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Found 31 results

  1. carloverguy2017

    How to make your car UGLY.

    A vblog of a simple zhng to cover a section of the chrome bumper. Very easy job. It's been sometime I've vblog something again, so this time I'm uglifying my friend's car. https://youtu.be/6MAl0gV3YxQ
  2. Pls all share what you ve seen, locally or abroad, on the net or in real life. I happen to find these on the web. Can't imagine there are such moronic-looking cars in this world.
  3. hospital is a place where many people will lost control of their temper, not only to the healthcare staff but also their own family members... but i hope the hospital has rules to throw out those inconsiderate people
  4. Adam251

    Ugly singaporean

    sorry folks but had to vent this somewhere ... today went to one of those "longkang" fish place for kids where kids can catch "longkang" fish like we did when we small ... what's frustrates me was it's the PARENTS not their kids that goes all out catching these goldfishes in these shallow ponds .. what worst was a number of these kiasu parents catch until their small 6inch by 4 inch fish tank that was provided is full to the brim with goldfish ... imagine those small tanks filled with about 30-50 goldfish ... come on now don't tell me you have a huge fish tank at home to put all those fish .. why so greedy??? in the first place its for the kids not for the parents ... there are signs which says only kids allowed in the pool and not more than 5 fish per tank ... I would understand if you want to help your kid catch a fish but to scoop out 50 and squeeze them into that tiny tank its too much ... it shows your greed .. you know half of those fish will die by the time you reach home let alone survive until next week ... and all this done while their brat kids stomp around and slapping the water surface stunning whatever fish that's left behind ... they also position their maid to prevent other kids from going to the spot where they had "chopped" maybe it's just my luck that today there were at least 3 or 4 such greedy kiasu families but it sure spoils the trip for the rest of the other families ... looking at what's happening I didn't let my kids catch fish today ... a number of other families that arrive after us also decided to just move on ... I feel it's a real shameful act by these parents that had obviously teach their kids that greed is good and to destroy whatever that left behind so others can't get it ... shame on you !!!
  5. The ugly truth about TFR and foreign influx
  6. Leijasper

    Ugly Side Of An Ugly Gal

    Saw a post on fb of a gal posting guys under lower income are blocking the earth fr rotating.. What u guys say abt it? Like that den all those family wit income lower den 3k must all commit suicide liao lor lol
  7. Bonafidestack

    Youabian Puma USD1.1M Car

    Happen to came across this news. http://www.lataco.com/taco/introducing-youabian-puma-los-angeles Tacos • Art • Events • Music • City News • Party Pix Introducing the Youabian Puma ~ Los Angeles Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. K. Youabian had a dream- to design a car that is unlike anything ever made before at the very top of the exotic luxury market. That car is the Youabian Puma, pictured above. That picture doesn’t quite show the size of this exotic wild beast, so check out the image from Jason Torchinsky of Jalopnik, who described the car, which costs $1.1m as “terrifying”, below: I personally find this car super ugly. And it is design by a cosmetic surgeon!
  8. http://sbr.com.sg/economy/news/here-are-6-...poreans-incomes pay no increase, many FT and FW drove the wages down, businesses gained more profits.......locals either bite the bullet and work for low pay....
  9. http://sbr.com.sg/economy/news/here-are-6-...poreans-incomes Here are 6 ugly facts about Singaporeans' incomes There's a downward trend in average monthly incomes. According to the Singapore Social Health Project 2013 by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, declining trend in average monthly incomes and the increasing cost of living have made many Singaporeans feel vulnerable, especially those from lower-income families. The inadequacy of CPF for many who are retiring poses a threat to the well-being of the fast ageing population of Singapore. Singaporeans, especially the lower income, are increasingly finding it difficult to cope with escalating costs. The Gini coefficient has also increased, reflecting greater income inequalities. The report outlines six points that describe the current trends in Singapore's income security. 1. Real growth in average monthly household income per member increased for all residents in 2012; poor households suffered a decline in incomes. Income security in Singapore declined for the low income between 2010/11 to 2011/12. The lowest 10% are the hardest hit with a decline in wages in 2012. Gross real median wages across the common occupations listed by the Ministry of Manpower fell in all nine occupation categories from 2007 to 2011. 2. Cost of living has increased, eroding the purchasing power of savings. The inflation rates of 5.8% in 2011 and 4.6% in 2012 were higher than the average inflation rate of 1.9% over the last two decades. The inflation rates exceeded the 4% Central Provident Fund (CPF) interest rates on the Special and Retirement Accounts. 3. Inequality has increased. The Gini coefficient for Singapore increased from 0.473 in 2011 to 0.478 in 2012. It is the second highest in the world according to the Human Development Report among "very high human development countries
  10. Picnic06-Biante15

    Sue Wife Cos She Is Ugly .....

