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Found 36 results

  1. Hi All First time i am "crowd sourcing" here....i am looking for unique corporate gift to commemorate my company 25th Anniversary next year. Budget is up to $20 or even more if worth it. Must appear quite atas one....cos other than staff we are also going to give to biz partners, etc. Anyone has any ideas or any vendor to recommend? Thanks!!
  2. Hi Pple.. I am looking for a place for dining, with Live Jazz or English rock music, to organize for a group of friends. Pls share with me some ideas.. Thank you so much. =)
  3. Starting this thread to share and discuss about some nice concept cars, that may or may not have make it to production. This car left me a deep impression, so much so that I can still remember it after nearly a quarter century... Why buy four cars when you just need one, but with four different body styles? 1995 Mercedes-Benz VRC Concept Basic Module Wagon Cabriolet Coupe Pickup Basic Informations Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz Vario Research Car Introduced in: 1995 Where: Geneva Motor Show Goals: Variable vehicle concepts, ergonomics Powertrain: Front-wheel drive, continuously variable automatic transmission Technical highlights - Swap bodies: saloon, estate, convertible and pickup on one and the same chassis, exchanged within 15 minutes - Light and sturdy bodies made of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) - Active Body Control (ABC) [Production launch in the Mercedes-Benz CL (1999, C 215 series)] - Colour display [Production launch in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class (1998, W 220 series)] - Central rotary control for the electronic functions [Production launch in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class (2005, W 221 series)] - Navigation system [Production launch in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class (1995, W 140 series)] - Safety display coupled to traffic sign evaluating function and distance warning radar One car, four vehicles – variability is the emphasis of the design of the Vario Research Car (VRC) by Mercedes-Benz, which attracted great attention at its premiere at the 1995 Geneva Motor Show. For in just a few minutes, the VRC can be converted into a different car. Whatever trip you plan, you will not need more than one car thanks to the variability of the body of the Vario Research Car. On weekdays it’s a saloon. For longer journeys, the load capacity of an estate is available. In the summer the sun invites you to take an open-top ride in a convertible. And for heavy loads, there’s the pickup with its open cargo space. Mercedes-Benz solved the problem with a compact two-door car. It features a single-piece body consisting of roof, side walls and rear section; the body can be lifted off and exchanged for another variant. Doing it calls for a few simple operations and only about 15 minutes’ time. The Vario Research Car was combined with a vision: customers do not own the bodies themselves but drive up to a rental station. While they drink a cup of coffee, service technicians switch the body. A few minutes later, customers are back on the road again. How long they use a particular body variant is up to them, because the rental system is just as flexible as the car itself. One car for different activities Futurology provided the impetus for the Vario Research Car. The prediction is that people will have more leisure time which they will employ for different activities. For these activities, and for everyday use, they would like to choose a vehicle to fit their purpose. But having one’s own little fleet would not be economical. The Vario Research Car from Mercedes-Benz offers the solution. On top of that, the VRC illustrates clearly that research vehicles demand a dialogue with the public: Mercedes-Benz requests drivers to state their opinions about each new concept. In the case of the Vario Research Car, the response has been particularly extensive and unusually diversified. From this response, Mercedes-Benz obtained numerous valuable suggestions for future production models. This research car too features a number of forward-looking technical solutions. The body change should be easy to accomplish. Only the interplay of several components can make this possible. The service technicians place the roof structure on the