used to subsidise enrichment activities and programmes, including overseas learning trips, for students from low-income families so that they do not miss out on the opportunities to enhance their learning through such programmes." Says Madam Ane Hariati, media executive, 40: "The trips are expensive but it's quite affordable after the subsidies." Madam Hariati's 12-year-old son, Rei Hamzah, from Queenstown Primary School, visited Seoul, South Korea, last year. The trip cost more than $2,000 but after the subsidies, Madam Hariati paid about $1,000. But even with the subsidies, a school trip for a child can be painful budget-wise, say some parents. Says Madam Teo: "It can be quite a struggle, but how can you say no? "The school gives you a choice. But the pressure comes from your child who says to you 'My friends will be going (overseas). I want to join them'." Two years ago, Madam Teo allowed her then Primary 1 son to go to Tokyo, Japan, for a dance culture programme. The trip cost almost $2,000 after subsidies. One teacher, who has been on numerous overseas learning trips, says children from less well-to-do families feel the pinch when it comes to shopping during these trips. The teacher, who declines to be named, says: "I see it all the time during cultural immersion programmes when there is some shopping time. "The poorer kids move away to one side or hang around teachers. The rich kids buy up everything because they say it's cheap and you can't find the souvenirs in Singapore." She has another issue with these trips besides the cost. She questions if primary school pupils who help at foreign schools or orphanages are getting the wrong signals. The teacher says: "Are we saying that Singapore doesn't have poor or disadvantaged people? Why can't we help Singaporeans first?" Madam Teo, too, has further concerns about these excursions. She declines to name her son's school but says that 29 other pupils, two teachers and six parents went along to Tokyo. She admits the trip was a success but says that had she not tagged along, her son "would have suffered". "Each Primary 1 pupil shared a room with a Primary 6 pupil. They were supposed to be cared for by the senior pupils. "But how can they take care of the Primary 1s if they can't take care of themselves?" she asks. Madam Teo claims she had personally attended to a Primary 1 student who had developed severe rashes from wearing his long johns for three days. Some didn't even change their clothes for that same period. A few of the older boys were always trying to "parcel off" the Primary 1s to the adults. She says: "You can't really blame them for being kids and wanting to play with children their age." But these trips do seem to bring benefits. Says Madam Hariati of her son Rei: "I was surprised that he now appears to be thinking more for others. "After the trip, he also displayed more confidence in doing things independently." And that's what Primary 5 student Ryan Koh learnt first-hand during his two-week overseas excursion to Beijing, China. The Catholic High School (primary) pupil, who returned from his trip in early November, says: "There's nobody to pack or clean up after you when you're overseas. You have to deal with things yourself. "You learn not to take things for granted." Kids' business is big business Travel agencies say the demand for school excursions has risen over the years. Several firms have even started departments to cater to the trend. Madam Eileen Yee of STA Travel tells The New Paper on Sunday: "In 1999, we started a separate department just to deal with students' overseas travel needs." Other indications that business appears to be thriving is the pool of about 50 travel agents approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE), TNPS understands. The travel agents are required to abide by MOE regulations, which include risk assessment, safety and insurance guidelines. Says Madam Yee: "Our consultants work closely with teachers or heads of departments when we recommend overseas learning packages. "They will agree only if we meet the school's learning objectives, safety standards and overall travel experience." Tour agencies which TNPS spoke to say the most popular destinations are Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Taiwan. zaihan@sph.com.sg
  21. Went to ICA to try renewing LTVP for my parents and found that the process has become more complex and stricter now. Need 3 years of income tax, employer's letter confirming salary and employment, CPF contribution... Macam like I want to apply PR for myself. Don't understand why so strict. It's not like they are here for any social benefit nor do they vie for a job here.... I wonder what would have happened if I had chosen the job in Japan. Would that mean their renewal will be rejected?
  22. Mahjong74

    School openly soliciting for

    http://www.tremeritus.com/2012/08/24/catho...s-from-parents/ The Catholic High School (CHS) is openly soliciting for "gifts and presents" from the parents of its students, to "touch the teacher's life", in its coming Teachers' Day Celebration. According to the CHS memo which was forwarded to TR Emeritus (TRE) by a parent, the event is organized by CHS Management Committee, CHS Alumni and the Parent Support Group (PSG). The memo wrote that the PSG Exco is appealing to parents who would like to show their heartfelt gratitute to contribute a present to this event, and listed the 'proposed' presents as "shopping vouchers, dining vouchers, current digital gadgets or home appliance, tour packages, etc". Parents are asked to deposit the gifts into a box at the Primary or Secondary School's General office by 27th August 2012. The memo also listed the contact person for parents with enquiries as Bee Yen (Primary) and Winy Quek (Secondary).
  23. I thought the MOE minister say do away with the ranking??
  24. TODAY 7 July 2012 Page 16 Did we fail to anticipate the silver tsunami? From Lee KoK leong Quote The rise in default cases in maintaining our elderly in nursing homes, locally and overseas, is anecdotal evidence that there are not enough ef- fective measures in Singapore