    ha..ha..ha........ and got away with S$100,000 ..... from Yahoo: Chinese man sues wife for being 'ugly' By ANI | ANI
  11. I was on the 2nd lane driving leisurely at 70kmh after a dinner night out...I saw you suddenly appearing beside me...can see your handsome face with your chio gf looking at me la...my windows were winded down and I could hear your loud loud exhaust...the next thing you let me hear was your psst psst sound from your Blow-off valve indicating to me that your Vios is equipped with a turbo (how big or small I dunno la) Then you gave me a smile and then quickly slowed down and came behind my car...could hear you kp revving your engine and letting me hear your HKS SQV BOV sound...your distance was so close to me that I think I can even see your shiny white teeth. Maybe you think my humble little Rex is a TS poser due to my (stock bodykit and stock exhaust) or you were dying to show off to your gf that your car can makan any cars...whatever the reason, even if you makan me for breakfast, lunch and dinner I also don't care cos my stomach is still digesting the large amount of food that I had devoured only 15min ago and also not interested to play any stupid games with you...at least not on our Singapore roads. In the end, I let you tailgate me at 70kmh for the next 10min or so....until I think you bui tahan and zoomed past me with a black face...sry to disappoint you mate! Pls la...wanna prove something, go prove it on the track la. And btw, your plastic-looking GT wing looks rather ugly...imho... Anyone has similar encounters before? Not the first time for me though.
  12. Any MCF bro owners of the damaged Beemer, Volks or Mazda? [bigcry] From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...ly_divorce.html Posted on 15 Jun 2012 Hubby in ugly divorce rams his Peugeot into wife's car workshop About six months after learning that his wife wanted a divorce after their eight-year marriage, a man drove to his wife's motor workshop in Sin Ming and created a din. He also rammed his Peugeot into three second-hand cars parked there. According to a report in The New Paper, the incident happened on May 7 after Mindy (not her real name) handed her husband, Calvin (also not his real name), divorce papers on October. The couple, both 37, have yet to finalise their divorce. After storming into the workshop in a rage, throwing a chair onto the floor and shouting: "If you want to play, I'll play with you," Calvin then got back into his black Peugeot and rammed a BMW, a Mazda and a Volkswagen, which were waiting to be sold. The damage cost $50,000 to repair. The incident was caught on the workshop's security camera, which also saw Calvin then come out of his car and provoke an employee at the workshop. Mindy called her father-in-law and brother-in-law down to the workshop as she "wanted his family to see for themselves what he was like". Mindy felt Calvin was agitated that she stopped paying for his car's instalments after they broke up, which was bought in the company's name. The company was previously run by the both of them. According to Mindy, Calvin had cheated on her with another woman, while he says he only did so to facilitate their divorce. She also believes her facebook account was hacked by him, and a message saying the company was going bankrupt and would cease operating next month was posted. Calvin also said Mindy had been harassing him at their Balestier home, ringing the doorbell late at night, shouting at him and frightening him and his mother. Mindy then alleged that the locks had been changed and she wanted to collect her belongings. STOMPer Phew-Got commented: "This is a scary divorce story that will probably appear in a soap opera. Surprising that it happened right here in Singapore. "I guess the guy was super angry for some reason, but he still acted too rashly. Being a previous co-owner of the workshop, he would know there were CCTVs installed. "However, I guess he still had some rationale left, else he would have turned violent and either beaten up the employee or rammed him too. "Unfortunately, marriages do go sour, and I guess the longer the couple has been married, the more painful. "Whatever the reason, I hope it gets settled peacefully from now on, with no more adult temper tantrums underfoot."
  13. Singapore's LionsXII skipper Sharil Ishak was hit by a flying object from the spectator stand tonight in a MSL game between LionsXII and Johor FC in Pasir Gudang. Singapore was then leading Johor by 1-0, the incident happened towards the end of the game. The last time such a incident happened was in 1994 when Singapore played Johor in a Malaysia Cup semi-final game at Larkin.
  14. You are shopping around for a car. There is this particular model that suits your budget and needs. Specifications are exactly what you wanted. Only problem is that you don't like the exterior design. It is either too plain or ugly. Would you buy? For me, it's the Skoda Superb. The car ticks all the right boxes. Full specs, good size, good engine and priced sensibly. But in my opinion, inconceivably ugly. So what would you do?
  15. Sabbie