chassis; electric motors pull it into its final position, where special locking mechanisms hold it at eight anchorage points. To release it, it suffices to actuate levers on the door pillars and the upper windshield frame. The rest is again done by the servomotors which undo the locks and slightly raise the body so that it can easily be lifted off. For the electric connections in the rear, which differ for each body, there is a central terminal which automatically recognises the type of body. If, for example, an estate body is mounted, the rear-screen wiper/washer will be supplied with current. In the saloon, the heated rear screen and trunk lights have to be connected to the electric system. In the convertible, the electric drive for the soft-top requires energy and has to be controlled. Bodywork made of new materials The bodies are light and sturdy – a result of the new materials tested by the engineers. They are made of the high-tech material CFRP – carbon-fibre reinforced plastic. Compared to aluminum, CFRP is 25 per cent lighter and, what is more, features high strength. The bodies weigh only 30 to 50 kilograms each and, despite their lightweight design, afford a high level of stability and crashworthiness. The Vario Research Car served to further test front-wheel drive in a Mercedes-Benz, which was combined with continuously variable automatic transmission as well as active suspension (Active Body Control, ABC) for improving handling safety and comfort. The cockpit contains a colour display which shows the driver all the required information. On the centre console a rotary actuator is installed with which the driver can selectively control the entire menu. It includes not only rev counter, trip computer and trip odometer, but also the route recommendations of the onboard navigation system. A special feature is the safety display in combination with a traffic sign evaluating system. If the driver keeps to the official speed limit, it shows a green circle. If he or she drives faster or does not keep a proper distance from the vehicle ahead, the colour and shape of the symbol change – the circle turns into a yellow ellipse or a red triangle depending on how much the driver exceeds the speed limit or falls below the safe distance. For this function, the onboard electronics are coupled with distance radar and traction control. The upper part of the centre console accommodates a second display where, among other things, information on the settings of the air conditioning and navigation system are shown. When the driver stops to refuel, he or she is also told whether the tyre pressure, the levels of engine oil, coolant and wash water, and the light system are okay. While on the go, drivers are prevented from choosing additional functions, so as not to distract their attention from traffic, while front passengers have unimpeded access to all secondary information. To tell the difference, the rotary control “senses” whether it is being touched by the left hand (front passenger) or right hand (driver). First-time use of drive-by-wire for steering and brakes The Vario Research Car was the first research car from Mercedes-Benz featuring drive-by-wire technology, in which the steering and the brakes, for example, are actuated electrically with no mechanical linkages existing to the steering hands and braking feet. But the testing of this technology was not the main purpose of the VRC – the variability of the body was the principal concern. With the Vario Research Car, Mercedes-Benz underpinned its forte, the holistic design of new vehicles – and its ability to put them on wheels in fully operational condition.
  4. For my 17 months old + little princess.... Any suggestions anyone??
  5. Guys......looking around to join more forum chat topics and come to mind that there is no APP for MCF. Therefore, suggesting MCF to come up with an APP both IOS and Andriod, this way, most of us Bros and Sis can have them all on hand. Using mobile phone website to access is not convenient at all. Anyone support your ideas and we can feedback with MCF looking into it. Ideas can range from functions and designs or anything you may think off. Even if someone can contact MCF bosses. I am sure this can work somehow.....Cheers.
  6. Bros, any good recommendations and reviews? http://www.tripzilla.com/singapore-sexy-staycation-ideas/31628
  7. Kurty

