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  1. Carpools

    GrabHitch/RYDE-car pooling services

    A friend of mine got summon for dropping off a college also. He suffer the damage for the convenience of others. Driving a car by yourself is a enjoyable thing. Look like i have to break the news to him liao or at else no point for me to drive a car.
  2. Carpools

    GrabHitch/RYDE-car pooling services

    What if his your neighbor from the same block?
  3. Carpools

    Feel cheated at Mark Cool.Need advice.

    he paid $350 liao ma. If technician don't know then don't work there la. Open to do business must at lease got some standard ma. I also genna kutok by mechanic before. Really SG got so many this sort of mechanic. If boss don't pay back there name will be black list by others also!
  4. Carpools

    GrabHitch/RYDE-car pooling services

    After i loose him. CarSolo don't steal my id huh!
  5. Carpools

    GrabHitch/RYDE-car pooling services

    I also want, house so ex now how to buy. Single can only buy the shoe box size one! As for change job, you no see yahoo about taxi uncle. Alot got retrench from job leh! I think go become taxi drive then charge him surcharge + chop his carrot head every morning.
  6. Carpools

    GrabHitch/RYDE-car pooling services

    wow my company and boss will be very happy, Tang teo liao. Me not happy.
  7. Carpools

    GrabHitch/RYDE-car pooling services

    You want to buy? My work place no bus , no mrt leh. I know what u going to say: Change job right.
  8. Carpools

    GrabHitch/RYDE-car pooling services

    Sony canot i under stand??? No GF or wife to send how to detour? You guys here got gf to introduce then can solve my problem liao. Got GF i don't mind send her to work.
  9. Carpools

    GrabHitch/RYDE-car pooling services

    Alamak he know me well enough i have no appt in the morning. Worst, he think i his taxi driver. Other college ask him cannot tongbang my car also! Basket tell him not to be my mama san and pick guest for me liao. He still do it! Wow become very frustrated for me to avoid him leh, now others also want to tongbang! If you guys have friends like him can show them this tread. To be more zhitong !
  10. I have college stay nearby and everyday he want a lift. I buy the car for my and family convenience. Really to much!
  11. Carpools

    Car Insurance Renewal Issue

    Just go down to their office and setter it face to face. Those bas***d, everyday got different ppl answer yr call but never get things done. Don't take their words for it, ask for black and white. NCD not affected what about your premium any increase?
  12. Carpools

    Most touching ad by Truemove Thailand

    A lot of good ads from thai can be found on Youtube. SGP cannot broadcast this ads, you know how ex for this long streaming going to cost!
  13. Carpools

    195R14C what does C stand for?

    no la condom size la!
  14. Carpools

    Shaming Singapore spammers

    If only we can have the 1800.... number like the angmo recently appear in yahoo news. Charge all spam sms $0.50 and call $0.50/min. We will be rich in no time.
  15. Carpools

    Rental increase 300%

    I was charge $4++ for mix veg rice (2 meat 1 veg) in a hdb coffeeshop. Use to be $2.8 to $3.2 (the most). Inflation so fast! Damn when my boss give me a salary inflation also?