    No ugly woman, only poor one

    http://www.yourhealth.com.sg/content/woman...look-anime-girl As long as got money, can turn yourself into a half babe
  16. A NIGHT out to buy a cellphone at Lucky Plaza turned ugly for a Chinese national yesterday. The kindergarten teacher, who wanted to be known only as Ms Mei, said that the staff of DAB Electronics at the basement of the shopping centre had quoted her $900 for an iPhone 4 without a contract. However, a staff member rang up an amount of $1,900. When she asked what the extra $1,000 was for, the man said that $350 was for a repair service, and quoted fees for unlocking her SIM card and cutting her SIM card, a service he said was required in order to use the popular mobile phone. When she did not agree to the deal, she said the man refused to return the ATM card she had handed him for payment. Afraid, she called two friends to help her. But the staff did not allow them to leave the building. One of her friends then called the police. Shop employees denied holding onto the woman's card, and turned aggressive towards a photographer who was there, while the police were present. Police said they have advised both parties to settle the matter amicably, and they have complied.
  17. Yusld

    Singapore men Short & Ugly

    According to Chinese paper http://luntan.zaobao.com/viewthread.php?tid=147244 , this Chinese singer from PRC name 张妙语 , a singer in local pub said....... Singapore men are short and ugly, but she came here to try out her singing career and wish to marry a Singaporean. Hypocrite isn't it? Have your say ?
  18. Just 20 minutes ago I was checking my car's tire pressure at my local Esso, and I spotted the ugliest Sillyporean I have seen so far. He drove into the kiosk, parked at one of the pumps and horned once, expecting the pump attendant to attend to him immediately like a VIP. The station was about 75% full of cars with only 2 pump attendants. So as you would expect, response wouldn't be as swift as that idiot would have liked. So he got down from the car started shouting, which I will post here in the exact words he shouted, "Hello! 可以来帮我吗!" in a demanding tone that any one person would dislike straight away. That's what caught my attention. A pump attendant soon attended to him. Mind you, these two attendants are elderly uncles who are old enough to be that fella's father. The attendant reprimanded him, "讲话可以讲好好吗?
  19. Cerano

    OMG 2012 C-class is ugly

    Damn the inside is too messy and the headlamps are all Fed http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?act=at...ry&id=51830
  20. Adrian news is on TODAY papers. Tuesday 10aug. A lawyer said Adrian can appeal to AGC to prosecute the culprit. The report also say chongs' claim he receive funny phones calls and his car also kena vandalism!
  21. Icebrush79

    Ugly stains.. PLs help!!!

    Hi bros and sis, would like to sought your advises on removing oily, unsightly stains on the bonnet. I was trying to touch up some chipped off area on my bonnet using a touchup paint, but it looks uneven so being a smarta**, I thought I could clean off the half drying paint with a wet cloth... Not only did it backfire, it caused some unsightly stains on my bonnet, which could not be removed by car shampoo. (it feels oily when I touched the stains with my fingertips, visually, it looks like the residual stains after you clean off bird poo on the paint surface) PS: sorry, I was rushing to work, so I didn't have the time to take a picture. Any idea which stain remover in the market would help?? (My colleague recommended some turtle brand, but I don't know if it works...)
  22. Bros, saw this on stomp website; http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singapor...nt.jsp?id=46363 Blue Suzuki Shift, carplate SGC4804Y, husband drive car, wife 'chopped' parking lot by standing in front of the empty lot, preventing others from reversing into that lot. But still, one-sided story from the guy who posted this news but from the way i see it, seems like he/she not lying leh... what u guys think abt this kind of practice? Should encourage or condemn? Actually this is the first time i seen such thing here, haven't encounter it personally yet. If i'm the driver and someone standing in front of the empty parking lot 'chopping' the lot, I will just horn and reverse.. worse come to worse, i will just let my car remain there, and wait for the car park authority to come and see who's in the wrong.. these kind of pple.. CONDEMN big time.
  23. Balacam

    2009 F1 car so ugly

    wah piang the car so ugly. makes me no mood to watch the races http://en.f1-live.com/f1/en/headlines/news...119101652.shtml http://en.f1-live.com/f1/en/headlines/news...118153017.shtml
  24. As above mentioned. This is my personal observations over the years.
  25. July 3, 2008 CNG labelling: Just whose rule is it? I CONVERTED my saloon car to a compressed natural gas (CNG)-run vehicle recently. Upon receiving my vehicle, I found two poorly designed green CNG labels pasted on the front and rear bumpers and was told by the workshop that they are a Land Transport Authority (LTA) requirement. The workshop staff also cautioned me that drivers of CNG vehicles without the labels could be fined. However, lately I realised that white CNG Mercedes taxis do not bear such labels. I called LTA to inquire and was told that it does not have a regulation on CNG labelling. LTA said it was a Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) requirement for fire-fighting purposes. Upon further clarification with the SCDF, I was told it, too, does not have such a regulation. The officer suggested it was Spring Singapore that requested the CNG labelling. I hope the relevant authorities can confirm if there is such a regulation. I would also like to inquire if there is a better way of indicating a CNG vehicle, such as number-plates of a different colour or a properly-designed decal. Tang Kwan Yin http://www.straitstimes.com/ST%2BForum/Sto...ory_254064.html