    Wedding proposal ideas

    i need some help on this.. i know it's kinda rush.. she will leaving SG next week onwards i wanted it to be a simple yet romantic, inexpensive. i have actually booked a room on this coming saturday at the newly open parkroyal at pickering. it will be a club room, 2D1N stay, we will be having our meals at the hotel. being a newly open hotel, i'm disappointed to hear that they don't have any experience in doing such.. and they can only assist.. hence, i need some ideas.. simple, nothing fantastic as our hearts and my wallet cannot take it. i'm thinking of decorating the bed with flowers with the message of : will you marry me? she don't like roses.. and i don't know what flowers will be good to substitute.. no proposal ring.. i don't think there's a need.. rather use the money for something else.. Help me
  8. Thought that this year is especially meaningful because we have the chance to participate in the celebration of SG50, a very special occasion for the nation. As we celebrate 50 years of nation building and Mother's Day this year, are you thinking of doing anything this Sunday? Lai lai share ideas
  9. http://edition.cnn.com/2014/11/11/tech/innovation/flying-aircraft-carrier/ quick, still got 10 days to submit your proposal.
  10. Mikelcy1963

    Gift ideas for elderly relatives

    Hope to get some ideas What are appropriate gifts for elder relatives that I am visiting in Melaka ? Have not visited for many years. One suggestion from my colleague is dry foodstuff like mushrooms, fishmaw, abalone, etc. Any other suggestions that elderly relatives will appreciate ? Thanks
  11. My picks.. Bank outperformance of the STI Targets: DBS S$16.70; OCBC S$9.40; UOB S$22.05. Improving YoY GDP growth until 1Q 2010, and ample liquidity, suggests one more leg of performance as the STI prices in 2010E bank earnings, ROE improvements. 2Q 2010 GDP momentum should slow as accommodative fiscal/monetary policy is reined in. Genting: $1.38 1) a bigger proportion of day passes; and 2) good response to express passes.
  12. Any ideas? thanks
  13. Was listening to morning radio about new ideas (or old ones to be brought back) for our ND parade... 46yrs of 'same, same' is quite enough, and why not have something more relevant and exciting, reflecting what actually happens on the ground, good or bad, so that we know what to treasure and to change, for the better? 1. Some say all VIPs should wear same red/white instead of party colours. Yes n No. Diversity in colours show we can be different (idealogy-wise) but strife for the same goals for SGP. Blanket 'same-ness' shows superficiality. Better to be a realist and face the differences and challenges. 2. As (1) maybe too serious, now we take it little light-hearted: Pay some respect to the peasants, let them be represented in a contigent or two. What to wear and parade, ideas needed 3. Instead of Leopard, Apachie, F18 etc, lets get few WRXs (red/blue lights on top) to do stunts, drifts.... 4. Lets get the TP bikes wheelie.... 5. Show some uniqueness of SGP: cover the ground with tissue paper packs, symbolising we as one people, is chopping a place in history 6. 100 pax contigent stomping feet together 7. Have a similar dig on the alternative parties also, just to balance things a little (ideas?) 8. 9.
  14. Can trust him? From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1141194/1/.html Govt affirms aim to involve more S'poreans in developing ideas & policies By Evelyn Choo | Posted: 16 July 2011 0011 hrs SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has affirmed the government's aim to involve more Singaporeans in developing ideas and policies that affect them. He hopes Singaporeans will respond in the same spirit. Mr Lee was speaking at the official opening of the School of the Arts (SOTA) on Friday. Mr Lee cited the example of an ongoing strategic review of the arts sector. The Arts and Culture Strategic Review involves the public, private and people sectors, with the goal of mapping out Singapore's cultural landscape by 2025. The aim is to get four in five Singaporeans to attend at least one arts and cultural event each year by 2025. Mr Lee called on members of the arts community, including SOTA's students, to contribute to the thought process. He said: "The review and the committee will consult students widely. We will conduct focus group sessions, we will launch an online consultation portal. "We would like to have your ideas of what you would like to do, how you would like us to go about building this arts scene for the future, strategically, patiently, starting now." Congratulating SOTA on its official opening, Mr Lee said the school is an example of how the country is opening up multiple paths to different talents. SOTA is Singapore's first national pre-tertiary arts school. It offers a six-year curriculum that integrates arts and academia for youths aged 13 to 18 years. - CNA/ir
  15. Mockngbrd

    Reply to:

    who wanto throw stones? kee chiu kee chiu!!! Reply to Kee Chiu MP
  16. Much have been said since the GE and even before that. Some Ministers have taken the heat and withdrew. However looking forward, we must unite and now give ideas to the new minister on how to revamp the housing mess. Its not that we have not suggested anything before, just that maybe previously they had a hard time listening. Before we come to the specifics, we should define the principles along which the lines of policies should be drawn. I'm listing down some basic principles that must guide us: 1. Land is a limited resource in Singapore and must be put under control. Unlike other countries we cannot emulate their policy of unlimited price inflation. Economic theory of supply and demand cannot and must not be allowed to play in this situation. 2. Homes and housing are basic inalienable rights to its citizens at an relatively reasonable price. Other than these 2 basics, can contributors here think of anything else?
  17. Kerwen

    Investment ideas

    Let's say if you have 300k spare cash now ... what kind of investment vehicle will you take? Just feel free to comment about what you will do
  18. Hi all, i was thinking of DIY some camera in my car to record. but i am goin to DIY instead of just buying and place it in the windscreen( blocking my view and got to keep if not too hot the whole thing dropped out). Was thinking 4 camera will be too much anot? :P any idea that can give me on how the camera shall work... cos i might have miss out some... thinking to record video of front and back while driving , and record 4 side while parking out of car... can record ppl scratching the car... but is it too much ? :P or did i miss out anymore important pointers? Thanks for ur input...
  19. Cerano

    Nice gift ideas

    Any bros or sis can help with this? For christmas budget around 50 per gift for around 20 yr olds
  20. Passion

    Wedding Proposal Ideas(help!!)

    Hi guys,I'm planning to propose to my girl in like 3 months time.No much idea how I can go about it.Heard ring use for proposal is 1 ring,and there's another pair of rings for the wedding.Is it true?Also,I intend to propose to her when we go oversea trip next year.Any idea to spice up the proposal?Or how I should go about it? Currently in the plan is we'll be going to Hong Kong next year Feb,and I intend to propose to her in the airplane,or would it be better if we're at victoria peak????Guys!!!I need help!Thanks and Gam Xia joi joi..
  21. Stock Ideas for the week, pls come in and share... My pick SIA Engineering now S$2.93 - Tgt. S$3.57. Whats your pick any comment?
  22. City100a

    Business Ideas

    I recently quit my job so that is why I am so free, cannot tahan my boss who treats people like dirt because it is economy downturn he thinks everybody must listen to him and even scolding, thinking of doing some business but I do understand that 80-90% of business fail starting a Japanese restaurant is it difficult any bros or sis who have open one can help or thinking of starting a wine cellar in singapore for people to store wine any serious ideas highly appreciated thank you
  23. Planning to bring the family (well, just me, wife and 5-yr old daughter) out for a family holiday in Dec. Duraion is about 7 to 9 days, budget maybe no more than 6K. We have been to mostly islands and beaches for our holidays so we decide to try something different this time. We also hate to go on packaged tours and prefer to go free n easy. Currently I have a few ideas, though haven't researched much into any one of them: 1) a self-drive trip in Australia. Haven't been to Oz before, a self-drive trip sounds exciting, but cost may be a concern. 2) sightseeing in Taiwan, plus one or two night stay in a hotspring resort. 3) Japan. Snowski and hotspring. Daughter is too small for Disneyland I guess. Any advice? Or any bro has better ideas that I didn't think of? Many thanks.
  24. So_nice

    Ideas needed..

    i need some inputs here..i bought piggy bank for my niece as a birthday present wif the idea of putting $1 coins to fill it up. however just now when i went to fill up the piggy bank wif $150 worth of coins, the piggy bank only half filled. zzzzzz.. the idea of piggy bank is to encourage her to save up during young. should i get another piggy bank of a smaller size or try to fill it up wif something else? i think i need at least another $150 to fill it up! out of budget. zzz..
  25. Slayer666

    Ideas for V. Day

    Hello Gurus... alot of u are far more experienced on what to do on V. Day. Partner n I have done hotel stays, travelling, dinner n movies, camping. I will greatly appreciate if anyone could suggest something gd n exciting to do this sat (something relaxing to be done in singapore). Budget below SGD150. The cheaper the better. Ive run out of ideas. arghh..... Thanks :)